Nightly Rounds

Trina wiggled her shapely ass next to the bed, just a little out of Missy’s reach. Her eyes went to the colorful skirt and long, delicious legs. Missy suddenly realized that she wanted to taste Trina’s pussy. She had never fantasized about another woman before, but she had to have Trina. It was like a hunger inside her chest. Licking her sweet red lips, her eyes traveled up and down Trina’s legs and tried to see through the soft material of her short skirt.

“I want to try you,” Missy whispered nervously. She felt Trina nod enthusiastically, from between her legs.
“Please, can we 69?” Missy begged.
“I’m sorry,” Trina said, pulling her head from between Missy’s soft thighs. “Due to your condition, that’s impossible.”
“Oh, my stomach,” Missy said in embarassment. Trina nodded with a happy smile.
“You can do me when I’m done with you,” if you’d like,” Trina whispered.
“Oh yes, I would like to. More than anything else in this world,” Missy gasped.
“Ok,” Trina said brightly, then slid her head back in between Missy’s legs as she open them wide.

“Oh yes,” Missy sighed, feeling the agile tongue probing every little nook and cranny of her moist flesh. It seemed to be everywhere at once.
Trina repeatedly licked then sucked on Missy’s clit. Missy tried to restrain her screams of passion. Her legs flew open to give Trina better access to her womanhood. She could feel Trina’s tongue throughout her body.

Trina sucked savagely on Missy’s clit, throwing her head from side to side. The savage jerking and thrashing of her clit seemed to create an explosion between Missy’s legs. With eyes wide in horrified pleasure, Missy threw her head back and stared at the ceiling with wide eyes. Her breath came out in shuddering gasps. She had left the world of humans and gone on to a better world. A world of softly scented pussies and wild passion. Missy had never imagined that sex could feel so incredible.

Trina held her pussy open and lashed the swollen clit with her tongue. Missy jerked on the bed in response to the horrible pleasure being given to her wild, excited cunt. She reached down to her own breasts and pulled one enormous breast to her mouth, licking it with her long, agile tongue. In a moment the two tongues seemed to lash out in sympathy.
Trina stood up for a moment and rubbed Missy’s pussy while she smiled down at her. Her neck was beginning to hurt and she needed to rest for a moment. Besides, she loved seeing the look of blissful pleasure on Missy’s sweet young face. She was so precious, a beautiful blonde baby with a baby of her own.

Trina moved closer to Missy’s head, leaned down and captured Missy’s right breast in her lips, while continuing to rub her moist crotch. Missy watched in amazement, her eyes never leaving Trina’s beautiful face. As Trina smiled into her eyes, Missy took Trina’s face into her hands and pulled her close for a kiss. The kiss was long and passionate. Trina’s hand never left Missy’s pussy. Now, with Missy’s increased urgency, Trina knew it was time to return to her pussy and finish her. Missy was getting close.

“Don’t go,” Missy gasped.
“I need to taste you, lick you to an orgasm,” Trina said with a smile. She lowered her face, pried Missy’s pussy lips open and licked her pussy from bottom to top. The juices were sweet and abundant. She sucked briefly on Missy’s vulva, savoring a mouth full of juice, before returning to the girl’s swollen clit.

Holding her pussy open she bathed it with long, loving strokes, then she pursed her lips and sucked savagely on Missy’s sensitive clit. Working as fast as she could, Trina sucked rapidly, then lashed the swollen clit with her stiff, rough tongue. Missy’s cries were loud in the room, but a hospital was used to hearing cries in the night. A hospital was a place of pain and agony. Trina was making it a place of sweet, sensual pleasure.

Missy threw her legs wide. Her face twisted in pleasure as the mouth worked furiously on her how steamy pussy. Missy felt her pussy beginning to go numb. She knew she was just seconds away from an earth-shattering orgasm.

With ever-increasing moans of agonized pleasure, she watched the back of Trina’s head bobbing between her legs as the fire intensified, engulfing her entire crotch and ass. Missy would have given anything to see that sweet latin face munching between her legs, but she was forced to visualize it in her head, while feeling every action in her pussy. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. In a way, this was her first sex, at least the first she could remember, and it was wonderful, as first sex should be.

“Oh, eat me,” Missy gasped.
“Uh-huh,” Trina said from between her legs.
“Ah, ah, ah!” Missy screamed.
Trina smiled, although Missy could not see her.

“Oh fuck,” Missy yelled, throwing her head back. She massaged her enormous breasts as her orgasm neared, only seconds away. She tensed, feeling the flood of fire hesitating for only a moment, then exploding inside her loins. Screaming and bouncing like a mad woman, she rode her pussy against Trina’s sweet mouth while her loins spasmed, tearing her apart. Holding Missy’s thighs in a firm grip, Trina maintained suction on Missy’s clit, as she bucked and screamed like a man woman. She clamped her legs around Trina’s head and hunched her pussy against her lips, as her loins clenched and exploded, time after time.

Trina tasted the slight taste of urine, which was not unusual for a pregnant woman, but she didn’t mind at all. In fact the slight arid taste served to accent the flavor of Missy’s pussy. Trina began to realize that Missy was about to break the record for the all time biggest orgasm she had ever experience. Slowly, reluctantly, Missy began to relax and quiet, jerking only occasionally as the after-shocks of her orgasm shot through her pussy. Slowly, gasping for breath, Missy opened her legs, releasing Trina from her grasp.

Gasping for her own breath, Trina neared Missy’s sweaty face and stood looking down at her. As Missy opened her beautiful green eyes, Trina surged forward and kissed her passionately. This was the moment that Trina regretted the most. This was the moment when straight women, women who had simply been horny, would look up in revulsion and order her out of their room. She hated that moment. As she forced her kiss on Missy’s lips, she searched her eye for any sign of revulsion or resistance. There was none. Missy’s hand went to the back of Trina’s head and pulled her down, while her own hot lips searched Trina’s.

“Get on the bed,” Missy said, sitting up suddenly.
“No, I can’t,” Trina said, then saw the look of intense disappointment cross Missy’s face. Her heart surged in reaction.
“I mean,” Trina hurried to say, “you’re 7 months pregnant, you must remain in the bed. I will sit on your face, for lack of a better expression.”
“Ok,” Missy said eagerly as Trina climbed up on the bed.

This was one of Trina’s favorite parts. She could see that Missy was shaking in excitement. Her hands shook as she touched Trina’s rounded hips. Her eyes devoured Trina’s small pussy and neatly manicured bush. There was just a tuft of soft brown hair remaining above her pussy. Everything else had been removed by Trina’s mother using electrolysis. It had been a long, painful process which left the area around her pussy neatly clean and baby-soft.

Trina swung one leg over Missy’s face, then leaned down to push as second pillow beneath Missy’s head. While she did, Missy lunged upward and kissed Trina’s tiny, girl- like pussy.
“Oh yes,” she gasped quietly as she licked her lips. Trina’s pussy was very wet. Eating a sweet young girl like Missy tended to get her that way. She smiled down at Missy while she adjusted the pillow. Missy opened her mouth to await a drop of pussy juice which collected like dew at the bottom of her pussy, then dripped down into Missy’s waiting mouth. The sight was very exciting for Trina, she felt her pussy clench in response.

“You are the most exciting girl I’ve ever seen,” Missy said in adoration.
“You’re pretty cute yourself,” Trina said as she gently lowered her pussy. Missy grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy down to her waiting lips, moaning at the pleasure of first contact.
“Ah, ah, oh,” Trina moaned as Missy’s eager mouth sucked her pussy like a lemon. She was being milked for her juices, which were eagerly savored and swallowed by Missy.

“I’m a food group,” Missy thought to herself. She rode up and down on the eager mouth, closing her eyes and enjoying the hot lips and nimble tongue sliding up inside her like an eager snake. The tongue probed her moist pussy lips, eagerly seeking warmth, liquid, and pleasure, in the tiny woman’s loins.
“Oh yes,” Trina gasped, riding rhythmically.
She gasped loudly. Her leg muscles tightened around the sweet blonde face looking up at her. Missy’s hands searched for and squeezed her small, budding breasts.

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