Nightly Rounds

“Oh sure,” Missy said, then swallowed nervously. Once again her eyes dropped to Trina’s short skirt and magnificent legs. They were so tiny, yet muscular and magnificent. Trina felt her pussy beginning to heat up. She knew without a doubt, that she would have Missy tonight. Of course most women did succumb to Trina’s sexy innuendos. One other side effect of the hormones, was a pregnant woman’s tendency toward lesbianism. A girl who was totally straight, might have lesbian dreams, thoughts, and tendencies during pregnancy. And Trina took full advantage of it. Besides, there was something very sexy about making love to a pregnant woman. Maybe it was the voyeuristic aspect of it, after all, there was a third party watching, even if it was a small third party. It was a proven fact that a fetus could remember events leading up to it’s own birth. How many would remember Trina?

“You are so damned cute,” Missy said breathlessly, watching Trina return to the bed.
“Thanks, Missy,” Trina said with a big smile. She wondered who would bring up the subject of sex first, her or Missy. Missy seemed to be hot and ready.
“Do you want to take off your gown?” Trina asked.
“No, I don’t like people seeing me like this?” Missy put her hands on her large stomach.
“Oh Missy, that’s so wrong. Being pregnant is sexy, even if you don’t feel sexy at the moment. It really is,” she said, seeing the look of doubt on Missy’s face.

“I’m big and fat,” Missy moaned.
“I bet you aren’t. I bet you still have a cute little ass and long sexy legs down there. Am I right?”
“I don’t know, I haven’t seen them in months,” Missy laughed.
“Let me check,” Trina giggled. She pulled the sheet up and looked at Missy’s legs. “Yup, still shapely and beautiful.” “Wow, your skin looks like sweet cream,” Trina leaned down and kissed Missy’s knee. Trina heard the sharp intake of breath. She smiled to herself as she lifted the gown and looked at Missy’s ass.

“Oh yes, absolutely perfect,” Trina said, gently caressing the right side of Missy’s panty covered ass. “You even have a few freckles down here.”
“Oh… oh God,” Missy gasped.

“What’s the matter, been a while since you’ve had sex?” Trina asked sympathetically. She held her breath, waiting for the answer. She was shaking inside. This was the moment of the ultimate excitement. Either Missy would send her away in disgust, or invite her in for a snack.
“I’ve… I’ve only had sex once, the night I became pregnant. And I was drunk, so I don’t remember much.”
“Don’t worry, you will have a lifetime of sex. As pretty as you are, there will be guys, and a few girls, beating your door down. Believe me, I’m bi-sexual, so I know,” Trina said, again holding her breath. She had tossed down the gauntlet, now it was Missy’s turn to pick it up.

“Absolutely,” Trina said emphatically.
“Then you wouldn’t mind…” Missy stopped, suddenly frightened and embarrassed. “I mean even though I’m pregnant?”
“I would love to make love to you,” Trina said breathlessly.
“Oh God, this is so… exciting,” Missy said nervously. She was shaking, but Trina pretended not to notice. Trina leaned down and kissed Missy’s leg, just above the knee.
“Are you sure the door’s locked?” Missy asked nervously.
“Absolutely. But don’t worry, mom wouldn’t let anybody come in here.”
“Mom? You mean that night nurse is your mom?”

“Uh-huh,” Trina nodded, kissing Missy’s leg just a little above the last kiss. Missy’s breath was coming in shuddering gasps. Trina heard the whir of the bed as Missy pressed the control to raise the head of the bed. She pulled the sheet back so she could watch Trina lower her beautiful face and kiss the soft flesh of Missy’s inner things with her sweet red lips.
“Oh, you are so cute,” Missy gasped. Trina smiled as she kissed Missy’s leg, just a little closer to her pussy. She could now smell the girl’s sex. It was heady and exciting. She knew she would be tasting it in a moment. This was always the most exciting part. She was suddenly confronted by a pair of yellowish-white cotton panties. She knew that an OBGYN always recommended cotton panties for a pregnant woman. She had seen many.

“Let’s just take these off,” Trina said in an innocent voice. “Raise up,” she said, pulling slightly on each leg hole.

When Missy struggled to raise her ass from the bed, her panties seemed to jump off her body. Trina pulled them from her feet and held them to her nose, inhaling deeply.
“Oh God,” Missy shuddered in an awed voice. She had never seen anyone sniff her panties before, although her brother had done so many times. She never imagined that a beautiful woman would be so inclined. It made her feel… sexy and delicious.
“Oh, a natural blonde,” Trina looked up in surprise.
“Yeah,” Missy smiled nervously.

“I’ve never eaten a blonde before,” Trina said before pressing her mouth to Missy’s pussy. Missy gasped, lifting her pussy to meet Trina’s warm mouth. Trina caressed the soft flesh of Missy’s thighs as she worked her mouth down into the moist crack of Missy’s sex. She paused and licked her lips with a smile. “You are delicious,” she whispered, meeting Missy’s amazed gaze.
“I wish I could see, but my stomach is in the way,” Missy complained.

“Maybe we can do this again when you are not pregnant,” Trina smiled before lowering her mouth to Missy’s pussy. She sucked harshly, sending vibrations throughout Missy’s body. Missy gasped loudly and stiffened. Trina’s tongue plunged up inside her, causing her to gasp again.
Missy raised her right foot and placed it on Trina’s back, giving her better access to her pussy from beside the bed. The small hospital bed was too small for two people, but Trina was used to this. She had eaten over a hundred pussies from beside a hospital bed. A little inconvenience didn’t make them any less delicious.

Trina pulled away slightly and used her long, agile tongue to explore the wet folds of Missy’s juicy pussy. The sound of her wet, licking tongue was almost as loud as Missy’s harsh gasps and moans. The aroma of Missy’s pussy filled the room with it’s sexy alluring scent.

Missy endured the heavenly feelings in her pussy. At first she had been nervous but eager, now she dreaded the moment when she orgasmed and the sweet little girl left. She wanted Trina to stay forever. She loved the electric jolts shooting through her pussy, ass, and abdomen. She could only visualize how exciting it would be to see Trina licking her so diligently, sucking her juices, and her clit.

Trina suddenly clamped her teeth over Missy’s clit and pulled it through her teeth. Missy cried out and closed her legs over Trina’s sweet face. She could feel Missy’s persistent face working between her legs, caressing her thighs. It felt glorious.

Trina lapped like dog, then kissed the swollen red lips of Missy’s pussy, moving her lips up and down until she again sucked Missy’s clit into her mouth. She sucked unrelentingly, working her mouth from side to side, jerking the clit between her lips and stimulating Missy’s pussy with her thrashing mouth.
“Of fuck, this is so incredible,” Missy gushed with a sigh. “It’s so fucking fantastic,” she moaned. The feeling of Trina’s vigorous head bobby between her legs was almost as wonderful as her mouth. Her soft hair tickled the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, and the sensitive crack between her body and legs.

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