Sucking And Assfucking At The Video Store

Author: Wave

I own a video store and I’m the one who hires and fires people. I’m usually the one who opens and closes the store every day, as well. I had the good fortune to have a gorgeous young college student come in looking for a part time job. She had long auburn hair, wore very little makeup, and had the perkiest tits I had ever seen. I probably would have hired here even if she couldn’t read, write or speak.

Her name was Jill and she asked me to give her as many hours as I could, because she really needed the money. I had her working nearly every night and I enjoyed her company more than I can tell you. Not only was she beautiful, but it turned out that she was very intelligent and funny too.

One day, we got a shipment of new porn videos in and they all to be cataloged and labeled, so I asked her if she wanted to work late to get it done after closing. She said yes and within a few hours we were busy getting them out on the shelves. To my amazement, Jill said she had seen several of the videos. “Really?” I said. She then said that her old boyfriend was a porn freak and that he couldn’t get it up without first watching porn. This made me think that she was probably pretty experienced sexually, and possibly sexually frustrated since I knew she no longer had a boyfriend. Just thinking about that made my cock start to stiffen. I could see that she noticed.

She said “why don’t you put one of those pornos in?” I said ok and asked if she had any particular kind she wanted to watch. She said “anything anal is good.” Oh my God, a beautiful young girl that likes anal sex, I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t assfucked a woman in ages. I could only dream that this was actually going to lead to me assfucking her, but a guy can dream right?

This particular porno wasn’t one of those with several scenes of people just fucking nonstop, it had one couple and it went all the way through foreplay and finally worked up to guy lubing up his cock and fucking her ass. We were both watching pretty intently by this time. When the scene finally ended, Jill said “that really made me horny.” Sort of speechless, I said “yeah, me too.” Of course, that was pretty obvious by the way my cock was bulging in my pants. She then said “if we fucked, would it compromise my job?” “Oh no, not at all” I told her, “we could do it and then pretend it never happened.” “Good,” she said, “because I really want you to fuck my ass.”

I told her I would like to lick her pussy for while first, if that was alright with her, and she said, “absolutely.” First, I gave her a long kiss. She was very passionate, sucking my tongue and biting my lower lip. She had on a pair of jean overalls and a tshirt, but those came off quickly. She stripped naked and hopped up onto the counter top. First, I had to suck those nipples, her tits were so beautiful and firm. She moaned while I lavished them with attention, and then said “please, lick my pussy.”

Well, her pussy was already dripping wet, that porno obviously got her going. As I licked up her juicy pussy, it just kept getting juicier. Her pussy juice was running down the crack of her ass and I took a finger and massaged her asshole. She loved this and kept saying “yeah, just like that, yeah.” She could only take so much of this and then she said “now I’m going to suck your cock and then I want you to fuck me.” A girl in charge, I liked that!

She unzipped me and pushed my pants and underwear down all at once, as my hard 8 inches popped right up in her face. “Wow, what a beautiful cock you have” she said, which was quite a compliment coming from a beauty like her. This girl was an experienced cock sucker, she worked my cock like it had never been worked before. Sucking, stroking, licking, nibbling, kissing it until I couldn’t take it anymore. I cried out “I’m gonna cum,” with a disappointed tone in my voice, because I thought she’d be disappointed.

On the contrary, she started stroking my cock like a woman possessed, pointing my exploding cock right at her face and mouth. I hadn’t cum in quite awhile, not to mention that I was extremely turned on, so it has a huge load I shot. She had cum dripping off her chin and two big streams of cum on her tongue. She looked up at me, swallowed the cum in her mouth, and licked my cock, stroking it and sucking it lovingly, to keep me hard. Once I was back to being fully hard, she looked up at me, my cum still coating her chin, and said “please fuck me in the ass now!”

I had a tub of vaseline in the bathroom, so I got it and let her do the honor of lubing up my cock. Not only did she lube it up nicely, she kept stroking it, which felt like heaven with that vaseline all over her hand and my cock. Then she turned around, leaned over the counter, and said “give it to me.” She didn’t need to tell me twice, I stepped right up and slowly slid my big cock about halfway into her tight asshole. She seemed to savor the feeling for a moment, then started moving back and forth on my shaft, moaning and saying “oh yeah, yeah, good.”

Soon, she said she wanted it faster and I was glad to oblige, pumping and grinding her with everything I had. Then, she suddenly said “ok, now slow, I’ll cum really hard if you pump me slow.” It was hard to go slow because I was about ready to blow my load again, too, but I slowed down and just eased my cock very slowly in and out, pulling it nearly out before sliding it back in. Soon she was jerking and cumming for what seemed like a good long time and that put me right over the edge. I pulled my cock out and sprayed more thick cum on her back and ass, smearing it with my rod after it had all drained out. Unbelieveable was all I could think about! Wow!

Jill worked for me until she graduated from college. We would fuck regularly whenever she didn’t have a steady boyfriend, which wasn’t nearly often enough!

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