That Black Man Did It.!.


I was once one of those white men, that had a good job, with lots of money,  a hot girlfriend & basically most guys wished they were me. I was one of those pretty boy’s that got a lot of attention from all the girls & even tho I wasn’t the biggest guy, nobody really messed with me. I’m 5′ 8  , 150lbs. with long hair & a smooth hairless body.


You could say that I was a little cocky, Alright I was very cocky & I basically always did or got what I wanted. Now I had lots of girlfriends, but there was one that I’ve been with for about 4 years & that was Jacci. Everybody knew that she was my girl & that even tho I might of had a girlfriend, I was still with her too. So no one would ever go out or even try to hit on her & she was a hella fine ass red head with a super sexy lil ass .


She would get mad about me being with other girls & she would also threaten to go see someone else, but she never would tho. So every thing was going just fine, until one day when I was at our favorite bar with my latest fling & Jacci shows up. Now this wasn’t anything new, she would always show up when I was with some girl & she would get mad, then sit in her favorite bar stool getting drunk.


What was different about this time, was when this big O’black dude came in that no body knew & started playing pool. Now he was quite & just started running the table, winning all the games so I challenged him to a game for a hundred bucks. Well I’m really good at pool on this table & I rarely lose, so when he beat me I started to get mad. We played again for double or nothing & he won again, which pissed me off. So we played again, then again & again, then again as we doubled the bet each time too.


He had everyone’s attention & I was down $1,400, which wasn’t what was making me so mad tho. It was the fact that I was losing & to some black dude too, until suddenly I was broke. Well Jacci was really drunk & she was totally happy that I was losing, which started us arguing. So after losing all my money & her talking shit the whole time, when he interrupted us arguing to tell me to pay up, I just snapped back at him,

“Man Can’t You See I’m Busy Now, So You Got To Hold The Hell Up Until I’m Done, Damn Nigga Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?”


I must have not been thinking & really pissed him off, because he just suddenly punches me hella hard knocking me out. When I came too, he was sitting at the bar having a drink with Jacci & the girl I was with was gone. Now I was really pissed, but my face was swollen & hurt really bad too, so I didn’t try to fight him. But I went up to Jacci & told her,

“What The Hell Are You Doing., We Are Leaving Come On Lets Go!”

But she just laughed at me hella loud & then started to say to me too,

“I’m Not Going Any where With Your Punk Ass & In Fact I’m Going Home With Derek,  You Know The Guy That Just Knocked You Out!”


That was it, I snapped & just slapped her, which was another dumb move & the next thing I know I’m laying on the floor again, as he says,

“Damn Punk Ass White Boy, Don’t You Ever Learn That You Don’t Stand Chance Against A Real Man & For That I Am Gonna Take Her Home Now, To Give Her Something You Never Could Give Her Too!”

Suddenly he stood up & grabbed her by the hand, then he walked her out to his car. She just smiled at me, as she started to just say to me,

“Well Karma’s A Bitch Now Isn’t It Asshole & Don’t Wait Up For Me!”

I watched them get into his car then take off, so I quickly hop into my car & followed them. They drove for about an hour or so & they  finally pulled up to this gate, then they drove thru it. Well I wasn’t fast enough to get thru it, so I had to park & then go in on foot, which took me about 30 minutes to find his car. But when I finally did & I walked up to the window, I was totally shocked at what I seen.


I was crushed & couldn’t believe that she would really do anything with anybody else, as he had her laid out on his couch eating away at her lil pussy. But what bothered me more tho, was how much she was loving it & that is was a black guy too. He was going to town on her, making her buck & squirm, as she opened up her pussy all for him. He drove her crazy licking, lapping & fingering away at her snatch, eating her out like a hungry hungry hippo,but soon after she says something to him that makes him stop. Then he just stands up & suddenly starts to get butt naked, as she takes the rest of her clothes off too. Then he drops his pants & I see it at the same time as she does, but she looks like she’s found a million bucks tho. He is so huge that he has to be at least 10 inches or so & he makes my cock look like its a kids, which I can see the excitement on her face. He just lays down on his back & she spins around then gets into a 69 with him,as they proceed to go to town on each others sex. I could she her gagging every so often on his massive big black cock & they must have been doing the 69 for about 20 minutes or until he just stands up as he spins her around  down on all fours.


I can see she’s a little worried that he’s too big for her & as much as my stomachs all in knots, my cock is even harder. Now I can’t believe that I’m here watching Jacci about to get fucked by some strange black dude & that I’m not doing anything about it too, then suddenly it happens. He get up behind  her

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  • Bill Kearney says:

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    • Rick says:

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  • sam says:

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