I need a raise!

Author: Tessa Hodge

   Tessa couldn’t believe how big her boss’s cock was. She could hardly fit both hands together around it, and it was a whole foot long! Before Tessa could dwell on the size of it, he was already forcing it into her mouth.

   Tessa was kneeling on the floor of her boss’s office getting a raise. He told her if she wanted one (he knew she needed it) that she would have to agree to all his requests and demands. At first, Tessa willingly agreed because she thought he meant doing regular work. Now, after she saw the size of his dick she started to regret it. What happens when he goes for my pussy, she wondered, i know it wont fit because i’ve never had anything even close to that big in my vagina before.

   Any futher thoughts were interupted because her boss had pulled her head back by her hair, opening her throat. He then started to thrust in and out of Tessa’s mouth. With each push he drove deeper and deeper into her throat. Every time he did, Tessa gagged because his cock was pushing on the back of her throat. He then shoved in very far and held it there. Tessa was gagging the whole time because his penis was choking her and she couldnt breath. Just when she thought she was going to pass out he pulled his whole cock out of her mouth which left her gasping for air.

   “You want some more?” he asked her. Tessa just shook her head no because she was still out of breath. “Then no raise for you” her boss said. She raised her head in distress because she needed that raise. It was a big mistake. When she rose her head, her boss took advantage of it and shoved his cock back down her throat further than before. This time he didnt hold back at all. He shoved his whole foot long dick into her mouth so that his balls were slapping her chin. Tessa was gagging so bad it could almost be heard outside the sound proof room as he brutally and repeatedly fucked her throat.

   After what seemed an eternity to Tessa, she started to feel the first drips of cum dribble down the back of her throat. Then without warning her boss exploded into her throat. Tessa had given blow jobs and swallowed before but this was nothing like it. All the other times she had to milk the cum from their dicks but this was different.

   This time the cum shot out with such force she was forced to swallow all of it as it blasted out. Pretty soon there was enough sperm that it filled up her mouth. As her boss was still blasting down her throat, there was too much so it backed up and started overflowing. The hot sticky cum dribbled down her chin and ran onto her chest, and yet it was still coming out.

   Finally it started to slow down so her boss pulled his penis out and shot the rest of the sperm into her mouth. Alot had already run down to her boobs so her boss told her, “If you want that raise you’ll swallow all of whats left in your mouth.”  Tessa had already swallowed so much she had a stomach ache. Then she thought of her raise and knew she had to try. She closed her mouth and swished the thick gooey cum around. Doing so almost made her spit it out, but her boss reached out and held her mouth closed.

   “Come on Tessa. You can do it,” he encouraged softly, “Blow a couple sperm bubbles for me then you can swallow it.” Tessa swished it around and gagged again but held it in. She tried blowing a sperm bubble but it was so thick and gooey the bubble didnt pop. It just kept growing until her boss popped it for her. “That was a great bubble,” he said, “Now swallow,” he commanded. After much coughing and gagging Tessa finally swallowed the last drop. She opened her mouth and prooved that she swallowed it all.

   “You did excellent,” he congratulated her.
   “Does that mean i got the raise,” she asked weakly.
   “No. I’m not done with you yet,” he smiled, “On the couch. On your knees” he demanded. Tessa got up and walked past her boss to the couch in his office making sure to rub her ass against his cock as she walked by. “Feeling horny are we?” he asked, “Well i can fix that,” he laughed.

   Then without warning he shoved his penis all the way into her pussy. Tessa screamed out loud in suprise and pain as his monster cock punished her tight pink pussy. Faster and faster he fucked her until she was screaming and moaning almost constantly. He then pulled out to give her a breather but he went right away to rubbing and licking her clit. Tessa just lay there moaning from the pain in her vagina as well as the pleasure she was experiencing from her sensitive clit.

   While tessa was regaining her breath her boss hit a button on his phone and two other guys with cocks just as big as his entered the office. Before she realized there were two more guys in the room, and all three cocks were rammed into her body so she could hardly move from the shock.

   The dick in her mouth wasn’t quite as long as her boss’s but it was thicker. This guy was doing short quick thrusts so far down her throat she was getting slapped in the face by balls again.

   The dick in her pussy was the other guy she didnt know. In relief to tessa this cock wasn’t as big or as long as her boss’s. Despite that though he knew what he was doing and Tessa started to orgasm almost as soon as he penetrated.

   Her ass hole was reserved for the biggest cock in the room. Her boss’s penis hardly managed to fit in her ass. He stretched it farther than Tessa thought possible. Because it was so large, all Tessa could feel was a strange pleasure covered up by blinding pain.

   Tessa would have cried out in pleasure, pain, discomfort, and suprise but one; she was still in shock from the brutal group fuck, and her mouth was occupied. They kept this up for a few minutes and Tessa hardly struggled because she was so weakened by the pleasure and pain of it all.

   After they had gone for a couple minutes Tessa’s boss gave the signal. Some how they all exploded into her body right on command. Tessa had never heard of anyone able to do that but here were three of them all blasting into her holes at the same time. All of her holes had started overflowing from the unrelentless streams of cum and the sperm started to drip out of her and all over the couch. Her boss shot his cum the furthest into her. It went deep into her ass, sperm would dribble out for several weeks.

   The man in her pussy pulled out first even though all three were still blasting the thick goo all over her. As soon as he pulled out he put tape going across her whole pussy. The tape prevented any of the cum from escaping.

   Next her boss pulled out and repeated the same process but with her ass hole. Last to pull out was the man in her mouth. As he pulled out he was still shooting full force and moments later Tessa’s whole face was covered in thick globs of the milkey white cum. None of them stoped blasting their sperm until her entire body was covered. From head to toes she was covered in cum ranging from complete liquid all to way to almost a solid. There was so much of it, if someone walked in they wouldn’t recognize her.

   “Wow,” her boss said, “That is the best fucking i have ever had. You earned your raise, and if you lick this all off and eat it all I’ll give you the biggest bonus i have ever given out.” Tessa didnt say anything but instead promptly started licking off the thick clumps that hung to her arms. The first few that she had to chew, she almost threw up but then she gained confidence and only gagged on the especially chewy globs. With a little help from her boss’s cock, she was able to wipe off and swallow all the cum.

   “Alright you just earned yourself a huge raise and the biggest bonus I’ve ever handed out,” her boss told her, “Keep that tape there until you leave tonight. Then when you leave stop by here and I’ll take it off for you. Okay?” 
   “I will” Tessa replied. With that, she slipped back into her skirt and blouse, gathered up her papers and started to leave.
   “Whenever you want another bonus just come talk to me.”
   “I’ll be back soon” Tessa promised with a seductive smile. Then she promptly left the office and went back to her desk to finish her work.

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