My Delicious Daydream

Author: Princess Taleen

Dear Michelle:

I had a fantasy today about you…

It’s a bright, sunny Saturday and we’re at the local shopping mall. You’re dressed in your best Sunday dress and look like you could be going to church. I’m dressed in my favorite faded blue jeans and a peasant-style blouse with nothing underneath. In the center court of the mall is a temporary stage platform – maybe there was a talent show, or the local bridal shop sposnored a spring fashion show. Anyway, the show is over but the crowd hasn’t broken up just yet. So I take your hand and walk with you up onto the center of the stage, where I slowly begin undressing for everyone to see.

Once I am completely nude I gently push you to your knees and make you kiss my pussy. Then I pull you back to your feet and order you to undress – slowly, to build the tension and build my arousal – and then, in front of all these total strangers and perhaps even some friends and a family member or two, I give you a simple command: “Pleasure me.”

You go to the side and grab a chair, bring it to the center of the stage and ask me to sit down in it. You then drop to your knees and slowly lean down and kiss my feet, then run your tongue up my leg to me knee, kissing each one and asking me to open them. Watching your expression as my legs slowly slide open almost puts me over the edge right there. You ask me to hold my left leg up so that my legs are spread good. Then you slowly begin running your tongue up my inner thigh. As you are doing this you slowly begin to rub yourself, and your moans of pleasure turn me on that much more. Now you work your tongue up my leg until you reach my pussy… god I can’t wait for you to taste me!

Now people are starting to pull around us, intently watching as you shove your tongue deep into my pussy and begin to gently tease my clit, sucking it into my mouth. After a few minutes of this we trade places – I on my knees now, you on the chair – and I begin to slowly kiss my way up the inside of your leg. You purr with delight as I blow softly on your clit, and as my tongue dives deep inside you I can feel your shiver of anticipation. You open your legs wider and offer no resistance; it will not be long before I possess you fully. The taste of your pussy on my tongue is so overwhelming; the people around us are a blur now and I want everyone here to know the depth of our mutual desire.

I blow softly on your clit and rise to my feet, then ease you down upon the floor. You lie down on your back; I lie down facing the opposite direction and slide my legs between yours – our pussies touch and I begin to rub against you, slowly at first and then faster and faster until it feels like we both might explode. The crowd is starting to chant “more, more”, and I ask you if there’s anyone in the crowd you see that you’d like to bring up onto the stage to join us. Anyone special, honey? Your choice, man or woman, and I’ll ask them to join us…

You decide you want a woman to join us… but you leave it up to me to choose which one. And so I scan the audience, looking for just the right person to invite up to join us and then I spy her, standing there in the back of the crowd near the pretzel vendor – a sexy young thing with glasses, blue jeans and an old black rock concert T-shirt from the late 70s or early 80s, probably a hand-me-down from her mom or dad. She has long brown hair and full, round breasts, perfectly proportioned and not so large as to invite questions as to whether or not they’re real. I smile and wink and she somehow understands that it’s her whose attention I’m trying to attract; she points at herself as if to say, “Who, me?”, and when I nod yes she smiles shyly and makes her way to the crowd. You purr your approval as she reaches the stage and we continue to rub our pussies together.

Our new friend steps up onto the stage and just stands there for a moment, unsure of what she should do or say. We smile at one another and rise to our feet, me satdning to the right of her and you standing to the left.

“What’s your name?” I ask her.

“Nila,” she whispers, so low we can barely hear.

“That’s a beautiful name,” you say as you place your arm around her shoulders.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful girl,” I add, wrapping my own arm about her waist. She shudders just a bit but smiles again; she isn’t sure if she’s ready for what’s coming or not but she’s determined not to turn back now. I reach up with my other hand and slowly take off her glasses; she has the most beautiful green eyes, and as she looks into my own it feels as if she can see clear down to my soul.

You gently reach up and touch her cheek, pulling her face close to your own as you kiss her gently on the lips. I step back just long enough to place her glasses on the chair, then move up from behind and wrap my arms around her so that I can place my hands upon her breasts. Oh, yes, they’re real all right, and she’s not wearing a bra… I gently squeeze and knead them as I kiss the back of her neck, and she lets out this little moan that almost sounds like the mew of a contented kitten. Emboldened by her willingness, I reach down and pull up her T-shirt, exposing those perfect tits for all to see; you move your lips from her mouth to her neck, then lean down just enough to run your tongue around each nipple two or three times.

I pull her shirt the rest of the way off and kiss the back of her neck, then let my tongue move slowly down her spine to the small of her back just above her cute, shapely little ass. Now I fall to my knees and reach around again, fumbling with her belt buckle and zipper and working first her jeans and then her panties down around her ankles. As she steps out of them I run my tongue playfully over each of her buttocks, then position myself so that I’m kneeling backwards between her legs, probing her beautiful pussy with my lips and tongue.

The continued chanting of the crowd and our mutual oral ministrations combine to loosen her inhibitions. She reaches up and pulls her head closer to her breasts, running her fingers through your hair and down your shoulders and finally touches your own beautiful tits. She gives you a gentle push, indicating that she wants you to move your tongue down the front of her body as I have down the back; you gladly comply, pausing briefly at her navel before continuing down to join me at her pussy. Our tongues touch as we lick her together, darting in and out in perfect rhythm.

As you first lick and then begin to suck on her clit I lean further backwards so that I’m licking your tits, then your belly, and finally moving on down to your own pretty pussy and continuing on you where I left off on her. It gets to be more than our friend can stand and she begins to moan louder and louder, the crowd chanting right along with her. After a moment or two of this she decides it’s time to give as well as to receive, and the three of us reposition ourselves on the floor in a wild sort of sexual pyramid: my lips on your pussy, your lips on her pussy and her lips on my pussy.

By now the crowd has started to get into the act on its own. I pull away just long enough to look out at our audience, and I see a few men and women of all ages starting to engage in their own fun: groups of all ages and gender configurations pairing up in duos and trios and foursomes and, over at the center court fountain, what appears to be a small country. But truth be told, I barely notice them; my mind remains focused upon our own glorious threesome here and the stage, and yet for all that I can’t think straight. I only want our bodies to stay together forever, to melt into the delicious heat of the here and now. An energy seems to engulf us, bringing with it an increased hunger for fulfillment of what we now are: not separate people desperately seeking the melt of orgasm but, rather, an entity of power comprised of three poles that have combined to create a vortex that expands from our center to engulf the throng.

Gazing into Nila’s eyes, transfixed by the desire you see burning there, you slowly slide down along my body – your left leg draped now over my right, your rock hard nipples boring into my side and breast and your hot, wet pussy pressed to my hip, spasmodically twitching its kiss of passion. Nila smiles and mirrors your position, placing the tips of her fingers between my breasts and trailing her fingers slowly down my body to my pussy, leaving a trail of electricity that seems to send vibrations through me to you. Your body stiffens then begins to twitch, a motion I recognize as signaling the beginning of your orgasm; you both grind and twitch against my hips as you move your legs up and down between mine, and the sensation sets off a chain reaction and soon I feel the beginning of my own orgasm.

I turn and kiss you deeply, licking the traces of musky juices from your lips and mouth; they mesh with your taste perfectly, complementing them in a way I can’t quite describe – familiar but strange, sending waves of contentment and desire crashing through me, taking me no closer to orgasm but seem to lift me to a level of awareness. My skin is more sensitive than I can ever remember yet the sensations are altered subtly; the stage feels warm and somehow soft, and your bodies – slick with a fine sheen of perspiration – glide against me yet somehow tug at me the same time.

Your nipples rake across me and your erect clit seems to be thrusting in and out, trying to penetrate my hip like a small penis. Nila’s nipples burn lines of pleasure along the other side, the soft curls of her pubic hair silk and steel wool at the same time, her pussy a volcano of desire and lust as it molds itself to my body.

Without a word we shift, Nila and you on your sides, locked in the rapture of the moment while I kiss, lick, and nibble along both your writhing bodies. Your spasmodic thrashing and muffled cries of passion are a testimony to the orgasm blasting through both of you. Again we shift, you straddling her hips, I her face. I cup your breasts in my hands, gently rolling your erect nipples in my fingers as you grind into her, meeting her upward thrusts as if you were with a man, your head thrown back is sheer ecstasy.

Nila sucks gently on my pussy lips at first, then her darting tongue is seemingly everywhere at once, along the edges of my pussy’s lips, dragging and flicking across and around my clit, along the so sensitive inner side of my pussy lips, around my entrance, then finally plunging in and out, deeper than any tongue I’ve ever had before, exploring, teasing…

Yet again we shift and I tease your swollen clit and pussy with my tongue, deliberately and slowly in counterpoint to Nila’s frenetic ministrations to me; the more deliberate my movement, the faster hers, almost as if she’s trying to force me to her pace. I cease suckling and blow softly on the petals of your flower of desire, and am rewarded with a soft moan that thrums into my pussy and throughout my body. I flick my tongue over your clit, once, twice, three times, and gently suck it into my mouth, rolling it in my lips and running my tongue around it; like the rolling of a distant thunder that is heard more than felt, the thrumming of orgasm begins coursing through all three of us – tentatively at first, but swiftly building and moving upward deliciously slowly, growing louder and stronger each second until at last we erupt.

Waves of heat chase spasms through my body, driving all rational thought from my mind as I’m swept away by lust; the intensity of passion goes off the scale, a gestalt of passion and sexuality that neither you nor I have never reached before. As for Nila – well, who’s to say, neither of us ever having met her before this day? The sensations blur until there is no longer any individuality; we are one now, less than a goddess but more than mere human, and we are carried by wave after crashing wave until we can bear no more. We collapse, spent…

Apparently I lose consciousness for the briefest of moments; I open my eyes to find Nila standing at the edge of the stage, fully dressed save for the T-shirt she has just picked up off the floor. She looks down at me and smiles, then kneels down long enough to kiss me gently on the lips. She pulls the T-shirt on and says, “It was nice to meet you.” Then she rises to her feet once more and slides her glasses back onto her face as she turns and walks away, her firm B-cup breasts swaying slightly in counterpoint to the motion of her hips as she disappears through a crowd that is still lost in the throes of its own shared passions.

“Wow!” It’s your voice I hear, and I turn to see you sitting on the stage, groggy but becoming more alert. My gaze follows in the same direction as yours and for the first time since regaining consciousness I really notice the crowd; the area around the stage is littered with bodies, and there isn’t a dry crotch in the place. None of them are paying attention to us anymore; they’ve got business of their own to finish, and suddenly I’m not sure whether I should be proud or embarrassed that we have been the cause of such public wantonness.

I look back at you and ask, “Is that “wow” for us, or for them?”

“Both,” you say. Your smile is somehow innocent and wicked all at once, and it turns me on all over again. But of course not everyone in the mall has fallen under the spell of our hedonistic abandon; those who have stumbled onto the scene after the fact respond in varying degrees of amusement, embarassment and even outrage. It suddenly occurs to me that one of these killjoys is bound to call the police – never mind the fact that two of the still naked bodies currently entwined out there amongst those who chose to take part is the head of mall security and his much younger, very nubile partner.

“Maybe we better get out of here,” I say.

“Do we have to?” you ask, your lips curling into a playful little pout.

I smile and kiss you on the tip of your pretty little nose. “We’ll have plenty of time to pick up where we left off later,” I say. “But for now we’d better split; my husband doesn’t have a problem with my fucking other people, but he might not be too excited to have to come bail me out of jail for inciting a full-scale sexual riot.”

You giggle at that as you gather up your clothes. “He might not mind so much if he’d been here to be part of it!” We both laugh and dress as quickly as our drained bodies and limbs will allow, then make our way off the stage and wade through the sexual carnage still going on all around us; once beyond the crush of bodies we walk away arm in arm, smiling and more than ready for whatever new encounters lie ahead…

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