Bonnie’s Seduction

Author: CyberAge

Sam decided to put off doing the work order for Bonnie for a couple of days as he wanted to be ready just in case he could get her in a compromising position. As he knocked on the door he thought he heard the sounds of female laughter coming from inside the apartment. Bonnie opened the door and beckoned him to come inside. She was dressed in a short flared skirt and a blouse that had no sleeves. As Sam followed her inside he stared at her shapely ass barely covered by her short skirt. When he got inside he realized why he had heard female laughter. Sitting on the couch was Laura.

“More maintenance work, Sam”? she chided.

“Never know until you get going” replied Sam.

What are ya’ll talking about” asked Bonnie.

“Just a private joke” responded Sam. “What seems to be the problem with your AC?”

“It’s just not blowing much cold air” replied Bonnie.

Sam set about checking out the unit. As he worked he noticed the girls were talking in a low tone between themselves. He also noticed that both of their dresses were not doing a very good jov of keeping them covered. When he finished with the AC he turned to Bonnie. “You need to keep the filter clean” he told her.

“Hey Sam, Bonnie says she doesn’t like sex”.

“Laura!” exclaimed Bonnie.

“She just hasn’t had the right partner yet” replied Sam.

“Or partners?” suggested Laura.

“Whatever are ya’ll talking about now” inquired Bonnie.

“Well Sam and I were talking the other day how we would like to get you into a three way” replied Laura.

“Laura, how can you talked like that?” asked Bonnie as she turned a crimson red.

“You told me yourself that Sam interested you” responded Laura.

“I know but I didn’t mean anything by it” Bonnie weakly replied.

“You got to get over that stupid upbringing you had and enjoy yourself” said Laura. She was sitting next to Bonnie on the couch so she put her arm around her and pulled her over and kissed her full on the lips. In spite of herself Bonnie responded to Laura’s soft lips and returned the kiss. Laura slid her hand down over Bonnie’s shoulder and down her backside. She slid her hand along Bonnie’s leg and up the front side hesitating momentarily over her pussy and tits to give them a little extra rub. Sam stood still in the middle of the room afraid to say anything for fear he would break the spell as it was obvious Bonnie was enjoying what was going on. Laura continued to stroke Bonnie’s body running her hands over Bonnie’s entire torso.

Whenever she came to a tit or Bonnie’s pussy she dwelled just long enough to arouse her senses but not long enough to scare her off. After Bonnie relaxed a bit and it was obvious she was really enjoying the attention of Laura’s hands, Laura decided it was time to step up the tempo. This time when she came around the front of Bonnie’s body she dragged her dress upward exposing her black lacy panties. She ran two fingers along Bonnie’s panty line between her legs and up the front. Then she stroked Bonnie’s pussy through her thin panties. As she did so a wet spot appeared.

Next she pulled Bonnie’s dress off her shoulders and let it bunch up around her waist exposing her bra-less titties which while not big were perfectly cone shaped and stuck straight out from her body about three inches with long dark nipples. Laura leaned over and took one of Bonnie’s nipples in her mouth rolling it around between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Bonnie let out a small whimper as Laura put a hand inside her panties and began stroking her pussy. She easily slid two fingers into Bonnie and began finger fucking her.

This was more than Sam could bear. He came over to the couch and knee led in front of the girls. He pulled Bonnie’s panties aside and ran his tongue through her love channel. He ate her box until she climaxed. Sam grabbed Bonnie’s heels and pulled her down on the floor where he stripped off her dress and panties. He quickly undressed and knelled between her legs as he pulled her butt up until the tip of his dick was pressing against her pussy lips. Meanwhile Laura had stripped and straddled Bonnie’s head and lowered her pussy onto her face. Bonnie gingerly began lapping her juices as Sam slowly slid his dick into her cunt. He went easy until he was completely buried in her cunt.

He slowly began pumping in and out as Bonie ate Laura’s cunt. As Sam fucked Bonnie he was playing with Laura’s pretty titties and they were french kissing. Sam felt the heat rising in his balls and as he came Bonnie erupted in a high orgasm.

When Sam pulled out Laura grabbed him and began sucking him She beckoned Bonnie to join her and both girls attacked Sam until he almost lost control again. Just before he did he threw Laura down on her knees and mounted her doggie style. He pumped in and out of her so fast and furious that her titties were jiggling back and forth in tempo to the fucking. Sam and Laura had a simultaneous climax. Bonnie was lapping up the love juices as they lay down on the floor exhausted.

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