Snow Bound

I was invited by one of my friends to Colorado to play in the snow, we often talked about trying nude skiing and he said he new a spot we could go. When I arrived we talked about what I would like to do and I said that I brought some toys with me that we could try while we are playing in the snow such as very large butt plug that is open in center, 26 in. 2 3/4 bat and bottle of Jack.

The next night was perfect to go out with fresh snow and a full moon, I only skied a couple times before so I was very new and fell on my ass many times that night. I was tired of falling so I wanted to try sliding down the slope on my ass. The first time I went down was great having the snow beat at my balls and the feeling of the snow on my bare ass was fantastic.

The second time I couldn’t feel my ass because I sat in snow so long, I asked my friend if he would help me sick the bat up my cold tight ass and he was very excited to help. I laid down on the deep cold snow as he placed the bat to my ass I asked him to pour some whiskey on my hole as he inserts bat, my ass was still numb when he inserted the bat with a hard push a warm feeling came over me and I could taste the whiskey along with the cold steel filling my ass. He continued to work the bat in and out leaving a big gaping hole as he took the bat out he poured more whiskey inside my hole then inserted the bat going even deeper, the Jack made me so warm that I didn’t even feel the cold snow that I was laying on.

I asked him to push the bat in as far as he could before I got up so he inserted in about six inches and by then the feeling started coming back and I could feel my ass throbbing from the large bat sticking out my ass. I looked at him and said your turn and got the butt plug out of the car as he was looking at the size he was a little nervous trying to use something that big so I had him sit in the snow until he couldn’t feel his ass then inserted with a slow steady push it was in and he was amazed at how good it felt and the feeling of the cold air inside his ass.

I wanted to go down the slope again but before we did I ask my friend to lean over the car so I could pour a shot of Jack in his ass hole, as I was pouring it in he said he could taste it and was also very warm so we headed up the hill with the the bat still in my butt and him with the butt plug..

When we got to the top he wanted to go down the steeper part of the slope so we could see who had the fastest ass, we left the toys in our butts as we pushed down the hill. I could feel the bat being push hard up my ass by the snow and as it push it forced me on my back so all I could see was snow covering my body by the time we made it to the bottom I was completely covered in snow. I could feel the bat very deep inside me and as I tried to get up I felt great pressure on my abdomen so I just laid there for several minutes and my friend looked me over and was very surprised at how far the bat had moved up in my ass and when he told me it had to be little more then half way in about 14 inches or more.

I was getting cold so he helped me get up and that was first time I had seen for my self just how far it was and I wasn’t in pain at all just the feeling of my ass being very, very full. I left the bat inside as we walked back to the car and my friend said the his ass hole was very cold from the butt plug so I looked and the snow had packed up inside his ass so hard I couldn’t even push it in with my fingers. When we got to the car we both were tired and he was ready to take the butt plug out but before I did I asked him to lean over car again and I’ll use the bottle to push the snow through the plug and as I did he said he could feel the snow filling his ass, after I cleared the opening I poured more Jack inside him then slowly took the butt plug out.

My friend said he never felt such sensations from his ass before the cold snow inside and out the warmth from the whiskey along with the stretch from the plug and he had such a smile he was so happy. I also felt great but I needed to sit and rest and I wanted to keep the bat inside me little longer to I used the bat as a seat and rested against the car, I thought the bat wasn’t going any deeper and it had moved down a little. I needed to warm up so I took a shot of Jack and was very relaxed when I noticed the bat was moving very slowly deep inside me it still didn’t hurt so I just let it get deeper and deeper when it stopped it was down to the thinnest part of the bat the widest part was all inside me.

When I stood up I expected the bat to come out but it didn’t move at all and my friend was amazed the something that big could go so deep and I was to. I laid back in the snow so he could take it out and as he did very slowly the feeling was really good something id never felt before and after removing the bat which left me with a gaping hole, I asked my friend to insert the bottle of Jack while my ass was still loose I could feel the whiskey going inside me as he stuck the bottle neck deep.

It felt so good I asked him to keep pushing and moving the bottle around and by then I was so relaxed he was able to push more than half the bottle up my ass a Square bottle at that when he pulled the bottle out I could hear to whiskey emptying inside me, my ass must have been thirsty a little more than half gone. I was so drunk when we finished I couldn’t walk straight so I just laid in the snow watching the stars thinking I love my ass.

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