John was beginning to lose control. Unlike him, she had sex on a routine basis. She didn’t need to cum before they fucked. And John needed to fuck her cute little pussy in the worst kind of way. Feeling slightly guilty at not finishing her, he stood, spun her around and bent her over the couch. She laid looking back, unprotesting with her ass presented, her hands clutching the cushions of the couch. He grabbed his cock and pressed it against the entrance to her pussy. He rubbed it up and down briefly to lubricate it, then shoved. He sank his cock into her pussy up to the hilt. She gave a little cry, but pressed back against him. Her pliable ass cheeks were mashed out of shape by his hard hips. He shoved hard to get the best penetration he could. His hands went to her hanging breasts. He filled his hands with her womanly globes of flesh.

“Oh yes,” he sighed. Slowly he began pistoning his cock in and out of her wet cunt. The slap of hips against soft ass cheeks grew loud in the room. Her moans of passion were even louder. Mashing her tits in brutal fingers, John fucked Tonya hard. Outside, children passed on the way home from school. He watched them absently, knowing his own daughters would be coming home as well. He plunged his cock up into Tonya’s sweet pussy, while wondering what his daughters would say if they knew he was there, fucking this beautiful woman. Would they be proud? Outraged?

His cock was well-lubricate, sliding in and out smoothly. Her moist pussy was hot now, very hot. Moisture from her pussy was dripping down her creamy thigh. His cock made a slick, wet sound as it slid smoothly in and out of her swollen pussy lips.

Tonya’s hands clawed the material of the couch, as his hard penis filled her pussy with pleasure. She felt his cock clear up to her abdomen. It was just what she needed. She couldn’t believe the battle was over. She giggled at her own pun. The Battle was over.

She had been watching John since the day she first came. He was older, aloof, and dignified. Now she was actually being fucked by him.

His hard, pistoning cock was filling her ass with fire. He was wild, his desires were as hot and urgent as her own. Why did he have to wait for the end of the world before he approached her? Tonya suddenly felt the fire burning in her loins. Her inner thoughts had distracted her. She was hot, ready to cum.

“Fuck me good,” she screamed in sudden abandon. John pumped against her ass several more times, then stopped. He wanted to change positions.

“Roll over on your back and grab your ankles,” he whispered. She hurried to comply. Feeling silly with her feet up in the air, she waited as he knelt before her. She gasped at the first contact. His cock entered her pussy, pushing slowly, intolerably slow until his full length was inside her. He felt even larger from that angle, and she could watch him as he fucked her.

He reached down and rubbed his thumb over her pussy, rhythmically massaging her clit and wet pussy lips, while his hard penis slid in and out of her cunt. The fire from both seemed to blend together into one massive fire. Before she could get ready, her pussy began to spasm and she found herself in the middle of one massive orgasm. He continued to pump away, while she mindlessly babbled and raved, hunching her pussy against his pelvis. All too quickly, it was over. But to her amazement, he was not through. He continued to pump away inside her pussy, renewing the glow that had just been extinguished by her orgasm.

She felt the fire building again, much faster than it had before. To her astonishment, she felt her pussy clenching stronger and stronger until a second orgasm tore her loins apart. A satisfied smile lit John’s face, while he watched her thrash around on the couch. He liked the feeling of her pussy clenching on his hard cock. He liked how she hunched her pussy against him, trying to intensify her orgasm. He stopped and waited, while her sensitive pussy relaxed. Slowly, he began pumping his cock into her pussy again. Her eye lit momentarily in astonishment, then closed in pleasure. He had waited just the right amount of time. His ex-wife’s training was coming in handy. John was an excellent lover.

John rubbed his hands over her upper thighs, as she panted and hunched her pussy against him. John loved it, he loved it all. He loved the sexy way that Tonya fucked him back, he loved her exquisitely beautiful and slender body, and he loved the feeling of fucking a young girl who appreciated an older man who could hold off his orgasm for 15 or 20 minutes longer than a young man. It was all fantastic.

John suddenly realized he was going to cum. Pumping faster and faster, thrusting in tune with the loud slap of flesh, and the sticky liquid sounds that came from her pussy, he groaned and closed his eyes, only aware of the heat and spasms in his own loins. With an animal cry of lust he heaved his cock into her pussy and froze. His cock hesitated, then spewed hot cum into her cute mound. She withered on his cock, bringing herself to another orgasm. They intertwined, gasping and clutching at each other as their bodies exploded.

They rested. Tonya lit a cigarette. John started to caution her about the evils of smoking. He suddenly remembered the meteor and chuckled to himself.
“I keep forgetting,” he chuckled, shaking his head.
“Forgetting what?”
“That the world will end tomorrow.”
“Oh, damned, so did I. I was happy for a moment.”
“So what are you going to do now?”
“Kiss my daughters, overeat, sit in the middle of a women’s locker room and watch them get naked, maybe rob a bank.”
“Be careful, you don’t want to spend your last day on earth in jail.”
“Point well taken,” he nodded.
“Can I go with?”
“I… sure, why not,” he said in amazement. “You would be an excellent companion.”
“Now you notice,” she said as she took a drag from her cigarette.
“Let’s shower and dress,” he said, rushing toward the bathroom. They made a race of it. Luckily, the layout of the house was identical to his own, so he reached it first. They took a shower together.
John entered, holding the door for Tonya.
“Dad,” Emily, his oldest said. Her face changed when she saw Tonya.
“This is Tonya, our neighbor,” John said calmly.
“I know, dad,” Emily said in a condescending tone.
“We are lovers,” John said matter-of-factly, trying to break through her superior attitude. It worked.
“Wh… what!” she gasped.
“We have been making love all afternoon. I highly recommend it. I would suggest that you go out and try it yourself.”
“Dad,” Emily gasped.
“Suit yourself,” he shrugged.
“Not hardly, dad.”

“Well I will write you a check for three hundred dollars. Divide it equally with your sisters and have fun,” he said, taking out his checkbook.
“Only a hundred, John?” Tonya asked, looking from one to the other, then giving him a significant look.
“Right,” he said, holding his pen aloft. “I will make it three thousand. Make sure they get their share.”
“Ouh, I like her already,” Emily smiled at Tonya. Tonya gave her a bright smile in return. “Hey, are you trying to get rid of us?” Emily asked, taking the check.

“Well it worked,” Emily said happily. She hugged her father, then Tonya, and ran upstairs screaming for her sisters.
“I’ll get my hugs and kisses when they run out of money,” John said sagely. “Right now, it’s time for us to have a little fun. What would you like to do first?”
“Get married?”
“A great idea. But I’m afraid the law doesn’t allow it. There is a waiting period and such.”
“What if you share your news with a minister. I’m sure he’d make allowances.”
“We can try,” he shrugged, leading her to the door.

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Battle stopped at Luigi’s for lunch. They ate as much as they could hold, then ordered the most expensive wine. John’s 100,000 bank account was dwindling. Not that he would need it after tomorrow.

John finished his meal and sipped his coffee. His eyes went to the shapely waitress who had waited on them. She was a bitch, but a good looking bitch.
“I would love to get a piece of her,” John said as Tonya lit a cigarette.
“Well as your new bride, I should take exception to that. But I won’t. Wait until she returns and stick your hand under her dress. What do you have to lose?”
“My eye, my nose, my…”
“Ok, I get the message. What if I distract her?”
“A kiss should do it. You game?”
“Ok, sure,” John said breathlessly. It was hard to drop the trappings of civilization, after rigidly following the rules for so long. But what the hell.

“Miss,” Tonya called. She saw the disgusted look on the waitresses face. That decided them. She needed to be taken down a notch.

“Yeah,” she said as she stood beside John and looked across the table at Tonya. Tonya crooked a finger at the girl. The girl leaned across the table, as if to listen. Tonya grabbed her on the back of the neck and pulled her into a passionate kiss. The girl struggled for a moment, then responded. John heard the murmur of surprised voices behind him. He didn’t care. They would all be dead tomorrow. He would give them something to remember.

John lifted the girl’s black dress and gawked at her white panties. He heard excited chatter behind him, mixed with a little laughter. He calmly hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and yanked them down. She struggled, but Tonya had a good hold on her hair. John leaned down and licked the girl’s ass, then leaned down until he could lick her pussy. After several wonderful strokes he sat up and wiped his mouth.

“She is fantastic,” he said to his new wife. “You should try her.”
Tonya released the angry girl. She turned from one to the other, not knowing who to slap first.
“I will give you five thousand dollars to stop by my house later and fuck us both,” Tonya said calmly. The girl’s mouth opened in outrage, then it closed with a snap.
“Make it ten.”
“No, five. You are not quite worth ten.”
“I… ok,” she said, suddenly happy. John helped her pull up her panties. She left, giving them a wave. Applause broke out in the restaurant around them. An angry manager came out of the kitchen to see what as going on.
“Ooops, time to go,” John whispered. He left a very large tip and took the unfinished bottle of wine. They went outside to the fountain. They sat on the fountain wall and shared the bottle.
“This is nice,” he said, handing her the bottle.

“It is,” she agreed. “Wouldn’t it be nice if nobody had inhibitions, they could all live life like we are today.”
“I think there is a song about that. No, it wouldn’t be nice, it would be utter chaos,” John said with a laugh.
“An uproar broke out around them. Several women screamed and men cursed.
“What’s the matter?” Tonya called to the nearest man.
“A meteor. It’s coming at the earth. We will all die tomorrow,” the man screamed over his shoulder as he ran for home.

“Well, the word is out,” John said sadly. “We might as well go home and watch the news.”
“I guess so. We can’t do much now.”
A window suddenly broke behind them. John shielded Tonya from the broken glass. They ran out of the square.

“You want coffee?” Tonya asked. John sat down and grabbed the remote. He immediately saw a picture of the meteor. It looked huge.
The science advisor for the white house was speaking.
“…the President’s plan to destroy the meteor,” the tv said in mid-sentence.
“Good luck with that,” he mumbled. “Sure, cream no sugar,” he yelled.
Tonya joined him with her own coffee. “I hardly feel married,” she said as she took a sip.
“Shhh, I’ve got the end of the world on.”
“Are they saying anything new?”
“Something about destroying it.”
Tonya coughed and choked. “Can they do that?”
“I don’t think so. The mass is approximately 200 square miles.”
“But John, what if they do?”
“They we live a long and happy life,” he said with a smile. His eyes suddenly widened. He looked down at the wedding band on his hand and toyed with it with his fingers.
“Yeah,” Tonya nodded.

“…the combined force of 60 ICBM’s may shatter the ice meteor in time,” Richard Gavin was saying. John knew him, he was a colleague.
“Ice?” John said in awe.
“What? What does that mean?” Tonya looked from him to the television.
“If it’s really made up of ice, the sun is softening it even now. The combined force of several nuclear weapons could shatter it. Theoretically, the pieces would burn up in the atmosphere.
“Could that guy be wrong?” she pointed at the TV.

“Richard is never wrong. He won’t even open his mouth until he’s checked his facts three times. How could I be so stupid?” he said with a small laugh.
“Then we won’t die?” she asked happily.
“Apparently not. And I have a brand new wife,” he said, hugging her close. “I guess we should tell the children,” he looked out the window toward his own house.
“I don’t think they are home yet. I hope they get home safely, the world went a little insane there for a while.”
“Yes, and so did we. I guess we had better cancel our date with the waitress,” he said with some misgivings.

“Not necessarily,” she said thoughtfully. “Not unless you want to,” she said quickly.
“No, it’s fine with me,” he said, restraining a shout of joy. “I think I might enjoy married life,” he said with a chuckle.

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