Grandma’s House

Author: Sci

Sheriff John Caddy drove slowly by the Henderson house. His eyes took in every detail, from the black metal gates to the gabled ends and Spanish tiled roof. The gate was bordered by huge stone abutments, which narrowed down to normal metal slats and posts made in the shape of spears. It was a typical Victorian era house, and he wanted it. He had almost married into the Henderson family before Lorie and the rest of her family died in a tragic car accident. Nobody approached the property, they feared the old lady. But he wanted it. As he pulled out of sight a wretched looking waif stumbled out of the bushes near the gate and watched him drive off.

Robin stopped by the huge metal gate and huddled against the cold winter wind. The wind buffeted her frail frame, she cried softly to herself, feeling the cold to the very center of her body. She looked inside the gate with watering eyes. The old stone house looked colder than the chill winter winds outside. It looked old and dead. It was a shame, a house should never die, there were too many people who needed a house, especially Robin. Robin knew deep down inside that this would be her last day on earth, if she didn’t find shelter quickly. The closest shelter was the old house on the other side of the gate. Was it locked?

The gate clanged twice in the wind, then opened slightly with a screech. Robin looked inside again, wondering if the house was really abandoned. Driven by the cold she hurried through the gate and ran stumbling up the front steps. She peeked through the window but saw nothing, no light and no movement. Robin moaned, hugging herself as tears streamed down her face. She hated to break into the house, she was not thief. But she needed shelter fast. She looked inside once more and screamed when she saw the face of a woman looking back at her. The woman opened the door and stood looking down at Robin.

“Don’t just stand there freezing, come in,” the woman said. Robin hurried inside and sank shivering on the floor just inside the door. The woman pulled a knitted blanket from the back of a couch and threw it around her shoulders. Robin cried and shivered while the old woman hurried out of the room. She finally returned and helped Robin to her feet.

“How long have you been out in that weather?” the woman asked in concern.
“E… eight months.”
“Oh my. You have nowhere to go?” the woman asked, leading Robin into the bathroom. The tub was half full of steaming water. Robin shook her head as the woman’s hands began stripping her. Robin resisted at first, but the water looked so inviting that she finally helped the woman strip off her several layers of filthy clothing. Finally she stood naked and dirty over the steaming tub of water. The woman turned and grabbed soap and shampoo. By the time she turned back, Robin was sitting in the tub. She was still chilled on the inside, but the warmth felt so heavenly on the outside. She lay sobbing as the warmth enveloped her.

Even dirty as Robin was, the old woman noticed that she would clean up very pretty with a nice figure. The ripples in the water did nothing to hide the slender thighs and light brown patch of hair between the girl’s legs. Her tits sagged ever so slightly, not nearly as much as Laura’s. The stink of the now dirty water became revolting. Laura was sure she could see crawly things in the water, floating to the top.

“Soap up real good, then drain the water and take a shower,” the woman said, “Use shampoo and soak your head first, it’s the best way to delouse yourself. The shower is the only way you’ll ever get that body clean, but the tub will soften up the dirt and warm your body. I’m going to burn these and get you something to wear,” the woman said, picking up Robin’s old clothes and stashing them in a trash bag.
“My name is Laura,” the woman said on the way out.
“What could possibly possess you to leave home?” Laura asked as Robin ate ravenously.
“My mother and I were always fighting,” Robin said between bites. “I finally left, I couldn’t take it any more.”
“Is this better?” Laura pointed outside.
“No it’s not,” Robin said thoughtfully. “I left in the summer when it wasn’t too bad. She was always getting on me for being fat,” Robin laughed, shaking the lose clothing on her slender body. “Months of walking with little to eat make a great diet plan.”
“Will she take you back?”

“I don’t know. I have been wondering about that since it started getting cold. Finally I just wished I could die, I didn’t care any more. But every time I got close my mind went crazy and I wanted to live again. This is the first good meal I’ve had since I let the last guy get into my pants. They don’t even ask now, probably because I’ve been too dirty.”

“I understand that,” Laura said, wrinkling her nose. “You really stank.”
“I know, I imagine that I can still smell it, even though I can’t,” Robin said as she chewed. “Laura, can I stay here tonight or do you want me to leave after I eat?”
“You can stay as long as you want,” Laura said, placing a hand over Robin’s. Robin smiled and placed her other hand over hers. It was the first time she stopped eating since she started.
“I’m sorry, this is the only bed in the house,” Laura said, handing Robin a nightgown. “If it makes you feel uncomfortable, you can sleep on the couch, of course.”

“No, this is fine,” Robin said, stripping down to her newly acquired underwear and pulling on the nightgown. She smiled and twirled, sending the hem of the nightgown flying open. Robin didn’t mind sleeping with Laura, in fact it was comforting to know the lady trusted her so much. Most people looked at her filth and decided she was a thief, whore, or drug addict at first glance. Besides, the couch was only four feet long. Robin plopped down on the left side of the bed. She looked up in amazement and stared at Laura.

“Oh wow, it’s so soft,” she bounced on the bed experimentally.
“It’s a feather bed, my husband Ben made it especially for me before… Well they just aren’t made any more, but I really can’t sleep without it. I’m glad you like it.”
“Your whole house is nice. It even smells nice like a grandma’s house.”
“It’s a combination of old things, old magazines, furniture, thirty years of cooking, and smoke, I’m afraid. Ben liked his cigars.”

“How long has been Ben gone?” Robin asked kindly.
“Wow, let me think. About a year, I guess,” Laura said with a frown. She laid with a far-away look in her eyes then smiled at Robin, kissed her on the cheek, and turned out the light. Robin was still smiling as she dropped off to sleep.

Robin opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. For a moment she believed that she had been magically transported back home, but then the flowered wallpaper and the warm body beside her reminded her of her true location.

“Why Ben? Please, just for a bit,” Laura moaned in her sleep. Robin turned so she could face the old woman. She had never heard anybody talking in their sleep before, it was kind of like spying.

“Touch me down here, Ben,” Laura moaned. Robin’s eyes widened when she realized what Laura was talking about. She didn’t even know that old women had sex. She thought people stopped when they reached 40. The thought intrigued her. Did old people have sex like young people did? If so, why didn’t she know it?

“Please, Ben, just a little,” Laura pleaded. Robin was getting horny, but more importantly she was feeling sorry for Laura. Then an idea struck her, one so revolting that it was kind of kinky. Could she pretend to be Ben and make Laura happy? She owed Larua her life, besides she liked the old lady a lot. Robin slid down the bed until she reached Laura’s knees. With a gentle hand she reached out and touched Laura’s knee, rubbing it softly.

“Oh yes, Ben,” Laura whispered in rapture. This encouraged Robin, she would go all the way. It was the least she could do. She continued rubbing Laura’s knee then slowly slid her hand higher and higher, sliding up the nightgown beneath the sheet as she went. Before long Laura’s pale white thigh showed even under the dim light beneath the sheet.

Robin moved closer to Laura’s thigh and gently spread her legs, which had been clamped tightly shut. With the skill of a pickpocket she slid the nightgown up the far leg and looked down at the dimly lit white cotton panties. Robin didn’t know what she expected, but the panties were very normal, not old fashioned. With the gentlest of touches she placed her thumb on Laura’s mound and began massaging gently, while listening to a change in Laura’s breathing.

So far it was working. Robin began stroking Laura’s pussy with faster and faster strokes of her thumb, more sure of herself now that Laura continued to sleep and dream. Laura raise her left leg slightly, then opened her legs more, gently pushing the heel of her foot back and forth across the sheet.

Robin leaned over Laura’s right leg, rested her elbow between Laura’s knees, and pulling the crotch of the panties away, she slide the index finger of her right hand inside Laura’s pussy, while continuing to rub her clit with her thumb.

Laura moaned and arched her back. Robin smiled to herself as she continued to rub furiously, while her index finger curled and uncurled inside of Laura’s pussy.

“That’s so good, Ben,” Laura gasped. “So good,” she repeated in a gentle voice.
Robin’s hand was hurting in the position it was in, so she slid her middle finger inside Laura as well. It made it easier for her cramped hand, Laura gasped and gently rocked her pussy against Robin’s hand. Then, in a restrained gasp, Laura began to cum. She hissed as she breathed, humping Robin’s hand furiously until her orgasm lessened and finally quit.

Robin gently pulled her fingers out of Laura’s pussy, kissed her bare thigh, and put her clothing back into place. Robin returned to her place on the pillow, reached down and wiped her fingers on a sock, then snuggled into the pillow to sleep.
“Thank you Robin,” Laura said with a smile in her voice.
Robin smiled to herself and nodded. “You’re welcome, Laura.”
Morning dawned bright and shiny. Robin followed the sounds of movement to the kitchen. Laura smiled and wave her to the plastic and metal table in the corner. Robin loved it, it was so 70’s.
“Orange juice, bacon, and eggs,” Laura said cheerfully. “How does that sound?”
“Like heaven. I don’t think there will ever be a day when I don’t enjoy food. I used to be fat, did I tell you that?”

“Yes, you did. Although it’s hard to see now. This is the last of the groceries, by the way. If you want, you can go shopping later for us. I never leave the house any more.”
Laura brought over the two plates and kissed Robin on the cheek as she sat them on the table.
“As you know, I’m broke,” Robin said, wolfing down her food.

“I’m not, I have a fortune. I will show you a little secret later and you will never be broke again, child, I promise you.”

“Why, do you own a bank?” Robin asked, then put a huge forkful of eggs in her mouth.
“Yes,” Laura smiled and began taking dainty bites of her food. Robin stopped, frowned, shook her head, then continued eating. When they finished Laura sat the plates in the sink and motioned Robin forward. They went into the study, approached a bare wall near the bookcase, and Laura stood looking at Robin expectantly.

“It’s a wall,” Robin finally said.
“Look closer.”
Robin did, and still saw only a wall. Laura pointed at a minuscule crack in the wall and pressed the wall next to the crack. With a click the wall sprang open. The wall contained a thin metal cabinet filled with bundles of paper. Laura took out a bundle of paper and handed it to Robin. Robin found a rubber band holding the paper together. She slid off the rubber band, unwrapped the paper and found a huge bundle of money inside. She found clean and dirty bills, all in tens and twenties. Her eyes bugged out when she looked at the wall and tried to estimate it’s worth.

“There must be millions here!” Robin gasped.

“Probably,” Laura said with a smile. “I’ve never counted but there is probably 30 thousand dollars right there in your hands. We have collected over 100 bundles over the years. Ben and I never trusted the banks after the depression, so Ben built this cabinet and we have been filling it up with our unused money ever since. This wall is mouse proof and the old wood in the house makes it dry. Help yourself, girl it’s yours. So is the house, I sighed it over to you when I woke up. The deed is on the kitchen counter.”

Robin gaped, trying to comprehend the new world, and her place in it.
“The property line goes back about three miles behind the house,” Laura pointed toward the area opposite the road, “and it runs about three miles in each direction,” she pointed up and down the road.
“Bu… but what about you?” Robin stammered.

“I’ll stick around for a while, if you don’t mind. Mostly I’ll be tending to Ben. Uh oh, it’s time for me to run. You get your groceries and a little for me. And don’t let Junior bother you, tell him he has no claim here and Lorie didn’t like him all that much anyway. Take the deed with you, he’ll want to see it. Oh, I dated it for a year ago so nobody will ask questions. Tell them we met in… Panama City, Florida, it was one of our favorite places, we vacationed there often.

Robin nodded wordlessly. Laura handed her the deed and an old but expensive wind breaker and gave her a push toward the door.

“Remember what I told you about Junior,” Laura said as she pushed Robin out the door.
Sheriff Caddy slowed near the gate to the Henderson place, then turned on the lights and sped forward. Robin was just closing the gate when he screeched to a halt.

“You! What the hell are you doing in there?” the sheriff demanded.
“I own it,” Robin said, lifting her chin.
“The hell you do.”
“Whatever,” Robin said, walking off down the road.
“Stop right where you are,” Sheriff Caddy screamed.
“Hey, fuck you,” she said, continuing to walk.
“I mean it, young lady.”
“So do I. Now leave me alone. What are you, some kind of pervert?”
“Do you have proof of ownership?”
“Of course I do. Laura just… she signed it a year ago in Panama City. What’s it to you?”
“I sort of… well I used to know a girl.”
“Are you Junior?” Robin finally asked in dawning comprehension.
“Yeah, they call me that. Why?”
“Laura had a message for you. She said to leave me alone, Lorie didn’t like you all that much anyway. She said you have no claim here, and to show you this,” Robin fished the deed out of her pocket and handed it to the Sheriff. He read it, frowned at Robin, then looked it over again. It looked like the old woman’s signature. He finally handed it back.

“I still miss them, you know. Laura used to treat me like her own son.”
“Why doesn’t she now?”
“Well hell, she’s been dead for over a year. Her, her husband Ben, and her daughter Lorie died in a car accident. It was horrible. It happened down in Panama City, probably just after she signed that,” the sheriff nodded at the deed.

“Anyway, welcome to the community. Can I give you a lift?”

“No… no thanks,” Robin turned toward the house. “I have to check on something first. I’ll see you later,” Robin waved over her shoulder. Sheriff Caddy watched the shapely young girl hurry up the stairs to the empty old house and shook his head, wishing he was 20 years younger. Robin hurried into the house and looked around. The floor was covered with dust. Only her own footprints showed on the dust covered floor which had been spotlessly clean moments before. Shaking with nervousness she crept to the wall and pressed the area indicated by Laura.

The money was still there. The kitchen showed one clean dish which had been used recently, and nothing else. “Thanks Laura,” Robin said with a shiver. She glanced around once more before she went back outside. She would need food and lots of cleaning supplies. The house deserved to be spotlessly clean. While she was at it she could buy some transportation. Maybe a nice convertible.

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