Nothing To Lose

Author: Legz

The ship was cold. Ivana was alone. Her arms were folded tightly against her chest, and her teeth chattered uncontrollably. The chair in front of the helm, on which she sat, was icy and just as lifeless as the rest of the ship. The life support system had failed hours ago and no one had responded to her distress signal.

With a hopeless sigh, Ivana scanned the helm one last time for some sign of life on the planet below. Even if she did use the escape pod, there was only enough fuel for short distances, and that planet would be her final destination.

At last, a tiny beep, broke the silence that filled the ship, and Ivana’s heart began to race. There was life below. She quickly stood up, and turned to go. The escape pod was even colder, and the confinement added to her lonliness.

On the surface, the temperature was much higher. When exiting the pod, Ivana could not help but feel great relief as her blood began to flow more freely and feeling returned to her cold fingers. She was out of food, low on water, lost, and horny, but at least she was finally warm.

Horny? Yes, very. It had been a long journey, and Ivana had not been pleasured in some time. Every once in a while, she had pleased herself, and she thought she was good at that, but nothing could compete with a nice hard dick in her tight and eager pussy.

Just then, something caught her attention. Not far from the escape pod, there was a cave, but it was not just the cave that attracted her. She was enticed by the sound of moans and heavy breathing, orgasmic yelps and the kind of sounds that accompany a good pounding.

What the heck? She wasn’t cold anymore, and what did she have to lose? Maybe she could get laid. So, she set forth toward the cave, and listened intensley to the sexual sounds inside. There must have been so many. The noise was incredible.

Inside the cavern entrance, Ivana was surprised to hear a woman speaking English. “Oh fuck! It feels so good!” Another woman responded, “Fuck it. It likes to fuck you.” Ivana stopped to listen. Perhaps she was moving a bit too fast. She put her hand against the rock wall and listened for a bit.

The sounds, the talk, her pussy was aching to be fucked, and so wet. She grabbed one of her tits. It was large and overflowed from her palm. She squeezed it, then leaned against the wall and placed a hand upon her crotch. With every moan of every woman in the nearby orgy, Ivana rubbed her hand against the vinyl pants. Finally, she couldn’t stand it any longer. She pulled down her pants, that slid nicely over her knee-high boots, and kicked them to the side. Then, with her fingers, now warm, she inched them inside her panties and circled over her clit. With her free hand, she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal a pair of ample breasts, and proceeded to squeeze them one at a time.

“Yes! Yes!” A woman screamed in ecstasy. Another woman began to explode also, “Fuck it! Yes! It feels so good!” Ivana felt her pussy get hotter and wetter. Suddenly, a naked woman ran past her. Ivana was shocked! She didn’t even realize she was there! Quickly, the woman stopped and turned to speak. “You don’t have to be alone anymore Ivana,” she smiled. Her smile was kind and welcoming. She came closer, and placed a hand upon her breast. “You’re beautiful. We’ve been waiting for you.”

Then, the woman, showered in shimmering red hair that draped across her shoulders, placed her lips against Ivana’s tit and kissed it, lashing at her nipple with her tongue. Then she knelt before her and kissed her.

Ivana didn’t know what to say. This woman knew her name. She was confused, but it didn’t matter. After all, what did she have to lose, right? She closed her eyes and sighed as the red-headed vixen licked her. “You taste wonderful dear.” Ivana smiled as the woman returned to her feet. “Come, it’s time,” she said, with that warm, inviting smile. Ivana followed, and together they entered the next room.

The sight was unbelievable. Where the light came from, she had no idea. There was a sparkling fountain in the middle of the room and a group of women playing and splashing inside its pool. Some were laying in the water. Some were under the waterfall, but all were very busy doing very naughty things to eachother.

Around the room, there were women facing the walls. As Ivana neared the cavern wall she noticed what looked like giant cocks extending from the wall. She was so horny. She wanted to run to the wall and fuck the shit out of one. One girl was knelt beside the wall near her. She sucked on the dick with all her might, making sloppy noises, licking it, and all the while fingering herself.

Ivana looked at the red-head. She giggled at her. “No, not yet, my sweet. First, our masters have to fuck you. “Masters? Plural?” Ivana inquired, but the woman did not respond. She just grabbed her hand and took her to the other side of the fountain where there was a beautiful, lavish bed. If that’s what it was. There were huge fluffy cushions piled upon eachother and covered in a material that Ivana did not recognize but found to be the softest thing she had ever touched. So soft, in fact that it did not bother her when the red-head threw her into it and laughed.

The women in the fountain noticed what was happening and began to approach the cushions. They were moaning with wantoness and looking very eager. Many grabbed their tits and played with their pussies, but no one came close to Ivana. Even the red-head backed up and looked amazed. “She’s so lucky,” one of the women said. Just then, a man entered the room, naked. He was very tall, and extremely handsome. His dick was already hard, and it was HUGE. “Oh my god.” Ivana mumbled.

He approached her and grabbed a handful of her blonde hair, forcing her face to his massive member. She was obliged, and immediately wrapped her mouth around his enormous cock. She grabbed his balls and played with them gently, sliding every manly inch of his dick in and out of her mouth. All the while, she could hear the women behind her, cooing and moaning in ecstacy. The sound, oh the sound, added to everything.

She sucked for what seemed like an eternity until finally, the red-headed woman whispered in her ear, “He wants to fuck your ass.” Ivana couldn’t have been happier. Months and months of traveling, with nothing, and now, all of this? It was icredible.

The man flipped her over, and very carefully began to press his cock against her asshole. It was so big, and now wet with spit. Her ass was wet from the woman spitting on her while she rubbed her clit and fingered her ass. Finally, his cock began to enter, slowly and pleasureably. She could fill it throbbing. It was rock hard. It felt so good. Ivana looked over her shoulder at him and said, “It feels so good. Oh my god, slam that dick in my ass!” No sooner had she said this, than the man did so and began to pound into her, banging her back and forth. Ivana screamed with pleasure, the women moaned, the red-head giggled dirty talk, and to top things off, when Ivana looked up again, and as the scenery bounced back and forth, she beheld another GIGANTIC cock right infront of her.

Nobody had to say a word. Ivana was more than happy to take it into her mouth, and not long after she did that, she was allowed to sit on it. She felt so stuffed. A dick in her pussy, a dick in her ass. The sensation was unlike anything, and they were so big, and so hard. Two hard cocks pounding into her, throbbing and hot.

The red-head grabbed her hair and pulled her head back almost viciously but playfully. She grabbed her tits roughly with her other hand and chanted, “Cum! You can feel it. It’s coming. You like getting double fucked? Cum!”

The other women began to get noisier, everyone was screaming in ecstacy. Ivana felt it coming on, everything disappeared, the world did not matter, the escape pod did not exist, the only thing that ever was, was the sudden and powerful feeling that overtook her at that instant and raged through her senses. She screamed and screamed, “Fuck me! Fuck me! I love it! Yes!”

When she was through with her mind bending climax, the men forced her on her back and she took turns sucking each one while the red-head licked her sex and tasted the fine juices that were now flowing freely. At last, the men began to cum. They sent cum all over her face and tits, soaking her thoroughly and unlike any earth man had ever covered her.

It was over, and the men were gone, but the women remained. “I told you. You no longer have to be alone, Ivana,” the red-head said. Then, Ivana realized what all the other women in this room had realized, the craving, the desire was not going to disappear, but alas, what did she have to lose? She was not alone anymore and there was a dick on the wall with her name on it…

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