The Camping Trip

Author: FK

Thinking of themselves as great outdoors’ men, Mark and Tom thought they knew everything about the world of camping. Going out into the wilderness made them feel big and secure. In actuality, this fascination with the outdoors was nothing but a psychological cover-up for their own inner male weakness.

Not knowing much of the more technical aspects of survival, their actual knowledge of the wilderness was quite limited. Also, they knew nothing of the danger involved when using some of the latest camping equipment, having side effects the two jerks never spent the time to investigate. In fact, they had just purchased a new device that uses solar power to start campfires. Being quite powerful, this instrument could concentrate large amounts of the sun’s energy. If misused, the thing could have negative consequences for those who thought they knew what they were doing but had no idea whatsoever.

Such was the case with our two fools. They knew it all, so they thought.

Packing everything they had just bought into their pickup truck, they drove into the deep wilderness of the Pacific North West. Driving deeper and deeper into the forest along a dirt road, they next saw a clearing which looked accessible. Driving for a while into this semiopen area, they eventually reached a spot a few miles off the road. This place looked like a good area to set up camp. After unloading much from the truck, they proceeded to set up the tent. Later, laying out a large tarp upon the grass, they intended to make the fire about five feet from it. Going over to the truck, Mark produced the new campfire staring device. He said to Tom, “This is a pretty good thing; it’ll save us much time.” Watching Tom nod in agreement, Mark took the device and went back to the tarp. He placed the object upon the canvas, aiming it at the spot where the fire is supposed to be.

Causually, Tom said, We need some wood, let’s go get some.” After gathering some wood, both men returned to the open area, dropped the stuff in its place, and went back to the tarp, standing upon it.

Looking at the machine, Mark said, “ Let’s turn this thing on and make a fire; I think some kind of beam is gonna come out of this end.” However, what Mark forgot to do was take off the lazer’s front cover. Being quite reflective, this cover could easily cause problems if it’s not removed before turning on the machine. Knowing nothing about the science behind the object, Mark flicked the switch, and both clowns stared at the pile of wood; nothing happened.

A few moments later, they both started feeling funny. Looking around, everything seemed larger; trees got higher and higher. With a few more moments in passing, they finally reached the correct conclusion that nothing around them had changed; it was they who had changed, shrinking themselves down to only three inches in height!

Just gazing around in fear, both men didn’t know what to do. Without any way to get back home or signal for help, nothing could be done on their part to change the situation.

For hours, both fools stood upon the tarp wondering what would happen next, for they were now at the mercy of all about.

After the hours elapsed, the two jerks turned around and looked straight at a pair of lady’s western boots. Looking up, their eyes gazed upon a beautiful young dark haired woman approximately twenty two years of age. With the upper part of her legs revealed, the lady was wearing a pair of jean cutoffs together with a tight fitting blouse knotted at the waist. Further, from her shoulders hung a backpack full of whatever she needed for a few days in the wilderness.

Standing before the tarp, she removed the backpack, letting it slowly fall to the ground. Then, looking down at the two helpless males, she put her hands to her hips, shifted her weight to one leg, and ask, “ So what happened here?”

Staring up at her towering and magnificent female stature, the two little males said, “ We tried to start a fire with this machine; then we just shrank.”

Glancing at the device, she knew exactly what it was, for she happened to be an electronics expert just out of school, knowing everything about the latest in her field. Peering down at them, the woman simply said after making a sarcastic glance to the side, “ Men.” The female began laughing at them, saying, “ You truly prove my opinion of your gender, totally stupid and ignorant in every way.”

Desperate to be normal again, the tiny males ask, “ Can you fix the machine so it brings us back to normal?”

Answering with an evil grin, she said, “ Yea, I can do that, but I won’t.”

Confused, Mark ask, “ Why?”

She replied, “ Because you’re man; I love to see men their rightful size, and you now fit that picture quite well.” Both little ones started pleading with her. The lady simply replied, “ It was your own stupidity that got got you in this mess, now it’s all your problem.” Turning around, the sexy feline squatted down before her backpack, hanging her attractive ass almost directly above the two jerks. Upon opening the pack, she removed a laptop computer. Switching it on, she turned, looked at the pickup truck, and punched in the plate number. After some keyboard manipulation, the dark-haired beauty in black boots began laughing to herself, saying, “ It’s always so easy, easier than cake!”

“ What are you doing!”, cried Tom.

Turning toward him, the vixen said angrily, “ Shut up you piece of shit or I’ll stomp you to death!” However, she did get up and turn around, saying to the two clowns, “ Since you have to know, all I did was enter the state computer from here and erase all record of your truck; now all I’ve got to do is get a title of my own together with a new registration.” Proceeding, she also said, “ In other words jerko, I just stoled your truck.” Being helpless and small, the two could do nothing save hope she wouldn’t hurt them, for it was quite clear now that this young lady wasn’t very sensitive to the feelings of others, particularly men.

After giving them the news about their loss of the truck, she went over to the pickup and opened the passenger door. Looking over, the lady saw the keys still in the ignition. Upon sliding her ass atop the seat, she reached over and opened the glove compartment, finding their wallets. Happily, she opened them and found their credit cards together with their two bank cards. With the plastic in hand, our giantess walked back to the tarp, once again squatting down before her laptop, once again hanging her gorgeous ass before the two males. Eyeing the cards, she said, “ Nice stuff you got here, I think I’ll start with these two.” Even with their limited knowledge, the two jerks figured she must be some kind of genius, for breaking codes as she did required a vast amount of intelligence. Punching a few codes and numbers into the keypad, the gothic one entered the backward numbers, transferring all of their money into her own account, and finally destroying the existence of their accounts. Next, she took all the credit cards, placing their numbers into her computer. Eagerly, she maxed everything out, transferring the money into her own checking account, once again destroying all electronic memory.

Knowing the authorities could never trace her crime, she stood up, turned around, and glanced down at the two men, saying, “ Ha ,ha, I just took all your money and maxed out all your credit cards.”

Despite his small size, Mark became angry, yelling up to her, “ You fucken bitch, you’ll never get away with this!”

Smiling down at Mark, she lowered herself, reached for him, and raised the little man up by the back of his shirt between her fingers, saying, “ You shouldn’t of said that!” Next, she took hold of Tom also. Upon standing up, she placed both men in the palm of one of her hands. Pinning down the two unfortunate ones with her thumb, she used the other hand to tear off all their clothes, tossing the attire to the ground, and saying, “ My, what cute little cocks we have.” With a diabolical and sadistic stare, she ordered, “ Start jacking off; I mean now!”

Realizing his error, Mark begged, “ Please, I’m sorry.”

Insensitive to his plight, the lady simply said, “ I want to see both of you cum in a few minutes; if you don’t, I’ll kill you!” With this order, the two helpless males began masturbating, placing different thoughts in their minds, making it easier to attain ejaculation. As they both eventually came with Tom a few seconds behind Mark, the two males heard the roar of her laughter, “ Ha, you call that an orgasm!” Excited and amused, she went on, “ That’s nothing; here, I’ll show you what an orgasm is really all about!” Walking upon the tarp, the lady dropped the two men, removed her blouse, unclipped her bra, revealing her large shapely and beautiful tits. Being hard, the nipples stuck forth as sharp spikes. Then, lowering both her shorts and panties over the boots, she pulled the clothing off, standing now completely naked before the two males save for her sexy black leather footwear. After squatting down directly over the men, she began massaging her pussy, moaning and moaning with ecstasy. While playing with herself, the female began exclaiming words of power, “ Oh I feel as if all are beneath me; the whole world is at my feet!” Continuing, she went on and on about the great success she’d become in her future career. The feeling of success seemed to exist side by side with her sexual urges. As she masturbated, she became wetter and wetter with her cunt juices dripping down upon the two victims. When both began backing off and moving out from under her crotch, she simply used her other hand to push them back under. However, once again, they started moving off. Infuriated, the gothic lass made a fist and brought it down hard before the little creatures. Getting up quickly, she said, “ I’ll fix you two.” Spinning herself around, she bent down and reached into her backpack, producing a can about five inches in diameter and about seven inches high. Turning back, she placed the empty can in the center of the tarp, grabbed both males, and placed them into the container. Next, she simply squatted over the can and continued to stroke her genital area. As her moans became louder and louder, vaginal excrement ran down into the can, directly upon the two helpless ones. Yelling ever louder and louder, she finally had an orgasm all over Mark and Tom. When finished, she stood up and said, “ Now that’s an orgasm, a female orgasm!” Looking upward toward the goddess, both men couldn’t do anything. Pleased with her victory, she said down to the unfortunate ones with a wicked grin, “ You know, it’s been some time since I last took a piss!” Letting her sexy frame down over the can a second time, she pissed straight into it, completely engulfing the men with her golden fluid! Being helpless in every way, Mark and Tom became the pure image of all humiliation!

After finishing up with her business, the lady stood up, looked down, and said, “ Ha, you’re nothing; I’m the power here, I decide who lives and dies!” Intrigued with herself, the female yelled, “ Is that clear!” Swimming in her piss, both men nodded in agreement, knowing now for certain that their lives were in real danger.

As she stood over them, the woman turned around and looked down to her own ass. Feeling it with one hand, she ask, “ Don’t you think I’ve got a nice ass?” She went on, “ I must have; all the guys I go out with either want to kiss it or fuck it.” With humor growing in her voice, she spoke further, “Here, how about you guys kissing my butt.” Turning her whole beautiful body around, she lowered her ass directly above the can containing the males, saying, “ Come on, try crawling on each other’s shoulder so you can reach my superior female behind.” Noting their hesitation, she yelled, “ I mean now!” Being up to their necks in her piss, it wasn’t difficult for Tom to crawl up and stand upon Mark’s shoulder. After getting atop Mark, he tried to reach her ass. However, just before he made the effort to kiss, laughter came from above. Then it happened; a huge mass of shit fell down upon the two, burying them instantly! With her job done, she stood up, turned around, looked down, and laughed away. Truly, the whole situation gave her a vast amount of sadistic pleasure. Finally working themselves out from under her shit, Mark and Tom just stood there, saying nothing, and feeling smaller than ever.

Her mocking complete, the lady walked over to where she had thrown the small clothes belonging to the men. After picking up the clothes, she squatted down and wiped her ass with the attire, letting the apparel fall to the ground when done.

Getting up again, she said, “ I’m hungry, I think I’ll make something to eat.” Walking over to her backpack, she produced a can of soup. Using a can opener from the knapsack, the evil bitch removed the top, looked into it, and said, “ This shit’s cold, it’s gotta be warmed up.” Going over to the fire staring device, she removed the cover that Mark forgot to take off. Flicking the switch, a beam came out, striking the wood pile, and starting a fire. Looking around, the feline inquired of the two, “ Where’s your cooking screen?”

Answering, Tom said, “ It’s in the truck.”

Walking over to the vehicle, she removed the screen together with its four short legs. Returning to the fire, she bent the legs outward, placed the thing over the flame, took the can of soup, and set it atop the grid. Watching the soup cook, the lady realized she’d be burned if she touched it. Glancing at the truck, she said, “ I’ll bet you’ve got some gloves in the pickup.” After walking over, she did indeed find a pair. Sliding the gloves on, the evil one returned to the fire and removed the can. With a spoon from her backpack, the female began eating. While stuffing her face, she continued mocking and making fun of Mark and Tom, saying, “ You can eat too if you want, eat my shit!” As she laughed away, soup ran down the sides of her mouth, causing her to wipe it off with one of the gloves.

Finished with her meal, she threw the empty soup can into the woods and stared down at the shit filled container. Next, kicking the thing over with her boot, she watched Mark and Tom fly from the can, landing a few inches away.

Standing themselves straight, they looked up toward their tormentor, begging, “ Please, please help us, don’t leave us this way!”

She replied, “ Oh don’t worry, I won’t leave you this way, I’ll put you out of your misery in a few moments.”

Terrified at her words, Mark ask, “ What are you going to do with us?”

“ Get rid of you, what else?”, she answered. Further, with great confidence, she added, “ Now that I’ve got all your stuff, I don’t need you anymore; no one’ll ever know that I had any connection with you two little penus heads.”

Making a few steps toward the men, she bent down and raised up their shit smeared bodies with her gloved hands. Placing both assholes in one hand, she went over to the fire, raised up Mark with her other hand, and dangled him over the open flame. “ No, no, please don’t!”, he yelled. She merely laughed and dropped him into the inferno. For a few seconds, she listened on to a high pitched little scream, stopping immediately thereafter as Mark’s tiny body melted away. Enjoying the sound of his last plea for mercy, the cunt did the same with Tom. As the fire consumed all trace of their existence, she let the gloves also fall atop the burning wood.

After watching the two die, she went over to the fire starting device, dismantled it, and placed the thing into the truck. Returning to the tarp, the lady rolled it over the can of shit and threw it atop the fire. Taking down the tent and gathering everything up, she placed all the stuff into the pickup. Lastly, the female got dressed, took up her backpack, placed it upon the passenger seat, got in, and drove off.

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