Marine Corps Tail Of All Tales

Author: Shawn

   The orphanage rested about 15 miles outside of town. Unlike many stories, there were no signs of mental, physical, or sexual abuse at this particular orphanage. Though it was strict, and at times, extremely strict, this orphanage truly took care of all the disowned occupants. Father McMichael oversaw the orphanage, and he paid extra attention to Justin for all of his 18 years he had been living there. Father McMichael watched with teary eyes as Justin began packing his few belongings while the Marine Corps recruiter stood patiently downstairs to haul Justin off, probably forever.
   Here is how Justin looks in the eyes of the one man who had protected, sheltered Justin for his 18 years living on earth. Justin stood about 5’7” tall and weighed a solid 156 pounds. Since nobody had a clue as to whom his mother was, Justin’s skin complexion offered signs that he may have been born as a mixed race. His skin complexion is naturally an olive color with his hair being a brilliant blond, bordering pure white. Even Justin’s thin eyebrows were nearly invisible due to its white brightness. His eyes, oh yes, his eyes. Justin’s eyes had the awesome power to capture your breath at first glance. Resting in their socket, the sparkling crystal of piercing blue glistened ever so brightly. His face is slender and perfectly implanted into each unblemished cheek, nestled the cutest little dimples any man could ever hope to be blessed with.
   Father McMichael stood over Justin and constantly kept brushing back his tears. Justin on the other hand had a mixture of emotions coursing throughout his mind. After all, for 18 years, this place was all he had ever known. Only on the rarest of occasions would he be allowed to go with the nuns into town. From the occupants to the staff, the orphanage was the only family he had ever known. Now, on his 18th birthday, he had to leave all that he knew behind. He was also a bit anxious to join the Marine Corps as well cause he knew he would possibly get a chance to see a world he had only been able to dream about.
   Up to now, Justin had always slept in a dorm style setting. As he grew older and his hormones kicked in, Justin found it to be nearly impossible to “break the rules” and gratify himself by masturbating. That was a definite no-no inside the orphanage. Justin was also a rather late bloomer when it came to puberty. He was midway through his 16th year before any hair began growing on his pubic mound. Even now, Justin had no need to shave either. Justin also knew he was somewhat different from most other guys. It all began when he was around 10 years old. Naturally, in this type of setting, Justin took showers with all the other boys inside the orphanage. He got to see them naked all the time, but for whatever the reason, Justin did look, but the boys his age seemed to not interest him in the least. His fancy had always been set on the older boys. He would do anything he could to catch a glimpse of the older boys as they took their showers and his roaming eyes always feasted upon their swinging soft cocks.
   It was Father McMichael Justin had confided in about his thoughts. So, it was Father McMichael who had did his best to protect Justin from the outside world. Father McMichael knew all too well that Justin would be the perfect victim for a pedophile. He was gorgeous and simply too naive, so it was instructed that Justin would be home schooled, for his protection. Justin didn’t seem to mind either, staying at the orphanage while some of the other kids went off to school. In the eyes and minds of all the staff, Justin was truly their favorite. He was polite and very well mannered. Justin would always console the younger ones if they didn’t get adopted as well. As time went on, everyone knew this day would eventually come. There beloved Justin would leave the protection and sanctity of the orphanage and would likely never return.
   Justin finished packing his few belongings and began the tedious task of hugging all the staff and children, exchanging their goodbyes. There wasn’t a dry eye in the orphanage as Justin walked side by side with the recruiter out to his vehicle. All hands were waving as the recruiter put his car in drive and slowly drove away, leaving the only home Justin knew of behind him.
   Several weeks later, after completing Boot Camp, Justin got his orders and he would be stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. There was no doubt about it. Boot Camp was a living hell and he was glad that it was finally over. His drill instructors tore his ass up by always screaming at him no matter what. He knew that there was a reason for their constant verbal torture, so he played the game and got a stripe as a result.
   He had arrived at his duty station and was waiting outside of the platoon’s office for further instructions. Some burly looking Marine came out of the office, closing the door behind him, then whispered, “Whatever you do, don’t piss the Gunny off! He can be a mean mother fucker at times!” The guy walked away after making that statement. A few minutes later, the door opened and another Marine invited Justin in. After instructing Justin to take a seat, Justin read the sign over the office door indicating Gunnery Sgt. Franks. A long couple of minutes passed when Justin was instructed to go inside and see the Gunny.
   Justin’s fingers trembled as he opened the door and came face to face with the Gunny. Gunny Franks was sitting behind his desk and informed Justin to sit down. Justin did as ordered but for whatever the reason, he couldn’t take his eyes off of the Gunny. Justin figured the Marine to be somewhere in his thirties with a thin, neatly trimmed, mustache. Just like the hair on the Gunny’s head, his mustache was jet black. Justin also noticed the jet black hairs curling out from under the Gunny’s t-shirt. As he sat there, Justin’s cock grew to its hardened state.
   While Justin was checking out the Gunny, the Gunny was doing some checking out himself. Gunny Franks had seen thousands of Marines during his time in the Corps, but not one of them could come close as to this heavenly creation of utter pure perfection who was now seated within a few short feet in front of him. The Gunny took the necessary time to take some mental notes and to the best of his ability, this is how he described Justin. He knew this Marine was 18 years old, but his facial features left an everlasting impression that he was closer to 13 years of age. His blond hair was almost pure white and so was his thin eyebrows and upward curling long eyelashes. The Gunny was mesmerized when he peered into Justin’s piercing blue eyes. It was like this Marine’s eyes could hold him at bay at any given time. Forcing his eyes from Justin’s eyes, the Gunny realized that Justin’s slender face was totally oblivious as to any imperfections, and those precious little dimples made his mouth water even that much more.
   Justin’s nose was small and perfectly formed, matching his two smallish ears that seemed to rest on the side of his head ever so perfectly. Even the young Marine’s lips, naturally cherry in color, made his own lips somewhat pucker with sheer envy. The Gunny moved his eyes to Justin’s folded arms and could just barely make out the tiny scattering of snow white hairs laying sparsely upon Justin’s forearms.
   As you may already be aware of, Gunny Franks is gay. His ultimate fantasy is to be in the arms of younger Marines, to which he did so on a regular basis. His Marine Corps secret of being gay was only a secret to the so called “straight” Marines who he had bedded down. He wasn’t openly gay, but to a few of the chosen ones, they knew that the Gunny Franks loved cocks and he loved to fuck. Now, seated before him was an angel that only in a dream could he had ever concocted. This young Marine was the true definition of pure angelic beauty, and now, the Gunny had his sights set on Justin!
   The Gunny got Justin to tell him all about himself and the Gunny fell even more in love with Justin as to his soft heavenly voice. During their conversation, the Gunny actually had managed to free his 8 inches of burly Marine cock while being able to hide it from Justin. Safely under the opening of the desk, the Gunny slowly stroked his pre-cum spitting cock while keeping both eyes entranced upon the unbelievable beauty seated before him. Justin did see the Gunny’s right arm moving, but he didn’t put two in two together, so he continued talking to the Gunny about his life at the orphanage.
   There were times that the Gunny’s eyes watered while listening to Justin tell his life story. He simply couldn’t imagine anyone not wanting to take him home and give him all the love they possibly could offer. His heart was breaking as he listened, but as for Justin, he spoke ever so proudly. By no means was Justin ashamed of his prior living arrangements. The Gunny sat there and listened to the entire 15 minute story. He knew he could sit there forever and listen to Justin speak, but he also knew he had to quickly muster up a plan to get this young Marine naked.
   Shuffling some papers around on his desk, the Gunny came up with a great idea to be even closer to Justin than his previous idea. Clearing his throat, the Gunny said, “Looks like I got a bit of a problem here. It seems as though I don’t have any vacancies at all. Shit! Let’s see here, um, fuck it. You need a place to bed down and I got the only room left with an empty bed. Yeah, that’s it, that settles it! You’ll be sharing a room with me temporarily until something else comes available.”
   With that being said, the Gunny gave Justin a key and directions to his new room. Since this was a Thursday, the Gunny told Justin to go unpack and get acquainted with his new living conditions. Thankfully enough for Justin, his erections went away prior to standing up and departing the Gunny’s office. The Gunny however didn’t miss the opportunity to steal a mouth watering view of Justin’s savory little ass. Even with his pants on, the Gunny could clearly see the outlines of what would have to be one hell of a tight, delicious ass. The mounds pronounced themselves with glorified details of its superior shape and muscular definition. Just as Justin closed the door, the Gunny’s cock began shooting jets of cum all over the under side of his desk. His body shook savagely as the last of his thick semen oozed onto his cock pumping hand. Once he cleaned himself up, the Gunny could hardly wait for this day to come to an end so he could have some more time, private time, with the young Marine who now had his mind and hormones ablaze.
   Justin was inside his new room, placing his clothes into his new locker. It really wasn’t anything special. The room was like a motel, offering two beds, a bathroom, and a small kitchen area. None the less, Justin found his new living conditions to be exciting. Once he finished placing each item into its proper place, Justin decided to take a shower and freshen up a bit. The bathroom was rather small, offering a sink, a toilet, and a small shower. He showered and brushed his teeth, then put on his Marine Corps issued boxer style underwear, then flopped down on his new bed. Using the remote control, Justin cut the television on and began flipping through the channels. He had been laying there about 20 minutes when someone knocked on the door. Justin quickly slipped some pants on and opened the door. The Marine told Justin he needed to report to sick bay for his physical.
   Following orders, Justin put his camouflage uniform on and headed over to sick bay. Once inside, there were two navy corpsmen standing on the other side of the counter. Justin reported as ordered and one of the corpsmen took him into an examining room. Once there, the corpsman ordered, “Okay Marine, let’s make this quick! Strip out of your clothes and lay on the table!” Justin quickly shucked out of all of his clothes and got on the table as ordered, as naked as the day he was born and abandoned.
   The corpsman, whose name is Jeff, stood entrancingly still as his eyes danced within their sockets as to the vision of perfection now ripping through them. Jeff’s eyes went from Justin’s face, down his solid, hairless chest and onto his 10 pack rippling stomach that rippled with the young Marine’s every breath. Jeff also made a mental note of Justin’s belly button. It poked slightly inward and was incredibly tiny, offering no “goody trail” whatsoever. The bright blond, almost transparent white pubic area was something to marvel over as well. The pubic hair was about an inch wide and only traveled upwards about a half an inch.
   Jeff also studied Justin’s flaccid cock. It was only about an inch long and rested ever so peacefully over to the right side on top of two, seemingly hairless, balls that were about the equal size of large grapes. The light olive tan complexion brightly was displayed on Justin’s nut sac as well as it rested between his legs, slightly touching the top of the table.
   Jeff shook his head trying to clear the entire breath taking beauty from his mind so he could actually do his job. Somehow, Jeff managed to conduct his physical examination, but still couldn’t tear his eyes off of Justin, no matter how hard he tried. And speaking of hard, Jeff’s cock angrily pressed against his pants, forming a large wet spot for any eyes to see. Seeing that this young Marine was a bit on the naive side, Jeff placed Justin’s flaccid cock between two of his fingers, offering a professional inspection. He had seen plenty of cocks in his time, but whoever the surgeon was that circumcised this young Marine should have been given a medal for perfection. Jeff held the flaccid olive tanned morsel in his hands as his eyes roamed every soft inch, noting that the piss slit was rather small. Justin was desperately fighting back the urge to get hard as he could feel the corpsman breath beating down on his cock, mixed with the fingers softly touching him.
   Jeff released Justin’s cock and now found the palm of his right hand holding the most spectacular pair of balls he had ever came in contact with. It almost gave him the sensation that he had pure silk in his hand. As he kneaded his fingers into the silky flesh of Justin’s sac, Justin’s cock began to pump life, thus for, beginning to get hard. Knowing he had to move on, Jeff released Justin’s balls in the nick of time. No matter how hard Justin tried, his cock wasn’t cooperating.
   Once Jeff wrote some notes on a document, he had Justin roll over and get into a doggy style position. For Justin, this was a bit embarrassing, but this wasn’t a position he was not unaccustomed to either. As he awaited the corpsman, Justin’s mind took him back to the orphanage’s doctor. No matter what the problem was, the doctor always made Justin strip. Many times, while he was in this very same position as the way he was in now, he thought he could feel the doctor’s breath on his butt hole, but he always shook it off and never said a word to anyone.
   Jeff was now standing on shaking legs as his eyes feasted upon the most incredible taunting butt his eyes had ever laid eyes upon. The tiny crack was completely void of hair life and the olive tan complexion even covered this areas as well. Stepping even closer, Jeff was in total awe of Justin’s bung hole. Due to his profession, and his sexual preference, Jeff had seen plenty of butt holes, but the one he now was looking at was by far the most incredible. It wasn’t even a hole so to speak. Justin’s butt hole was nothing more than a tiny speck lost into a sea of beautiful olive coloration.
   Almost out of sheer instinct, Jeff mindlessly found his nostrils within a fraction of an inch, inhaling ever so deeply, filling his lungs with the most powerful aphrodisiac not yet discovered by man. The scent was absolutely mind boggling at best, and the aroma sent shivers racing up and down Jeff’s spine. As Jeff was totally engrossed at smelling Justin’s upturned ass, Justin once again, felt the warm air strike his asshole. As per the case, Justin didn’t utter a single word and allowed whatever was happening to continue.
   Fighting back the pressuring urge to slam his tongue into Justin’s asshole, Jeff tore his face away from this breath taking beauty and began lubricating a finger. Unlike all the other times, Jeff didn’t put on a glove. He wanted to feel this young Marine’s anal canal first hand. Taking it slow, Jeff eased his finger all the way up Justin’s anal canal. Justin grunted and squeezed his legs at the burning sensation shooting throughout his entire body. Jeff let out a soft moan as he felt Justin’s anal muscles converge on his finger as he began searching for Justin’s prostate.
   Using one hand to softly caress Justin’s butt cheeks, Jeff whispered, “Sorry about this guy, but I got to check out your prostate.” Justin squinted his eyes and softly replied, “Yes sir, I understand, aghhhhhhhhhhhhh it buuuuuuuuurrrrrrrnnnnnnnnssssss!” Jeff began working his finger in and out, twirling and curling it in the process. He had already found the young Marine’s prostate, but he was lost in the pleasures his anal dwelling finger was sending his swirling brain. Justin used his toes to press against the table top as he felt every movement of the finger digging away inside his butt. His fingers curled around the edge of the table as his teeth sank into his lips to try and muffle the burning sensation he was now experiencing.
   Jeff didn’t want to, but he knew he had to stop or else his fellow corpsman would soon be checking up on him. Easing his finger out, Jeff examined his finger. It was shiny from the lubricant but as clean as it was prior going in to Justin’s ass. Without any hesitation, Jeff quickly raised his finger to his nose and moaned softly as to the aroma exploding inside of his lungs. By no means, could the fragrance filling Jeff’s lungs be misconstrued as anything remotely close as to being foul. Simply speaking, the fragrance was nothing less than heavenly!
   Once Jeff was done, he informed Justin to get dressed. Even as Justin was dressing, Jeff couldn’t resist stealing glances. His own cock was painfully hard and he knew once Justin left, he’d be in the bathroom until he released his seed. No sooner had Justin departed from the examining room, Gunny Franks stepped out from behind the closer concealed only by a large hanging curtain. Walking quickly up to Jeff, Gunny Franks grabbed hold of Jeff’s wrist, raising it up to his nose and began sniffing wildly at the finger that had just once dwelled inside of Justin’s ass. Gunny Franks growled, “Ummmmmmmmm, now that’s fresh! (Taking another long whiff) Mother fucker, that boy’s ass was meant to be eaten 24/7!”
   Jeff spoke up while the Gunny was busy indulging himself with Jeff’s aromatic finger, “Hell yeah, you just said a mouthful. I’ll tell you this Gunny, that boy’s ass is tighter than tight. His anal muscles like to broke my fucking finger, but I sure as shit aint about to complain, hell no, not me. When you called me and told me about him, I thought you was exaggerating a bit, but holy shit, that boy is one gorgeous sons a bitch. Oh fuck Gunny, his skin felt like pure fucking silk and that cock of his, well, it’s got to be a grower and not a shower. Even his circumcision scar was done fucking perfectly! Yes sir, he’s a fucking beauty alright!”
   Gunny broke his trance from smelling Jeff’s finger, then stated, “Yeah, I almost blew my load when I first laid eyes on him. Fuck me, even in my best of dreams, I couldn’t have come up with someone as gorgeous as him. Just no fucking way! I took a big risk sticking him in my room, but from what all I just seen, well uh, it’s worth all the fucking risks and then some!”
   The two shook hands and as the Gunny was fixing to leave, Jeff spoke, “Gunny, I know that boy his hands off, but if there is any room for seconds, just don’t forget me. I’d love to suck the life out of his cock and eat that asshole until my mother fucking tongue fell of!” Gunny waved, then replied, “I got your back, and thanks for everything.”
   Justin was walking back to his room and his asshole burned from having the corpsman’s finger all up in it. Even as he walked, he kept on thinking about the breathing centralized upon his exposed asshole. First, it had been the doctor at the orphanage, and now the corpsman. It may sound a bit strange, but Justin was truly naive to everything he was now faced with. Unbeknownst to him, Father McMichael had kept him away from the outside world due to his overwhelming beauty and undying thirst for affection. Had Father McMichael known the doctor at the orphanage crossed the line from being professional, he wouldn’t have hesitated to have him replaced immediately.
   Back inside his room, to ease the burning sensation a bit, Justin decided to take a bath. While soaking in the bathtub, the Gunny entered the room. Justin didn’t close the door to the bathroom and the first thing the Gunny saw was Justin in the tub. After exchanging their hello’s, the Gunny nervously stood at the bathroom doorway and said, “Justin, in this room you can call me Darin, but outside of this room, I’m the Gunny. First things first and being that we are both Marines, there is no room for being shy here. Sometimes I like to walk around naked, and since you are now here, I’m not about to change my ways. You can do the same if you want to. I don’t tolerate loud noise and obnoxious behavior either, so if you get drunk, get in the bed and sleep it off.”
   Justin agreed to everything the Gunny had said, but for whatever the reason, his eyes were busy roaming up and down the Gunny’s body. Justin guessed the Gunny stood close to the 6’2” range and weighed a fairly solid 225 pounds. His arms were littered with a thick mass of black hair from the break of his wrists, leading beyond the sleeves of his shirt. Thankfully enough, the foaming suds hid Justin’s throbbing erection from the Gunny’s eyes. As Justin soaked in the soothing water, no matter how hard he tried, he found himself visualizing a naked Gunny Franks. He had been “trained” to think of these thoughts as a sin, but even though he thought it was wrong, the thoughts themselves became stronger and stronger.
   Still soaking in the bath, the Gunny walked in and said, “Sorry Justin, but I can’t hold this piss in me much longer!” Justin’s eyes widened as the Gunny stepped up to the toilet, to which was immediately to Justin’s left, hauled out his semi flaccid cock and let her rip. Justin strained his eyes to see the the Gunny’s pissing cock. To say the least, Justin was bit more impressed about the overall size of the cock that was being proudly displayed before his very eyes. Justin couldn’t help not to notice how much thicker the large mushroom shaped head was compared to an already very thick shaft. He could also see the strands of black pubic hairs protruding out of the Gunny’s pants. Justin had seen several cocks before, but none this close, and none belonging to an adult. This alone sent his unknown and never before experienced sexual hormones into a wild and frantic overdrive sensation. With his eyes locked onto the Gunny’s cock, Justin’s own cock began twitching and throbbing like never before. Subconsciously, between the suds and the water, clearly out of the Gunny’s vision, Justin was stroking his cock into a frenzy.
   While Darin (the Gunny) was pissing, his eyes were targeted on Justin. This was no mere coincidence either, this was a well thought out plan for Justin to see his cock! And, it appeared that his plan was working for he could clearly see the young angel’s eyes zeroing in on his piss firing cock. Darin could also see the movement of the water and he knew, though he couldn’t see, that Justin was stroking his creation of sheer angelic perfection.
   Darin was not known for his patience either, but he would do whatever it took to get Justin in the sack. He knew where Justin came from and the lifestyle he had lived, so he knew he had to play his cards just right if he was going to get any part of Justin and Justin’s beyond perfect body.
   Finishing up pissing, Darin slung his meaty cock a few times, and in doing so, not only did he sling off piss remnants, but his cock hardened instantly. Now, there stood the Gunny with one hell of a throbbing erection and that too didn’t go unnoticed by Justin’s eyes. Justin gulped hard realizing that the Gunny’s cock was much, much longer than his own and was definitely about 5 times thicker too. Even the flared mushroom cock head was thicker than the veiny shaft. Justin was in total awe at seeing the Gunny’s hard cock. Breaking the air of silence, Darin laughingly said, “Sorry about that. Seems this thing has a mind of its own, besides, it really aint no big deal.”
   Justin was too lost in what his eyes were seeing and the feeling his cock was sending with his hand stroking it. As he watched the Gunny try and fold his cock up to shove back into his pants, the gates of his own juices open and sperm began popping up to the top of the waters line. Justin made a few unmistakable sounds as his cock kept on firing round after round of his own thick cream, seemingly, into an almost endless wave of sperm shooting orgasm. The Gunny stood and watched Justin as the young Marine’s body shook, forming slight waves, and as Justin’s eyes were tightly closed due to the sensation erupting from his cock. The Gunny smiled as he slowly exited the bathroom, leaving his young angel at peace to dwell within his intense orgasm.
   When Justin opened his eyes, he couldn’t believe what had just happened. His cock didn’t give him any warnings at all and he knew that the Gunny had to know that he had just blew his load. When his cock started firing sperm bullets, Justin couldn’t control his body’s actions, nor the soft sounds that sprawled out of his lips. To say the least, he was more so embarrassed about what had just transpired.
   After drying off, Justin somberly walked into the room where their beds were located. He patiently awaited for Darin to say something about witnessing his orgasm, but thankfully enough, nothing was said. Justin wore his boxer shorts and lay on the bed as Darin went into the bathroom to take his shower. Just prior to activating the shower, Darin searched vehemently for signs of left over sperm, but it seemed that Justin had made sure that all of it got washed down the drain.
   When the Gunny was finished in the bathroom, he walked out in front of Justin wearing just his boxer shorts. Justin was able to see the Gunny’s body more clearly now and his eyes jumped in their sockets as they peered upon the hairy form of the Gunny. From head to toe, Darin was covered in a thick forest of black hair. When Justin saw his backside, he couldn’t help not to notice the thick fur stretched from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, covering the entire backside area, dipping into the confinements of his boxer shorts. Justin couldn’t explain it to himself, but seeing the near naked Gunny made his cock twitch and throb to no end.

   The next two weeks, nothing much really happened. Justin did graduate from sleeping in his boxer shorts to finally building up the courage to sleep naked. After his first attempt of sleeping in the nude, Justin was hooked and never considered wearing underwear to bed ever again. Also, in that same two week time frame, the Gunny, occurring most nights, would ease himself out of bed and silently walk over to where a sleeping Justin lay, and stroke his cock as his eyes rested upon Justin’s flirtatious ass and sleeping cock. On more than one occasion, Darin would ease himself to his knees and continuously sniff Justin’s bare ass while pumping his cock into an explosive orgasm. Not once during any of these ass smelling perverse ordeals did the Gunny get a whiff of anything but pure heaven. Also, no matter how hard he tried, and he did try, did he ever get to see what Justin’s cock looked like when it was hard.
   After nearly spending every waking moment around Justin, the Gunny realized that Justin likes to drink Pineapple Juice and it seemed Justin always ate the right foods and stayed away from salt. Knowing this little tid bit of a fact, the Gunny’s mouth constantly watered wondering just how sweet Justin’s cum really could be. Being a natural born cock sucker and a cum swallowing expert, the Gunny knew all too well that Justin’s cum couldn’t be salty, and there was just no way in hell it could be remotely bitter either. But as each long day passed, the Gunny’s passion for Justin increased to an almost uncontrollable all time high.
   All the Marines knew that this upcoming weekend they would be getting a 96 hour pass. All throughout the week, Marines planned for their departure and destination. Not having anywhere to go, Justin wasn’t making any plans. He figured he would just stay in his room and watch the television. It was a Thursday evening and both Justin and Darin had showered and were now laying in their own beds. The Gunny politely asked, “So Justin, what are your plans for this 96 hour pass?” The Gunny already knew Justin had nowhere to go, and besides, he had already made plans for the both of them.
   Justin looked at Darin, smiled that breath taking smile, then softly replied, “I don’t really have any plans. I guess I’ll just stay here and watch some movies.” Darin sat up on the bed, then fired back, “Nonsense. If you want, I’ve got to stay at a friend’s house this weekend. He had to go out of town and I promised him that I would house sit for him. We can hang out there all weekend without having to worry about a damn thing. His house is way out in the country and we can have some fun without having to put up with any Marine Corps bullshit.”
   The thought of actually getting away was rather appealing to Justin and he agreed to go with Darin to help him house sit. When Justin gave his acceptance, the Gunny inwardly knew his plans were beginning to unfold. He had made up his mind that this weekend, this would be the weekend that he would deflower the young Marine and taste his life giving seed first hand. He already knew that Justin was a virgin to sex, much less a virgin to gay sex. Just the thought of feeling his cock slide inside the virgin’s asshole made his body slightly tremble.
   When their work day ended on Friday, Justin and the Gunny carried their belongings out to the Gunny’s car. Knowing that Justin loved Pineapple Juice, Darin had already purchased plenty of it so Justin would relax a bit. He had also purchased some beer and liquor as well. As the Gunny drove, Justin was fascinated at all the sights the military city offered. When they departed the city and began entering the countryside, Justin’s eyes got wider. The one hour drive was filled with all kind of scenery which Justin made certain not to miss. Even the Gunny realized just how much this young Marine had been deprived of as a child.
   They pulled into the drive and drove down a long winding dirt road. The house itself could not be seen from the roadway. As they pulled up to the house, the home itself was rather simple. It was a ranch style home offering 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Grabbing their bags, both walked into the house. The Gunny turned to face Justin and said, “Justin, the same rules apply here as to our room back at the base. If you want to walk around naked, then feel free to do so. As you can see, there aint nobody who can see you. To tell you the truth, once I get my shit squared away and get cleaned up, I sure as hell am gonna walk around in the buff.”
   Once they put their belongings away, the Gunny pointed out the bathroom Justin would be using. The Gunny had already been to this house the previous day and had already made some devious preparations. Justin grabbed his shower bag and walked into the bathroom. He hadn’t been inside it less than a few seconds when he saw several unopened containers of dual pack Fleet Enemas sitting neatly piled on the floor at the corner of the bathroom sink. Next to the toilet was a magazine stand. Stealing the moment, Justin fingered through several just to find that each magazine contained photos of men having sex with men.
   Just outside the closed bathroom door, the Gunny silently stood listening to the rifling of the magazine pages. A devilish grin crossed his face as he slowly walked away. Justin was in awe at all the photos, especially the ones when he saw a rather huge cock deeply implanted in some other guy’s butt hole. As he stood there thumbing through the pages, his own cock formed a noticeable tent inside his pants. He saw photos of men sucking cocks, and then he saw one of a man using his tongue to swab another man’s hairy asshole. Just looking at the photo, Justin kind of made a disgusting facial expression, however, he couldn’t take his eyes off the photo.
   Justin carefully placed the magazine back in the rack, then proceeded to brush his teeth. As he was brushing, his eyes were transfixed on the enemas. Brushing with his right hand, his left hand now held up one of the packages as he began reading the instructions while looking at the two illustrations. Once he rinsed his mouth out, it was then that curiosity sat in as he opened one of the enema packages. He stripped out of his clothes and got down on the floor. Following the instructions carefully, Justin eased the lubricated tip all the way in and began slowly squeezing the content into his rectum. When he felt that there was no more content to squeeze out, Justin slid the nozzle out of his butt and sat the almost empty bottle on the floor to his right.
   As Justin lay there, he couldn’t figure what the big deal was all about with the enema thing. Nearly 15 minutes had passed and he didn’t really know what to expect, but he was getting tired of laying on the floor. Just as the clock struck the 16 minute mark, Justin’s body tensed as the pressure within his bowels felt like they were on the boiling point. He fought the urges for an entire 5 minutes before relinquishing himself onto the toilet. While his butt emptied itself, Justin picked up a magazine and began thumbing through it. This was all knew to Justin, especially the enema thing, but as his butt drained itself, he began feeling much better and a whole lot cleaner to boot.
   Once he was done with the toilet, Justin took his shower, working his hands all over his body and his rock hard cock and tightly withdrawn nuggets. His thoughts were of the photos inside the magazine and the body belonging to the Gunny. For whatever the reason, Justin was just totally infatuated with all that body hair that covered the Gunny’s barrel chested body, which only made his cock throb that much more.
   After finishing up in the bathroom, Justin thought it would be best to just wear his boxer shorts. He walked into the kitchen where Darin was and immediately came to a sudden halt. True to his word, Darin was standing, backside facing Justin, bare ass naked. Justin’s eyes fell on the two massive mounds of hair covered butt cheeks and almost moaned as he witnessed the muscular definition when the Gunny made any kind of movement. The crack itself was lined with dark hair and sprouted out profoundly, pleasing Justin’s roaming eyes like never before. When the Gunny turned around, Justin got an eyeful of everything the Gunny owned. His flaccid thick cock hung down over two very large hairy low hanging balls and was about a good 4 inches in length.
   When Darin turned around, he was hoping that Justin would have returned naked, but he was hopeful when he saw the young angel wearing just his boxers. The Gunny was doing everything within himself not to bust out an erection as his eyes were glued on Justin’s near naked form. Opening a beer, the Gunny handed it to Justin. It was then, seeing Justin’s reaction, that he knew that this was Justin’s first attempt at drinking a beer. The first taste kind of gave Justin a disgusting type of a response, but after forcing down a few more gulps, the bitter taste itself seemed to dispense.
   For the next couple of hours, the two just sat and talked and drank beer inside the kitchen area. Justin had already taken 2 piss breaks and when he came out of the bathroom from his third, he decided to remove his underwear. Be it the beer, or just the urge to feel free, either way, Justin walked proudly back into the kitchen and grabbed another beer. Seeing Justin naked was pure heaven to Darin’s eyes as he watched the young Marine’s every move.
   Their conversation took them into the living room. When Justin positioned himself onto the sofa, Darin took the opportunity to plant himself right next to him, on Justin’s left side. While they chatted, Darin focussed his attention to Justin’s flaccid member. After finishing another beer, the Gunny got up to get them some more. As he stood, he turned to look at Justin and said, “If you want to watch a movie, there’s the remote. Help yourself!” Darin already knew what would pop up once Justin activated the television. He had already planned it and now tried to persuade Justin to do just that.
   As Darin walked away, heading to the kitchen, Justin cut on the television. Low and behold, the first thing he saw was some middle aged guy sucking some younger guy’s rather thick cock. Instead of cutting the thing off, Justin just sat there, mouth wide open and eyes glued to the screen. Darin had already had two beers in each hand and was now standing just outside of the living room’s entrance area. His eyes watched Justin and his reaction as to what was taking place. Justin didn’t dare move as he sat frozen in time, witnessing some guy suck on another guy’s cock. Justin’s mouth fell open even wider as he watched the older guy hike up the younger guy’s legs and began stabbing wildly at the younger guy’s asshole. Justin’s ears captured the younger guy’s moans and the older man’s grunts as he lapped at the asshole with an undying vengeance.
   It was then that the Gunny appeared and handed a dazed Justin a beer. Justin took a sip, but his eyes were heavily glued to the screen. Darin cleared his throat, then hoarsely said, “Sorry about that! My friend is gay and loves watching these types of movies. If this offends you, we can cut it off and watch a regular movie.” Totally thoughtless at this point, Justin’s lips quivered as his voice broke, “Uh, it’s, it’s okay I guess. That guy has his tongue up that guy’s butt!” Not missing any of this, Darin quickly replied, “Yeah, I know. Justin you have no clue as to the sensations one gets when they have their asshole eaten out. Believe me, it is an awesome feeling and I know I for one just love to eat a tasty asshole out to perfection.”
   Justin heard, but didn’t hear or comprehend what Darin had just said. His focus was on the screen! Darin adjusted his body so he could get a better angle at looking at Justin’s still flaccid cock. Just the sight of this heavenly organ made Darin’s body feverishly shake. Just the sounds from the movie could be heard, but when the older guy shoved his long and thick cock up the younger guy’s ass, Justin smacked his lips, took a swig from his beer, then blurted out, “Oh my, oh wow! It didn’t look like it would fit, but he pushed it all the way in.” Darin retaliated, “Absolutely, they always fit! Besides, do you hear the pleasures that the young fellow is obviously enjoying?” Justin thoughtlessly responded, “Seems like it would hurt like all get out to me.” Darin fired back, “At first, there is some discomfort, but believe me Justin, once the initial pain goes away, your body will be overtook with joys you’ve never imagined possible. I give you my word on that!”
   Darin picked up the remote control and turned down the volume a bit. Putting the control back on top of the coffee table, Darin absentmindedly placed the palm of his right hand on top of Justin’s smooth, silk like, left thigh. Just the feeling of having his hand on Justin sent goose bumps racing up and down his entire body. The beer gave Darin the courage to speak, “Justin, there’s something I need to say to you and I really don’t know just how to go about saying it. The last thing I ever want to do is hurt you or ruin our friendship. But, I just got to get this off my chest. I’m uh, you see, I uh, well I’m um, fuck me, I’m gay! Holy sheep shit that was fucking hard! Now that I’ve said that, there’s something else I need to tell you. Ever since I first laid eyes on you, I’ve wanted to make mad passionate love to you. Every waking moment, fuck that, even every sleeping moment, you are all I can ever think about. Believe me, you are a hell of a lot more than any man’s fantasy. You are flat fucking gorgeous. You have the absolute perfect body, and your personality makes you that much more desirable, so to speak. You have no idea just how hard that was for me to say. And I can only ask you, if you are willing, would you allow me to make love to you?”
   Justin wasn’t close to being drunk, but the beer should did put him at ease quite a bit. Slurping down another swig of beer, Justin looked into the Gunny’s eyes, smiling from ear to ear, then angelically whispered, “This would be my first time, so I don’t really know what all I am supposed to do.” The words from Justin’s precious little mouth almost melted the Gunny’s hardened heart. A lone tear drop formed at the corner of his left eye as he leaned forward, cupping Justin’s delicate chin with his left hand, and sank his lips over Justin’s lips. When Darin’s tongue slid inside his mouth, being that this was his first time experiencing such a kiss, Justin just closed his eyes and let everything run its course ever so naturally. Soon enough, Justin’s tongue was slithering around inside the Gunny’s mouth as the Gunny’s tongue dwelled in a heavenly state inside of Justin’s sweet tasting mouth.
   Darin eased his right hand upwards along Justin’s silky smooth thigh until it rested on the rapidly growing cock of Justin. Darin’s body rumbled as his hand sent surges of vibrant electricity exploding everywhere on his body. The young Marine’s cock felt like silk, yet bone yard hard all at the same time. Darin’s large fingers toyed in Justin’s hairless nut sac, sending more rocketing waves of sexual explosions coursing throughout his entire shaking body. His trembling fingers sensed the overall delicacy of the small oval shaped delicacies as his tongue worked passionately inside Justin’s fiery hot mouth.
   Justin’s body shook severely as to all of the wonderful sensations running frantically throughout his body and innocent naive mind. His right hand slid onto Darin’s pre-cum oozing thick cock, and the sheer excitement of touching another cock besides his own rapidly set in. Justin could feel the hardness, the thickness, yet the softness of the throbbing cock gracing his hand. When Justin’s small hand landed on his cock, Darin grunted as more waves of electric current tore through his body at the mere touch.
   Unable to contain himself any longer, Darin forced his lips from Justin’s. He wanted to see Justin’s hard cock in all its profound glory for the first time. His mouth watered in delight at the sheer thought of what his eyes would soon see. Breaking their kiss, Darin held onto Justin’s left arm, then whispered, “I want to make this night so very special my gorgeous young angel. Let’s take this to the bedroom!” When Justin stood up, it was then that the Gunny saw first hand, the cock of all cocks. Justin’s angelic hard beauty jutted straight out from his solid body a good six inches, and was straighter than an arrow. The prized cock head was equal in thickness as to the olive tanned shaft. The pale pinkish cock head made Darin’s mouth water like a busted water faucet in the open position. The overall thickness of Justin’s gorgeous shaft could only be compared with that of a cap that secures a gallon of milk. It was slender, but in a pure magnificent kind of way, truly demanding that of royalty perfection.
   As they walked down the hall, the Gunny slightly in front, Darin questioned what he wanted to do first. He already knew he wanted to milk the young Marine’s cock, but he also knew he had to dine on that superior and shapely ass as well. His mind raced frantically with all sorts of thoughts, but the one thing that was pressing ever so sharply was the mere fact that Justin was truly a naive virgin. He knew he couldn’t screw things up by treating him like some of his tricks in the past. Darin wanted nothing more than to bury his thick cock up Justin’s tight little ass, but he was well aware of a constant reminder to utilize the utmost in patience.
   They entered the bedroom and Darin cut on the lights. Justin was quick to speak, “Wouldn’t you rather leave the lights off?” Darin spun around and whispered, “Oh no my dear boy. I want to see all of your heavenly perfection!” Right after that statement, the Gunny made up his mind what he wanted to do to Justin. He had Justin get on the queen sized bed in the doggy position. Justin found himself looking into the large dresser mirror and watching the Gunny ease his body onto the bed. Initially, Justin felt kind of embarrassed having his ass be the first thing the Gunny would see, but that quickly changed once he felt the thick tongue smash up against his spread ass crack.
   Darin inhaled deeply as his tongue traced the short length of Justin’s tanned, hairless ass crack. The aroma shooting into his expanding lungs was pure heavenly. There was a mild coconut scent mixed with Justin’s sweet anal fragrance which equalled an intoxicating aphrodisiac, forcing Darin to use his tongue like a crowbar and pry open the tightest asshole his tongue had ever graced. Justin’s mouth fell open as to this newfound sensation of having a tongue dive into his anal canal. His fingers clutched onto the bedding as his toes involuntarily curled from the wildest, mind explosions of pleasures.
   Using hit thumbs and with his hands outstretched upon each smooth and electrifying cheek, the Gunny forced Justin’s cheeks further outwards, enabling his tongue to dwell deeper within Justin’s magnificently fiery hot anal cavity. The mixture of a mild burning sensation added with total bliss erupted throughout Justin’s virgin body pressured the young Marine’s little mouth to form a perfect circle and the most precious angelic sounds began to sing out joyously.
   Each soft angelic moan graciously pierced the Gunny’s ears as his tongue thrived heavenly inside Justin’s sweeter than sweet anal highway. The more of Justin’s ass he tasted, the more Darin craved until he began tongue fucking Justin’s ass like a runaway pile driver. Without ever realizing it, Justin had begun to rock his hiked up ass back and forth, wanting this never before felt pleasure to never go away. His soft moans grew into more of a feverish and frantic moans as the Gunny worked his skilled tongue in and out and all around his bewildered anal canal.
   A solid forty of hard anal tonguing had passed before the Gunny literally tore his face from between Justin’s silky smooth butt cheeks. Even now, with his tongue back inside his mouth, his eyes feasted upon the tiny dot his tongue had just hungrily dined on. Darin’s large hands slid across each smooth cheek, basking in the texture of Justin’s silky flesh. Justin’s mind was still spinning and the cool air of the room gingerly splashed directly on his saliva soaked asshole, sending chills racing up and down his body.
   The silence of the air broke as the Gunny whispered, “Did you enjoy that?” Justin tossed his head back and forth, brushing his small nose against the softness of the bedding, then whispered, “Yes siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrr!” While guiding Justin onto his back, the Gunny stated, “Then you’re gonna love this!” Now, Justin was on his back, chest rising sharply in accordance to his rapid breathing, and the Gunny spread his legs outwards while inching his larger body between them.
   Extending his tongue, Darin began lapping at the hairless jewels that were being held tightly within their tanned, tightly withdrawn sac. The Gunny groaned as his tongue slid up and down and from side to side as the silky fine texture ignited an already soaring fire. Opening his mouth, Darin sucked in both nuggets forcing Justin to cry out once again, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Justin’s body took over where his mind no longer had a voice. His legs spread out as he began raising his knees. His left hand softly fell onto the Gunny’s head while his right hand began tweaking each of his nipples.
   Seeing Justin tweak his own nipples, the Gunny slid his hands up the younger Marine’s twitching body and quickly replaced Justin’s own hand and now began gingerly pulling and pinching each pert little pink nipple. Justin folded his right hand behind his head as his angelic sounds began pouring out like a thunderous rainstorm. Darin’s eyes saw a small tiny patch of almost transparent hair in Justin’s armpit which increased his ball sucking action. While his mouth worked on Justin’s balls, the Gunny’s nose was being greeted by pressing upon Justin’s throbbing, torpedo shaped, hard cock.
   Justin used his heels to sling his hips up high into the air as more waves of never before felt pleasures crashed sharply upon every square inch of his convulsing body. The scorching heat from the Gunny’s mouth on his balls and the fingers toying with his nipples almost brought Justin to an explosive orgasm. Justin screamed, “I’m, I’m cloooooooooooooose!” With all the absolute reluctancy known to mankind, Darin freed Justin’s balls from his mouth and stopped toying with the younger Marine’s nipples.
   Darin lay in between Justin’s legs for a moment, watching profoundly as Justin’s body bucked wildly. When Justin’s body slowed down from its wilder motions, Darin placed his right hand at the base of Justin’s brickyard hard cock and pushed it towards his mouth. The first thing Darin’s eyes witnessed was the shiny portion just around Justin’s cock head and a clear bead of pre-cum had formed directly at the piss slit. Flipping his tongue out, the Gunny dabbed at the pear drop of pre-cum, then quickly slid his tongue back inside his mouth. No sooner had his tongue arrived back inside his mouth, his taste buds went wild at the flavor of Justin’s pre-cum. Much to the Gunny’s liking, there wasn’t a hint of salt, and keeping that in mind, he began lapping at the area just under the royal crown, gathering the remainder. The more pre-cum he dined on, the greedier the Gunny became.
   Unable to fight his own resistance any longer, Darin opened his mouth and allowed Justin’s hard cock to slowly be totally engulfed. Justin was doing his best to muffle his excitement, and even now, by gnawing down on his right forearm, anyone within earshot could easily tell of his pleasure. His grunts and moans shot through the opening where his teeth left room as they dug into his arm. The heat from the Gunny’s mouth mixed with the tightness of the Gunny’s lips around his cock sent Justin spiraling into a world he had never known of.
   Darin’s fingers returned to Justin’s nipples and no sooner had he began pinching and pulling, Justin’s body began humping frantically, driving his cock in and out of Darin’s cock sealed mouth. He knew that Justin’s nipples were the sweet spot so he increased his cock milking pressure, patiently awaiting for what he felt would be the sweetest cum he had ever had the honor of swallowing.
   As Darin sucked on Justin’s cock, an idea popped into his head. He had already convinced himself that Justin’s cum would be the sweetest, but now he toyed with the idea of keeping Justin on the very edge and that would definitely ensure him that when he did cum, he would certainly be greeted with one hell of a large load. As he sucked on Justin’s cock, the idea kept popping up into his head. He wanted to taste Justin’s sperm, but now he questioned if he himself could hold out for that special moment.
   In less than two minutes, the Gunny was now faced with that very same dilemma. When Justin’s mouth cried out that he was close, Darin used every ounce of strength he could muster to force his mouth off the younger Marine’s throbbing delicious cock. With his mouth now free, the Gunny also stopped toying with Justin’s nipples. Justin was in a feverish convulsive state as he slung his head from side to side and the angelic sounds began filling the room. His balls felt bloated and his mind deliriously spun out of control.
   Using every ounce of patience he could muster, the Gunny waited a minute or so and began sucking on Justin’s cock once more. This time, he began using both hands to roam Justin’s body, taking the time to offer a gentle squeeze here and there. With Justin’s cock riding in and out of his mouth, Darin used his think tongue to slither all around Justin’s cock. A few short cock sucking minutes later, Justin got close once more, and once more, the Gunny removed his mouth.
   This time, Darin slid his face up to Justin’s left armpit and began lapping at the tiny tuft of soft white hairs. Taking his time, he’d work on the left armpit, then rotate to the right one. Justin moaned loudly as the Gunny’s tongue stabbed and slithered inside of his armpits. After a proper tongue bathing, the Gunny went back to work on Justin’s precious cock, stopping just short from allowing the young Marine to blow his load.
   By now, Justin felt like his balls were on the near verge of exploding and his hard cock ached like never before. In short, the Gunny kept Justin on the very edge for over an hour before returning back to Justin’s cock. Again, when he felt Justin was getting close, he stopped, but this time, he pushed Justin’s leg forward and slammed his meaty tongue into Justin’s upturned asshole. Justin cried out as the thick tongue worked its way up his chute. Tears of passionate pleasure slid from the corners of Justin’s eyes, sliding down his cheeks, falling graciously upon the bedding.
   Four more times had passed with the Gunny rotating from Justin’s cock to dining on the hottest ass gracing this planet. Neither could hold out any longer as the Gunny had Justin stand up, near the edge of the bed. Darin lay on the bed with his head dangling over the side. Justin could only see the Gunny’s thick mass of body hair and his thick cock steadily oozing pre-cum by the gallons. On his back with his beefy strong hands covering Justin’s butt, Justin inched forward as his cock entered the Gunny’s mouth.
   Justin’s legs were already wobbly as he rocked his hips back and forth before actually leaning over and onto the Gunny’s hairy chest. Justin stretched his fingers and allowed his fingertips to glide through the mass of man fur, keeping his eyes targeted on the Gunny’s thick man meat. Justin continued to gyrate his hips, fucking his cock into the Gunny’s mouth frantically.
   Easing his right hand onto the base of the Gunny’s erection, Justin opened his mouth and felt for the very first time what it was like to have a cock enter his mouth. The pre-cum was thick and gooey and had a mild saltiness flavor, but it wasn’t bad, so he began mimicking the Gunny’s cock sucking technique, only being able to get about four thick inches into his mouth without gagging.
   Darin grunted as he felt Justin’s mouth slide up and down on his cock. He felt the young Marine’s fingers as they softly dug into his cum filled balls, forcing his own fingers to cling desperately into Justin’s tiny crack, allowing his two middle fingers to press and poke at Justin’s speck of a bung hole.
   Justin’s body quickly went into a seizure like state as he cried out a muffled plea, keeping his mouth locked onto the Gunny’s thick cock. Darin felt Justin’s cock expand and he knew just what he was in for as the first strand of sperm bullets splashed onto the roof of his mouth, followed with another 8 powerful jets. Darin moaned as he felt the richness, the thickness, and the copious quantity fill his mouth.
   Justin was lost in his own emotions as his cum felt like it began at his curling toes and blew off his cock head as it departed his body. Darin’s right middle finger slid past Justin’s anal opening and crawled thickly inside, sending more love cream from his cock by the gallons. Darin could easily feel each squirt as it shot out of Justin’s cock. After the first wave of sperm offerings, Justin’s cock pumped out several large wads, and just when Darin thought Justin’s orgasm was beginning to subside, Justin’s cock went into another rage, shooting six more cum strands, followed by some more steady oozing.
   Darin’s mouth was being completely flooded by Justin’s sperm, but he had already convinced himself to wait until the last offering had been served up before sampling the creamy nectar. Justin’s mouth was still busy on the Gunny’s cock when something, without warning, happened. Justin felt a large wad slap sharply against the back of his throat, followed by numerous more powerful jets. Unlike the Gunny, Justin went ahead and swallowed. Initially, he gagged, but quickly recovered. The thick goo he was swallowing was slightly salty and had a mild tart taste. However, once he managed to force down three large gulps, the taste became something he found to be rather exciting.
   With both cocks erupting, the room was filled with their moans and grunts. As Justin swallowed with each whopping offering, the Gunny however, kept Justin’s sperm trapped inside his mouth. In time, Justin’s cock slipped away into a semi flaccid state and so did the Gunny’s. Neither cock could take any more mouth action and it was Justin who pulled away and fell on his butt on the bed, facing the Gunny. Justin leaned his back up against the headboard and watched as the Gunny leaned up and eased himself into a seated position in front of Justin. Their eyes locked onto one another as Darin opened his mouth to reveal his true triumph.
   When Justin smiled, something warm came over Darin and a tear dashed out of the corner of each eye. Even now, Darin couldn’t get over the fact at how gorgeous Justin truly was and how incredibly lucky he is to be where he is at, at this very moment in time. With a mouthful of cum, Darin began sampling Justin’s most precious reward. Almost as if he had just sat on a clump of ice, Darin’s body shook as the initial sampling exploded within his taste buds. He had swallowed just four small samplings before coming to the realization that Justin’s sperm had no taste whatsoever.
   With one last gulp, Darin managed to swallow the last of Justin’s tasteless sperm. The two just sat there, facing one another, neither capable of uttering a single word. A few minutes later, Darin slid off the bed and upon his return offered Justin a large glass of Pineapple juice. While Justin was chugging away at the juice, Darin inquisitively asked, “So, how was it?” Justin held the glass in his left hand, wiped his mouth with his right arm, then softly replied, “That was awesome, and if you want to, I’d like to do that again.” Darin smiled, then in more of a mumbling manner, softly stated, “My God Justin, you are without a doubt the most gorgeous man God has ever created. I could make love to you forever and ever.”
   Justin uttered, “You mean you want to put (pointing at the Gunny’s semi flaccid cock) that thing up my butt? I don’t know about that cause it just don’t look like it would fit. And if it did, I know it would hurt like all get out!” The Gunny placed his roving left hand upon Justin’s left leg, then replied, “Justin, I’m not about to lie to you. Since this is your first time, it will hurt a bit, but I promise you that the pain will go away and you will feel something so very, very special. You must believe me about this!”
   Justin didn’t respond, instead, he slid off the bed to go empty his bladder. Darin was hot on his heels and when he saw what Justin was about to do, he quickly said, “Justin, hold up a sec. I know this will sound kind of strange to you, but there’s something I just got to do.” Up until this very moment in the Gunny’s life, drinking some guy’s piss was something he had never entertained, but for whatever the reason, he felt somewhat obligated to give Justin’s piss a whirl. Continuing, the Gunny said, “Just place your cock up against my lips and let her rip.”
   Justin kind of looked at the Gunny with a mild disgusting look, then whispered, “You mean you want me to pee in your mouth?” Darin was already on his knees looking up at Justin and quickly bellowed, “Yes my angel!” Justin’s bladder was pressing and he knew he couldn’t squeeze it in much longer, so he angled his body towards the Gunny, allowing his flaccid cock to fall gently upon the Gunny’s lower lip. Darin opened his mouth and felt the piping hot fluid rush into his mouth.
   Once the steamy hot piss began, Darin enclosed his lips over Justin’s cock head and opened his throat and began swallowing steadily. To his best explanation, Justin’s piss was just hot and had no taste at all. Justin wrapped his fingers around Darin’s head as he closed his eyes and let his piss fly ever so naturally. It sort of felt weird to be pissing into a mouth and not a toilet, but that weirdness feeling quickly evaded Justin’s mind and he could now feel his soft cock begin to stir as he pissed.
   Near the midway point of relieving himself, Justin’s cock was almost rock hard, but his piss never seemed to diminish. Darin was somewhat overjoyed at feeling the hot fluid, directly from the source, pour steadily down his throat. Just knowing the fact of what he was doing mixed with the fact that it was coming from Justin only made everything absolutely perfect. In time, Justin’s pissing stopped and Darin was now using his experienced mouth to bob up and down while his left hand cupped Justin’s beloved little balls and his right hand began caressing and squeezing the most incredible ass cheeks known to mankind.
   It only took four or so minutes when Justin cried out and his sperm torpedoes flew from his erupting cock, landing peacefully inside Darin’s cock worshiping mouth. Once again, Darin held the thick sperm without attempting to swallow. After several sperm jets departed Justin’s shaking body, his cock graciously began oozing out wad after wad of his thick cream. When the last morsel oozed onto his tongue, Justin’s cock went defiantly soft. Darin began sipping the thick nectar while moaning like a bear as the tasteless thick substance slid down his throat.
   When D

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