Marine Corps Tail Of All Tales – The Pool Party

Author: oral454younger

   Early the following morning, Tom was the first to force his eyelids open. The first thing his eyes saw was the heavenly beauty sleeping soundly to his left. Justin was fast asleep on his left side and as Tom slid his body upright, the covers inched themselves from Justin’s perfect tight body to the point that Tom’s eyes fell on Justin’s bare ass. Tom simply couldn’t resist to steal the opportunity for a quick whiff of Justin’s exposed little bung hole, so he inched his body downwards until he was in the proper position to do just that. Inhaling deeply, the mild coconut aroma filled his lungs with the utmost of pleasantries. While Tom was taking numerous sniffs of Justin’s asshole, his cock grew into a wanting desire to sniff for itself to.

   Tom forced his nose from Justin’s butt and reached over onto his night stand. He grabbed a bottle of lubricant and began gingerly applying it all over his rock hard thick cock. Using his right index finger, Tom applied a gentle, yet steady pressure until Justin’s tiny poop chute opened, welcoming his finger inside it’s muscular, fiery hot, realm. Keeping his eyes on the sleeping angel, Justin stirred a tiny bit as Tom’s finger slid all the way up his butt. Justin’s body stirred once more when Tom inserted another finger and began slowly working the lubricant in and out.

   As Tom worked the second finger in Justin’s pronounced anal canal, he witnessed Justin’s sleeping body as his hips began arching themselves onto his thrusting fingers subconsciously. Sensing the time being just right, Tom pulled his fingers from Justin’s butt, then shoved his thick cock head up against Justin’s glistening tiny speck of a butt hole, and began applying steady pressure.

   Tom’s moan was more like a purr as his cock began descending into Justin’s anal highway. Once Tom had all of his cock up Justin’s ass, he began humping away, steadying his pace back and forth, in and out. Tom basked in the scorching heat searing away at his thrusting cock while feeling the young Marine’s anal muscles tenderly grasp at his thick cock with each and every thrust.

   Justin felt Tom’s cock as it entered him, but at first, he thought he was dreaming. But, as the thrusting continued, his eyes fluttered open and he quickly realized that he wasn’t dreaming. Justin placed his right hand on Tom’s right butt cheek, squeezing and yanking it towards him. Soon, Justin began timing Tom’s thrusts, meeting Tom’s thrusts with his very own while using his ass muscles to join in on the fun.

   Tom had his large right arm around Justin’s chest, holding on for dear life while yanking Justin into him, using the boy’s body to assist in thrusting his cock into his asshole that much harder. Three minutes later, Justin’s cock exploded, but Justin used his left hand to catch his shooting cum. While Justin was shivering from his orgasm, Tom’s cock unloaded its morning load up Justin’s ass. The two men bucked their bodies as hard as they could as their orgasms rocketed through their bodies in thunderous waves.

   Just as Tom slammed his cock into Justin’s ass one last time, Ken finally woke up and turned to see what was going on. When Ken rolled over, his eyes landed directly onto Justin’s breath taking eyes, sparkling with energy, and full of mesmerizing life. Ken also couldn’t help not to notice Justin’s sperm all puddled up in the palm of his left hand. Without any need for thought, Ken reached out and held Justin’s sperm puddled hand up to his mouth and began sipping on the thick love juice. Like a dog in heat, Ken lapped at the tasteless cream, growling as the cream trickled down his throat.

   Justin applied even more pressure on Tom’s cock, using just his ass muscles, as he placed his right hand at the base of Ken’s now rock hard cock and forced the monstrous head up to his mouth. Justin worked his mouth into a cock sucking, shaft licking frenzy while all Ken could do was lay there moaning and whimpering at the profound sensations shooting through every vein in his shaking body.

   Ken shot his eyes to Tom, who was making all sorts of weird faces having his cock trapped inside Justin’s magical ass, having the life choked right out of it. Four minutes later, Ken screamed as his cock began spurting jets of thick man juice into Justin’s hot little mouth. Justin whimpered ever so angelically as he began swallowing the thick cream as fast as Ken’s cock served it up. Ken’s body was wildly bucking as the last tid bit was milked from his piss slit, but the boy was relentless in his pursuit in milking his cock. Justin’s mouth clung to the giant cock head as his tongue slid all around the foreskin, sending Ken straight into orbit.

   Both Tom and Ken had to force their cocks free from the sex hungry young Marine who was fighting against them to keep both their cocks in place. Both men, now with their cocks at a safe distance from Justin, sat on the sides of the bed, both heads facing Justin in total disbelief. Ken’s lips creased into a warm smile as he said, “Good morning to you too!” Justin, still laying on his left side, said nothing, but the heart stopping smile dancing across his face told the true story.

   Tom, who wanted to speak, could say nothing. His soft cock ached from being caught in what felt like a torturous vice like clamp. Tom’s body still shivered violently from his morning orgasm, one in which he will definitely always remember. Tom slid off the bed, and fought against himself to stand on two very wobbly legs. Ken did the same thing on the other side of the bed, both, still with their eyes locked onto the most incredible gorgeous man who ever graced this planet.

   Justin slid his body out of the bed, retrieved his tote bag and left Ken and Tom to themselves in order for he himself to have some privacy in one of the other bathrooms. Once Justin had deposited Tom’s load into the toilet, Justin opened up one of the Fleet enema’s and filled the bottle with baby oil and coconut oil. After doing so, he got on the floor and gave himself an enema.

   Twenty or so minutes later, Justin couldn’t fight off the urgency any longer and quickly flopped his ass down onto the toilet. Once he was done with that task, he opened the package to his enema bag. He activated the sink’s warm water faucet while pouring in a mixture of coconut oil, baby oil, and minty fresh mouth wash. Feeling the luke warm water with a finger, Justin began filling the bag until it was full. This was something new for Justin, using this type of enema. He sat down on the toilet and placed the hook from the enema bag onto the hook that was just above his head attached to the wall. Justin eased the 6 inch nozzle up his ass, then flipped the lever to the “open” position. His body shook feverishly as he felt the warm burning sensation shooting deep into his bowels.

   When all was said and done, Justin felt cleaner than ever. After washing his hands, he brushed his teeth while looking at himself in the mirror. Since he was used to seeing himself, he simply didn’t understand what all the fuss was about concerning his looks. To him, he was just a normal guy with a slender body, but to everyone else, he was simply a wingless angel, a beauty of a man who was the truest definition of pure heavenly perfection!

   After showering and finishing up in the bathroom, as always, Justin applied the coconut oil to every square inch of his body. Ever since he could remember, he had done this ritual daily. Not knowing what he should wear, Justin slipped on his shorts and headed off with a gallon of pineapple juice in hand to find Ken and Tom. Ken ran into Justin in the hallway, and quickly blurted out, “My young angel, in our home, there is never any need for clothes, but then again, that’s a choice you’ll have to make!”

   Justin turned around and went back into the bedroom where he had left his tote bag. Without any hesitation, Justin yanked down his shorts, folded them, then placed them back into the bag and headed off as naked as the day he was born. It felt kind of strange walking around totally naked, but it also felt pretty good all at the same time. Justin was smiling as he found Ken and Tom standing in the kitchen. When they saw Justin, both men couldn’t resist returning smiles of their own.

   Tom eyed Justin’s perfect body up and down, then said, “Justin, today is your day and we want you to have as much fun as humanly possible. We’ll be having about 14 of our closest friends over today. Just so you know, and so you’ll be somewhat prepared, you will be the center of attention, and that I’ll stake my life on.”

   Ken added, “Not only will you be the center of attention, but some of our friends just might be into some things you’ve never experienced before. As long as you are here, in our home, you don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable in doing. If someone gives you any problems, any problems whatsoever, you come tell me or Ken immediately and we’ll put an end to it!”

   Justin nodded his head in agreement as he poured himself a large glass of pineapple juice. Justin looked outside the large bay window and saw for the first time the swimming pool. Ken saw the young Marine’s crystal blue eyes light up, so he softly said, “Go ahead, go on out to the pool and enjoy yourself. Tom and I have everything in here under control.”

   With that being said, Justin opened the sliding glass door and stepped out onto the patio. With his glass in his right hand, the warmth of the suns rays danced joyously upon his naked body. Justin walked all around the pool ever so slowly, breathing in the fresh air while his eyes feasted on all the profound beauty burning everlasting impressions into his mind. Stepping up to the pool’s edge, Justin stuck the toes of his right foot into the water. A smile dashed across his face as the water felt soothingly cool.

   While Justin was admiring all that was to admire at the pool, the first guest had already entered the pool. The three men shook hands as the newest man stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes magnetically locked themselves onto a naked Justin. Ken told the man, Luke, Justin’s name. Luke blurted, “Fuck me to tears, he looks like, he looks like, uh, fuck, he’s fucking gorgeous!”

   Ken stated, “Don’t let his looks fool you! That boy’s ass is fucking dangerous! In all my years of tearing up asses, that boy’s ass is the only one to ever have performed magic, and saying magic is a mother fucking understatement! That boy has the most control of his ass muscles than anyone I’ve ever came into contact with, so if you think about fucking him, just remember, he’s the one who’s gonna fuck you, and that my friend, I’ll give you my word!”

   Tom piped in, “Yeah, he’s a beauty alright. Shit, the boy’s cum don’t even have a taste, but he sure as hell can pump out a lot, I’ll tell you that! Luke, I don’t know what all you’re in to, but remember, Justin there is our special guest and we aint about to let anyone fuck with him, or even try to fuck him over. That is not acceptable!

   As each guest arrived, they all stopped dead in their tracks to feast their eyes on Justin and his naked perfect body. Justin, on the other hand, was totally clueless as to the arrival of the guests. He was too busy checking out everything in the large fenced in back yard to even notice. Justin loved to hear the birds as they sang and his eyes glistened as he watched a family of squirrels playing by a nearby tree. His ears captured a woodpecker as it hammered away against a tree, somewhere in the close distance, but hidden by all the clumped trees and thick bushes.

   The noise as the sliding glass door being opened sounded off within Justin’s ears, causing him to spin around. It was as if he had died and gone to heaven as he watched, one by one, all the men stepping out onto the patio, all naked, and each one being led the way by their straining erections. Justin saw each man, noting the variations within each one. He saw hairy men, smooth men, long cocks, short cocks, thin cocks, thick cocks, cut cocks, and uncut cocks. Cocks of all sizes and shapes appeared before his very eyes and Justin wasn’t missing any part of this show.

   Each man walked up to Justin and introduced themselves. Though Justin shook their hands, his eyes marveled over each ones pronounced erection, offering his own hard cock for their pleasure as well. Counting himself, there were a total of 17 men milling around the pool. After swigging down the last of his juice, Justin walked back in the house to get another glass of pineapple juice. This time, he stood in place and swigged down the juice, keeping his eyes roaming from man to man, noting every intricate detail of each one.

   It was then, standing in the kitchen that Justin came to the realization that every man present, with the exception of Tom, had Marine Corps style haircuts. Just as fast as it popped into his head, the thought quickly departed. Now, all he saw was men, with the youngest being somewhere in his late thirties or early forties, and the eldest was probably in his sixties, but in great physical condition.

   Justin finished his glass of juice, then walked out onto the patio. He was hanging around Ken who was talking with a group of men. One man in particular caught Justin’s roaming eyes. He looked like he might be in his mid forties with jet black hair. The hair on his chest and stomach was thick, very thick. The man was barrel chested and Justin figured he stood close to 6’ even and had to weigh a pretty solid 230 or so pounds. As his eyes lowered down to the man’s flaccid cut cock, Justin could clearly see the thickness it pronounced. The man’s soft cock dangled over two large and very hairy balls a good four inches. The man’s thighs were thick with muscles and they too were covered with thick black curls running all the way from his crotch to the top of his feet.

   While Justin was admiring the man’s hairy muscled body, the man saw where the young gorgeous boy’s eyes were, so he decided to take full advantage of it. The man took two steps towards Justin, then blurted out, “Do you like what you see young man? If so, go ahead and touch it. It wont bite you, but it will please you! Come on now, don’t be afraid, just wrap that pretty little hand around it and give it some southern loving.”

   Justin obeyed the man’s commands and soon found his right hand stroking the growing strap of thickly veined flesh. In no time, the man’s cock grew to its full seven inches and felt awesomely wonderful in Justin’s caressing hand. It was hard, yet silky soft. Justin wanted to drop to his knees right then and there and suck the gushing fluid right out of it, but he was still somewhat aware of his surroundings and thought best just to keep on tenderly stroking the beautiful cock.

   The man said something that caught Justin’s attention, but he did not actually know what he had said. The man repeated himself, “Name’s Kevin, and you sure do know how to make a man feel good. Yeah, that’s it! Just keep stroking that cock and I’ll soon reward you for your efforts.”

   By now, Justin added his left hand to the mix of things and was cupping and caressing Kevin’s large hairy balls while his right hand gently stroked the throbbing organ. Somebody said something and Kevin responded, and the next thing Justin knew was that he and Kevin were walking inside the house, with Kevin holding Justin’s cock, leading the way.

   The two men walked into one of the unoccupied bedrooms, and neither had the sense to close the door behind them. Kevin pretty much slung Justin down onto the bed, causing Justin to land on his back. Before Justin knew what was happening, Kevin was sliding his mouth up and down his cock, grunting and growling in the process. Justin spread his legs wider and held onto the back of Kevin’s head as the man bobbed his head up and down, using his mouth to work on Justin’s cock a mile a minute.

   Kevin was overwhelmed at the coconut fragrance spewing from the young Marine’s perfect body, not to mention, he couldn’t force his eyes from looking at the gorgeous object of sheer perfection who he now was sucking his magnificent cock. Kevin grunted and groaned as his lips slid up and down on Justin’s silky smooth shaft while his tongue swarmed all over Justin’s cock.

   Justin was doing some whimpering and moaning of his own as Kevin used his strength and forced Justin’s legs over his head, shoving both knees beyond his ears, sharply pressing into the soft mattress, and now had both thumbs hooked into the interior lining of his ass crack. Kevin moaned, “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as his eyes now danced in their very sockets by beating down on Justin’s exposed speck of a poop chute.

   Kevin shoved his nose right onto Justin’s asshole and moaned as the young man’s scent exploded deep within him. Kevin’s tongue instinctively reached out and flattened itself up against the young man’s bung hole, sending fiery chills coursing all over his hairy body. His tongue shaped itself like a knife and began stabbing at the tiny speck until Justin’s asshole opened, allowing Kevin’s meaty tongue to shoot up his canal.

   Justin screamed out as the man’s tongue shot up his ass, digging and flickering its way to its farthest depth. The more Kevin tasted of Justin’s anal interior, the more consumed his animal instincts began controlling his every move. With high pitched growls, Kevin hungrily dined on Justin’s asshole, sending both mens bodies into a spasmodic rage.

   While Kevin’s tongue was ravishing Justin’s anal canal, Kevin’s hands were busy fumbling with a condom. His fingers refused to cooperate as he struggled to slide the condom over his pre-cum spitting cock. In time, and not one to give up, Kevin managed to get the ribbed condom over his throbbing, and overly excited, cock.

   Kevin was just too excited as he shoved his cock up Justin’s ass in one single motion. Justin’s mouth formed a perfect circle at the sudden impaling of his ass. Justin’s mouth was still wide open as Kevin couldn’t hold back as his cock began to slam into Justin’s ass with loud slapping sounds.

   To Justin, the sudden intrusion was rather painful, and soon he began to fight back by using his powerful anal muscles to chomp down on the anal invader. As soon as Kevin felt Justin’s anal muscles grip his thrusting cock, he slung his head back and screamed, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt!” Kevin flung his chin towards his chest as he bucked his hips, doing all he could do to avoid the anaconda like grip of Justin’s attacking anal muscles. Though he tried, now Kevin was in the clutches of Justin!

   In less than a minute, Kevin snorted and grunted, and Justin could feel the man’s cock expand as Kevin’s cock poured his thick wads of sperm into the tip of the condom. Kevin held his spurting cock in place, buried to the hilt inside Justin’s ass, and it was Justin’s milking anal muscles squeezing and pumping the very sperm from Kevin’s shaking body.

   Kevin now had tears rolling out of the corners of each eye as his head spun in all sorts of direction as the vengeful anal muscles coiled around his softening cock, pulling him deeper and deeper into the fiery hot tunnel of Justin’s incredible ass. Kevin tried a couple of times to pull his cock out, but each time Justin felt the man’s cock begin to depart, he tightened up his anal muscles, pulling it back in. By doing so, Justin’s cock caught him off guard as it began spurting his thick sperm strands directly into Justin’s face. The first three sperm jets rocketed straight into his open mouth.

   Justin swallowed his own sperm as his cock continued to spray his throat, chest, and finishing up on his stomach area. While Justin’s orgasm tore through his body, Kevin on the other hand was doing some yelling of his own. Justin’s anal muscles went into overdrive when Justin’s orgasm hit him, and in doing so, they attacked Kevin’s cock showing no mercy at all.

   Justin’s eyes were closed and he felt a tongue swarm all over his body, licking up his recently shot load. All Justin could hear was an unfamiliar voice moaning as the stranger scooped up his sperm globs and swallowed them. While the stranger was licking up his sperm, Kevin stole the opportunity to pry his cock out of Justin’s ass. Now, with his limp cock free, Kevin, breathing ever so heavy, spoke, “Mother fuck me to tears! This boy’s ass is a fucking weapon I tell you!”

   Whoever the stranger was, now spoke, “That’s probably true, but his cum is the best I’ve ever tasted. Shit, I got to get me some of this fine ass too!” Justin was trying to open his eyes to see who the person was who was now getting ready to shove his cock up his ass.

   As Justin forced his eyes open, he saw a large man placing a condom over his beefy 8 inch uncut cock. Before Justin could say or do anything, the man had already shoved the bulbous head into his ass, followed by the rest of the thick shaft. Now, Justin was looking into the man’s brown eyes and figured the stranger to be somewhere in his late fifties with a bald head. As the man began feeding his cock in and out of Justin’s ass, Justin retaliated by clamping down, extra tight, with his skilled anal muscles.

   The stranger yelled, “Damn, damn, ohhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiitttt, aghhhhhhhhhh!” For the stranger, it was too late, cause Justin was yelling and screaming in pure pleasure as the cock hammered away inside of him. The stranger lasted a little over a minute, but he too fell in the same fate as Kevin with his cock being caught in the vice grip clutches of Justin’s superior anal muscles.

   When it was all said and done with, the man forced his cock from Justin’s vacuuming anal canal and quickly sat on the edge of the bed, fighting against the odds to catch his own breath. The man peered his eyes into Justin’s directions, shaking his head back and forth, then hoarsely whispered, “Mother of all mother’s, damn that ass of yours is something else!”

   Justin was just now in the process of having his body shattering orgasm subside as all he could do was stare at the man in hopes that he, or someone else, would fill the hungry void now ravishing away at his vacant ass. Justin’s eyes followed the man as he eased his body up off the bed, waving goodbye, and exited the bedroom. Since the men had used condoms, Justin got up from the bed and went to go brush his teeth.

   Finishing up in the bathroom, Justin headed back out to the pool area. With each step, all he could think about was the pleasures he felt having a cock pile drive his ass. He also was in the mood to suck a cock and taste the precious nectar straight from the source. In other words, Justin was hornier now more than ever, and he set his sights on fulfilling his hunger and thirst for more, a lot more, man meat.

   As Justin entered the patio area, he noticed that there were some more guests who had arrived. When he stepped out onto the patio, all eyes fell on the young Marine, all of which were totally consumed at Justin’s sheer utter perfection. Justin hadn’t taken no more than 5 good foot steps onto the patio when he was approached by a group of men. To be exact, there were 6 naked men now milling all around him. All eyes feasted on his semi flaccid cock and jutting muscular little butt.

   Finally, the silence was broken by one of the men. “My name is Carl and we were kind of wondering if you would honor us by allowing all of us to please you in a very special kind of way.”

   Justin eyed Carl, noting the man stood a good 6’3” and weighed a fairly solid 220 pounds. Though Carl didn’t have any chest hairs, Justin couldn’t help not to notice the dangling meat swinging between the man’s legs. Soft, it had to be at least 6 inches and his balls, well, they were huge and had been cleanly shaven. Justin figured Carl was somewhere in his forties as so was the rest of the men in this group.

   Having no need to ponder the man’s invitation, Justin smiled, then with his softest and most angelic voice, whispered, “I’d like that. What did you have in mind sir?”

   Carl bellowed out a chuckle, then replied, “No my gorgeous young man, we’d like that! There’s a special room we’d like to take you to so we can all please that hard little body of yours.”

   With that being said, Carl led the way with Justin 2 people back in behind Carl. As they walked through the large home, the man behind Justin kept on rubbing his hands all over Justin’s butt, occasionally, dipping a finger inside his crack, rubbing his butt hole in the process. Just the mere fact that he knew he was going to get some more cock caused Justin’s own cock to stand at attention.

   They walked into a large room that contained some form of device that was attached to the ceiling. Justin did hear one of the men call it a sling. There were all sorts of weird contraptions hanging from the walls in which Justin had no clue what they were or what they were used for, but to be honest, he was too excited to pay much attention.

   Carl had Justin stand next to the sling which was nearly touching the carpeted flooring. As he stood there, one man began attaching a thin leather strap around the base of his cock and around his balls, then tightened it rather tightly. It didn’t hurt, but it did feel somewhat uncomfortable.

   Once the thing was securely fastened around his cock and balls, Carl had Justin lay down on the sling. Justin was on his back as hands began strapping his ankles and wrists into some type of padded cuff restraints. Someone began pulling on a chain and Justin felt his ass being pulled higher into the air. It didn’t take justin long to discover that his ass was wide open and exposed for whatever might happen. The sling was raised in such a position that his butt was actually higher in the air than his head.

   Somebody unhooked something that allowed the padding that his head was resting on to be removed, thus allowing his head to sling further downwards. Justin’s eyes came in full contact with several jutting hard cocks. Though he couldn’t see, somebody began forcing their tongue up his ass while one man walked right up and shoved his 6 inches of man muscle straight into his mouth and began humping his hips, driving all 6 inches in and out of his mouth.

   While his mouth was full of cock and his ass being tongue fucked, Justin could feel hands move about his chest and stomach. Letting out a loud muffled moan, Justin felt something clamp severely down on his right nipple, then his left one. It was a sharp searing pain that quickly died down, but the pressure of the clamps was still very present.

   Though hands roamed his body freely, nobody, not one single person showed his throbbing hard cock any attention. Justin’s cock danced with his every heartbeat as he worked feverishly on the cock fucking away inside his mouth. The tongue shooting in and out of his asshole sent waves of pleasure coursing throughout every pulsating inch of his restrained body. His feet and arms were stretched far from his body, shooting straight up and completely restrained.

   If things couldn’t get any better, or any worse, somebody began using a feather, slightly touching his swollen nuggets. This ticklish feeling was causing Justin’s body to buck in overdrive. Then it happened! A surge of electricity shot through his clamped nipples and exploded like a grenade all over his body. Justin tried to cry out, but his mouth was filled with man meat and his mind spun rapidly.

   With a tongue up his ass, mouth full of cock, a feather tickling his balls, Justin felt another wave of electricity shoot through his body, but this time, it was coming from the thing that was strapped around his cock and balls. It was a long steady pulsating surge of electricity and as Justin was coming down from that, his nipples got shocked again, in several repetitive successions. His biggest fear was not clamping his teeth down on the cock pounding away inside his mouth.

   Whoever had been eating his ass now stopped, allowing the coolness from the room to wave over his saliva coated asshole, sending chills racing up and down his spine. The man fucking his mouth, cried out, “Yeah, yessssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m, I’m, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

   Justin felt the explosion inside his mouth as the man’s sperm began firing away. While the man was fucking the sperm from his cock in Justin’s mouth, somebody slid something up his ass. It wasn’t too thick, nor was it all that long, but Justin felt it regardless. Justin opened up his throat and began swallowing in earnest at the man’s thick salty semen which kept on pumping huge globs down Justin’s throat.

   Whatever was up his ass began sliding in and out of him and he could feel the person’s hand as it slammed up against his butt cheeks. Justin drank the man’s cream until the man’s cock went totally limp. Just as the man eased his cock out of Justin’s mouth, a gut wrenching surge of electricity shot through his body, coming from both his nipples and his cock and balls. As the current tore through his body, Justin fought against the restraints, uncontrollably, but to no avail.

   With sounds spewing from his open mouth, another man stepped up and shoved his thick five inches straight inside. Though his eyes were a bit watery, Justin could tell this man was probably Filipino. He remembered him as they stood out on the patio. The man wasted no time in pile driving his meaty cock in and out of Justin’s mouth.

   Whatever was inside his ass, had now been removed. While Justin was busy sucking on the man’s cock, Carl stepped up into Justin’s eye view, holding an object so Justin could see, then stated, “This is what’s going up that sweet ass of yours next.”

   Justin couldn’t really make out what it was but he could tell that it had a long narrow shaft and there was some sort of ball, about the size of a ping-pong ball, attached at the very end. The narrow shaft looked like it was about 8 to 10 inches long and he could tell that there was a handle in which Carl had a tight grip, nearly covering it.

   The cock slammed away at his mouth as Justin felt the thing crawl inside of him. To be honest, Justin welcomed this new device sneaking its way up his anal canal. The soft elegant moans was evident of Justin’s pleasure, but then all of a sudden, the ball began rotating and pumping away wildly. Justin’s body went into an uncontrollable rage as the thing kept striking his anal walls, sending absolute pure pleasure shooting over every square inch of his body. As his body bucked and gyrated out of control, more electricity tore through his body. The mixture of pleasure mixed with pain almost caused Justin to pass out.

   Justin could feel his cum beginning to boil, even through the fact that he was being shocked, but somebody else must have noticed it to, cause now, somebody began moderately smacking his swollen balls with some unknown device. What Justin didn’t know was that the man was spanking his balls using a riding crop. With each swat upon his balls, Justin could feel his cum, or the need to cum, ease from his body, only to be replaced with a mild urge to throw up.

   The cock thrusting away inside his mouth began pouring chunks of hot man cream down his gulping throat. It was thick and gooey, and salty and sweet, all at the same time. As Justin swallowed the last of the man’s cream, the man stepped back, pulling his cock out of Justin’s open mouth.

   By now, the swatting on his balls had ceased, or at least, temporarily. The thing up his ass was now departing as well. A third cock, one about 8 or so inches long, shot into his mouth just in time as it began shooting rockets of sperm missiles down Justin’s throat. Justin was gulping as fast as he could to keep up with the copious supply of thick man seed. The man pumped away until the last of his seed was safely deposited inside of Justin’s mouth.

   Once the man freed his cock from Justin’s mouth, there was a brief pause in the action. Justin tried to look around the room, but he could see nothing except all the contraptions attached to the wall. His body was still shaking ferociously and his need to blow a load was more than prevalent. It felt as though his balls were going to explode any minute now.

   He could hear the men whispering, but he couldn’t make out what they were actually saying, so he knew that they were standing in front of his hiked up ass. Nearly two long minutes of absolute nothing with the exception of the whispering had passed when Justin felt a finger crawl inside his butt. The finger itself was very much soothing, but then a second, then a third began pounding away. When the fourth finger was added, Justin began retaliating by clamping down on his anal muscles.

   This went on for about a minute or so, then the fingers departed from his ass. He felt a glob of something being shoved up his butt and realized it must be some form of lubrication. What Justin didn’t know was that Carl was shoving large globs of Crisco up his rectum. Carl would roll the Crisco up into a ball, then ease it all the way up Justin’s anal canal, as far as his middle finger could go.

   Carl retrieved a huge glob of Crisco and began smearing the white cream all over both hands. Once he ensured himself that both hands were now slippery, he began using both index fingers of each hand to penetrate the gorgeous young Marine’s ass. Justin was slinging his head all over as the fingers sent waves of pure pleasure coursing all over his shaking body.

   After a short time, Carl was now using four fingers of each hand, placing his palms together, dancing in and out of Justin’s ass. Justin was delirious with pleasure and his soft cries could be heard by anyone present inside the house. Then another man stepped up to Justin’s face, spun around and barked, “eat my ass boy!”

   The man was spreading his hairy ass cheeks apart and Justin could see the dark ring of his anus, completely covered by curling black hairs. The man shoved his spread ass cheeks into Justin’s face and Justin smashed his tongue up against the man’s hairy asshole. Justin used his tongue like a steak knife, stabbing away until the outer ring gave way, and Justin’s slithering tongue snaked up the man’s anal canal.

   Another round of electric current shot through his body as Carl, experienced as he was, figured the time was just right. With four long fingers already up Justin’s super tight ass, Carl began shoving in his thumb. Carl nodded at the man holding the remote for the electricity and he gave Justin another round of riveting current. By doing so, Carl’s thumb penetrated and he now had his entire fist up Justin’s ass. Justin felt the pain of his ass being torn a part and although he was in a dazed state, he knew whatever was up his butt, was incredibly thick.

   With his face surrounded by two hairy butt cheeks, and his tongue up the man’s ass, Justin tried in vain to scream, but his cries were completely silenced. Carl pushed even harder and Justin’s ass relaxed just enough so that Carl now had his entire fist, all the way up to his wrist, up the boy’s ass.

   Justin felt something strange ravish his body as the pressure within his bowels increased almost to an explosive state. He knew whatever was up his ass was thicker than anything he had ever experienced before, but the pain itself simply vanished. His body went into an even more uncontrollable rage and his mind seemed to have slowly vacated his body.

   The man who was making Justin eat his ass, quickly spun around and shoved his beefy 6 inch cock straight into his mouth. Within seconds, huge wads of sperm began coating the back of Justin’s throat as the man slammed his cock in and out of Justin’s slightly sore mouth. Justin swallowed and moaned as the taste soothed his burning throat.

   Carl was making sounds of his own as his fist now came into contact with Justin’s powerful anal muscles. He looked up at the group of men with a look of total disbelief crossing his face. His fist felt like it was literally being crushed and he was doing all he could to fight the urge to pull it out. In fact, Justin’s anal muscles pulled Carl’s fist deeper into his searing hot rectum, and now he had about four inches of his forearm being choked inside Justin’s anal canal.

   Justin felt his body react to the monster inside his ass and it felt like his sperm was on the very edge of blowing, but the man holding the control saw this too, so he sent another round of electricity shooting everywhere inside of Justin’s bucking body. Justin was now lost in his own world feeling so much awesome pleasure. He now welcomed the surge of electricity, but when the thing began slapping his nuggets, he honestly didn’t care for that all that much.


   Eventually, Carl managed to free his forearm and fist from the vacuuming and clamping pressure of Justin’s ass. Each man stood still as they watched Justin’s gaping asshole quickly resume its tightly little closed seal as if nothing had ever penetrated it. Carl stood up as Justin’s lower body was raised in accord with Carl’s hips. Justin was still mindless and his body thrashed about as best it could. Holding the base of his rock hard, pre cum spitting 9 inch cock, Carl forced the foreskin covered head inside Justin’s ass, followed by all nine veiny thick inches.

   Carl began immediately slamming his fuck pole in and out of Justin’s muscle crushing ass while the other man played with the remote, feeding Justin waves of electricity. Justin was pretty much almost screaming at this point as Carl hammered away and somebody else steadily swatted his aching balls.

   In no time, no time at all, Carl’s cock began spurting balls of sperm, flying deeper and deeper up Justin’s rectum. The power of his orgasm almost blinded Carl as he felt the bone crushing muscles envelope all over his cock, vacuuming his thrusting cock even deeper into the boy’s bowels.


   Each of the six men took turns draining their cocks into Justin’s bowels. Justin was still being shocked and his balls still were being spanked. Tears flowed heavily out of the corners of his eyes and now felt like his entire body was almost on the verge of exploding due to his built up cum.

   As the last man deposited his load up Justin’s butt and had pulled his cock free, somebody else shoved a thick butt plug up Justin’s ass to keep all the cum inside him. Justin felt the thick plug bolt inside his ass, but the need to free his own load was more of a concern than something inside his ass.

   Now, the plug filling his anal walls began shooting waves of electricity, accompanied with the ones shooting from his cock and balls, and nipples. It seemed to Justin, that with all the cum inside of him, the electricity inside his ass had multiplied at least by ten times. His body bucked feverishly as his head spun wildly. Whoever had been spanking his balls had finally stopped. Justin could vaguely hear what the men where saying, but their voices seemed to be coming from a million miles away.

   The energy building up within his own body had reached a boiling point and when Justin screamed, at the top of his lungs, the men gathered at each of his sides to watch the end result. The man holding the remote had activated the switch to allow all three areas to trickle waves of electricity, all at the same time.

   It almost felt as though Justin’s heart had stopped as his cum began a slow pressurized journey from somewhere deep within his curling toes. By the time his cum had reached his balls, Justin was completely delirious and that was completely evident by the offshoot of angelic chorus sounds flying from his twisting and contorting mouth.

   Each man’s eyes flew wide open as they witnessed the strands of sperm jets firing from Justin’s gaping piss slit, shooting beyond the boy’s head, landing a good 3 feet past the boy’s tossing head. Justin was screaming as to their best count, there was at least 12 large strands that flew beyond Justin’s head, splattering on the carpeted floor. Several jets followed, most of which began coating Justin’s face, neck, and throat area.

   Justin was too absolved in his intense orgasm as his cum supply seemed endless. Each man foamed at the mouth as to the copious supply of the thick globs of Marine cream that was now puddling itself on the boy’s chest and stomach area. No hands had touched Justin’s cock as they stood idly by and watched the miracle of all miracles taking place before their very own eyes.

   When the last of Justin’s thick cream began oozing out of his piss slit with his every heartbeat, each of the men began using their tongues to swipe the puddles of cum from Justin’s heavy breathing body. Just their moans of instant approval could be heard as they greedily licked the cum from Justin’s restrained body as Carl began vacuuming the remainder straight from Justin’s twitching cock.

   One man unfastened the strap which was around his cock and balls while two of the other men removed each of the nipple clamps. As soon as those items were freed, Justin’s body shook rapidly as the blood rushed to rejoin their fellow cells. Carl’s mouth was sliding up and down on Justin’s cock and within a second or two of the nipple clamps being removed, another round of Justin juice began rapidly firing into Carl’s awaiting mouth. His anal muscles converged onto the thick butt plug, sending further waves of pleasure rippling throughout Justin’s entire body.

   Though Justin was consumed into yet another orgasm, the actual fluid flying out of his cock was in all reality, his piss. Justin thought he was shooting sperm, but it was Carl who knew precisely what to expect. The hot fluid rushed down his throat by the gallons and Justin was flaying his head all over as his body bucked and fought defiantly against the restraints which held him securely in place.

   Carl held Justin’s piss slinging cock securely within his mouth, even though the young Marine’s delicate member was now in a complete flaccid state. Carl’s moans of pleasure told the story as he savored every drop of Justin’s gut swelling hot piss. It wasn’t bitter, nor was it at all salty. It was just like drinking warm water from a free flowing water faucet.

   As Justin’s body bucked and shook, several men began unfastening the restraints which held his ankles and wrists in place. Justin was too far gone to realize he had been freed and all he could do was lay there; moaning, whimpering, and grunting for all eyes and ears to bare witness to.

   A short while later, Carl let Justin’s limp cock fall free from his mouth. Several of the men assisted Justin in getting out of the sling. Justin’s legs were too weak to withstand the weight from his body, so two of the men simply held him to prevent Justin from falling. Even while standing, or being held up by two of the men, all eyes present ravished Justin’s naked body with the utmost delight.

   Justin could feel the butt plug as it stayed glued within his anal canal. He could also feel the bloated pressure building within his butt from all the cum that had been deposited. With the help of the two men, they led Justin to the bathroom that he had used earlier this morning. Once inside, the two men hugged Justin and walked out of the bathroom with the last one closing the door behind him.

   Squatting over the toilet, Justin latched onto the rim of the butt plug and began prying it out of his ass. No sooner had the tip departed his ass, rockets of cum began plopping sharply into the toilet’s water. Easing himself down, Justin leaned his back up against the front of the toilet’s container as his butt began spraying gallons upon gallons of man seed into the water below.

   His balls hurt. His nipples hurt. His cock hurt. His ass hurt. His jaw hurt. Everything about him now hurt, but his mind kept on replaying all the electrifying sensations that had once devoured his total body. Though be it his body ached, he somehow couldn’t stop desiring more cock. As his bowels dumped loads upon loads of man juice into the bowl, his cock sprang upwards in its most hardened state.

   After relieving his bowels of all the cum, Justin thought it would be best to apply another deep enema, just to ensure that he was fully clean and that his asshole would smell nice just in case he was offered some more cock. Taking the rubber enema bag, Justin began filling it with warm water. About midway through, he poured in some coconut oil and minty fresh mouth wash, then filled the bag all the way to the top.

   Back at the toilet, Justin was straddling the toilet seat as he inched the nozzle all the way up his anal canal. When his finger flipped the valve to the “on” position, he couldn’t help not to moan as the warm water began shooting deep into his anal canal, soothing every part of his inner being.

   A little while later, Justin finished giving himself an enema. He proceeded to take a well needed shower, lathering every delicious inch of his body with his coconut scented soap. Just to make sure his butt was clean, Justin used his right middle finger, which was covered in soap, and he began shoving it in and out of his butt while twisting and turning it to properly bathe the walls of his anal canal.

   After toweling himself dry, Justin brushed his teeth with the minty flavored toothpaste for quite a long while. Then, he took a large dose of the mouth wash and began swirling it around inside his mouth, taking the time to gargle to cleanse his throat. Just as he was about to leave the bathroom, Justin decided to pour a dab of coconut oil on his left index finger. He then applied his finger to his butt hole and began smearing the coconut oil on the outer ring of his anus. Once he completed that, he poured some more on the same finger, but this time, he squatted down and shoved the slippery finger up his butt. His cock was rock hard as he finger fucked himself to ensure that his butt would certainly be nothing more than sweet smelling if someone else decided to offer their tongue to his hungry asshole.

   Not wanting to join the rest of the men just yet due to his cock being rock hard, Justin thought it would be best to stay inside the bathroom until his cock went soft. It took a little while, but his overall excitement died down and his cock finally fell into a limp status.

   Now, Justin walked out of the bedroom and was making his way back to the pool area. Several of the men had gathered inside the house, and as he walked through, every eye fell upon him. Eyes fell upon Justin’s swinging tube of joy as well as his muscular shaped little butt as he slowly walked by. Mouths fell open and cocks grew hard just at the mere sight of such angelic beauty.

   His feet hadn’t carried him all the way out of the house when one of the men approached him, saying, “Young man, do you have any idea as to how beautiful you really are?” Justin was about to speak, but the man spoke once more, “My God, the only thing that is missing from that sheer perfect body of yours is wings! Even in my wildest fantasy, I could never have imagined anyone so beautiful, so beautiful as you.”

   While the man spoke, Justin eyed his naked frame up and down. The man was probably in his late fifties with graying hair and deep brown eyes. Only the upper portion of his chest was layered in curling hairs. Judging from his size, Justin guessed him to be closer to the 6’3” range and had to weigh a pretty solid 230 pounds. Justin’s eyes fell upon the man’s dangling flaccid cock which draped over two very large hairy balls a good six inches, if not more. Just from the initial view, Justin could easily tell the man’s foreskin completely covered what looked like a very large and profound cock head.

   They shook hands and the man’s lips parted as their flesh touched and an audible moan bellowed out. The man, who now introduced himself as Chuck couldn’t get over the fact that he was standing face to face with the most gorgeous human being his eyes had ever laid eyes on. When Justin smiled, Chuck’s legs almost buckled as his breath seemed to have been stolen from his very body. Chuck’s eyes danced within their sockets and a stream of water began flowing from the corner of each eye.

   Chuck blurted out, “Oh my, oh my, you my young gorgeous friend could truly fulfill any man’s fantasy!” The more Justin stared at the man, the hotter he became. Looking down a bit, Justin eyed Chuck’s super thick cock once again. Not only did it dangle a good six or so inches, but the thickness border-lined being impressive to just down right intimidating.

   Justin looked upwards, zeroing his entrancing eyes onto Chuck’s watery eyes, then softly said, “Thank you sir, but what kind of fantasy would your dreams have me in? I mean, if fantasies sometimes come true, what all would you like to do with me?”

   Chuck took in a deep breath, then with a cracking voice said, “Ohhhhhhhhh, everything! If this fantasy were to ever come true, I guess I would have to get my belly full of that sweet butt of yours. Oh hell, I’d have to do a lot more as well, but believe me, I’d devour that hot little body of yours as if it were my last meal.”

   While Chuck was talking, Justin reached out with his left hand and latched onto the meaty semi flaccid foreskin covered sausage. Chuck gasped as Justin’s hand caressingly graced his electrified cock, pumping life furiously in it with his every rapid heartbeat.

   Justin was looking down at Chuck’s thick cock as it grew to a good 8 1/2 to 9 thick inches. Skinning back the foreskin, Justin got a good eyeful of the bulbous pink mushroom head with a steady oozing of slippery pre-cum piping out of the gaping piss slit. As if in remote control, Justin dropped to both knees and quickly eased the bulbous headed beast into his widely stretched mouth. Using his right hand, Justin cupped Chuck’s enormous hairy balls and began gingerly caressing them while his mouth and tongue worked feverishly upon Chuck’s massive erection.

   Several men had gathered around and was watching the show, many of which were joyously skinning their own cocks as they watched the young beauty work on Chuck’s meaty manhood. While Justin was working on Chuck’s cock, somebody had crawled in between his legs and was now using his tongue to drill away at Justin’s asshole. Whoever was eating his asshole was doing a lot of grunting and groaning as he forced is tongue up inside Justin’s anal chute.

   Justin began humping his body up and down on the tongue exploring his anal regions while focussing his attention on Chuck’s long and thick cock. Chuck’s legs were buckling and he now had both of his hands holding onto the back of Justin’s head as his eyes strained themselves to watch the wingless angel perform magic on his cock.

   Another man joined in on the fun as he dropped to all fours and sank his lips around Justin’s hard cock. Each time Justin humped his ass upwards, his cock shot deeper into the man’s mouth, then he would shove his ass back onto the thrusting tongue, sending further pleasures trickling throughout his body. Somebody from behind Justin reached over him and began tweaking both of his nipples forcing Justin to groan from vast approval as to all that was taking place.

   Chuck simply couldn’t take anymore of the young beauty working on his cock and he began spurting huge wads of man seed into the boy’s vacuuming throat. Justin felt the first volley and he opened his throat and began swallowing as fast as Chuck’s cock could serve up more of the thick cream. It was salty, and it fell on the borderline of tasting mildly bitter, but Justin was too focussed on swallowing every ounce of cum Chuck could offer. Chuck was almost howling as his orgasm ripped through him like the edge of a sword.

   Justin sucked on the thick beast until it fell somewhat into a flaccid state. Chuck literally had to yank his cock out of the tight restraints of Justin’s mouth, only to be quickly replaced by yet another cock. The cock now parting his lips belonged to a guy who Justin quickly estimated to be in his mid forties. He was a light skinned black guy who was the proud owner of a solid 8 inches of semi thick cock. Justin began working his mouth as best he could up and down the steel like rod while using both hands to cup the man’s hairy medium seized nuggets.

   The man held onto the side of Justin’s face as he rocked his hips back and forth, using his motion to fuck his cut cock in and out of Justin’s mouth. The mouth on his own cock was doing a number on him and so was the tongue snaking around inside his ass. The fingers pinching his nipples got harder and harder and Justin was whimpering with every heartfelt breath.

   The cock working its way in and out of Justin’s mouth swelled up, then a blast of thick cream struck sharply into the back of his throat, followed with several more thick jets of man seed. Justin swallowed and swallowed and the faster he swallowed, the man’s cock continued shooting ropy jets of cum in an almost endless manner.

   As Justin was swallowing the man’s cream, Chuck’s mouth had replaced the mouth that had been working on his cock. Justin was on the very edge of blowing his load, but for whatever reason, it seemed to just hold on and not allow itself to be free. Justin managed to swallow every drop of cum from the man’s cock, noting that his cum tasted much better than Chuck’s. With the last of his seed departed from his cock, the man backed away, sending a smacking sound exuding from Justin’s still cock and cum hungry mouth.

   Then, another man, a guy who was probably in his late thirties stepped up and shoved his cock all the way into Justin’s mouth. Justin found this cock way easier to suck than the previous ones cause it was probably a good 5 inches, but it did have quite the girth, though not near as thick as Chuck’s. The man now fucking his cock in and out of Justin’s mouth was way hairier than any of the men so far he had come into contact with during this particular event. From the neck down, the man was layered in thick jet black hair, and his balls, which were kind of small was completely hidden by thick black hair.

   Justin used both hands to relish in the man’s body hair, running them up and down from the man’s pubic bush all the way up to his upper chest. The man’s body hair must have been the missing ingredient to Justin’s orgasm, and though his mouth was full of thrusting cock, his whimpers became the outlining format of his body bucking orgasm.

   Chuck growled as the first wave of Justin’s sperm shot sharply onto the roof of his mouth, followed by a good 8 strong ropy jets. As Justin’s cock pumped globs after globs of his sperm into Chuck’s mouth, the man’s cock inside his mouth unleashed its load, dribbling huge wads of chunky seed onto his tongue. As each thick glob dribbled onto his tongue, Justin eagerly shoved it to his throat and swallowed. Unlike the previous offerings of man seed, this guy’s cum offered very little taste. Justin was too lost in his own orgasm to even consider what the man’s cum really tasted like cause he was too busy spewing his own load into Chuck’s mouth to care.

   The man pulled his cock out of his mouth just in time for two other men to step up. One of the men grabbed Justin’s jaw, applying adequate pressure for Justin to keep his mouth wide open as both men began shooting their seed into his mouth. Now, Justin had two cocks aimed at his open mouth and both cocks were shooting large sperm squirts into his wide open mouth.

   With two cocks pumping a huge copious supply of sperm into his mouth, Justin had to tilt his head backwards to contain the gooey cream. Both men pumped their cocks frantically, shooting all their cum into Justin’s sperm puddled mouth. Chuck was lost in his own world as his mouth contained Justin’s sperm, patiently awaiting for the time to sample the divine nectar from the Gods.

   As both men were finishing up, they took turns squeezing the last drops of cum from their cocks, wiping the excess all over Justin’s lips. Justin could tell his mouth was swimming with sperm so he opened his throat and began accepting both men’s cum down his throat. He swallowed huge chunks at a time, making a gulping sound with each swallow. After three good gulps, Justin managed to swallow every ounce of man seed that had once filled the interior lining of his mouth.

   Chuck growled and grunted as he milked the last drop from Justin’s cock, then began taking tiny gulps, relishing in the tasteless nectar from such a gorgeous creature. Chuck still had Justin’s cock locked into his mouth as the last of the tasteless cream silently slid down his throat. With the last of Justin’s sperm sliding down his throat, Chuck forced his mouth from the young Marine’s cock and stood up.

   Whoever was dining on his ass had eased his head out from underneath Justin. Justin was still spinning from his orgasm, but he vaguely heard someone say, “Now that is the best tasting ass I have ever had the privilege of tasting. I could eat this boy’s ass for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper, and all the fucking meals in between, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year!”

   Chuck wiped his mouth, the hoarsely blurted out, “Yeah, we are truly lucky here today. I know I got to taste me some of this boy’s ass, and his cum, oh my God, well it’s something special, purely special I tell you. I did my best to get the taste of it, and it just don’t have a taste! That’s the best damn cum I’ve ever tasted in my whole fucking life!”

   All Justin could muster was a nod of his head in a meager attempt at offering his delightful thanks. Still on his knees, Justin could hear someone milling around to his left side. He did hear Chuck speak, but the words were not actually all that clear. Someone grabbed a hold of Justin’s left arm and assisted him to his feet. Following the man, Justin soon found himself placing both knees on a large coffee table that was covered with a large padded pillow. In short, Justin was now in a doggy style position, offering his jutting ass to any and everyone.

   Chuck was already on his knees as his large hands began caressing Justin’s tiny butt cheeks. His eyes were deeply entranced upon the tiny glistening speck of what he knew was the boy’s asshole. Chuck’s thick tongue slid across both of his lips as he lowered his nose directly over Justin’s bung hole. Inhaling deeply, Chuck growled as the minty fresh coconut fragrance exploded heavily into his expanded lungs, setting his inner soul riveting on fire.

   From pure instinct, Chuck began taking gentle swipes up and down Justin’s butt crack, stopping each time to flatten his tongue on Justin’s bung hole. Chuck moaned feverishly as his tongue basked in the silky smooth texture of Justin’s flesh, then growled as his tongue struck the tiny speck of the most hidden treasure known to mankind. Unable to stand it any longer, Chuck forced his tongue up Justin’s chute and began slithering it in and out and all around.

   Justin’s angelic soft moans filled the room’s air, leaving every man in it with their mouths wide open and eyes dancing in glee at the total awesome beauty of the scene taking place before their very eyes.

   Justin began slinging his head from side to side as Chuck’s tongue plowed its way inside him, sending waves of pure pleasure splashing throughout every part of his quivering body. Chuck held onto Justin’s butt cheeks as he hungrily tongue fucked the boy’s ass without the need for any mercy whatsoever.

   Chuck slurped and tongued Justin’s asshole until he felt like his own tongue was going to fall off. Backing away, another man quickly filled the void and began lapping at Justin’s butt hole. He too dined on Justin’s ass for a lengthy time before giving way to another hungry ass eater.

   As time wore on, seven men had taken turns eating Justin’s asshole out to perfection. By this point, Justin was nothing more than putty in their hands. His cock became rock hard and Justin was whispering for someone to shove their cock up his ass. He was delirious with joy and inwardly craved to feel a cock, anybody’s cock, fill the burning hunger his ass was torturing him with.

   In short, his angelic whispers was being answered when he felt a large bulbous cock head press sharply against his cock addicted asshole. It was Chuck, and he was wild with passion as he pushed hard to force his thick manhood up Justin’s bung hole. A couple of grunts later, Chuck pushed his thick head through and growled as Justin’s anal muscles powerfully attacked the head of his cock, forcing Chuck to shove his long thick beast all the way up Justin’s butt.

   Justin cried out, slinging his head from side to side as Chuck’s big cock dove full length up his anal canal. It wasn’t a cry of pain, but more so, a cry of pleasure. Justin began humping his butt forwards and backwards, timing Chuck’s ball bashing thrusts with his own. With each mighty thrust from Chuck’s pile driving cock, Justin clamped down with anal muscles, sending Chuck into a bear like growling state. Chuck’s large hands gripped Justin’s hips as he used his brute strength to slam the boy’s ass onto his ass hammering cock.

   Within a few seconds, everyone who had been outside had gathered around to watch Chuck plow Justin’s ass. The gut wrenching thudding of flesh striking flesh echoed off the walls as Chuck violently slammed his cock in and out of Justin’s

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