For the love of Sara.

Sara was an 18 year old very cute girl, who was living at home with her mother in a very small town.

Her mother Beth to say the least was a self-righteous religious bitch who was about as mentally abusive to her daughter as the of the fictional character’s mother from Stephen King’s horror story, “Carrie.”

From time to time Sara would ride her bicycle around town, this particular time she would meet a local lady named Anna.

Anna was a average height blonde, about 42 years of age, who has lived here in town about of her life. To say the least, it did not take long for Sara and Anna to become friends.

For a long time, Sara and Anna would go bike riding together, and talked about how mentally abusive Sara’s mother was to her.

There were many times where Sara would cry on Anna’s shoulder, and her and Annie became extremely close.

When Sara turned 21, she became a complete knockout with her raven black hair, draping down her white slender body. But that meant nothing to that bitch mother of hers.

Sara’s bitch mother was ripping into her, one day by slapping Sara in the face with her bible telling her how worthless she is and how she was going to hell,as her mom told her she was going to a week long camp meeting.

Sara bolted out the door and went to her favorite pavilion at the park, where she sat at on the picnic table bawling her eyes out.

At that time, her friend Anna was riding her bicycle in the park, where her friend was, hearing her crying. As any friend would do, Anna came to Sara to hug and comfort her favorite girl in the entire world.

When Sara told Annie her mother would be gone all week, Anna invited her to stay with her during that time.

Sara smiled, told her I would love to stay at your place. So they rode their bikes to Anna’s home, where Anna and her ate some tacos they made together, while being their silly selves.

After they ate some dinner, the girls would go to the sofa to watch TV and done some more talking.

As the day went on, Anna told Sara she was going to get a shower and asked her if she would join her.

Sara looked at her saying, what do mean? Anna responded to her, well there’s something I never told you, I am a lesbian, and I have been very much attracted to you, I think you’re the cutest thing I have ever seen.

At first Sara became very nervous, saying I am still a virgin, I have never been touched! Anna whispered in her ear, it’s okay honey, I would never hurt you, I will make you feel fantastic! She went further by saying with a smile, what a better why to piss off that bitch mother than having someone actually loving you!

Sara smiled and said sure, let’s do it as long as it feels good!

So,both of the girls walked back to the bathroom where Anna, told Sara to allow her to undress her. Anna slowly removed Sara’ tank top, running her fingers over her bra playing with her tiny nipples while kissing Sara’s young lips.

Anna asked if playing with Sara’s nipples felt good, Sara responded yes, I have never been touched like that before!

Anna smiled and told her she was going to have a lot of fun with your virgin body as she took off Sara’s bra, exposing her tiny titties.

Anna continued to kiss and suck Sara’s little titties and skinny body as her hand slid down her thong, playing with her virgin clit.

Than Anna stripped before Sara, bringing her into the steamy shower, as she washed every orifice of Sara’s body and herself.

Than Anna took Sara by the hand to her bed, laid her delicate body gently down. She would kiss her body all the way down to her bush, parting Sara’s legs open for Anna so she could devour her virgin pussy and ass.

Within seconds Sara was enjoying what Anna was doing to her, making her cum for the first time in her life.

As Sara looked upon Anna’s naked body, she would become totally infatuated of her new lover’s contours of her body.

Anna could clearly see that Sara wanted her and she guided her new lover in how to please her. As Sara learned how to eat Anna’s pussy, she began to love her lover’s aroma and her taste. They end the night exploring each other’s pleasures all for the love of Sara and her new love of her life.

The next morning after Anna took her new lover to places Sara has never been, she saw her lying naked on the bed on her belly.

Anna gently came behind her lifted Sara’s sweet little ass in the air,and spread open her new lover’s cheeks open for the prize she wanted, her virgin rosebud.

As Anna began probing her tongue and fingers in Sara’s ass, she started to wake up, Anna spoke to her, Good morning my love, mind if I eat my breakfast? Sara innocently asked Anna, what you mean Anna?

Anna huskily chuckled, and responded to her by saying, you’re my breakfast baby!

Anna began eating Sara’s asshole, sticking her tongue deep as it would go, she continued her her delicious young and tender meal by going back and forth to her juicy pink pussy to her ass.

As Sara was moaning and cooing with ecstasy, Anna knew that her young prize was enjoying the attention she was getting. Sara than rolled over on her back in Anna’s bed and spread her legs as far as they would go, giving her lover access to love holes.

Anna began to worshipping Sara’s holes with her tongue and fingers, than Sara asked Anna what about my breakfast?

Anna smiled at her and said to her, all she had to do is ask. Anna on her knees by her young lover and gently lifted up to the knees, guiding Sara to Anna’s breast.

Anna responded to Sara by saying, enjoy your breakfast baby! With pleasure, Sara took Anna’s pointy nipples into her mouth while on her knees while Anna was rubbing her mature pussy, against her new prize’s mature but inexperienced pussy.

As the sensation got hotter, between Sara and Anna,Anna gently guided Sara down to her pussy, saying please me baby, show me how much you love me!

Sara started licking Anna’s pussy in and out of her hole and nibbling her juicy clit and back to Anna’s rosebud.

With Anna being so blown away in how quickly Sara has learned in how to please her new lover, she grabbed her skinny body, flipped her over on top of Anna, placing Sara’s asshole and pussy in her face.

Anna told Sara to continue eating her ass and pussy, than Anna started to devour finger Sara’s little sweet tender ass and pussy until they both exploded with cum.

After the week long hot experience that Anna and Sara had, Sara couldn’t wait to go home to pack her things to leave that bitch mother of hers.

In front of Beth both Anna and Sara packed her things, and just to piss her off Sara and Anna both kissed each other in front of Beth. And as Beth was insulting Sara for the last time, Anna smiled and told that bitch mother of Sara’s that I will love her and give her all the attention to her than she ever will, and it will be all for the love of Sara.


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