Marine Corps Tail Of All Tales – Justin’s Awakening

Author: Shawn

For the next three months, the Gunny and Justin shared their room on the base, having sex at least three times a day. Justin fell in love with sucking the Gunny’s cock, but more so, he became absolutely addicted at having his ass pummeled by the Gunny’s thick cock. Every morning, Justin found himself in various positions having his ass hammered. During their lunch break, he was in the Gunny’s office, ass hiked up, and the Gunny slamming his beefy meat in and out of his more than willing bung hole. When their work day ended, the two men were in their room with the Gunny savagely cramming his cock into Justin’s magical anal kingdom. Often times, at night, they would enjoy at least two more ass pounding sessions before falling off to sleep.
   The Gunny simply couldn’t get enough of Justin and Justin couldn’t get enough of the Gunny’s cock. Justin also loved all the body hair that the Gunny’s body offered. When they were not having sex, Justin constantly thought about it. No matter what he was doing at the time, his mind kept on replaying their wonderful sex sessions. The Gunny was having the same thoughts as well and often times pinched himself to see if all that was happening was in fact for real.
   The higher ups somehow discovered their living arrangements and basically gave the Gunny an ultimatum. Justin had to leave his room and now the Gunny searched for another room for Justin to reside in. Naturally, they were both extremely disappointed, but they both understood. Justin’s new room was on the bottom floor and he was a bit excited to find out that he didn’t have a roommate. The Gunny helped Justin move his belongings into the new room and initiated the new room by bending Justin over the bed and filling his ass with thick wads of Marine Corps cream.
   By no means was Justin a loner for he got along well the other Marines in his platoon, but as far as a sexual appetite for any of them goes, none of them actually fell into his preference. Yeah, he would often steal a glance at their crotches, but other than that, that was it. As the days turned into weeks, Justin grew hornier than ever. Justin and the Gunny’s sexual encounters began dwindling as time went on. It wasn’t by any of their own actions that minimized their meetings, it was the Marine Corps and its traditions.
   Their sexual encounters had reduced themselves to sometimes once, maybe, twice a week. Justin craved more and he grew tired of laying in his bed and jacking his cock into a sperm shooting frenzy. He wanted, better yet, he needed to feel a cock in his mouth and a cock pile driving his ass. So, being that it was a Friday, Justin decided to treat himself to a night out on the town. As he always had done, Justin unscrewed the cap off the enema bottle and filled the remainder up with his coconut oil. Once he ensured himself that he was thoroughly cleaned out, he stepped into the shower and took a rather long shower. After toweling off, he brushed his teeth, then began searching his clothes for the proper attire. He just didn’t want to put anything on, he wanted to look sexy in hopes of feeding his sexual cravings.
   Being that it was summer, Justin decided to put on a white fish net tank top and a pair of super short cut-off jeans. Slipping his white ankle socks on, Justin then put on his white Nike tennis shoes and called a cab. He stood outside on the street and a few minutes later, the cab pulled up and Justin hopped in. The cab driver looked back at Justin and asked, “Where to?” Justin smiled, then angelically said, “I’m not really sure sir, but somewhere in town will be fine I guess.” The cab driver was a huge black man in his late forties with a large scruffy beard and a raspy voice. The driver, still looking into Justin’s eyes shot back, “Young man, I’ve been driving Marines around for over 20 years and if there is something you want to accomplish, just tell me and I’ll make it happen.” After a brief silence, the cab driver blurted out, “Look man, you are either looking for some pussy or you are out for dick, either way, I am sure I can help you. Besides, the way you are dressed, I don’t think you are going to have a problem getting anything. So, what’s it gonna be?”
   The cabby could see Justin’s facial expression as the young Marine appeared to be confused or afraid to tell him, so he whispered, “Look guy, I aint no Marine. If you’re gay and out looking for some dick, I can take you to a nice spot. Believe me, you aint the first Marine to sit back there who was afraid to tell me you want some cock. By the way, my name’s Alfred. (Justin nervously whispered his name) Okay Justin, you can tell me anything and you don’t have to be afraid either. So, let’s get things moving along and open that pretty mouth of yours and tell me what’s it gonna be.”
   Justin was more than a bit nervous, but he managed to squeak out, “I’m gay sir and I don’t know where to go where nobody will rat me out being gay sir.” Alfred smacked his lips, then shot back, “Hell, don’t you worry none, Old Alfred here knows everything and I got a place in mind I will take you to. Shit, I even know the owner and maybe I can even persuade him to let you in. At this club, the customers must be 21 or over, but I got a pretty good feeling he’ll make an exception for you.” As Alfred said the last word, he shot Justin a wink and began to drive.
   They had just left the base and was driving in town when Alfred perked up and spoke, “I aint gay or nothing like that. I got me some good pussy waiting at home for me, but Justin, if I was gay, let me tell you I’d do anything and everything I could to jump your mother fucking bones! Yeah, yes sir I would, in a fucking heartbeat!” After a brief silence, Alfred spoke again, “Shit, wish I could be a fly on the wall when those guys see you walk in. I bet every cock in the house is gonna get ball busting hard. You just be careful in there, you hear me? Don’t just settle for anyone inside! You don’t drink to much either, you hear me? You take my card and you call me anytime when you want to leave and I’ll come get you and make sure you get back to the base safely. Yea, them guys are gonna be in for a real treat tonight!”
   20 minutes later, they pulled in behind a large building and Alfred parked right in front of the rear entrance. Justin could see some guy sitting on a barstool who was obviously checking ID’s. Each time the rear door opened, the music from inside came propelling out into the parking lot. Alfred leaned his face towards Justin and said, “You sit here for a minute and let old Alfred go talk with the owner.” With that being said, Alfred got out of the cab and walked inside. Alfred had been gone for about 10 heart felt minutes, but when he exited the rear door, he was accompanied by a guy who looked to be in his early fifties. Alfred opened the rear door, pointing at Justin and said, “This here is Justin and it’s his first time. Justin, this here is Tom and he owns the place. The two strangers shook hands, but it was Tom who felt a powerful surge of electricity shoot through his body as their flesh actually touched.
   Justin got out of the cab and it was all Tom could do to not drop to his knees and devour the young Marine standing before him. Tom’s roaming eyes danced gleefully within their sockets as he admired the total beauty which was now gracing his eyes and making his heart pound to the tune of a million drums. Justin’s bluer than blue eyes glistened entrancingly against the building lights and the mild darkness of the sky. As Tom stood there, entranced at such beauty, his legs began to shake.
   After a very brief discussion, Tom had no problem letting Justin in. Justin figured Tom stood about an even six foot and weighed around the 200 pound range. His hair was balding and what was left was turning grey. Alfred said his goodbye’s and Tom and Justin walked inside. This was Justin’s first time ever being inside a bar, much less, a gay bar. It was dark inside and Tom already had told Justin that his eyes would soon adjust to the darkness and everything would be fine.
   The place was packed with guys milling around, and unbeknownst to Justin, all eyes zeroed in on him. Tom told the bartender to give Justin anything he wanted and that his money was no good here tonight. Tom looked at Justin, then almost in a shouting manner, said, “Tonight’s on me Justin. Go look around and have some fun. If you have any problems, you just come tell me and I’ll take care of it.” Justin ordered a beer and once he had his drink, he started walking around, taking in everything his eyes could see.
   It was like a kid being set free in a candy store, and Justin was going to take full vantage of it. He saw guys dancing, others were sitting at tables, and a lot of guys were just standing in various places watching whatever they chose to look at. Justin did see a bunch of guys that definitely sparked his interests. He also saw groups of guys close to his own age who hung out with their own specific age group. Those guys did absolutely nothing for Justin cause his only desire was with older men. He couldn’t explain why that was so, but that’s just the way it was, and is!
   A few more beers later, Justin was now seated on one of the barstools at the bar. The guy immediately to his left blurted out, “That sure is one lucky barstool!” Justin smiled then politely asked, “Why is that sir?” The stranger replied, “Well, if I may be so bold as to say that you are in possession of the most perfect butt any, and I mean any, man could ever hope to dream of.” Justin accepted that as a compliment and gave his polite thanks. As their conversation continued, Justin found out that his name is Ken, and he is 58 years old, and the life partner of Tom, the owner. The longer they talked, the more Justin found Ken to be irresistible. Justin also found it interesting to know that they were lovers and that Tom is white and Ken is black.    
   The two sat their and indulged themselves with their casual conversation when Tom walked up and wrapped his arms around his lovers chest, and quickly said, “Well, I see you two are acquainted.” Ken leaned his head to the right and gave his lover a tender peck on the lips, then said, “Yes, we met and what a find indeed.” The three of them continued their conversation when Tom stated, “It’s too loud in here. Why don’t we go in the office where we wont have to yell!”
   Tom led the way, followed by Ken, then Justin picked up the rear. While he walked in behind Ken, Justin got a good visual of his backside. Ken must have stood a good 6’5” and had to tip the scale close to, or if not more, than 275 pounds. He was by no means heavyset either. From what Justin could tell, Ken looked like he lived in a gym. Tom also looked as though he spent a lot of time in the gym as well. Once inside the office, Justin couldn’t believe just how quiet things were. The music barely penetrated the walls and they were able to talk without having to shout.
   Justin took in the office, noting that there was a leather love seat to his left side, a large desk where Tom was seated, and two more chairs in front of the desk, one in which Ken was now seated. Justin could also see an open door that must lead into a bathroom. Justin sat down next to Ken who was immediately to his right. All three had their drinks in their hands, but it was Tom who spoke first, “Justin, have you ever been with two men before?” Justin quickly replied, “No sir!” Then Ken spoke, “Have you ever been with a black man before?” Once again, Justin announced, “No sir! I’ve only been with one guy sir.” Tom blurted, “Ken, I wish you would stop with that color shit! Color aint got a damn thing to do with it, and you know that! The bottom line here is that we have this young Marine beauty right here, and we’re just trying to see if he’d like to have a threesome with us, and that’s it!”
   Ken agreed, then apologized to Justin. Justin’s cock was already hard just thinking of the possibility of a threesome with Ken and Tom. Taking another swig of his beer, Justin smacked his lips, then as softly as his angelic voice would go, said, “I’d like to try it if in you guys want me.” Tom chuckled, then bellowed, “Want you? Want you? For Christ’s sake Justin, I almost blew a load when I first saw you. What about you Ken?” Ken chuckled as well, then said, “I’m with Tom on that one. Justin, when you look in the mirror, all you’ll ever see is yourself, however, when others look at you, all they see is heavenly beauty!”
   Tom initiated things by standing up and began unbuttoning his shirt. As his shirt flew open, Justin saw the mass of greying curls littering Tom’s muscular chest and stomach. Ken stood up and quickly unbuttoned his shirt. Ken’s chest was rather smooth, but his muscles burned holes into Justin’s wandering eyes. Justin’s body began shaking as he watched both men unfasten their pants. Tom not only peeled down his pants, but he yanked down his underwear as well. Tom’s cock sprang forth like a powerful weapon, yielding itself a good 7 inches from his body. It had a slight downwards angle right in the middle of one very thick shaft. For a brief second, Justin realized that Tom’s cock wasn’t as long as the Gunny’s, but it was a little bit thicker. The large mushroom head was a tad thicker than the shaft and the gaping piss slit was steadily pumping out pre-cum by the gallons. Tom’s hairy balls also swung down from his body a good six inches and offered the appearance of two very large sized chicken eggs.
   Turning his head to his right, Justin’s mouth immediately fell open when he witnessed Ken stepping out of his pants and underwear. His cock jutted from his muscle toned body a whopping 9 1/2 to 10 inches and equalled Tom’s thickness to boot. Unlike Tom or the Gunny, Ken’s cock was uncut and the foreskin concealed the giant bulbous cock head completely. Ken’s cock head was a good two inches thicker than his already beefy shaft and it too had a slight downwards arch in the middle of the thick dark shaft. In the eyes of Justin, the huge cock throbbing to his right looked like a smaller version of a black telephone pole. Ken’s balls were of equal size to those of Tom’s with vast curls of black pubic hair. Sitting in the chair, Justin questioned himself as to what he had just got himself into. Two men, both strangers at best, with large thick cocks patiently waiting to ram their behemoth cocks up his ass. Now he began wondering if he could take either of them up his butt!
   As Justin was standing up, Tom reached into an office drawer and retrieved a small bottle of something. Justin watched as Tom unscrewed the cap and placed his fingers on his left nostril and began inhaling deeply with his right one, then handed the bottle to Ken who did the same thing. Just by Justin’s facial expression, both Ken and Tom knew that Justin had no clue what they were sniffing. Ken spoke first, “This is called poppers or rush. In all reality, it’s video head cleaner. It helps you relax quite a bit and you don’t have to worry either, cause this will not show up on the Marine Corps piss test.” Justin had sat back down when Ken took the few short steps towards him, approaching Justin on his right side. Ken closed Justin’s right nostril and placed the bottle under his left opening. Justin followed Ken’s orders and inhaled deeply, then held his breath. Though Justin had just taken a whiff of the rush, his eyes couldn’t stop gleaming at Ken’s massive fuck pole.
   When Justin exhaled, his head immediately began spinning. It felt as though his blood was slowly being drained from his body. While he was feeling the effects from the rush, his mouth, almost in a magnetic state of being, shot to his right and his lips circled over Ken’s foreskin covered cock head. The huge cock head filled his mouth and his tongue found the opening of the foreskin and snaked inside. The taste was something new, and at first, kind of bitter, but as his mouth worked on the giant head, Justin figured the mixture to be piss, sweat, and a large helping of pre-cum. Within ten seconds, Ken’s cock taste sweltered heavily into Justin’s mind and he now found himself moaning at having the thick pole gracing the interior of his mouth.
   Tom now positioned himself to Justin’s left, and Justin was soon taking turns sucking on both men’s large cocks. When he had one cock inside his mouth, the hand nearest the free cock was on it and slowly jerking on it. Ken and Tom took turns taking hits off the rush, then they would take turns holding down one of Justin’s nostrils in order for the young Marine to take a whiff.
   Five minutes later, both Ken and Tom helped Justin to stand. As he stood, both men slowly began removing his clothes while Justin continuously took hits from the rush. Justin’s mind was racing so frantically he was totally unaware that he was now standing there totally naked with both men stepping back to just steal the opportunity to stare at Justin’s total perfection. It was Ken who made the first move. Using his left foot, he slid the chair backwards and immediately dropped to his knees, placing both hands upon each of Justin’s olive tanned, muscular toned, butt cheeks.
   Tom quickly knelt down in front of Justin and wasted no time on inhaling the fresh coconut scent spewing from Justin’s tight little balls. Using his tongue, Tom flickered each tiny nugget, sending chills racing up and down Justin’s back. Tom opened his mouth and easily engulfed both nuggets allowing his tongue to frolic and slither on the silky smooth baby makers. While Tom was giving Justin’s balls a proper tongue bath, Ken had already forced Justin’s tight little ass cheeks apart and began drooling at the tiny little speck he knew so well as being referred to as an asshole. Ken shoved his nose in between the two hairless cheeks and began deeply inhaling. Just in Tom’s case, all Ken’s smell glands could detect was a fresh spring scent of coconut.
   Once Ken got his fill of smelling Justin’s sweet smelling ass, he flopped out his exploring tongue and began gingerly applying pressure to the little speck. Several attempts later, Ken’s tongue snaked itself up Justin’s chute. Justin was standing on his toes, moaning like crazy at the pleasures both men were now giving him. Tom allowed Justin’s balls to ease out of his mouth and using the fingertips of his right hand, he pushed down on Justin’s cock and saw a bead of pre-cum oozing out the tiny piss slit. Flickering his tongue, Tom scooped up the clear liquid and began grunting like a pissed off bear as the taste of Justin’s pre-cum soothed his inner soul. Opening his mouth, Tom easily swallowed every inch of Justin’s Marine Corps pride.
   Justin was sniffing the rush, holding his breath, then released it and allowed all the pleasures to run their wild and frantic course. He could feel Ken’s tongue as it crawled around inside his anal canal and the mouth on his cock certainly was skilled at sucking. Justin’s left hand was on top of Tom’s head and his right hand was behind him, spreading his right butt cheek outward even farther. Justin was breathing heavy and whimpering like a little lost school boy as the two men worked their magic on both his cock and his ass.
   While Tom was masterfully sucking on Justin’s cock, Ken had a finger inside Justin’s ass along with his probing tongue. Ken’s finger kept striking a magic spot and Justin couldn’t hold back any longer. With a loud scream, Tom felt the young Marine’s cock expand as the first wave of sperm juice flew sharply into his mouth. Tom didn’t count, but he figured that Justin had shot at least 10 large strands of love juice into his mouth before the young man’s cock constantly began oozing out globs by the gallon. As Justin was spinning from his body shaking orgasm, Ken added a second finger to the equation up his ass.
   Tom held Justin’s cream within the safety of his mouth, ensuring himself to capture every loving drop. With his mouth still on Justin’s cock, Tom decided to go ahead and sample the boy’s seed. Just as in the case of the Gunny, Tom swallowed at least three times before realizing that Justin’s sperm didn’t have any taste whatsoever. Keeping that in mind, Tom moaned as he swallowed every drop of Justin’s thick cream.
   In turn, both Ken and Tom decided to trade places. As they were doing so, Tom told Ken, “I’ve swallowed a lot of sperm in my days, but I assure you, none could compare what this young fellow has to offer. He shoots a huge load, but it doesn’t have a taste, none whatsoever!” Ken smiled, then tossed out, “Well, I’m gonna get me some and be the judge for myself. I’ve dined on a lot of asses too, but this one, this one right here has got to be the most incredible of them all. Tom, you watch out how you finger this boy’s ass. His ass muscles don’t play. Heck, it felt like they were gonna pull the flesh right off of my fingers. You’ll see!”
   Justin’s cock was still hard as Ken knelt down and slid his lips all the way down, burying his nose in the little tuft of blond, almost white pubic hairs. Tom wasted no time in spreading Justin’s ass cheeks apart, and just like his lover, he too was speechless at seeing the tiny speck of a bung hole. Tom took a few quick whiffs, then began lapping at Justin’s asshole like a dog dying of thirst. In a brief time span, Tom had his tongue as far as it could possibly go up Justin’s muscle squeezing anal canal. A few minutes later, Tom had his tongue and two fingers probing inside the sweetest ass he had ever had the privilege of dining on.
   Ken was working on Justin’s cock as Tom was busy on Justin’s ass when Justin cried out and his cock throbbed, erupting into another sperm shooting frenzy. Justin’s entire body was shaking severely as his cock kept spraying Ken’s mouth with his love juice. Though it wasn’t as much as the offering Justin gave to Tom, it was still a rather large amount, but then again, Ken wasn’t about to complain. Just as Tom had said, Ken realized that it was true. Justin’s sperm had no taste. It was just thick, gooey, and soothingly warm.
   With his orgasm subsiding, Justin’s cock fell flaccid within Ken’s still vacuum like mouth. Ken finally allowed the sensitive flaccid organ to slip out of his mouth. Wasting very little time, Ken walked over and sat down on the leather love sofa while Tom began positioning Justin. Justin’s body was nothing more than a limp noodle as Tom had him walk to the edge of the sofa, placing his left knee on the edge of the seat cushion and bending over the armrest. Justin’s mouth immediately began sucking on Ken’s huge fuck pole while Tom was somewhere in behind him getting things ready, so to speak.
   Ken had the bottle of rush in his right hand and kept feeding it to Justin who didn’t resist the offer. Tom retrieved a bottle of lubricant and began coating his cock with the slippery substance. Tom stepped in behind Justin and aimed his throbbing beefy member at Justin’s tiny asshole. Holding onto the base of his cock with his right hand, Tom began applying a steady pressure until Justin’s asshole finally opened. When Justin felt Tom’s thick cock enter his ass, his muffled scream was obstructed with having Ken’s enormous cock head filling his entire mouth.
   Justin inhaled the rush again as Tom pushed more of his beefy organ up his anal highway. With each thick veiny inch, Justin grunted and whimpered until Tom managed to work his entire cock up the young Marine’s muscle gripping ass. Tom screamed, “Holy mother of sheep shit! This boy’s ass is sooooooooooo fucking tight!” While Tom dare not to move, it was Justin who began using his incredible ass muscles to perform their magic. Tom was mumbling and cursing as Justin’s ass muscles converged all over his cock. Being unable to keep his cock still, Tom began working his cock in and out of Justin’s ass, eventually, building up his pace to a body pouncing, jack hammering, speed.
   To say the least, Justin was loving every minute of this. His ass was being properly plowed and his mouth was working on the biggest cock his eyes had ever seen. His left hand was cupping and caressing Ken’s hairy nuts while his right hand guided Ken’s right hand containing the rush up to his flaring nostrils. Ken used his left hand to caress Justin’s back while slinging his own head from side to side as to the sensation of having such a magnificent beauty sucking his cock.
   Normally, Ken was one of those guys who could handle a blow-job, but if he did bust a nut, as a rule, it normally takes a long, long time. While his lover plowed Justin’s delicious ass, Ken grunted loudly as his cock began shooting thick wads into Justin’s mouth. The first sperm blast struck the roof of Justin’s mouth, and just from the sheer violence of the assault, Justin almost was forced to remove his mouth from the sperm shooting monster. It didn’t take Justin long to realize he had to start swallowing. He opened his throat and several large thick globs of sperm slid downwards. Justin did take note of the taste. It was kind of salty, but not bitter, not bitter at all. Justin began swallowing as fast as Ken’s cock served up its creaminess.
   Ken was lost in his own orgasm, confused at being caught off guard and having the little mouth still working feverishly to drain him completely dry. Tom was a bit surprised too at seeing his lover bust a nut so quickly. He had seen several guys over the years suck his lovers cock and they all took at least 30 minutes or longer, but this young beauty made his lover bust a nut in less than five minutes, just by using his precious little mouth. Seeing Ken blow his load and the young Marine’s ass muscle gripping at his cock, Tom cried out and began coating Justin’s anal canal with large chunks of thick sperm. By now, Ken’s cock could offer no more sperm, but it still was brickyard hard.
   Tom plowed Justin’s ass like never before, fucking the tight ass until his cock began to deflate, the pulled it out. Tom bellowed, “Mother fuck me! This boy’s ass needs to have a patent on it! Damn, his ass muscles knows how to work a cock too!” Ken had regained his senses, and Justin’s mouth was still glued to his cock head when Ken blurted out, “Yeah, his little mouth needs a patent too. I don’t ever recall blowing a load that fast!” Ken had to use his hands to force Justin’s worshiping mouth from his cock.
   Justin’s body continued its convulsion like shaking as the men began making a positioning change. Justin already knew what was going to happen next. He knew that Ken was going to impale his ass with that huge black pole, but since having just been fucked, and fucked good, Justin was already up for the task. Tom positioned himself on the sofa in such a way that his legs were on top of the sofa and his head was leaning over the seat cushions. Ken guided Justin up to Tom. Justin spread his legs widely and leaned down so that Tom began eagerly sucking on his cock and now Justin had the opportunity to suck on Tom’s beefy member and worship his large hairy balls.
   Ken handed the bottle of rush to Justin who began earnestly taking lung filling hits. Ken began massaging the lubricant all over his organ and used his feet to guide Justin’s feet outwards a bit more. Ken had Tom scoot his butt backwards so that it was touching the back of the sofa, then he had Justin place both knees on the sofa’s edge. Justin’s legs were spread widely when he felt the familiar feeling of something huge being applied directly on his exposed asshole.
   Holding his large cock with both hands, Ken began increasing the pressure. Justin’s mouth was on Tom’s thick cock and he had just taken a hit of the rush when he felt his asshole give way, allowing Ken’s enormous cock head to make its grand entrance. The pain immediately exploded over every inch of Justin’s body as his anal canal stretched wider than ever, or so it felt. The pain was intense and Justin was doing everything he could manage to relax his ass muscles so it could ease the gut wrenching pain somewhat.
   Ken had no choice but to feel the searing heat and the overall tightness of the ass clamping down, more so, crushing his cock head. He too felt a sense of pain so it pressured him into sliding a good two inches up the young Marine’s rectum. Justin cried out as he removed his mouth temporarily from Tom’s cock, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!”
   It felt like a never ending painful endurance, but Ken managed to sink his entire pole up Justin’s pain riddled bowels. Justin thought he could feel the monster inside his upper stomach area and it was even a bit painful to breathe. As Ken held his position, Justin began trying to clamp down with his ass muscles. The first few attempts sent shock waves of pain rippling throughout his body, but a short while later, his ass had willingly accepted the long thick one eyed beast. Now, it was Ken who cried out as Justin’s anal muscles went to work, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeee!”
   While using his ass muscles, Justin started to gyrate his hips and hump forwards and backwards to feel more of the gargantuan lodged ever so deeply beyond his bowels. Ken’s hands placed a death grip on Justin’s silky smooth hips and began to use the young Marine’s body as a weapon against himself. A few strokes later, Ken was lost to life as he found himself triumphantly slamming his meaty fuck pole in the most miraculous ass his cock had ever encountered.
   All three men were grunting, groaning, and whimpering as their sex drives kicked in to overdrive. Justin sucked on Tom’s cock while Tom savagely sucked on Justin’s, and Ken was fucking harder and faster than ever before in and out of Justin’s muscle crunching ass. Tom’s orgasm snuck up on him and his cock began spewing gallons of nectar into Justin’s commercial grade sucking mouth. Justin didn’t even think as he began swallowing. Tom’s cum was a bit more saltier than Ken’s, but Justin wasn’t about to spill a single thick drop. Tom bucked his hips, forcing his cock to race in and out of Justin’s mouth as it was slinging thick strands of man seed.
   As he was swallowing Tom’s sperm, Justin’s cock unleashed its own rage, firing round after round of love pellets sharply into Tom’s sperm hungry mouth. As Justin’s was having an orgasm, his anal muscles went into a seizure like formation, compelling all its strength on Ken’s ass pounding cock. Ken began varying his pace cause he didn’t want to bust a nut so soon, but his body didn’t cooperate and his cock began blowing wads of thick sperm strands deeper into Justin’s vacuuming bowels. All three men were crying out as their orgasms tore through their bodies like battering waves being driven by hurricane force winds.
   Now, each of their cocks became totally limp and it was Ken’s uncut which plopped out of Justin’s ass, followed by Justin’s cock sliding out of Tom’s mouth, then Tom’s cock fell out of Justin’s. Ken could barely stand on his wobbly legs, and as Justin tried to place both feet on the floor, his legs were almost too weak to hold his body upright. Justin lost his wobbly balance and landed up against the desk in which Ken reached out and latched onto the dazed young Marine to prevent Justin from doing any damage to himself. Tom slid his body around so that he was able to prop himself into an upright position. Tom was the first to speak, “Ken, that’s what I’m talking about. That boy knows how to use his mouth and ass like no other. Damn, that was just too fucking hot!” Ken had released Justin, then spoke, “Yeah, that’s for sure! I can honestly say that I have never had my cock up any ass quite like the ass I was just in. Whew, now that is an ass of all asses, even if I have to say so myself!”
   Justin’s mind was still spinning and his breathing was very rapid, but his bowels reminded him of all the cum being temporarily held within his anal canal. As the pressure built up, Justin began squeezing his legs together, and this action didn’t go unnoticed by Ken. Ken pointed towards the open door and told Justin to help himself to the bathroom. Justin didn’t hesitate as he carefully inched his body towards the toilet. Once inside, he closed the door and sat down on the toilet just in time as a tidal wave of sperm plopped into the toilet’s water.
   While Justin was in the bathroom, taking care of business, Ken and Tom embraced one another and began sliding their tongues into the other’s hot mouth. Five or so minutes later, as their tongue swapping ended, Ken looked at his lover for 20 years and said, “Babe, we should invite Justin over so he can attend the pool party tomorrow.” Ken replied, “Heck yeah, that would be great. In fact, if you agree, we can invite him to spend the night.” Ken shot back, “Absolutely! We’ll have to see if he wants to or not, but if he agrees, then so be it. (Shaking his head back and forth) I still can’t believe how quick his mouth made me cum, not to mention, how fast his ass made me blow a second nut. It’s just incredible!” Tom piped in, “I know, I know! You know how much I love to swallow a fresh load, but that boy’s cum is absofuckinglutely out of this world! Fuck, it has no taste and his aroma sends my head spinning into orbit!”
   Ken shot back, “Yeah, that boy’s aroma certainly does something to a person. Even his tiny speck of an asshole, which doesn’t have any hair life I might add, smells sweeter than a flower garden.” Tom added, “Hot damn, that’s right! I have never seen such a tiny asshole in my life. The damn thing looks like a tiny dot in the center of all that olive colored smooth beauty. Man oh man, that boy is the spitting image of heavenly perfection, even to his sweet personality!”
   Justin finished up in the bathroom and now walked back into the office. As he made his entrance, his perfectly straight white teeth glistened as his heart stopping smile danced across his face. Both Ken and Tom became entranced at the naked smiling beauty now standing before them. Ken broke the silence, saying, “Justin, simple words cannot express our thanks for what happened here tonight. Believe me, by you being here, you gave Tom and I a new happiness to share. With that being said, we’d like to invite you to a pool party we are having at our home tomorrow. Would you like to come to our party?”
   Not having anything planned for the weekend, Justin simply replied, “Yes sir! I’d like that very much sir!” Tom was using his right hand to caress Justin’s left shoulder and looking into the young Marine’s glistening eyes, Tom whispered, “If you want to, and only if you want to, Ken and I would like to extend our invitation even more by inviting you to spend the night. Would you like that?” Justin was quick to speak, “Yes sir, but I wasn’t prepared to spend the night. I didn’t bring my shower kit or extra clothes.” Ken smiled, then whispered, “My young angel, you don’t ever need clothes in our home. In fact, covering that perfect body up with clothes should be downright illegal. Just so you know, and that there wont be any surprises, the pool party is clothing optional.”
   Justin thought about it for a second, but he really needed to get some supplies, and the mere thought about walking around the pool naked intrigued him to no end. Justin’s cherry thin lips trembled as he spoke, “Yes sir, I wouldn’t mind spending the night, but I need to catch a cab first to go to a store and pick up some supplies.” Ken smiled, then fired back, “Great, then that’s settled! I’ll see to it that someone takes you to the store right away, and before you ask, I’ll go ahead and call Alfred and let him know you’ll be with us.” Justin gave his thanks and Ken told Justin he could use the shower in the bathroom while he got someone to take him to the store.
   It was a tiny shower, but Justin made sure to clean himself thoroughly. As he toweled himself off, Justin stepped out of the bathroom to find a guy around his age sitting in one of the chairs in front of the desk. Justin figured the guy to be in his early twenties with bright red hair and dashing green eyes. Justin was slightly embarrassed at first, but the guy stood up and said, “My name’s Timmy and Ken sent me in here to take you to the store.” Justin offered Timmy his name in return and began looking for the few clothes he had to put back on. Timmy was holding himself back as to not jump on the heavenly beauty walking around naked before his very eyes. Justin could literally feel Timmy’s eyes burning holes into his body and his lifeless cock started becoming not so lifeless anymore.
   Timmy was wearing a pair of cut-off denim shorts and a yellow pull over t-shirt. His own cock tented his shorts as his eyes followed the naked beauty all around the office. In no time, no time at all, Justin’s cock became fully hard and that must have sent some kind of signal to Timmy, cause Timmy quickly stepped in front of Justin and lowered his mouth all the way down Justin’s cock. Justin slung his head back as his hands grabbed onto the back of Timmy’s head, caressing his fingers through the mop of fiery red hair. Timmy draped his hands behind Justin, latching his long slender fingers into the crevice of his ass, using his fingers to pry into Justin’s well fucked asshole.
   In a blinding speed, Timmy bobbed his mouth up and down Justin’s cock while his fingers dug rather sharply into the young Marine’s anal opening. Justin was standing on his toes, slinging his head from side to side as the fiery hot mouth slid up and down and the fingers dug into his cock hungry bung hole. Timmy didn’t skip a beat as he managed to spit on his right middle finger, keeping his mouth securely fastened to the silky smooth cock that was driving him absolutely crazy. With his middle finger now lubricated with his saliva, Timmy pressed it into Justin’s asshole until it began sliding deep into the searing hot, muscle clamping, canal.
   Justin was whimpering and moaning as the finger in his ass kept on hitting that special button. Within a very short time, Justin cried out and his cock began pumping a tidal wave of creamy cum straight into Timmy’s milking hot mouth. Timmy grunted as each thick strand flew sharply, striking the roof of his mouth with the utmost power and sheer elegance. Timmy swallowed a large portion and his moaning sounded more like growls as his thirst for this tasty fluid sent his mind spinning from his body. A few more swallows and Timmy did his best to obtain a taste, but there just wasn’t any taste for him to savor.
   Timmy sucked Justin’s cock into a flaccid state, then allowed the limp noodle to slip free from his mouth. Timmy stood up, without any words being exchanged, popped open the buttons and yanked his short’s and underwear all the way down to his ankles. Justin looked at the fiery red bush pronouncing itself with magnificent glory, the his eyes fell on Timmy’s erect cock. It was a good 7 inches long and curved upwards, almost like the curvature of a banana. Just like Ken’s cock, Timmy’s was uncut too, but the foreskin partially covered the flared mushroom head and Justin could easily see the glistening pre-cum as it glistened on the pink colored head. Timmy’s cock was thinner than those he had encountered previously, but by no means was it thin. His balls hung low in a sac covered with red curls and they were about the size of a medium sized chicken egg.
   Justin sank to his knees and began bobbing his head up and down Timmy’s upward jutting cock. The familiar taste of piss, sweat, and pre-cum swarmed all over his taste glands, but that didn’t stop Justin from milking Timmy’s cock. A minute or so of sucking Timmy’s cock, Timmy yanked his cock out of Justin’s mouth, then said, “I got to get me some of that ass!” Timmy had Justin turn around, facing the desk, then placed his right thigh on top of the desk. Timmy stepped in behind Justin, and just using Justin’s saliva for lubrication, Timmy pushed hard until his cock began sliding into Justin’s hungry hole.
   Timmy grabbed Justin’s hips and began immediately pile driving his cock in and out. Justin retaliated by clamping down with his ass muscles as hard as he could with his every breath. Timmy was cussing and slinging his head all over the place as the young Marine’s anal muscles attacked his cock, offering no mercy in the process. In less than a couple of minutes, Timmy’s cock exploded, pounding his sperm shooting cock harder than ever into Justin’s anal kingdom. Justin could feel each powerful sperm jet as it shit deeply inside of him. Constantly and continuously, Justin used his anal muscles to milk the thrusting cock of all its fluids.
   Just as fast as it started, it all ended. Timmy withdrew his flaccid cock from the most awesome ass his cock had ever known and fell seated into a chair behind him. Justin got up and went back into the bathroom to deposit the fresh load back into the toilet. After showering again, Justin walked back into the office and began placing his clothes back on. All Timmy could do was sit there, mouth wide open, and stare at the most gorgeous human his eyes had ever seen.
   The two walked out of the office and waved their goodbyes and left out the door. Inside Timmy’s car, just as he was backing out of the parking spot, Timmy nervously said, “You are incredible, you know that right?” I mean, dude, you are precisely what fantasies are made of. You uh, you are so fucking gorgeous!” Justin properly gave Timmy his thanks and the two conducted a brief conversation until they got to the store. It was a drug store that was located less than a mile away from the bar. Timmy waited in the car while Justin went inside.
   Justin grabbed a cart and the first thing he did was place a cheap tote bag in the cart. He walked around and placed the following items in his cart: coconut oil, 3 twin packs of Fleet enemas, underarm deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, an enema bag with an attached nozzle with a cutoff valve, baby oil, pineapple juice, coconut fragrance body soap, and a small bottle of shampoo. After making his purchase, Justin placed all the items into the tote bag and got back into Timmy’s car.
   Back inside the bar, Tom took Justin’s tote bag and placed it inside the office. Justin got a beer and began walking around, taking in all the things that were going on inside the bar. One guy who had been hanging around a group of guys who were close to Justin’s age approached him, and blurted out, “Dude, why are you wasting your time with those old trolls? You should be hanging that sweet ass of yours around us if you want some real action!” Justin paused, thinking of the most polite response, then replied, “Thank you, but I prefer the companionship of those guys, you know, the ones you refer to as old trolls!” The young man fired back at Justin, “That’s just fucking sick! I can’t believe someone who looks as good as you would actually want to suck their old shriveled up dicks…that’s fucking disgusting!”
   Taking a swig of his beer, Justin cleared his throat, smiled ever so angelically, then responded, “That’s your opinion, but let me ask you something? Does the cum from a, let’s say, 50 year old man taste any differently than the cum from a 20 year old? Does the 20 year olds shit smell any better than that of the man who is 50? You base everything on an age, whereas, I base everything on the person. One day, it just might be you sitting on one of those barstools and some of the younger guys will be referring to you as the old troll. Have you ever thought about that? I doubt that very seriously. Besides, who are you to tell me who I should like? Maybe, just maybe, if you flick that chip off your shoulder, you just might find a whole new world out there waiting for you. One last thing my friend! Whether you want to believe it or not, your looks, my looks, will fade over time. Only you can change yourself, but don’t try and change me. I love being with older men, and that sir, is the bottom line!”
   The young man looked at Justin but couldn’t say a single word. Everything Justin had said struck a major nerve somewhere deep within him. As the man stood in place, Justin spoke once more, “If you want to find happiness, then you should probably consider reality. A person’s age has got nothing to do with it! When you have sex with a guy around your age, chances are it doesn’t last very long. Even better, chances are that there is no real affection involved. I don’t know about you, but as for me, I really love to feel special, and those old trolls you refer to, are the ones who takes affection to another level. Don’t knock it until you tried it!”
   Justin turned and walked away. A little while later, the Karaoke contest was being set up. Ken and Tom and two other guys were getting everything in place and Justin was now sitting on a barstool at the bar. Those who wanted to participate was called to the stage to sign up. Ken walked over and sat next to Justin, then stated, “Justin, why don’t you go sign up. I am willing to bet the farm you have a beautiful voice.” Justin shook his head back and forth, then blurted out, “Sorry sir, but I really don’t know a lot about music.” Ken got up and walked to the stage. Upon his return, he was carrying the thick song book. Together, they flipped through the pages looking for that one special song.
    Both Tom and Ken kept on working on Justin who finally gave in and signed up. There were 20 contestants and each must sing two songs. The winner would be chosen from the crowd response. The two songs Ken and Tom picked out for Justin were “Coat of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton and “Lady” by Kenny Rogers. Justin was sitting on the barstool and his legs were shaking. To say he was a bit nervous would be the understatement of a lifetime. He go another beer and began swigging away, patiently awaiting his turn. Both Ken and Tom were a bit anxious as well cause they knew Justin had such an angelic voice and now wondered what his singing voice offered.
   Justin was finally called, being that he was contestant #17. As he approached the stage, his legs grew even shakier. Grabbing the microphone with his right hand, his eyes stay fastened to the monitor. There was a lot of chattering from the crowd and that did ease him somewhat, knowing that many of them had their own agendas, and not that of paying much attention to whoever was singing.
   The first song was “Coat of Many Colors.” Justin forced his mind to concentrate on the monitor as his vocal chords exploded with such a richness that every single person stopped what they were doing, and now all eyes were focused on the heavenly angel with the voice that stole their very heart. Justin nailed the song with the utter most perfection and as he began singing “Lady”, the vast majority of the patrons had gathered around the stage to get a better view. Ken and Tom had tears in their eyes as they listened and watched Justin perform like the king of all kings. To say the least, Justin nailed “Lady” too and received a standing ovation as he began walking off the stage.
   Several people patted him on the back, and butt too, as he made his way back to the bar. As he approached Ken and Tom, they couldn’t resist hugging Justin. Ken held Justin’s cheeks in his large hands and while looking straight into Justin’s piercing blue eyes said, “My God Justin, you truly are gorgeous in every single way. Your voice alone brought everyone to their feet and you made me and Tom cry. Oh my, you are so very, very special!”
   Ken had his right arm around Justin’s shoulders while saying, “Ken’s right my boy, that voice of yours can melt hearts. It melted ours!” Justin gave his thanks then took up a seat at the bar and resumed swigging on his beer. After the last contestant sang his two songs, each of the contestants were called back to the stage for the crowds response indicting the winner. As the MC began standing next to each contestant, the crowd applauded, but when he stood next to Justin, their response literally raised the roof. Without a doubt, after the MC went to the last contestant, their was no question as to who the winner was. Justin was declared the overall winner and was handed $500.00 in cash.
   Nearly everyone in the bar congratulated him, including the young man who had approached him earlier. He leaned into Justin’s right here and whispered, “You are the best and I’m gonna make that change, starting tonight. While you were singing “Lady”, I flicked that chip off of my shoulder! Thank you so very much!” Justin smiled at him and the two men hugged ever so affectionately.
   Now that the contest was over, the MC announced open Karaoke time. Justin returned to his seat, sitting in between Ken and Tom. Ken caught Justin’s attention, then said, “Justin, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.” Justin spun around in his seat and saw a huge man standing to Ken’s left. The man must have stood close to 6’6” and weighed a whopping 300 plus pounds. He did have a belly, but the guy looked powerful. He had a thick beard and his hair was brown and he looked like he was somewhere in his mid to late fifties. The more noticeable thing that caught Justin’s undivided attention was the mass of hair barreling out of the man’s shirt. Seeing that made Justin’s cock become achingly hard.
   Ken said, “Justin, this here is Walt. Walt, this young angel is Justin.” The two shook hands and Justin’s small hand was entirely consumed by Walt’s thick right hand. Walt felt the surge of electricity as his hand enclosed around Justin’s. Walt’s big brown eyes couldn’t take force themselves from admiring such overall enhanced beauty. He had heard Justin sing and he had watched the young beauty walk around the bar, gracing all with his sheer elegance and magnificent beauty. Now, he was face to face, peering into the most entrancing crystal blue eyes he had ever seen.
   When their hands fell to the perspective sides, Walt stole the moment to roam his eyes up and down’s Justin’s tight little body, noting intricately, the heart stopping bulge gathered up ever so nicely within the young Marine’s tight fitting shorts. Justin could easily see where the big man’s eyes were fixed on, so Justin pointed at his crotch, smiling ever so proudly, blurted out, “It wont bite you sir. You can touch it if you want to!” Walt’s beefy right hand cupped Justin’s tight package before his mind even had time to sort things out.
   The big hand gently squeezed his cock and balls, forcing his cock to throb with excitement. The world around Walt was totally lost as his hand held the young angel’s priceless package as the words flew from his quivering lips, “Hot damn! I’d love to suck the honey straight from this here pretty cock! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you are soooooooooo fucking perfect!” Justin gave Walt his thanks and he too began offering barely audible moans as the hand toyed with his cock and balls.
   Tom and Ken saw where Walt’s hand was, and they both smiled as Tom shouted, “Walt, if you want to and if Justin is up to it, you guys can go use the office. It’s a hell of a lot quieter in there than it is out here, and at least you guys can have a bit of privacy!”
   Walt ordered two more beers and Tom got up to unlock the office. Tom was followed by Justin who was followed by Walt. Walt’s massive legs trembled as his eyes zeroed in on Justin’s mouth watering little ass. As soon as Tom unlocked the office, Justin stepped in followed by Walt. Tom closed the door behind himself, then locked it to give the two men some privacy.
   Justin was standing near the love seat and had just turned around and now was facing the large man who was approaching him. Walt placed the beers on top of the office desk, wiped his mouth and beard, then growled, “I got to get me some of you boy!” Justin smiled, sending shivers racing up and down Walt’s back, then, in an almost teasing like manner, slowly began easing his tank top off of his smooth olive tanned chest. Walt couldn’t help not to notice the muscle tone, the boy’s olive complexion, those tiny pink nipples, and the light frosting of blond, almost pure white, nesting of hair resting under each armpit.
   While Justin was torturing Walt’s eyes with his strip tease, Walt wasn’t wasting anytime tearing out of his button up shirt. His fingers fought with each button, but Walt was way too horny to have something like a button get in his way from devouring the near naked young Marine. Justin kicked out of his shoes and slowly began slipping each of his socks off. Walt had already kicked off his boots and had already stepped out of his pants. Justin’s eyes saw the huge hairy man standing before him wearing just his white Fruit-of-the-Looms underwear and the large tent protruding outwards as the man’s cock wanted desperately to be freed.
   Before Walt could slide down his underwear, Justin went ahead and yanked his shorts all the way off, leaving his naked body out in the open for Walt’s watery eyes to feast upon. Walt took a deep breath, then in a growling whisper, stated, “Holy shit! Oh my, oh my God! You are soooooooooo beautiful!” As Walt finished his last word, his hands fought with his own underwear, but finally managed to get them off his large frame and step out of them. Now, it was Justin’s turn to come face to face with Walt’s erect, pre-cum covered, cock.
   Walt’s cock strained from his large body a solid 5 inches, but it wasn’t the length that grabbed Justin’s attention. It was how amazingly thick it was! To Justin, Walt’s uncut cock was thicker than it was long, and just by sight, Justin quickly determined that Walt’s thick cock would be the thickest he had ever come in contact with. The man’s foreskin had withdrawn just enough so that Justin could see the gaping piss slit as it pumped out huge globs of pre-cum. Justin allowed his eyes to trail down and peer at Walt’s super hairy balls. The sac itself looked like it contained one perfectly rounded ball giving Justin the impression that it could only be compared to a baseball.
   Justin found a man’s body hair exciting, and now, now in the presence of Walt, Justin was foaming at the mouth due to Walt being completely covered with jet black fur. To Justin, Walt looked more like a bear than a man, and the hair covered Walt’s entire backside as well. The man was a living, breathing, walking, talking, mass of thick fur, and this, this made Justin’s sexual drive kick into overdrive.
   Justin dropped to his knees and stretched his mouth around the skin covered thick knob and began moaning as Walt’s pre-cum, piss, and sweat concoction swarmed the interior lining of his bloated mouth. Justin tried his best to get his mouth around the huge cock head, but he simply couldn’t stretch his mouth wide enough. The man’s cock was just too thick. Justin placed his right hand at the base of Walt’s cock, and his fingers, even though he stretched his fingers, didn’t come close to touching. Even when he placed his left hand on Walt’s cock, his fingers still couldn’t touch the fingers from his right hand.
   Walt held Justin’s head while slinging his own head from side to side, saying, “Yeah, that’s it boy! Suck daddy’s cock! Yes, yessssssssss, make daddy feel good boy!” Justin was too busy using his tongue to bathe every engorged thick inch to utter a single word. His left hand began cupping and caressing Walt’s huge hairy balls while the fingers of Justin’s right hand ran their course over Walt’s hairy stomach and fur covered chest. Within a couple of minutes, Walt made Justin stop.
   Walt sat on the floor, placing the back of his head on top of the leather cushion of the love seat, then barked, “Get that sweet ass up here and sit on daddy’s face boy!” Justin stepped up and onto the love seat, using his hands to brace himself on the love seat’s top portion as he began lowering his ass onto Walt’s face. Walt watched as the two lovely olive tanned tight cheeks parted, revealing the most unbelievable tiniest asshole his eyes had ever seen.
   Justin squatted to the point that Walt’s tongue hungrily ravished his butt crack and began flattening itself out onto his bung hole. Walt’s large hand reached around and latched themselves onto Justin’s thighs, forcing Justin to squat even further down on the man’s face. Walt was literally growling and grunting as his tongue fought against all the odds to gain entry into the most mind boggling butt holes of all times.
   It took some doing, but Walt wasn’t one of those guys who easily gives up, but he now had his grizzly bear of a tongue churning away inside Justin’s anal canal. Walt forced as much of his tongue up Justin’s ass as he possible could get inside, and his bear like body was shaking feverishly as a true sign of his overall excitement. Justin was humping his ass up and down on Walt’s tongue, working himself into a sexual frenzy. Walt was loving every ass eating second of it and to further add to his sexual delight, he loved the way Justin’s hairless balls rolled graciously on the bridge of his nose.
   The tongue working his anal canal into a frenzy, mixed with feeling of his balls rolling and smashing themselves on Walt’s nose, triggered a rapid and unforeseen orgasm. Justin screamed out, “Ohhhhhhhhhh, I’m, I’m, uhhhhhhhhh, gonna cuuuuuuuuuuummmmm!” Not wanting to miss out on anything, Walt slipped his tongue from Justin’s delicious little chute, using his right hand, forced Justin’s soon to be erupting cock into his moaning mouth. Walt’s lips hadn’t got to the middle of Justin’s cock when the young Marine’s cock exploded, rapidly shooting jets of thick creamy cum, heavily coating the interior lining of Walt’s mouth.
   Walt grunted and growled as thick globs of Marine juice sprayed his mouth continuously. Feeling the richness of Justin’s sperm inside his mouth, Walt couldn’t resist the urge to taste the fine delicacy. With that being said, he opened his throat and his growling and grunts got even louder as he did his best to discover the true taste, but as he swallowed and swallowed, he too, just like the others, was unable to detect the slightest of tastes.
   When the last of Justin’s copious supply of Marine cream had been swallowed, Walt let Justin’s cock slip from his mouth. To his total disbelief, Justin’s cock was still hard, so he went back to work fucking the young Marine’s delicious ass with his tongue. While eating Justin’s ass, Walt barked out, “Tell daddy what you want boy! Tell daddy the way you want it!”
   The only thing that popped into Justin’s mind was feeling the big burly man’s cock pile drive his asshole into total submission, so Justin quickly replied, “Yes daddy, I want, I want to feel that big fucking cock inside me. Please, please daddy, fuck me and fuck me goooooooooood!”
   Hearing how Justin responded was music to Walt’s ears, so he forced his face away from the most awesome ass he had ever dined on, stood up on wobbly legs, then went to Tom’s desk. Opening the top drawer, Walt retrieved the lubricant and the bottle of rush. He handed the rush to Justin who quickly unscrewed the top and took a couple of deep breaths. While Justin was doing that, Walt was busy smearing the slick stuff all over his meaty cock.
   Walt lined up two of the office chairs and had Justin place his knees on each one, forcing Justin’s upper body to angle towards the floor, in between both chairs. In this position, Justin’s ass was ripe for the taking and it was at the perfect level so that Walt didn’t even have to bend his knees. Smearing the slick oil all over his cock, Walt’s eyes glued themselves onto Justin’s upturned, damn near invisible, soon to be, cock filled, asshole.
   Lining his thick cock up against Justin’s bung hole, Walt pushed as hard as he could, forcing the large uncut bulbous knob to make penetration. Justin had just taken a hit of the rush and his mind was swarming with that warm feeling, but the pain of his ass being stretched farther than ever shot through his body like a torpedo, sending a pain riddled explosion, exploding all over his now shaking body.
   Walt growled, “Yeah boy, take daddy’s big cock up that hot little ass of yours! I’m gonna fuck you and fuck you real good!” Walt forced his entire 5 inches of thick bear meat all the way up Justin’s ass. Justin was crying from the pain, but he kept on taking huge whiffs of the rush as Walt began tearing his ass up, driving that thick fucking cock in and out of his overly stuffed asshole.
   The man’s hands found Justin’s hips and he began using Justin’s hips to drive his fat monster ferociously up his ass. Each inwards thrust, Walt’s hairy balls smacked sharply against Justin’s own tightly withdrawn hairless nuggets. Walt barked, “Tell daddy how good it feels! Tell daddy how much you love his fat cock up your ass boy!”
   Justin choked back on his tears and shouted, “I love it siiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr! Fuck myyyyyyyy asssssssssssssssss haaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrdddddddd siiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr!” Though he said it, Justin, at this particular time, honestly didn’t mean it. The cock savagely attacking his ass hurt, and hurt big time. The first few times Justin clamped down on his ass muscles, more pain tore through his body like a runaway locomotive. Several more hits from the rush, and a few more attempts at clamping down using his ass muscles, Justin’s ass finally accepted the fat beast.
   Walt screamed when Justin’s ass muscles began fighting back, coiling around his cock as if he were in the clutches of a starving anaconda. Now, Justin was into being fucked, more so, his ass was starving for some cock. Walt kept on using his cock to hammer Justin’s ass, but as each thrust was underway, the boy’s ass muscles were really doing a number on his cock, a number he had never felt before. Even Walt wondered who was fucking who.
   Two minutes later, Walt bellowed, “Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuck, ohhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiittt!” One last powerful thrust, then Walt’s cock unleashed the mother load. Walt nearly went blind as his cock furiously fired jets of sperm deep into the boy’s vacuuming ass. Still hammering away, Walt’s legs felt like rubber and now used Justin’s hips to steady himself. As the thick sperm flying out of his cock began to subside, Walt held his last thrust deep inside Justin’s muscle crunching canal. Walt could feel the boy’s anal muscles as they held a vice like grip on his cock as they began to literally vacuum the remainder of his seed from his shaking body.
   In short, Walt simply couldn’t take it any longer and he literally had to use his right hand to pry his flaccid cock out of the tight clutches of Justin’s mind boggling ass. Once his cock was freed, Walt leaned back against the desk for support, s

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