Last Days of Walter : Part 5 – Family Ties

She rose up on her knees and allowed his cock to enter her cunt. Clinching her eyes shut, she placed her hands on his chest and rocked gently. “Oh, yes, Walter, yes.” He grabbed her hips and joined the rhythm. Her face began to contort and her hard belly began to dance as she increased the tempo. She panted faster and faster, riding a roller coaster of pleasure as her pussy tightened around his dick. She grunted in short, staccato blasts, grasping her own nipples and twisting them. Shouting in ecstasy, she pinched Walter’s nipples hard, and the pain mixed with pleasure brought him to an immediate gusher of an orgasm. He tightened his grip on Charlotte’s ass and bucked to exhaustion.

“Oh, Charlotte,” he gasped, “that was unbelievable.”

“Oh, but we can’t be done,” she said, climbing off him to lie by his side. “You see, to compare to the fantasy, we have to make it everything we had hoped it would be, don’t we?” She took a corner of the blanket and wiped his cock clean while she kissed his neck. While he was still three-quarters hard, she licked a trail down his body and took the head of his penis in her mouth. Swirling her tongue around, down to the base and back to the top where she would engulf it again, Walter felt himself hardening again. She paused to look at Walter, who was wide-eyed in appreciation of her cocksucking talent. “The second time is always so much better, don’t you think? After we get all that anxiety out of the way.” She threw her leg over his body and pressed her ass into his face while she continued to lick at his candy stick. Walter grasped her butt cheeks and tongued her bunghole with gusto, relishing the forbidden musty flavor.

Still facing away from him, she snaked down his body and kneeled astride his groin. Looking over her shoulder, she smiled, knowing he was watching intently as she lowered her butthole to his meat. Slowly, his spit soaked dick was disappearing into her freshly licked anus. She watched as his eyes widened with wonder, then closed, enraptured. Slowly she would go down, then quickly rise up, sparing her the pain while he enjoyed the friction of an expert ass-fuck.

Propping himself to a sitting position, he reached around her and located her clit, working her knob with his finger while she worked his with her sphincter.

His prick was buried in her ass as he frigged her love button and Charlotte caressed her own tits. “Did you ever dream it would be this good, nephew? Did you fuck me in the mouth, pussy and ass when you jacked off?”

“I’m…I’m gonna come,” Walter panted.

“Is it because I’m talking dirty? You like that? Well, then. Give it to me, Walter. Pump your spunk into Aunt Charlotte’s asshole. God, I love your big cock in my butt.” Walter wailed at once, unleashing a sperm shower in Charlotte’s bowels, humping so hard he lifted his hips off the ground, even though she sat across his lap. Walter collapsed onto his back, spent. Charlotte lifted herself off of him and laid down beside him, kissing his chin and rubbing his chest.

When they had regained their strength, Charlotte raised up on one elbow, asking, “Was it good for you?” Walter burst out laughing. He was pretty sure the neighbors, acres away, knew he had been on cloud nine when he blew his nut.

“I want to sleep with you here on the floor,” she continued. “I’m a pretty early riser, but maybe I’ll wake you when I’m ready to go. You’re going back to the city tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I have to. Normally I could stay the weekend, but, I was so excited about seeing you, I forgot to make out payroll for my men.”

“I have to admit, after you called me last night, I gave my vibrator a pretty good workout. Not as good as the one you just gave me, though.”

“I love you, Aunt Charlotte.”

“I know you do, Walter, and I love you, too. I don’t think we should let this happen again. I think we should both find someone we can be with all the time.” Walter agreed, knowing the memory of this evening would stand the test of time. Charlotte promised to wake him before she left for work and they were soon fast asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Walter felt a smooth feminine hand softly patting his face. Ready to face the dawn, Walter stretched, feeling rested and content. Opening his eyes was a shock, though.

“Sorry the test results took so long,” Dr. Amy White said. “We’re a little understaffed downstairs.

“What happened? I was at my aunt’s house, and we were…catching up and…”

“You were dreaming when I came in. I thought you were in pain, you were moaning so loud. Do you feel okay?”

“I feel fine.”

“You passed out at work. Your buddies, Tom and Steve, I think? They called an ambulance and we ran some tests on you.”

“You don’t have to tell me. I have a weak blood vessel in my brain. I have weeks, or perhaps months to live.”

“No, you have a stressful job, slightly high blood pressure and an order from your doctor to cut the salt and start taking it a little easier. Your brain scan was fine. Now, I’m sorry I have to cut this short, but I’ve got another patient on this ward. I’ll have an orderly come up with your discharge.”

Walter spluttered his thanks to the sexy M.D. and watched her thong-clad ass swing out of the room. She crossed the hall, looking both ways, then stepped into the supply closet. Walter slipped into his sweatpants and shoes and removed the hospital gown, putting on his sweatshirt. Walking out into the hallway, he saw a black-haired doctor coming toward him. The doctor’s beeper went off, causing him to stop in his tracks. As he looked ruefully at the supply room door, he turned and headed back to the emergency room.

As the black-haired doctor disappeared in the distance, Walter smiled as he reached out and turned the door handle.

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