In Howard's Bed

I immediately complied, taking his hardening cock into my mouth I began to suck it while unhooking the waistband, and pulling the trousers down. He had taken off his shoes and now stepped out of his pants, careful to keep his cock in my mouth. Pulling up off of it, I slid his boxers down enough to get it back into my mouth, while I slowly and teasingly pushed his shorts to his ankles, rubbing my nipples over his strong, hairy legs as I sucked and licked his now fully erect cock.

“That’s right, Show Piece, suck that cock until it’s like a 9 inch ROCK and think about how we’re going to torture old Howard tonight and more and more in the future! You know what, you’re my ‘fluffer’ right now, married bitch! That’s right, get that cock hard for the next scene!”

“I can’t wait for the day we can do this right here but in front of my husband! Can you imagine how hot that will be?”

“We’ll get there you hungry little cunt!” he said as my lips went over his cock again. Grabbing the back of my head he pushed it into my throat as he went on: “One slow, delicious step at a time, sweet Cunt! I want to take our time with this, ‘do him’ one step at a time. You’re going to start him on wearing stockings and garters soon, for instance”

Pulling his cock abruptly from my mouth, he grabbed my hair pulling me to my feet.

“Time is getting short, bitch.” He said, taking a gulp of Howard’s Scotch. “Ah, Howard, I love drinking your most expensive Scotch WHILE Punish Fucking your beautiful, sexy,

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