Bangkok hotel room

Author: alanpe

I was upset with my wife. She was being a butt face again so I told her I needed some fresh air and some space. My friend in Las Vegas told me he was going to thailand and to meet him in Pattaya.. He said the “fishing” there was great. I knew what he was talking about . I got my ticket and 24 hours later I was on a thia flight. I looked around and saw many other horny older guys like me. i knew they will not going to be paying a visit to the King and Queen when they were there. We arrived on time and thought i would spend a night in bangkok before i went on. I got my hotel a nice 5 star one. It had a large bath and large bed with bar and tv. I checked in then started headed to a bar my friend had told me about. I went in and in no time i was harder than a rock looking at all the girls there.

I think some of them were under age but that was not my problem. I watched them dance. I ordered a drink but i forgot to exchange my money! So I had to borrow from the guy next to me. I asked one of the girls to sit with me, but since she saw i had no money and it was a sunday and all the banks were closed i was out of luck! I finished my beer, and headed disappointedly back to my room. I was horny since my wife was not putting out for me and needed a girl. When I got back to my room it was open slightly. When I went inside i found the maid, she was putting soap in the bath room. She smiled at me and said she had just gotten this job and was happy to be working.

I complimented her on her english and she continuted to tell me that she would never be able to stay at a hotel like this. That she never had taken a bath in her whole life. I told her if she wanted to she could, She said she could not because she was working but would love to afterwards. She left and told me that she would be back at midnight when she got off.

I left the hotel again and when out and used my credit card to eat and have a beer. When i returned to my room i heard music and some splashing.. i knocked on the bathroom door and excused my self as I asked her how she was. She said she didnt think i would mind if she used the master key to come in.

I could not see her body because the bubbles were covering her. I asked her if i could wash her back, and she said yes, but she never had a man do it for her. Her tan shoulders were so sexy. Her jet black hair ran down her back so well and shined and looked like silk. As soon as my hands reached her back i knew i was in love.

Soft and smooth back and she smiled and closed her eyes as i continued to squeeze her shoulders as my cock wanted to spring out of my dockers. She asked for a towel because she said she had soaked enough. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw that body of hers, even though it was for a brief moment. Her tits were standing tall and her cunt was well manicured with a nice “V” trim. I could not help myself and pulled her to me. She told me that she had a boyfriend. I told her that that didnt matter to me because i had a wife. She said that she just got out of high school and turned 18 last month. After those words my lips met her lips and we were in a deep embrace.

Soon the towel fell, and her tits were pressing against me. I moved closer and could feel the nipples harden. She told me her boyfriend wanted to love her but she would not permit. I placed her back in the shower/bath tub and stripped and joined her with the hot water coming down on both of us. Her eyes popped out at the sight of my cock that was much longer and thicker than her boyfriend. I asked her to to suck drop to her knees. She hesitated at first but then her knees were on the floor of the tub. My cock needed her lovely virgin lips. She said but I am a virgin! I said that she still would be one if she sucked me off. I helped her with my cock as i had her take my cock with both hands and had her suck and masterbate me at the same time. Oh what a feeling, my wife hated blow jobs, She loved it and got into it well.

A very fast learner. When I was about to come i pulled out of her little lips stood her up and I and got on my knees. My hand separated those teenage lips and i could see that little slit. It was wet but very slippery, I know she had gotten herself horny. i pinned her against the wall and sucked that little pussy until she started moaning thailand words. I knew she would be begging for it soon. She wiggled and her head moved side to side.. I took that as a message and carried her out of the shower to the bedroom. I dried her off in front of the window on the 15th floor and had her face the outside. I opened the window and stood behind her, as people passed below us.

That butt on her was too much now, and I spread her legs with my knee and told her we would fuck in front of the whole city. She said she was a virgin that she wanted to please me in any and all ways, but she was afraid she would loose her job if she got caught. I told her if she didnt cooperate then I would tell the management that a maid was in my room after her work time. She then knew it would mean she would be fired. Her legs immediately parted and her pussy was visible from the back. i reach around and told her to spead her pussy lips with her hands as i positioned my massive cock to her back.. i had her put her elbows on the window sill as i slowly entered her cunt from the back,, There was no resistance, at that time she told me that she had lost her virginity to a vibrator earlier in the year. With that knowledge, I pushed my horny cock to her inner walls.

Oh so smooth was her inner passage. Such a tight butt, and nice nipples that were hardening more with each stroke my cock to her pussy. She said that she knew when she was the most fertile each month and the next three days could be dangerous. She thought that would turn me off or make me wear a condom.. I didnt have any children, the thought of knocking up this hot little lady my my cock soar even more.

The thought of my millions of sperms swimming up her baby hole, made my heart beat faster! Soon I would explode inisde her. I wanted to make sure she would have her orgasm so i reach around and played with her clit which was peeking out of its hood and soon she screamed loudly as I shot my wad deep into her dark hole.

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