I Have a Hobby

The whole time he was speaking to the secretary he was forcefully finger fucking me with one hand then slipping it out to put my juice on my tits then licking it off. His words made me unbelievably hot.

I realized I had found the perfect accomplice both in sex and in the destruction of my husband. And he would be Howard’s boss!

Bending me over his desk he made me orgasm over and over, telling me I was his bitch and I had better get used to doing what he said.

I wanted nothing more than that, my wicked mind already planning our next steps.

Before I go further, I want you to know where we are going with this. I am a real life, hot, beautiful, sexy wife with very expensive tastes and with $10,000.00 breasts. These are real life segments of a long journey into my own sexuality and the great arousal it gives me to slowly, slowly put my husband into the position of lowly servant and fulfiller of my and my lovers’ every wish. Why?

Simply because I CAN!  Because he is weak and I am strong and I enjoy each step, each small humiliation, each sexual adventure that he doesn’t know about and yet suspects.  I have taught him a few rules by which he must live, on pain of my leaving him, permanently:

He must devote his life to me and to my pleasure.

His humiliation IS my greatest pleasure.

He must be always and instantly obedieint, no matter what I tell him to do.

If he pleases me enough I allow him to pleasure himself afterwards.

 Even putting the story here for all the readers to read is a part of that humiliation, that subjugation of Howard.   These stories are illustrated and once I figure out how to post photos I’ll add them.


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