Hot Snow

Four Decembers ago, my wife and I had to fly to Montreal for a business trip. We were the last plane to land due to a snow storm shutting down the Montreal airport.

At that time we were 36 and viral and are still today at 40. We enjoy inventive sex on a daily basis from not only fucking and 69, but masturbation, feeling, caressing and exploring each others bodies.

As we checked in at the Queen Elizabeth, we just had to relieve our sexual tension by taking a shower together. I worship my wife’s slim body with her 38DD orbs and a pussy that enjoys to be fucked by my 10″ cock. I kneeled in front of her and washed her clean shaven pussy. She spread those beautiful pussy lips as I leaned my mouth forward between her thighs.

My tongue fucked between her vaginal lips, then circle my tongue around that blood engorged clit of hers but would not bring her to a crashing orgasm. My wife moaned and wanted me to fuck her, but told her lets have dinner first. We both love being on the sexual edge knowing that once we have intercourse we would come off together. Having orgasms together is one of the great love plateaus.

As we stepped out of the shower, we dried each other with focus on our erogenous parts of the body. When my wife touched my swelling cock, precum bathed the foreskin. She wiped it off with her middle finger and sucked it into her mouth. In turn I kissed her red lips while fingering her sopping pussy. We stopped short before reaching an orgasm.

A Montreal snow storm creates the closure of many restaurants. After several calls, we found one of Montreal’s most beautiful restaurants open where a reservation wasn’t needed. As I hung up the phone my wife stood in the back of me, reached to the front and gave my throbbing prick several strokes. Once again we had to stop. I turned and when I saw the clothing she wore – a three button cotton shirt with two buttons open, braless and a short pleated skirt – I was ready to make love to her right on the carpeted floor.

My wife knows that dressing sexy keeps her and me hot. It was around 9:30pm when we left the hotel. Snow banks everywhere with sidewalks already cleared. We always walk with each others arms around our shoulders. My wife was wearing a winter coat with the top two buttons open. I slid my hand inside and now found that the third button of her blouse was open. Both of us already turned on I opened the blouse wider under the coat. She rested her head on my shoulder as I began to massage her nipples between my fingers back and forth.

She began to moan her sexual feelings. I kept playing with those marvelous nips. I knew that being turned on, several more nipple pulls she would have an orgasm right on the street. …And she did. She was coming and getting weak in the legs. God that was wonderful she said. Not far from the restaurant we heard a moan coming from a snow bank. First we thought something strange was taking place, but as we got closer we saw a couple enjoying a wonderful fuck in a slightly lit area.

Her skirt was around her waist, his zipper open and a big dick sliding in and out of her pussy. There was no one around except for us. We kept watching, as the man kissed her tits and sucked her nipples, with his cock pumping in and out of a pussy that was enjoying it. Our voyeuristic tendencies turned us on. My wife began to kiss and lick my neck as I reached inside her coat where her blouse was still unbuttoned. I opened the coat and sucked one of her tits into my mouth. We positioned ourselves so that we were able to continue watching their lovemaking and fucking. Behind us was a deep inset of a doorway into we retreated. I took my wife into my arms, let my hands reach down to her bum and raised her short pleated skirt.

What my hand touched was a pair of crotchless pantyhose. As we kept watching them, I let one of my fingers slip into my wife’s anal hole. She reached in front of my pants and began to jack on my cloth covered cock. It became to much for the both us and could not wait to return to the hotel. My wife unzipped me, kneeled in front of me and sucked my cock into her mouth. This time I did not stop her from letting her complete her sexual needs. The couple in the snow bank were still fucking as my wife brought me off with her sweet lips. We never made it to the restaurant, instead returned to the hotel. We could not undress quickly enough, fell into bed and made love all night.

The first thing my wife needed satisfied was her anus through an anal fuck with my 10″ dick. She spread her cheeks and guided me into her anus very slowly. I had my cock doused in olive oil. When I completed her needs I pulled out but was still erect. I masturbated my cock and another sperm load came shooting out – all over my wife’s beautiful face.
It is reality that keeps us going sexually. Its the best.

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