Black Adonis

Author: Goblin

Marty Shore hated the health club. Every time he went it was full of a bunch of old queens who should have been back home sweatin’ to the oldies. He was in his forties, but still pulled hot studs and those tasty, cream-filled twinky bois with his jet-black hair and firm hardbody when he went out to clubs. It was just a bitch that he’d succumbed to the charms of that Muscle Mary "trainer" when he’d decided to take advantage of the offer of a free session to check the facilities out and now couldn’t get a refund on his membership fee.

The trainer had turned out to be a nelly bottom, as experience had taught him a lot of those guys were, and after he’d fucked him raw that night, he’d gone on and on about all the hot men that worked out at the club. Now the bastard was gone and here he was working out next to fifty year old accountants named Bob. Bobs had saggy tits and no ass and probably had a shih tzu at home. At any rate, he couldn’t fault the facilities. There were plenty of machines and it was clean. He’d just have to stick it out and get his money’s worth.

One night, when he couldn’t sleep, Marty decided to try a workout. The club was open twenty-four hours a day, so that was no problem and when he got there at three AM the place was like a ghost town except for the sleepy clerk at the counter who checked him in. He changed and after a short run on the track ran through some reps on the weight machines and then headed for the stair-climbers. There was an eerie quiet except for the sound of clanging metal as someone worked out on the free weights somewhere down the hall and the quiet whir of the stair-climber.

After he worked up a good sweat, he took his customary trip to the sauna. The eucalyptus cleared out his head and he was becoming a bit drowsy from the heat when in walked this ebony-colored god. He must have been the one working out in the weight room. He just had a skimpy towel wrapped round his waist and it was made to look smaller by his massive, muscular body. He looked like he could have been a professional bodybuilder. His torso was a perfect mass of muscles and his legs were like two tree trunks. Marty watched him intently as he climbed up to the top bench with his back to where he was sitting. His eyes lingered too long and he was caught as the man turned around and sat down. All Marty could manage was a stupid grin and hope the guy didn’t say something. He didn’t. He smiled! Marty’s cock gave a little jump under his towel.

Marty snuck little glances as they sat enjoying the dry heat of the sauna. It was no problem as the object of his study sat leaning back against the wall with his eyes closed. Little rivulets of perspiration ran down the weight-lifter’s body, clinging to his bulging pecs and running slowly down them to his abs, which were great big six packs. This was the kind of guy Marty liked. Big, built, and from the looks of the bulge under the towel, massively hung. He could feel his cock pressing against the fabric of the towel and he shifted a bit to try and hide his boner. The man’s eyes opened and looked right at him. Had he been caught? He averted his gaze quickly. Muscles stood up and climbed down to the floor. As he passed Marty’s position, he paused and their eyes met. It was the longest second Marty could remember and when it was over, the black prince cocked his head as if to beckon him to follow. Marty followed the dance of the man’s ass under his towel on his way out the door as he contemplated what to do.

By the time he’d decided what to do and followed on to the locker room, the object of his lust was nowhere to be seen, but there was the sound of spray from the shower. Marty summoned up his courage and grabbed a clean towel from his locker. When he walked into the shower, there he was, his body totally exposed under the play of the water, glistening in the light. He looked even bigger here, standing off alone in a corner. A lot of guys’ dicks look smaller up against such a mountain of muscle as he was sporting, but not his. It swayed like an elephant’s trunk as he moved to let the water splash over every part of his body. When he saw Marty, he stopped and stood there facing him, rubbing his hands over his chest and playing with his nipples, grinning. If that wasn’t an invitation, he didn’t know what was. He moved over to the empty showerhead nearest the bodybuilder and switched it on and began soaping up.

Marty bent down to run the soap along his legs and then he felt a hand on his ass, rubbing and squeezing it. He gave a start and a low, bass voice said, "I was wondering what was taking you so long to follow me. Just relax, baby." He stayed there, bent over, as the hot stud’s fingers slipped into his crack, running slowly down to his hole, while he rubbed Marty’s back with his other hand. Soapy fingers forced their way into his love tunnel and stretched and rubbed the inside of it. Marty dropped the soap and grabbed his ankles, enjoying the feeling. This guy knew what he wanted. He wanted to fuck Marty’s ass. And as much as Marty liked fucking nelly muscle-boys until they were raw, he liked being their fuck-bitch even more.

He trembled in anticipation as the stud removed his fingers and stepped up to his ass. He felt the head of his cock bump up against his hungry hole and then force it’s way in. There was this flash of pain and then it slipped in and he could feel the hot silkiness of it against his insides. Arms like oaks wrapped around his waist and pulled him up into a standing position, tight against rock-hard muscle. Water from the shower poured down over their bodies as this man-god’s hands played along his chest and stomach. He closed his eyes in anticipation of what was to come.

It started with short, sharp strokes. The nubian’s tongue and teeth moved slowly down Marty’s neck in little bites and kisses as he could feel his muscles ripple with every movement across his back. The speed picked up and the massive tool pressed against the sides of his rectum like a wedge that would split him in two. He could feel those massive thighs as they slapped against his ass. It was all made more exciting by the chance they could be caught here, in the shower. There was no warning, no hiding if someone were to walk in. A possibility even at this hour of the morning. The thought made Marty flush and his cock jumped as the pounding of his ass continued.

His partner pressed him hard up against the tiles and let loose with a flurry of fast strokes. Faster, harder that tool banged into him. Unrelenting, pitiless, take-no-prisoners. He gave out a moan and found a hand clamped firmly over his mouth, stifling any sounds he might make as this black Adonis treated his bum like his own private reserve. Marty felt small and helpless to prevent this man from doing as he willed. It made him crave more. He could feel it as that black mamba swelled in him, ready to cum. The strokes slowed and became longer, sliding almost totally out and then, with a big slam, back in. One, two, three like this, pinning him tight to the wall and then he felt his sphincter tighten up round the intruder as every muscle in his body shot through with the electricity of feeling hot cum shooting into him. He bore down hard and gripped the stinger tightly as he felt himself being injected with that hot goo. He wanted this feeling to last as he felt the stranger’s crotch grind into his cheeks. He would have fallen to his knees with the excitement of it if he hadn’t been impaled and pinned.

And then he could feel those arms slip from around him and the meat slowly slide out of him, to be replaced by the warm, wet feeling of the man’s cum as it followed his dick out of Marty’s body. His chest heaved as he tried to catch his breath and stood upright. When he finally turned around, his partner was gone as mysteriously as he had appeared.

After that night, Marty made it a point to change out his workout schedule. He never ran into the stranger again, but there were others. Some of them with bodies that put even his first to shame.

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