Author: Dan

I could hear voices murmuring somewhere close by but I felt woozy and I was finding it hard to open my eyes. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming the sounds or if I was still in that eerie place hovering on the flimsy precipice between light astral sleep and warped foggy awareness.

I felt a dull pain in my arm and when I tried to move I found I could not. An explosive firework of pins and needles shot in a stunning rush upwards from my fingertips to my shoulder bringing me fully alert and I groaned and twisted with the pain and then saw that my arm was restrained by a handcuff attached to a bedpost. Chairs scraped and footsteps approached in my direction and two girls in six inch stilettos moved toward me.

I instantly remembered who they were and what they had done to me last night. It had been incredibly erotic but also unnerving because they seemed to have unleashed some dark nameless thing that had been simmering in hidden repression somewhere deep inside of me.

Both girls were dressed in leather g-strings and wore shining studded collars around their slim tender throats. Leather straps making them jut and point sharply from their chests crossed their breasts. Their nipples were pierced with gold and painted black like the lipstick they wore on their faces like wounds.

Simone was the pretty one and she climbed onto the bed with me, she kissed me sweetly and said, “I bet you want to take a piss real bad don’t you?”

She grabbed my rigid morning horn and squeezed it hard until I grimaced in pain and said “Yes I really do want to piss.”

“Chantelle” she said, “The boy wants to relieve himself!”

Chantelle went to a closet and pulled out a tall slim glass container and brought it over. They helped me sit up on the edge of the bed and Simone pushed my stiff penis into the narrow necked vessel as far as it would go and my urine squirted at once filling it, quickly submerging my cock in the warm pungent yellow liquid.

Chantelle sat on a chair in front of me playing with her pussy while she watched. I asked them if they would undo the handcuff because my arm was hurting really bad and they agreed but said that I would have to comply with another form of constraint if I was to be released from this one. I agreed of course. I couldn’t stand the dull ache and the bright sparks that tingled and shot up my arm for a moment longer, but I really didn’t know whether I would be able to go again to the place I had been last night.

Once they had unlocked me they began gathering things from the closet while I sat rubbing my throbbing arm massaging it to get the blood flowing again.

“Come boy!” commanded Chantelle.

I complied and went to her and she pointed to a strange looking contraption that hung down from the ceiling. She told me to sit in it and I asked her what they were going to do to me this time. “We are going to punish you severely because you are a sick little fuck and you dam well deserve it.”

My cock sprang to attention seemingly with a will of its own and I grabbed hold of it as if in battle but started pulling myself rampantly because of the dirty thoughts that were stomping wickedly through my filthy corrupted mind. Simone picked up a long thin cane and I felt the sting on my bare ass and it set me pumping on my cock harder and more ferociously.

Simone commanded me to stop it and stated forcefully “We will be the ones to give you pleasure and you will be the one to enjoy the pain.” The cane swished again biting into my tender flesh causing my twisted mind to repel the ecstasy and embrace the cold hard fear. Simone led me by my rock hard cock over to the crude home made swinging chair and I could see it had no bottom just a hole with an edge like a toilet seat circling the rim.

She helped me sit in it on my haunches so that my ass and balls were hanging out of the tight gap at the bottom. My cock stood upright against my belly and I was totally at their mercy and I knew they didn’t have much of that after what they had put me through last night.

The thought of what could happen next was almost too much to bear and I shivered as cold droplets of sweat sprouted from every pore of my skin. They fastened my wrists to the sides of the harness and I was powerless to do anything but their wicked bidding and I sat in a state of total humiliation and exquisite sexual rapture.

They stood in front of me and began kissing and fingering each other’s pussies sending me crazy with a sickening desire. I thrust myself downwards and I could feel a sweet pressure on my balls and my asshole expanded and I felt it contract. That’s when Chantelle reached out and yanked hard on my cock. Just three short sharp times and then she stopped abruptly as Simone scuttled underneath my exposed genitals and began to abuse me in a way that made me feel disgust and innocence at the same time.

She fingered my asshole roughly and then attached cold metal weights to each of my swollen throbbing balls. I could see our reflections in the large mirror on the facing wall and the sight of the decadence I was engaging in was the thing that finally stopped me from fighting it and I resigned myself to what lay ahead with a sort of madness in my heart.

I watched as Simone stepped into a huge strap on cock that was at least a foot long and had rubber spikes on the head that looked dangerous and completely obscene.

She slithered back under me and I felt totally entrapped as the swing slowly moved downwards towards the huge black dildo that was sticking up from Simone’s crutch. I felt something slippery being applied to my asshole and then came a devastating blinding pain of breathtaking brilliance.

The darkness that had consumed me last night emerged fully now and I groaned in savage pleasure as the head of the evil black thing found its way inside me and Simone began to fuck me relentlessly.

My mind was not my own and my cock was screaming with frustration as my balls swelled with pain and an exquisite searing ecstasy. Chantelle stood in front of me rubbing her cunt furiously as she watched then she lifted her leg and ground the long black heel of her stiletto into the base of my cock with a look something near dementia on her beautiful face.

suck my fucking cock you bitch,” I demanded and she moved her mouth close to the head and bit the stretched skin hard enough to draw a tiny drop of blood.

I ejaculated a small amount of shining white cum and she licked it off and then began to suck my bursting prick as I pumped my hot filthy load into her mouth and down her throat. My asshole contracted in racking spasms of awesome proportions and Simone squealed as she rode her own intense orgasm while she watched Chantelle masturbate herself into a glorious throbbing climax.

We shared the glass of my warm stinking piss toasting our decadence and then they finally let me leave.

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