Slip and Slide

Author: Cecilia

I was so jazzed about entering into the wet t-shirt contest down at Shooter’s bar. I’ve been trying to get up the nerve to do something like this for : well for as long as I can remember really. So the entry was in the box and there was no turning back.

I got a phone call from the owner and as soon as he heard my voice he said I was in. I felt my entire body light up with energy and excitement. The thought of being completely drenched with cool water, just cool enough to make my nipples stand erect for all to see, was a complete turn on to me. He ran the details again, date time place and what to wear, which, needless to say was a white t-shirt and anything else was optional.

A week had passed and finally it was time. I arrived to the bar and all of us girls in the contest were herded to the back of the stage. There were probably about eighteen or so of us all together. We whispered in excited tones about the contest, as we got ready.

I pulled off my clothes, not worrying about any of the other girls seeing me naked, they’d be getting the idea soon enough. I did catch a few of them staring at me from the corner of their eyes as I pulled on my daisy dukes and mid drift cut white t-shirt. But as soon as I met their stares they would quickly shift their eyes elsewhere, except one. She was hot as hell. Even if I weren’t bi sexual, I would still check her out. She is one of those blonde bombshells everyone dreams about. She too had taken my philosophy about getting undressed, maybe for different reasons, but still : you have the same end result. She was naked. Her hair flowed over her shoulders, almost reaching her already hard nipples. Her tits were really big and natural: around a D cup, maybe more. She had that hourglass figure going on that’s for sure! Anyways, when our eyes met and she didn’t look away, I got butterflies in my tummy and felt my entire body blush a deep red. She smiled and winked at me, then got dressed.

After some time waiting back stage and exchanging glances with the girl of my dreams we heard the announcement about the contest starting. The bar, of course, erupted in a mass of hoots and hollers that drowned out any music that was playing at the time. We all herded out onto the stage, which was set up with towels and metal tubs to catch all the water. They reminded me of the tubs ya think about when ya picture the old times or country bumpkins using. We were to stand two in a tub. I stepped into one and Miss Thang quickly hopped in before any other chic could. It was a bit awkward at first. Kind of like a first date. You’re not sure what to say or do, how deep you should breathe, what you should do with your hands. Ya know what I mean. All those worries stopped completely in their tracks as soon as the water started flowing.

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly flowing, guys were dumping buckets of water over us, but same difference. She immediately starting rubbing against me. I felt my shirt and shorts start to cling tighter and tighter against my smooth skin. Almost becoming second skin. I felt my nipples harden even more, though I’m not sure if it was caused by the water or the way she was touching me. It didn’t take me long to lose all my inhibitions and get right in the mix with her.

We were the only two making out with each other, everyone else on the stage was playing with themselves, trying to pass it off that the cool water was enough to make them cum. So fake! Don’t misunderstand me, it felt great, the water running down my chest, cascading down my tummy and then flowing to my pussy before dribbling down my things, but not enough to make me cum.

Then she kissed me, the water flowing into our mouths, almost gagging me. At one point one of the guys went over each tub, holding his hand about the girls and gauged the applause. When it came to our tub the house quaked from the roar from the crowd.

We were given a run off. She and I were handed body soap. Hers was deep green and mine was blue. As soon as hers was in her hand she was squirting the slippery goo all over me. I think they intended for us to use the soap on ourselves not on each other. But hey, this was much more fun. By now I was almost completely green and totally slimy. She was on her way to being a smurf’s wet dream!

The blue soap clung to her see through thin soaked cotton t-shirt and oozed in places it actually touched her bare skin. We went through the soap so fast. Before we knew it we were empty but we had the next best idea. We wrapped our arms around each other and began to rub our bodies together. The mix of soap and water made our bodies not only slippery as hell, but we ended up being almost completely covered in suds. The sounds that came from soap filled our ears, sloosh, gish, slop. The goo caused suction to form on various parts of our rubbing bodies coming apart with audible pops.

They announced that there was, for the first time ever, a tie for first place. Since they hadn’t planned for it, we had to split the prize. No big deal really. She and I ended up heading back to her place for more slip and slide action!

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