As I did so, holding the cock with one hand and scratching underneath his balls, Georgie jerked up and down in response looking at me and also at Collette as she swiftly took off her shirt I thought sourly that it was something of a change for her to be taking off her own clothes instead of everybody else’s.

Her bra straps she slid off her shoulders and then tugged the big pink cups down around her waist. Afterwards she went to the other end of the desk and put her hands underneath the cushions, raising Georgie’s head a few more inches. He laughed and reached up, taking her fat boobs fully in his hands, but still staring at me.

“Take your tit harness off as well, honey. You may not be as big as me but you’ve got a nice pair.”

There was no point in keeping it on anyway, it was still hanging open and hiding nothing. I took it off, threw it onto the chair and wondered what would happen if old pumpkin head walked into his office right now – the only consolation was that there was probably an excellent chance he’d drop dead on the spot from a heart attack.

“OK, bend over Georgie and rub your tits around his cock.” Collette sounded very breathless herself now, probably because of the way Georgie’s fingers were mashing her nipples.

I did as she wanted, astounded again by the heat and energy inside that jutting phallus symbol as it pressed up against me whilst I slithered around on top of it.

“Lick his stomach, Yvonne. Lick it.”

His skin down in front of me was lighter colored than his face, what little of it I could see under what seemed like an incredible amount of body hair. Nobody had ever told me that men had fur all over them. There were bars of bright light from the setting sun coming through the blinds and lying across his body in golden stripes, one of them centered exactly over his belly button.

Still rubbing myself against his cock, I leaned forward and started licking where the sunlight had fallen, as if I was worshipping nature itself by poking my tongue into that furry little depression. It didn’t seem too much of a fanciful thought, not as I was, spreadeagled out on top of a body of awesome strength and roughness that was so obviously ready to start rutting like a stag in season. I heard Collette gasp with pain and knew why, having experienced the power of Georgie’s grip myself.

“Alright, Yvonne, down on your knees.”

I knew their eyes were totally fixed on me as I lowered myself down between Georgie’s muscular thighs, holding his shaft tightly with my right hand. When I flicked it I saw him squeeze Collette’s boobs so hard her white flesh bulged out between his fingers as if it were new mixed dough. She flicked her head back with her mouth hanging open, somewhere between pain and ecstasy. When his grip eased she spoke to me.

“You’ve never sucked a man’s cock before?”

There didn’t seem any point in being shy about anything now.

“No, I haven’t,” I answered her, though my voice was hardly more than a croak.

She gasped again at Georgie’s handling, then looked down at him. “You’re going to be the first man she ever does this for. You’re going to be the first one she ever gives a blow job, the first man who ever fucks her. You’ll pay for that?”

Georgie barked back something in Greek, then said: “Yes – yes, everything I said!”

“Watch her then. Yvonne, lean forward, keep your face up. Lick him first, at the top of his cock, then up and down the back of it, and then his balls – do it slowly, slowly.”

She was still holding Georgie’s head up so he could watch me as I obeyed the orders. Suddenly I found the courage to look back directly into his eyes as I moved closer and began my novice attempt at the ritual of female submission. As the tip of my tongue touched the tip of his erection he snorted as a stallion would and those dominating eyes flickered like loose light globes. Suddenly I realized that this wasn’t something nasty or obscene, it was fun. Firstly, I was giving him back the pleasure he’d given me, and, even more satisfying, as I was doing it he kept on mangling Collette’s tits and making her gasp with pain. About time that fat arrogant bitch got a taste of her own medicine, I thought.

It was too good to last though. He finally let her go and she pulled herself up onto the desk and on top of him on her hands and knees. All Georgie had to do was to wait until she could position her pussy over his mouth and he was pulling her panties apart again to lick her. Collette immediately returned the compliment by bending forward towards me.

“I’ll lick his cock, you lick his balls.”

I was almost reluctant to give Georgie up to her but I did so, and moved my tongue down to wet the tightly crinkled sacs of flesh at the bottom of his shaft. Georgie was making muffled sounds of delight. I wondered if he might come now and whether he would think he’d got his money’s worth if he did. It seemed to me that he was likely to come in Collette’s mouth and that would be it for the day, with him being such an old guy and all. If I’d known anything at all about Georgie’s powers of recuperation I’d have known better. But what happened instead was that he suddenly gave Collette a tremendously loud double slap on the cheeks of her ass. She lifted herself up and lifted her head from his cock, giving the shiny wet tip a final rub with her thumb.

“It’s all yours now, Yvonne. It’s fucking time and you’re the one that’s got to find a home for this.”

“Oh God! What’s it like, Collette – please?”

She giggled: “Nothing to worry about, honey – the only thing you’ll notice afterwards is that you’ve started walking like John Wayne!”

Georgie must have heard what she said, even with her thighs clamped over his ears, because he laughed loudly. Then Colette was quickly sliding off the desk on one side and Georgie was standing up in front of me. He grabbed my breasts, each one almost covered by a huge hand and waltzed us around in a second, so I was pressed against the desk. Then he lifted me by my tits as I yelled out and clung to his forearms, before going backwards and down, the edge of the desk behind my knees and the leather seat squabs underneath me. Georgie squatted down, grabbed my ankles and lifted them up above his shoulders, looking down at me with a odd, almost solemn look on his face as Collette pushed a cushion under my head. She, of course, was still laughing.

“We’ll make you comfortable, Yvonne, and then the doctor can start his de-virginizing operation.”

The other cushion she pushed underneath my butt and George stepped closer, his hands slipping down to my knees as I saw my shoes raised up towards the ceiling until he laces were hanging down.

“One minute, Georgie, one minute, and then you can fuck her stupid. . .” She went off to where a briefcase was in the corner, opened the lid and came rushing back with a roll of money. Georgie lowered my legs onto his shoulders and started pushing the bills into the tops of my nylons as I’d seen him do to Collette.

“This is a union job, Yvonne,” Collette said. “Nobody does anything for the boss here for free.” She reached down between us. “Yvonne, I’d like to introduce you to Georgie’s prick, and Georgie, say hallo to Yvonne’s cunt.”

I could feel the head of that huge cock pushing past my lips as she guided him into me. “Any last words as a virgin, honey?”

“God yes, fuck me, Georgie, please,” I begged him.

And so he did. Inch by inch, with my pussy muscles clamping tight around his erection as I locked my fingers around his neck. He head came down, his lips on mine, puffs of garlic and mint flavored air were blowing into my nose once more, then the same tongue which had been licking my cunt was now deep inside my mouth. My tongue against his, his body driving against mine, that huge cock reaming into me and Collette whispering into our ears.

“Fuck her, George, fuck her until she screams. Fuck the silly little bitch stupid!”

George did exactly that, until I had to turn my head away and let out the cries within me as I climaxed in a crescendo of pain and ecstasy, ready to die myself and just as ready to die for this man who’d made me feel more alive than I’d ever done before. A second – an eternity – later, our tongues were writhing against each other as his hot seed pumped into my womb. When he finally got off me his sweat soaked shirt peeled away from my breasts and stomach like a snake’s skin as I gulped for air.

Later still I was kneeling on the floor in front of the chair, licking off my own blood and love juice from George’s cock. Collette showed me what to do to bring it to life with my mouth, an impatience inside my newly conquered cunt to be used again matching George’s resurgent manhood. But this time it was different treatment, bent over the desk with Collette holding my ears as George rubbed grease up my anus with a finger which seemed twice as big as it had the first time, and the fingernail twice as sharp.

“What are you doing … ?”

“He’s going to put his cock up your ass,” Collette chuckled.


George’s hands grabbed my buttocks as if they were plundered treasure – which I guess they were – and held them firmly captive as he made his grand entrance into me from behind. I couldn’t believe he was doing this to me, I couldn’t believe Collette was helping him by holding as firmly to my ears as Georgie was to my ass. But it was true, and my eyes were watering more than enough to prove it.

George pinned the tops of my legs against the edge of the desk with my sphincter ring being forced open: I made a last incoherent plea for mercy, Collette laughed and George rammed into me as if I was a novice bullfighter suddenly hit by a ton of testosterone charged meat. Not only was I pushed forward, so was the desk, so was Collette, until the roller chair she was sitting in was against the wall. Not that I cared because I was sure I was going to die on the spot. I felt like an hen trying to lay an ostrich egg, I felt like a victim of Vlad the impaler, and Collette had to force my face down onto one of the cushions on top of the desk to stifle my screams and protests.

“For God’s sake, shut up, Yvonne. You sound like Donald Duck getting a flying fuck.”

Yeah, from Dumbo, the flying elephant. But all I could think of was what she’d said before, about walking like John Wayne. Walking wasn’t going to be my problem from now on but sitting down surely would be. Then George put his hands underneath me to finger my tingling cunt and I was slamming my forearms on top of the desk like a surrendering wrestler as the Greek became my partner again in another orgastic blow up. I slipped off the desk and lay in a tangle of arms and legs with my man, both of us as weak as kittens.

I wouldn’t have cared if I’d been dragged out into the middle of the town and left in the old colonial stocks the way I was, stark naked and still hot from my sins. In fact it was a fate which would have been a lot easier to live with than what Collette was planning to blackmail me into doing. And I’d never even heard yet about the Blessing of the Fleet and what the special treat was that Georgie was planning to give his skippers. Or – to be more precise – who the treat was.

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