College stripper

Author: LOVELY

During my college days I was much limited in case of having sex. I was having only one boy friend. He always wanted me to get loose and open but I was much shy and therefore could not do according to his advices. Once he took me to some night club which was famous for its stripper shows but until then I was not knowing about that.
When I walked over I got a lot of questions about whether I was another “stripper” for the show!!!. I was wearing just a skimpy little sundress, pair of white panties and platform sandals because it was soooooooooo hot. My boyfriend asked me if I wanted to see the strippers and I nodded. He took me by the hand and led me inside.

Inside I was handed a plastic cup of beer and my friend led me through the crowd to the front. There was a black guy on the stage that was in his shorts and he was accompanied by two strippers. The man was in the middle of the stage and both of the strippers were bare chested and wearing only a g-string. The black man was also bear chested and the strippers were gyrating on his lap and smothering his face with their huge tits.

I couldn’t believe how erotic this was. The air was buzzing with excitement and everybody was yelling encouragement to the man and begging the strippers to show more . . . I could feel my panties getting wet . . . it was either excitement or perspiration . . . or a combination!! I could feel my nipples rock hard against the thin fabric of my sun dress.

Some guy from behind us started suggesting that I might like to get naked for them. I blushed and said I was just there to watch. But he was not going to take “no” for an answer. He kept saying he would pay big money to see me get naked. This got the attention of several others who chirped in that it would be their ultimate fantasy to see one of the girls from the college naked!!!

Somebody was passing a bottle of wine and after about three hits I was incredibly turned on . . . my whole body was tingling and I was at that point that I wanted to show them my naked body . . . I just needed a little more encouragement. I think the guys could see that my defenses were weakening . . . and then one of the guys pulled my dress up from behind and slipped a bill into the back of my panties. I flipped my dress down but everybody behind me had already seen my ass and panties. I tried to scold the guy, but he looked me right in the face and held out a $50 bill . . . “I just put $50 in your panties and if you slip that dress off I will put this $50 in your panties” he yelled above the crowd noise.

I didn’t really say anything. I just started to raise my dress and move my body to the music . . . the other guys saw what was going on and quickly formed a human circle around me . . . I hadn’t even got around to slipping the dress off when the guy with the $50 stepped out of the crowd and pulled the front of my panties out and dropped the $50 bill inside . . . OMG the crowd went crazy!!!

The strippers then joined me and I became the center of everyone’s attention. We all three danced wildly and they led me around the crowd as various men helped me out of my dress . . . I was soon parading and dancing in front of a room full of men in just my panties. The strippers motioned for me to lay on the floor and then they led the black guy over and told him to remove my panties . . . I was laying there on the floor and spread my legs wide so that he could see my soaking wet panties. He reached down, grabbed my panties and pulled them up my legs as I closed them together. The crowd was going wild now. I grabbed the two $50 dollar bills which fell from my panties and clutched the bills in my hand. The man put my panties to his face and inhaled to the cheering of the crowd. He then threw my panties into the crowd. That is the last time I saw my panties.

The strippers returned their attention to me. One spread my legs again and started gyrating over my body. She was rubbing her tits against mine and smothering my face in her bosom. Suddenly I felt a tongue flicking at my soaking wet pussy . . . I fought to see who was giving me tongue . . . whoever it was knew what he was doing . . . when I finally got a look I was blown away to see that it was the other stripper. she was doing an incredible job . . . I was over the edge . . . I grabbed her head and held her face between my legs and humped her face . . . I could feel it building and I ground my pussy mound into her face as I felt the spasms rack my body!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed and arched my back in a frenzy of sex AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHas I soaked her face with my cum juices . . . I had just cum in front of a crowd of guys . . . I just remember one of the strippers telling me “WOW you are one hot piece of ass!!” Somebody rolled me over onto my stomach and pulled me into position on my hands and knees. The other stripper slithered under me and reached up with her legs and squeezed my head between her legs . . .

my face was buried in her pussy as she began to eat me furiously!! I had never tasted another woman before . . . but it was too late to object. I tried my best to give her some pleasure as she brought me to a new level of excitement. She knew just where to go and when she touched my ••••••• with her tongue I was going crazy . . . I could not see what was going on with the crowd but I could hear all sorts of comments from the guys . . .

When she released me from her leg lock I could see that the other stripper was now blowing the black man. His cock was fully erect and she was licking up and down its length. I just stared as the other stripper joining her friend. I stood up unsteadily . . . the guys were urging me to join the strippers . . . and I considered it seriously when one of the guys from the crowd approached me. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed down. I knew what he wanted and I complied. I was now on my knees. He unbuckled his pant, unzipped and produced a very large cock right in my face . . . I knew what to do with it. . . after slobbering over it from tip to base until it was shiny and dripping with my saliva I opened wide and let him enter my mouth . . . It was just the perfect size and I impaled myself on it to the delight of the crowd. My nose was buried in his pubic hair as it slipped full length into my throat . . . I worked it with my throat and then let him face fuck me a few times before grabbing his balls and stroking them as he slipped the length down my throat for the last time . . . I could feel his cock growing in my throat and his balls tighten just before he spasmed and sprayed me time after time. He had a tight grip on the back of my head as he humped my face 3, 4, 5 and a 6th final time as I felt a thick steady stream of cum shooting into my throat. I was busily swallowing . . . When I was finally released I came to my feet gasping for air . . . the crowd was going crazy as I stood there totally naked getting my breath after giving a great performance . . .

I made it clear that I was done and the guys respected it . . . somebody helped me into my dress and as I wobbled out of the building several guys yelled “I want to marry you!!” . . . my boyfriend helped me into a taxi and the driver dropped us at his place where we could not sleep for the whole night as my boyfriend continued to fuck me for the whole night to celebrate my first exposure to the crowd.

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