I have something to show you

Author: alan1019

This is a story about a couple giving pleasure to each other,
expressing love for each other and enlisting the help of a friend.

I have something to show you.

The last few days at work were quite stressful. Today was not any
different, as it was extremely busy, but at least i was on my way home
now and i had a few days off with my wife to look forward too.

Lynn my wife and i both work at the Same company but our days off don’t
always fall at the Same time.

A new bloke called Steve had just started at work who we both got on with straight away,
and he would ask myself or Lynn for our help or advise regards work matters and
although he is 20 years younger than us both, we soon became good friends.

I was sure that Steve had a thing for my wife.
My wife always took the time to talk to him, and as he lived alone in a bedsit we invited
him over to our place to watch football on t.v or a chat.
Many times I’d caught Steve gawking at Lynn’s tits or her backside, then turn away
when he noticed him looking.

As time went on, my wife seemed to relax in Steve’s company and dress a little less
conservative, not sexy gear just skirt tee shirt with no bra just the normal things that
she would wear to slop about in at home she could never wear those clothes at work!),
at work we all have to wear a uniform and my wife was always trying to hide her femininity.

One evening when Steve came over to watch a match with me, and as my wife went off
to watch something on the t.v in the bedroom i again noticed Steve looking at Lynn, and
when he realised i had seen him he went red and quickly turned his head away, i just smiled
and as i was feeling a bit on the wicked side i thought i would have a bit of fun with him.

I don’t mind you looking at Lynn , I have seen you admire my wife, and why shouldnt you she’s
a sexy woman.
She’s got nice breasts and arse hasnt she ? It’s ok dont look so worried i like seeing other men
look at her the way you do, it’s a turn on .

While we waited for kick off i smiled at Steve and said ‘ you find Lynn fuckable dont you ?
You think about her pussy , she’s got a loverly pussy tastes wonderful got a lick me
look , feels fantastic Steve . better than you have imagined.

Poor Steve just looked at his feet, not knowing what to say, ‘Go on Steve i said its ok i really don’t
mind, he stuttered a bit and then said yes, ” do you imagine fucking her when you have a wank ?
err yes Steve admitted.

Ok that’s cool i am glad its out in the open and now you know that you can admire my wife and
you don’t have to look away, you have my permission to look all you want i smiled, ok he
smiled back as long as you don’t mind.
No, i dont mind at all it give’s me a buzz to know you look at her like that.

We sat and watched the match and i then gave Steve a lift home and asked if he would like to come
over at the weekend as we all had saturday and sunday off?
if Lynn wont mind he said, i am sure she wont i replied come over friday night about 7.30,
Lynn will be at home and i should be in from work about 8.00, 8.15.

And i ment what i said earlier and to prove it here’s a photo of her beautiful pussy ,
you can look at it when you have a wank , i smiled , goodnight .
Yeah goodnight thanks for the photo Alan, and i will look when i go to bed tonight.

When i got back i told Lynn that i had invited steve over at the weekend and i hope that
she didn’t mind? no its ok i enjoy steve’s company.

That night in bed i said to Lynn, ‘Do you know that Steve thinks you have got a sexy body and
he fancies you,” “don’t be silly what makes you think that? ‘Lynn said” i am old enough
to be his mother,” so i told her about my little chat before kick off.

And when i took him home i gave him a photo of you’re pussy off the computer, he said he would
look at it when he has a wank maybe he is stroking his cock right now! looking at you’re pussy
and imaging fucking you.

Do you feel excited and turned on knowing he’s thinking about you while he’s wanking?
yes it’s making me tingle, but i feel sorry for him dont you think you’re being cruel teasing
him like that, you rotten sod.

No, i have given him a bit of excitement to cheer him up when he’s stuck on his own in his
bedsit, we all three of us are getting a thrill from it.

What do you think about Steve? i have seen him looking at you, have noticed him looking
at you? well yes i did think a few time’s he was looking at me but i wasn’t sure?
I have seen you looking at Steve a few time’s too! Havant you?
Yes, Lynn admitted i have and do feel sexual attraction, and wonder what he’s like.
I thought so, it’s ok i don’t mind it’s turns me on knowing that, thanks.

We started to make love and i asked Lynn if she had fantasised about him, yes i have she
replied, have you had a wank thinking about him? mmm i have a few time’s.
I bet he is stroking his hard young cock right now, this talk was turning her on.
so i told her to imagine him sliding his young hard throbbing cock into her, this made her moan,
I bet you imagined him fucking you when you had a wank didn’t you?
yes i did, i imagined Steve fucking me, and i came it was good.

You would like Steve to fuck you wouldn’t you? i asked as i stroked her pussy, you’re
pussy is getting very wet, i think you’re thinking about Steve now thinking about
his young cock fucking you? this made her moan.
You want Steve to fuck you don’t you? Lynn’s pussy became wetter, i asked again,
tell me i know you want Steve to fuck you, close your eyes and imagine he’s here and
he is going to fuck you now! you want him to fuck you, if steve was here now you would let him
fuck you ? tell me Lynn ‘ Yes, Alan i do, i want Steve to fuck me, yes, yes i want his cock in my willing pussy!
I got between Lynn’s legs and started to lick her wet pussy , i lifted myself away just long enough to say,
your pussy is so wet are you thinking of him , imagining his cock filling you? two more licks and
Lynn cried out as her orgasm exploded.

Soon after she fell asleep, i felt happy Lynn had, had a wonderful orgasm, mmmm
her cum tastes so good.

Next night in bed she asked if i was ok, i said yes.

Lynn wrapped her hand around my cock and asked what’s got you so hard?
‘i was just thinking about last night.
Steve fucking me Alan ? watching me being fucked , seeing your wife fucking him , is thats what
has got you so turned on,”
“so i see mmmm!”she said as she wanked my cock” you would like that, watching me
being fucked by Steve’s young hard cock?
You would like to watch Steve fucking your wife, would you like it if he made me cum?
would you enjoy seeing another man make your wife orgasm right in front of you?
at that moment i shot my load, and my cum sprayed everywhere.
Wow that’s a lot! Lynn smiled i think you answered my question. You would really let me fuck
him if i wanted ,Yes as long as its because you wanted it happen .

No more was said after that and we fell a sleep, next morning as i went of to work i reminded
Lynn that it was friday and Steve would be over about 7.30 and i would be home about 8.00,
ok she said text me when your almost home.

When I got home and walked in our living room i froze on the spot unable to move or
speak, i must have looked stupid but what i greeted me i was totally unprepared for.
Lynn was dressed in sexy gear with stockings and suspenders, Steve had his shirt off,

Steve looked up at me, winked and smiled, telling my wife I was home.

‘Get comfortable, Alan’ i have something to show you.” I didn’t do as she asked.
I stood there, watching my wife sit next to Steve and start to stroke his inner thigh.
oh Alan he feels big very big and so hard. my cock was getting harder by the second.

My wife continued. ‘Honey, you’re going to want to sit down for this.

Lynn got up and walked over to me. ‘I’ve decided to treat you darling and Steve
has agreed to help me, i have decided to let him fuck me, Do you want me to ?,
Lynn helped me sit on a chair and put her hand against my groin, tracing the outline
of my erection.
You just sit back darling and watch and enjoy seeing me being fucked .

‘Alan , can you see the outline of his cock?” Lynn said, checking me out.
‘Steve, why don’t you get your cock out and show me and my husband what
you have got for his wife!
” Steve stood up and unbuckled his belt, pulling his pants down .
My eyes bugged out as Steve held his throbbing cock in his hand.
It was thick, about 9 inches, and very thick and shaved and smooth.

Lynn looked a bit shocked at first, then she said wow i never imagined it being that
big or so thick.

Steve started to speak, Alan? is this ok for your wife ? i nodded yes.
” He continued to stroke his cock in front of me.
He then turned and asked lynn , is it ok ? Oh yes Steve its wonderful you
have such a fantasic cock .
Can i feel it please Alan ? Yes i muttered anything you want , i love you .

I then watched as my wife took his cock in her hand and slowly stroked it , my wife
then looked at me and discribed how he felt .

His cock is so hard , hot and i want it Alan i want his big cock so much , i need it .
Would you see this big cock in your wife’s mouth? ask, me to suck his cock.
ask me suck this fresh thick cock. Come on, ask me ?
suck it!”. ‘Lynn suck that big cock, , ‘Please suck on that big cock.”
I tried to mutter it out again. ‘Please suck down that monster , Please, I want to see it!”

This was, hands down, the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed.
I was so turned on, as evident from my growing hard on.
Watching the scene before me, I was mesmerised by Lynn’s lips sucking the life out of
Steve’s cock, his smooth body sweating, his balls bouncing off of Lynn’s chin.

As my wife attempted to swallow him whole, he gave me a wink of
satisfaction. Lynn bobbed her head up and down on his cock, using both
hands to handle his throbbing member. When Lynn came up for air, Steve
took his cock and rubbed it all over her face, drenching it with a mix of
her spit and his cum. ‘Yeah baby,” Steve said as he tried to work her up.
‘Suck my huge cock, look Alan your wife’s sucking my cock, you like seeing
her taking another mans cock?
yes she looks wonderful sucking your cock.

Steve pulled his cock out of her mouth and glanced at me again, ‘Look at her,
she loves my cock.
Lynn, tell your husband how much you love my cock.”

I looked back at her, watching her lick Steve’s cock like an ice-cream cone.
She looked at me and smiled. ‘Alan, I really do love Steve’s
monster cock! It’s almost triple the size of yours, and it fits perfectly
my mouth. I’m starting to believe that my mouth was made to suck Steve’s
cock! It’s so good, it tastes so delicious, and know what, Steve? I want to know
what it feels like in my pussy,!

Not yet Steve I want you “Taste my wife’s pussy. Taste how good it is.”
Lynn lay down and put that cushion under your arse mmmmmmmm
Spread your legs for him.
Look Steve my wife’s pussy , lick her .Lynn moaned as his tongue start to
lap at her exposed open pussy.

Steve looked up and said . mmmmm she is sweet pussy just like you said.
and she’s dripping .

Lynn are you ready ? do you want me to ask Steve to fuck you ?
Yes , yes Alan ask him to fuck me ,
please, i want him to fuck me ,
tell Steve you want him to fuck me. You do want him to fuck my pussy don’t you alan?
yes lynn i want him to fill your pussy with that big cock.
Steve i asked
‘please will you fuck my wife
please be gentle with her she’s never taken a cock as big as yours.”
I wont hurt her, Lynn tell me if you want me to stop.

‘ok get ready¦ you’re about to see me fuck your wife?

Yes, Steve, ‘Fuck her please Steve.”
‘Ok watch i am going to give your wife a good fucking.”
Steve rubbed his cock up and down Lynn’s pussy lips as she moaned
pushing herself against him.

She’s wet she wants it, that’s it push onto my cock ease it into yourself,
I watched as my wife pushed herself forward and 3 inches of thick cock
slid inside her.

Alan can you see its in my pussy, it feels good so good ohhhhhhhhh
“go on Steve fill me with your cock”

He slid his cock deep inside her tight wet pussy, filling her up with all
9 inches of his thick meat.
I had never seen my wife open up so wide for anything before. Her pussy’s
attempt to accommodate Steve’s length and width was amazing. I sat down on
the floor and watched the two of them fuck passionately, Steve calling her
every name in the book. My wife clearly loved this, and both of them took
moments out of their passionate fucking to look at me.

‘Oh Lynn, you love this fucking fat missile inside of you, don’t you
babe? You like this dick filling you up. Oh god, take it, bitch. Take my fucking cock.
Oh, I’m going to fuck you senseless.
Steve spread my wife’s legs wide as he pounded deep and into her.

She screamed loud, cumming with every thrust . I shot my load as i watched.

Lynn looked up at me ‘look Alan, Steve’s fucking me, It’s so thick
Oh fuck me, Steve! Pound into me with that hard cock!

Oh Alan i can see how much pleasure this is giving you , Wow i can
see you cumming again Steve Alan’ cumming again !


‘I can’t believe you’re letting me do this !
I can’t believe you’re letting him fuck me like this,
Look i have taken all of that big thick cock.

Watch your husband he can’t believe what he’s seeing. I’m so glad I got to do
this to you. I’m so glad I got to fuck in front of your husband.

Steve grabbed Lynn by the hips and fucked faster .
I begged Steve to keep fucking my wife .
telling him to make her cum,
I want to see you cum Lynn, cum for me , on his cock ! i love you.”

Lynn looked at me with eyes full of love and said ‘oh Alan i love you, can you
see Steve’s big cock fucking my pussy oh Alan it feels sooo oh ooooooooooohhhhhhhh
good, oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!”.

‘Yeah Alan can see “Steve said,” Lynn look at your husband, look how much he’s
enjoying watching me fuck his wife, look at Alan he’s drenched in his own cum .
Alan she’s close to cumming “cum Lynn explode for your husband.

Oh Alan hold my hand oooohh here i go aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh watch!
Just as i took her hand and looked at my wife’s face it happened, Lynn exploded. …
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooh, oh Alan, aaaaaaaaaahh
Steve ooooooooooohhhhhhhh! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
and i felt my whole body shake and tremble and i was engulfed in her pleasure.

I have never seen anything as beautiful as my wife’s face as orgasm after orgasm
ripped through her body, the look of pure unrestrained pleasure in her eyes is something
i will never forget. and i came again right with her.

As Lynn started to come back to earth Steve pull his cock out of her and pumped load
after load of thick white cum all over her belly and tits, Steve then moved from between
her legs giving me a wonderful view of her pussy.

‘Look at that ! wow your pussy is so streached , he’s left you gapping open.

Thanks Steve thankyou for fucking Lynn and for the pleasure you
have given us both “i said.
‘Oh yes Steve thankyou that was the best fuck and the best orgasm’s i have ever had”
Lynn added “

My wife’s pussy is stretched and gapping open,” darling its wide
open and your thick cum juice’s are running from your well fucked hole.”

Then eat me! eat your wife’s pussy, Lynn begged.

I got down and started to lap at my wife’s well used pussy, drinking her cum
honey that was gushing from her .Making me cum again , i cant belive how
many times orgasam’s crashed through me

Steve said , I fucked your wife,
And wow she is one hell of a fuck .
I will leave you both alone to do
something only you can ‘MAKE LOVE !’.

Yes, i thought he’s right,
we did make love.

I have asked Steve come over and fuck Lynn again,
every time has been out of this world.

Lynn says that he gives her such wonderful orgasm’s and he is the best fuck she
has ever had.

But only i can make love to her.

I am happy to watch them fucking its erotic, exciting, and nothing is as beautiful
seeing pure pleasure, in her face and eyes and watching orgasm’s shuddering
though the woman you love.
‘ she says ‘he’s the best fuck she’s ever had “

I love my wife and only the best is good enough for her.

I hope you enjoyed this story. THE END.


  • Ray Greenwood says:

    I just had to have a wank while reading this.Would love this to happen with my wife.

    • Ken says:

      I agree with you and my wife always makes me watch. It has happened when we ware younger.
      I go crazy when I see another man using her and the best is when more than one makes her beg
      for more I can’t watch enough.

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