The Magic Bus Ride

Author: LissaK

It was a bad day to be a bus driver. It had been snowing all day and Tony was late. Every time the bus stopped, angry folks that had been waiting for an hour got on, bitching and soaking the floor with their dirty boots. And every few stops, he had to get up and wipe the bus door off because it had steamed up and he couldn’t see through.

It was already noon, but the day felt like it was never going to end. The bus was hot and full of the usual assortment of people; businessmen, overworked single mothers, crying babies, and elderly people. Tony had been telling himself that it was time to quit this job, but at the same time, he couldn’t think another job that he could do, other than manual labor or janitorial positions. His opportunities for the daily grind were endlessly painful.

He was immersed in his thoughts about new career paths as he pulled up in front of the Quickie Mart, and a large blond woman in a black leather trench coat struggled toward the bus, attempting to jog with a large bag of groceries in hand. She was slipping and sliding and waving her hands frantically as he opened the door. “Please don’t leave me!” she huffed, “I’m coming, I’m coming!” Tony smiled at the way she said it. It sounded kind of like those porn movies he sometimes downloaded on his computer. She made her way up the steps, holding her grocery bag tight against her large breasts. Her whole body heaved as she struggled to catch her breath. As she stepped up, her coat hiked up around her waist, revealing a large belly that looked almost pregnant. “Hurry up,” he chided, “I’m already late.” He was staring at her chest when he said it, but before he knew it, those mounds were practically in his face, as the large woman’s feet seemed to fall out from under her and she nose-dived right into his crotch.

“Jesus Christ!” she shouted, as she indignantly pushed herself up from his lap. “I could sue you for that! You should really do something about this wet floor! ” Tony flushed under her angry stare, her chubby face was red with anger and her blue eyes stern with rage. She looked like an inflated Barbie doll. “Aren’t you going to apologize?” she demanded, and suddenly Tony felt the eyes of the other passengers on him. An old black woman in the third row said loudly, “He’s the worst bus driver I’ve ever seen! He wouldn’t know how to drive a Tonka truck! We should all write in with our complaints.” Other passengers mumbled in agreement. There was some loud laughter coming from the teenagers in the front, but he made a firm decision not to let any of them ruin his day. Tony couldn’t make out what they said, but he knew he wasn’t in trouble. Every driver has his bad days. He stared straight ahead and pressed the gas pedal, mentally kicking himself for causing the cute fattie to fall and then not knowing what to say. He watched the blond Barbie’s ass shift and jiggle as she angrily walked away.

The snow was getting worse and traffic began to stall. The radio had predicted 10 inches, and it looked as if it was all coming down at once. People kept pulling the cord to get off the bus, but as they made their way down the main road, people were no longer getting on. Passengers were no longer concerned with Tony’s bus driving skills, many of them were on their cell phones calling friends and coworkers to let them know they were going to be very, very late.

The only person who seemed unconcerned about the weather and the bus travel was the big Barbie woman. She seemed completely settled in and unconcerned about the travel delays. She had taken off her coat to reveal a tight black top with plunging cleavage and stretched out her long, fat legs across the seats beside her, taking up the entire handicapped-reserved seats with her large frame. Her luscious red lips curled into a frown as she held her book just below her breasts. Every once in a while, she licked her finger, reached down, and turned a page. Her brow was furrowed in concentration.

Maybe she hadn’t noticed that she had been sitting on the bus for a half hour and hadn’t moved more than a block. Maybe she didn’t have anywhere better to be. Tony began to think about the possibilities. Did she have a man at home that knew how to please a big lady? Or did she have to please herself at the end of the day? She seemed kind of stuffy, so Tony thought to himself that it was probably the latter. Her cleavage seemed to grow as he stared at it through the rearview mirror. He couldn’t stop imagining the possibilities; his own cock in between those big tits, pumping himself into those lips, that same look of concentration on her face.

From the back of the bus came an angry voice, “Driver? Are we going to get to the Metro stop today?” Tony responded loudly, “I have no control over the traffic moving or not. With this weather, you have to always expect delays.” He could hear the remaining people on the bus begin grumbling amongst themselves. There were only thirteen or so people left, and most of them were far in the back.

“Ma’am, it looks like there are going to be some delays,” he said in what he thought was a friendly voice. The big Barbie looked up from her book, a look of annoyance on her face. “No shit,” she said sarcastically, “I’m probably fired anyway. Take your time. It’s your fault for being late, anyway.”

“I’m just trying to be helpful,” he said, realizing she was holding a grudge about the crotch diving incident. What could he say to make her talk to him?

“No, you’re doing what you’re good at. You’re trying to be an asshole,” she said loud enough for the whole bus to hear. “And you’re succeeding.”

The bus broke into laughter, but Tony just stared into the rearview mirror, noticing that her nipples were hard. Were they hard from being angry? Or were they hard because she was thinking of something else? God, he wanted to see them, just once. He decided that it wouldn’t hurt to turn the heat down a few notches, hoping that the nipples would stay erect. If he couldn’t get her phone number, at least he could have something to stare at until she went on her way. He felt disappointed that she was angry with him, but maybe this was a little game that that two could play. “Ma’am’, can you please put your feet on the floor?” he said in a matching sarcasm. She looked up at him, and she seemed to notice him for the first time. She slid her legs slowly off the seat, and gave a purposeful glare his way. Then she smiled quickly and looked away.

Tony’s cell phone interrupted his game. Bad news. The snow was falling too fast and over a dozen connecting buses were stranded or stuck. The bus system was shutting down for the day. Tony was low on gas; passengers would either have to get off the bus and walk three miles to the subway, or ride the bus back to the terminal and take their chances getting home.

He made the announcement, and soon people were gathering their belongings, determined to make the long hike to the subway. He kept his fingers crossed and the fat Barbie woman didn’t move an inch. Although several people cussed at him as they departed, Tony decided his day was looking up.

“We’re all alone now,” he said to her as he slowly made the difficult U-turn to go back to the terminal. She didn’t say anything, but he noticed she had put the book down. As the bus straightened itself into the left lane, he was able to pick up the speed just a bit. Few cars were headed in the direction he was going, and traffic was slow but steady.

The big Barbie woman stared at him, not saying anything. Then she opened the plastic bad she had been carrying and tore open a bag of chips. “I’m starving,” she said. “I hope you don’t mind.”

Tony had never known that eating a bag of chips could be seductive, but as she ate, he kept stealing glances at those plump lips and that big belly of hers expanding, and he felt himself grow hard. He didn’t say it, but there was a rule about no eating on the bus. God, he wished he could “punish” her for misbehavng.

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