Sex At The Movie Theater

Author: Wave

My boyfriend loves to have sex in public places, which really makes me nervous, but I’ll go along with it if I feel pretty safe that we won’t be caught. I’m always rewarded with great sex later whenever we manage to pull something off in public, and thats the best part of it for me.

We decided to go to the movies, and I just knew my boyfriend would want to take a seat in the back row and see what we could get away with. I wore a short skirt and crotchless panties, just in case.

We went to the very back row, which was up quite high in this particular theater, since it had stadium seating. The only problem was that there was another couple in the same back row, about 10 seats down, which put a definite damper on our plans. Otherwise, there were very few people in the theatre.

Much to our surprise, the other couple in the back row began making out very early into the movie. They were really groping each other and I could see the guy had his hand up the girls blouse. This little show they were putting on for us was getting the two of us pretty horny, so we started our own groping.

Whenever an outdoor scene, or brightly lit scene came onto the screen, we could get a good view of our neighbors’ activities, and they were definitely getting hot and heavy. Soon, she unzipped his pants and took what looked to be a massive cock out and started stroking it. Not to be outdone, I unzipped my boyfriend’s pants and took his rock hard cock out and began stroking it as well. By then, our neighbors very clearly could see that we were keeping right up with them, and I think they were liking it as much as we were. I got down on my knees and began to suck my boyfriend, and the girl down the row must have decided that was a good idea, because she did the same thing.

My boyfriend was so turned on watching this pretty girl down the row give head to another guy, while having his own big, fat cock sucked, that he was almost trembling with pleasure. I concentrated on the head of his cock for a long time, sucking it and rubbing my hand up and over it in between sucks. I took my tits out of my top and rubbed them against his thighs while I continued sucking him. He squeezed my nipples while I continued sucking and stroking, and soon he decided it was my turn. He put me in the seat with my legs over his shoulders and began to eat my pussy like there was no tomorrow.

By this time, I could see that our neighbors were getting ready to fuck. She mounted him by sitting on his lap, with her facing forward toward the movie screen. She was grinding away and I could see that her blouse was totally unbuttoned and she had beautiful large tits that he was fondling while she rode him.

My boyfriend continued licking my pussy and sucking my clit, fingering me for a bit, but then we noticed that our neighbors were watching us as if they were waiting. Waiting for us to fuck, that’s what. We had no problem with that, and we even decided to try to copy their position, since the theater chairs didn’t leave a whole lot of room for other positions.

My boyfriend’s cock was big and hard, but I had no problem mounting it with my dripping wet pussy. This position felt good, and also left me free to finger my clit. My boyfriend was whispering to me how tight my pussy felt and that he was going to fill me up good with cum. Just then, I heard some grunting and groaning and looked over at our neighbors in time to watch them both climax. I could see how hard her nipples were while she came on his cock. It just made me want to cream my boyfriend’s cock all the more.

I moved slowly up and down on my boyfriend’s cock, just teasing him and letting the head of his cock come just about out before I slowly slid back down on it. He was squeezing my nipples and talking dirty to me the whole time. I started to slide a little faster on that cock, twisting my hips just a bit and still fingering my clit. About 10 strokes like that and I began an earthshattering climax. That always sends my boyfriend over the edge and he lost it within seconds. I could feel his hot cum fill me up and it felt great. Our neighbors had a front row seat to our climax, and they seemed to enjoy it very much, too.

The movie was nearly over and when the lights came on, we all stood up and the guy in our row said to us “good movie, huh?” And my boyfriend said “very good!” I gave a little wave to the girl and we went our separate ways.

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