Sex Adventure

Author: LOVELY

I am passing a very happy life with my wife. We love sex a lot. We not only do it our self but also want to enjoy it with others. At one weekend, my wife and I decided that she should pretend to be going out in some bar or hotel alone while I would watch from a distance to see what happened.

We arrived at a bar which was much away from our home and most probably no one over there knew us. My wife went in alone. I followed about five minutes later. She was still sitting alone at the main table near the bar tender. So I sat about four seats away positioned so that I could see her clearly.

After about ten minutes a black guy in his early forties walked across to her and sat beside her. He was jet black in color and was having good body with huge physique. He was looking to be a businessman, wearing a suit. He started to chat to her and within a few minutes went over to the far end of the bar on a separate table with some dark with a couple of glasses of wine. He chatted with her for about 20 minutes moving closer to her. Then her went for another drink, came back gave it to her placing his arm around her slender waist. My wife lent closer towards him and I watched as he kissed her on the lips with his black lips on her very delicate pink lips. She responded with a deep sensual kiss which made me feel really jealous.

His hand moved to my wife’s leg, stroking its soft flesh exposed by her short skirt. Now they started to kiss and fondle each other like real lovers. Many people were looking at them. As it was really a strange thing that a very black guy was having such a beautiful blonde girl in his arms and was kissing her.

After some time, my wife got up and went forward to the toilet. She was there for several minutes and when she came back it was clear from the swaying of her full breasts and the clearly visible nipples through her T-shirt that she had removed her bra. She sat down again next to her black companion and I saw her giving him a small dark bundle. He opened it up and I saw that she had given him not only the bra that she had removed but also her panties. He smiled and smelled the fragrance of my wife’s body. Then he again kissed my wife and now started to fondling her breasts or running his hand up under her skirt to get a feel of her wet pussy.

After some time I found them moving them out of the bar it was strange to me as it was not the part of our plan. I followed them out of the bar and he was moving to the parking area while having his arm around my wife’s waist. I hid myself around a pillar and saw them standing by a car most probably that would be his. My wife let him pull her t-shirt off over her head. He kissed and sucked at her naked nipples and then forced her to kneel before him on the tarmac. I watched with astonishment as she opened his pant and pulled his black cock out and took his swollen hard cock into her mouth – something she had never fantasized, to take a black cock in her mouth. she sucked him for several minutes before he pulled her up, turned her round and made her lean forward against his car. I watched as he pulled her skirt up around her waist and bent down to lick her wet pussy. My wife was bending there with her wide legs and the black guy was licking her blonde pussy. Then he stood behind her and slid his cock into her wet pussy from behind.

He continued to push until all of his cock was fully buried into my wife’s blonde pussy. Now he started to fuck her with all his mighty – my wife’s moans echoing around the dark empty car park. Then I saw him thrust deeply into her and I knew he was pumping his thick spunk into my wife’s cunt. He thrust into her several times more before pulling away. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and made her sit down and forced his cock into her mouth and she started to lick her own juices and his cum from his cock. He kissed my wife a final time, got into his car and drove away. My wife picked her t-shirt from the ground and having it in her hand walked slowly over to me. I hugged her and kissed. She then wore her t-shirt and we went back to our car and she got into the passenger seat.

As I was driving home she kept her legs open giving me glimpses of his spunk oozing from her cunt. She admitted that the first black cock was really a good thing for her. She pushed her one finger into her wet cunt and then licked her own juices and his cum form her own cunt. Then she again cleaned her pussy with her finger and gave it into my mouth to eat. I could not resist her and tasted that black man’s cum. We moved to our home with a hope to have some more black cock soon.

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