Her Dharma Bum

Author: Steph

Aashka was working late again. It was well after midnight. Her programming project was buggy and bumping up against a deadline. It was beginning to seem that every solution generated two new problems. She wished this thing was over and done with. Just about every night and weekend for the past three months had been spent struggling with this project. Aashka was healthy young woman with strong needs. Back home in New Delhi, she was considered beautiful and, even here in the United States, her dark beauty, slender body and sparkling eyes turned heads. There was little doubt that she could find a man to sleep with her and bring feelings of satisfaction to her yoni but she had no time for social activities at the present time. The project needed to be brought to completion and she was stuck for answers.

Swallowing her pride, she headed for Clay’s office. She knew Clay would be there, even if there were nobody else left on the floor. It seemed to her that the pale redhead man lived in his office.

Though Clay was only twenty-three, he was unarguably the firm’s alpha geek. The tall redhead wrote elegant code and was responsible for several major contributions to the last release of Linux. He was a force to be reckoned with in the world of computers but was known to be shy and somewhat reclusive. Clay had no sex life. His only previous sexual experiences had been with his right, and sometimes his left, hand. Though he was fluent in many programming languages, he found it almost impossible to speak with women. When Aashka appeared in his doorway, he felt the familiar surges of frustrated lust but tried to push them aside. Her white blouse was stretched across her well-rounded chest, her short, flowing skirt complimented her round hips and sexy dark brown legs. There was no way he was ever going to be able to score with a sleek, beautiful woman like her. She probably had men standing in line to touch her full, round breasts and smooth brown patchouli scented skin. Clay imagined she probably had her strong, shapely dark legs wrapped around the man of her choosing every night. It’s funny how a man who knew so much could know so little.

Clay looked over her printouts and then inserted the CD she’d brought with her into his disk drive. Aashka thought he looked comfortable in his tee shirt and old gym shorts and wished she could dress so casual. He was intensely staring at the computer monitor, rapidly scrolling through her code and occasionally muttering to himself. She thought he looked cute with his tousled, curly red hair and light freckles. From the look of his pale skin, she wondered when was the last time he’d been out in the sun. The sudden sound of his voice broke through the fog of her musings.

“Could you grab my tarantula folder for me?” he asked.

“Tarantula folder?”

“Yeah,” he laughed. Aashka thought it was a friendly, pleasant laugh. “It’s in the cabinet over there. Don’t worry, it won’t bite. It’s my collection of notes on big, hairy problems. It’s probably in the bottom drawer.”

Clay marveled at the sweet roundness of her rear end as she bent to search for the folder. Just the sight of her sexy body was making him hard.

“I don’t see anything marked tarantula here,” she said.

Clay got up to help. He stood behind her looking over her shoulder. Distracted by her silky black hair he moved a step too close. His crotch bumped up against her curvaceous butt, pressing his erect dick up against the crack of her ass.

He quickly stumbled backwards with profuse, stuttering apologies.

Aashka smiled and looked over her shoulder at the blushing man-child. Her own horniness had been wreaking havoc with her concentration recently.

“Your lingham is hard with lust,” she said with a little giggle.

“Yeah, I…um…oh!” Clay’s feeble reply was cut short by the sight of Aashka dropping her black panties and lifting her skirt to reveal her lovely brown ass and dark haired pussy. He saw her fingers reach down and begin rubbing between her legs.

“My yoni has deep yearnings, it is wet with lust. Could you perhaps be so kind as to help me with this additional problem?”

Clay was afraid that if he said a word he was going to wake from this dream. He quickly stepped out of his gym shorts and briefs. His erection stood straight out from his copper pubes as he shakily moved toward her beautiful raised brown posterior. She reached behind her back and grabbed his hard pink cock with her tender brown hand. She guided it between her spread legs until he could feel the moist warmth of her slit. Her body shifted a bit and then she placed his rock solid dick inside her. Clay couldn’t believe how hot and tight her pussy felt. His hips pushed forward and Aashka let out a long moan while he buried himself deep within her hot, humid depths. Her cunt muscles clenched around his shaft, somehow she was massaging his dick with her pussy. Though he wanted to fuck her fast and hard, Clay just stood there a moment, drowning in the swirling sensations her grasping, clutching, slick cunt muscles were sending through his cock and balls. It felt like time stood still and Clay never wanted it to start again. He wanted to die in the heat of her flaming, fantastic pussy.

Aashka began slowly moving, gently fucking him, her ass slowly rocking. He rubbed the silky brown flesh of her moving butt and began to slowly pump to her hypnotic, swaying beat of desire. Clay pushed up his tee shirt to feel her sweet smooth dark flesh against his. She ground her cunt against his cock a bit harder, a bit faster. He picked up on her fucking motions, sliding in and out of her cunt to the movements of the rotating, round ass that he held in his hands. Suddenly, he felt her fingers touch his plunging cock and then move up toward her hooded clit. With a deep groaning she began to rub her clit. Her ass was now thrusting against him and he started fucking her back as hard and fast as she was fucking him. It was now beyond all control. Their animalistic fucking buried their rational minds, driving them on in pounding, passionate fury. Their young nude torsos slapped together, the sounds echoing off the walls of the small office. What had started slow and gentle had become a sweat drenched, raw, lust driven race to orgasm accompanied by sub-human grunting and groaning. Clay’s breathing had become ragged, he felt like his heart was going to explode in his chest, he grabbed Aashka’s thrusting hips tight in both hands as their fast and furious final strokes drove them closer to meltdown. With one last powerful thrust, Clay’s cock drove deep into the hot, pulsating Indian pussy. His hips shook and twitched from the force of the cum tearing through him. Somewhere in the distance he heard Aashka’s desperate panting and long, loud moans. Her frantically, flashing fingers brought her over the top. Her rich brown flesh quivered with her orgasmic waves. Clay was grinning ear to ear.

Back in high school he’d written a paper on Kerouac’s “Dharma Bums”, little knowing that someday he would finally lose his virginity while riding the sweet curves of Aashka’s rippling dharma bum.

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