Author: Belengo

Estuary: (n) – that part of the mouth or lower course of a river in which the river’s current meets the sea’s tide.

Bethany and Carlton had been married for eight years. High school sweethearts, they were almost a textbook cliché. Carlton had been a football player. He was never the star of the team or the most popular, but he was shy, sensitive, and he had an athlete’s body. In the years since, he’d let himself go a little, too busy with work for working out. Bethany, on the other hand, was the captain of the cheerleading squad and the homecoming queen. That was years ago, but the curvy, golden haired, and long legged girl that turned all the boys’ heads hadn’t changed much. At 33, she still fit easily into her squad uniform.

It was that homecoming dance she was thinking of just then. Another boy, Kurt Lancing, was the homecoming king. He was brash, charming, and had on several occasions made his interest in her known. Tall, blonde, and with eyes like Caribbean water, Bethany was helplessly attracted to him. That night, when the obligatory courtly dance came around, Kurt had held her close. Too close, at least for Carlton’s taste. She’d never seen him so jealous. They had fought and nearly broken up over it, but later that night they’d made up and had the best sex of their relationship. Still, the hurt look in Carlton’s eyes as he watched the dance haunted her. The sex did too. Still, here she was on the brink…

Carlton managed his father’s real estate agency and Bethany had her own career in education. This kept them both incredibly busy, but they made time on the weekends for a little R&R. That Saturday had started like any other. She and Carlton met their usual friends at the usual club for the usual “night out”. Carlton had never been much of a dancer, so she usually danced with her best friend Eliza. Eliza was a cute, 5’2” brunette with short, cropped hair and an androgynous physique. They’d met in college and become fast friends. Back then Eliza called herself “experimentally bi”. Bethany was curious enough, but Carlton was against it so it’d never gone further than the exaggerated flirting that continued still. That night, however, Eliza was no help. Earlier that week Eliza had broken her left ankle in a game of racquetball. She arrived at the club, with the help of her longtime boyfriend Scott, in a cast.

   Eliza met Scott in her final year in college and he was the oddball in their white collar circle. A guitarist by trade and a painter when he found the time, Scott was very much the starving artist type. Like Carlton, he’d been an athlete, but he still worked out regularly and had washboard abs that Eliza loved showing off. That aside, he also had shaggy, dirty blond hair and eyes that reminded Bethany of the same deep water she’d almost drowned in at the dance so long ago.

   “Why don’t you just go without me?” Eliza asked.

   “I don’t want to by myself,” Bethany answered and it was the truth. On the few occasions she had gone by herself, she’d felt too self-conscious, worried about upsetting Carlton, to let go and have fun. Eliza was her security blanket.

   “So make Carl take you,” Eliza answered, raising her voice a little. It was no use. Carlton was oblivious. The company wasn’t doing well and this had been a particularly bad week. Carlton was already on his sixth drink and engrossed in venting at Scott and their other friends. Recognizing defeat, Eliza offered, “Take Scott.”

   Bethany waffled, “No, I couldn’t…”

   Eliza scoffed and nudged Scott, drawing his attention from Carlton’s rant. “Beth wants to dance. Wanna go with her since I’m gimp?”

   “Sure,” he answered, giving Bethany a reassuring smile. Not waiting for the predictable excuses, Eliza tapped Carlton’s shoulder.

   Bethany watched Eliza and her husband exchange some words. The music was too loud for her to make out what was said, but she could tell that Carlton was well on his way to drunk and more concerned with continuing his rant than talking to Eliza. Bethany turned her attention to Scott, who was watching Eliza with an amused grin. She was attracted to him and the prospect, unlikely as it was, of dancing with him set her on edge. She felt a blush rise when he turned and caught her looking, but Eliza provided a convenient excuse to look away. Carlton had dismissed her with an offhand gesture and returned to his tirade.

   “He said it’s fine,” Eliza pronounced, eyes twinkling with mischief.

Bethany was stunned, but Scott was already offering her a hand as he rose for the opposite side of the booth. She took it instinctually and he lifted her to join him. “You don’t have to,” she blurted. It was the only thing she could think to say.

Scott just chuckled and began to draw her towards the dance floor. “Hey, you’re doing me a favor,” he said when they were several yards from the booth. “Listening to Carl go on about how the democrats sabotaged the market was driving me nuts. Besides, I’ve been watching you dance with Eliza for years. Now it’s my turn.”

Bethany felt another blush come over her and it seemed to linger through the first few songs. She was still uncomfortable and several times she tried to spot Carlton but the crowd was too thick and the booth too distant. She knew Scott could sense her hesitance. He was hardly touching her. He was playing it safe. Scott was a good dancer. She’d watched him and Eliza dance and longed for the obvious heat they shared on the dance floor. While they moved like liquid fire, on the few occasions Bethany had gotten Carlton to dance he had been rigid and clumsy.

“Are you sure you want to be out here?” Scott asked during a pause between sets. “If you’re uncomfortable or worried about Carlton we can totally go back to the booth.”

Bethany felt a little embarrassed. Had she really been that obvious and awkward? “No, I want to dance with you,” she answered, then realizing what she’d said amended, “I want to dance. It’s just been a while since I’ve…”

   Scott didn’t let her finish. “I understand. Why don’t we go to the bar and get a couple drinks? It’ll help you relax.” She agreed and Scott nonchalantly put his arm around her, his hand on her hip, and led her from the floor. The bar was crowded and they had to squeeze in just to order.

Bethany was wearing a black skirt that rose well above the knee and a short top that left her midriff exposed. As he ordered, Scott’s thumb began to caress her exposed waist. It was nothing, but Bethany’s entire body responded to the touch. She felt her pulse quicken and goosebumps danced down her arms. What was she doing? Bethany leaned more into Scott, allowing herself to press fully against him, allowing her breasts to press against his solid chest. Her hand went to his hip and slid her thumb into one of his belt loops. Even this was too far. If Carlton saw it… Scott just smiled at her briefly and then turned his attention back to waiting for their drinks. When they finally arrived, Bethany downed hers in a single chug. The music was playing again and she wanted to dance in earnest. Sensing the change, Scott downed his drink quickly and led her by the hand back to the floor.

As soon as they reached the floor, Scott was on her. His arms enfolded her, fingers splaying out across her exposed back. She pressed herself against him, closed her eyes, and let the music take her. Bethany loved to dance, loved the freedom and the release. She lost herself in it. With Eliza she could do so safely, but this was different. There was risk. Temptation. Scott turned her back to him, held her by the hips, and ground himself against her. She gasped, feeling him there against her, hard and aroused. He pressed his cock into her and his hands slid from her hips to her stomach. Her heart raced again and she felt her crotch begin to tingle and dampen.

Near panic, Bethany looked for Carlton, but he was nowhere to be seen. She was married! What the hell was she thinking? Despite herself she reached back, laced her fingers behind Scott’s neck, and pushed back. He responded by nuzzling her neck, his breath and lips hot against her flesh. Bethany bit her bottom lip, and caught in the moment, turned her face towards Scott. He didn’t hesitate. Lifting his face to meet hers, he pressed his lips against hers and parted them with his tongue. He kissed her furiously and Bethany answered it. Oh god, she thought, what am I doing? She loved Carlton. She can’t do this. She can’t.

But she did nothing to stop him. Her mind raced back to the dance, to Carlton’s eyes watching her dance with Kurt Lancing. Scott’s hands slowly slid upwards, and she shuddered as his hands slid over her breasts. Her nipples, already hard, rolled under his palms and she moaned into the kiss. God. Her memories continued. She and Carlton had fucked for hours that night, her fantasizing about Kurt the whole time. Her clit was throbbing and she could feel the wetness in her panties. If anything she kissed harder, forcing her tongue into Scott’s mouth as his hands massaged her C-cup breasts. The set ended, but the kiss lingered several moments beyond the music before the spell broke. Bethany pulled away from him, as if only finally realizing what she’d been doing. “I need to go check on Carlton,” She was already retreating. Scott just shrugged and followed her back to the booth.

Back at the booth, Carlton was clearly drunk and nearly cationic. Eliza was still sitting next to him, so Bethany slipped in across from them. Scott fell in next to her. Eliza took one look at the two on them, grinned knowingly, and asked, “Enjoy the dance?”

   Bethany, flustered and bothered, was still reeling with the gravity of what had happened. “She’s a good dancer,” Scott answered for them, and placed his hand on Bethany’s knee below the table. Bethany startled and looked terrified at her husband, but Carlton’s eyes weren’t even open and he was clearly feeling no pain.

   “Now you know why I’m always so horny afterwards,” Eliza smiled, lighting a cigarette.

   Scott nodded and smiled at Bethany, who was frozen like a dear in headlights. “Carl’s fucked. We should probably get him home,” he said, his hand sliding further up Bethany’s thigh until the edge of his pinky hit the hem of her skirt. Bethany’s breath was staggered and she watched her husband in terror even as she allowed her legs to spread a little more open. Scott took full advantage of this, slipping fingers underneath and petting the damp cloth. Bethany put both hands on the table and looked to Eliza as if for help.

   “You two have been drinking. So I’ll drive,” Eliza began, adding, “Oh, don’t worry. I can still drive. C’mon, let’s go.” Everything was happening so fast. Before she really knew what she was doing, she was helping Scott carry Carlton to Eliza’s car. It was a small green Saturn of some sort with a backseat cluttered with boxes of text books. “Put Carl up front, Beth. Scott, make some room in the back so you and Beth can ride back there,” Eliza instructed as she awkwardly maneuvered herself into the driver’s seat.

   Bethany slumped Carlton into the seat and Eliza fastened him in. “Thanks for the ride,” she said, feeling a little overwhelmed.

   “No problem,” Eliza answered, “Now hop in so we can get him home before he yetches all over my car!”

Behind them, Scott had moved the boxes to one side as best he could, but there was still only room for one. “Hope you don’t mind riding on my lap,” he said. Bethany hesitated a moment, but took his hand and got in. He was still hard and she could feel him pressed against her ass.

“Fuck, I left my purse in the fucking booth. Don’t worry, I can get it,” Eliza cursed, got out and slammed the door. Carlton shifted unconsciously and Bethany was alone with Scott.

Wordlessly, he put his hand back to her thigh just before the hem of her skirt. His other hand slid up her side, and he began kissing her neck. Again she sucked in her bottom lip, but offered no resistance. Both hands slid upwards. Bethany gasped. Carlton was right there in the front seat! Scott’s fingers slid against her soaked panties and put pressure against her aching clit. She groaned in pleasure as he began to rub her between his thumb and first finger. His other hand slid under her top, raising it to expose her soft breast. Her legs parted more, and she slid a hand into Scott’s hair.

“Oh god… oh god,” she whispered, “Oh god… yes… yessss……” The orgasm exploded across her senses. Her thighs clenched around his wrist. Her whole body ground against his hand as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” Scott whispered in Bethany’s ear, twisting her nipple. She could only pant and nod as he pulled her panties down with the other hand. “I know you want it.”

Again she nodded, her gaze falling back upon her sleeping husband. She could feel tears beginning to well in her eyes. It was only supposed to be a dance. Scott slumped in the seat, took Bethany’s hands, and lowered them to his belt between her own legs. She just wanted to dance. She’d never let another man touch her like this. “I can’t do this,” she thought as her hands obediently released the belt and worked at the buttons below.

Scott took her face by the chin and turned her away from Carlton. She quivered, staring into those Caribbean eyes, as he opened her mouth and kissed her. Bethany succumbed to the kiss, only to gasp as her hands found the hard flesh of Scott’s naked cock. He was at least a third larger than Carlton. Wrapping her fist around him, she pumped him vigorously and Scott leaned his head back to moan. “Yeah, like that.” Her hands openly explored the full length of his shaft, wetting themselves with his precum, and lubricating the head with it. “Now, fuck me,” he commanded.

Bethany obeyed, turning in the seat to straddle him. Her knees pushed into the crack between the seats and the roof pushed against the back of her head. Eyes burning, she kissed him again as she reached between them and guided his penis. His head parted her engorged lips and she trembled as it found her yearning hole. Her mouth gaped as she sank slowly onto the largest cock she’d ever known. Scott seemed to fill her to stretching, as though her insides had only just enough room for him. Bethany’s hands went to his shoulders and she began to stroke the cock inside of her. Scott’s hands reach around and grabbed her ass, pulling her cheeks apart and, using her own lubricant, began fingering at her asshole.

“Fffffuuucuccckkkkk…,” Bethany groaned, cumming again. Her fingernails dug into Scott’s shoulders and she surged against him, ravenously thrusting herself against him. Carlton had never touched her ass and now Scott’s finger was pushing inside. She couldn’t believe she was fucking another man, much less in the club parking lot with her husband inches away. She didn’t care. She needed more. This time she was on the offensive. She plowed her mouth into Scott’s, taking a kiss as if by force and fucked him harder. Another orgasm blossomed even before the previous one passed. Her thighs spasmed and her stomach crapped.

“C…c…cumming…,” Scott groaned, now nothing more than the vehicle of Bethany’s pleasure. “I’m cumming.” On the brink of yet another climax, Bethany slowed and ground hard against him, moving for him like she’d never moved for her husband. She felt him release, his warm seed spreading inside of her, as his body reflexively thrust to deliver the charge. Bethany wrapped her arms around his head, clutching it to her chest as she folded against him, riding those final movements and the taboo of letting another man cum inside her into ecstasy. She buried her face in Scott’s hair and panted as the aftershocks rippled across her sweating flesh.

Then the car door opened and Eliza got in. Bethany startled, but there was no way to disguise what was happening. “Eliza…” she almost moaned.

Eliza adjusted her rearview to catch Bethany’s eyes. “Still curious?”

Bethany nodded.

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