Earning Her Stripes I

Author: Dan

Master Oberon demanded the utmost respect and obedience from his two female slaves, Ariele and Rebecca. For their devoted service to him, he provided all that they want for nothing, food, shelter, personal affects, entertainment, education and when all chores were done according to his specifications, the girls would be permitted the honor of sitting at his side each evening, relishing his pets and caresses. For exceptional service, they were permitted to sleep low on his bed, as opposed to the floor at his feet. Master Oberon shined with the loyalty of his two collared girls.

Rebecca, his slave of three years, was proud to serve under her Master. She, a tall, slender, hazel-eyed brunette who only lived to please him… Indeed, his training had made her grand, and if in the market, he knew that she would be a highly sought after slave.

Ariele, blue eyes, honey blonde hair, fair complexion, and dainty in ever respect was prone to mischievousness and was at times precocious. Only under his care for five months, she was his newest slave, his diamond in the rough, and her journey just beginning, but Master Oberon knew that with time and guidance, his Ariele too would shine brilliantly.

Master Oberon’s home, nearly classed as a mansion, was comfortable, not extravagantly decorated and was always kept impeccably clean by his girls. The basement, his pride and joy, a fully equipped dungeon, with enough toys and tools to furnish two or three dungeons completely, made him the envy of the other Masters and Mistresses in the Lifestylers Scene club, which he also happened to be president of. Meetings were held twice a month, Saturday evenings, and given the adequate space in Master Oberon’s dungeon, the parties were usually hosted there and was the scene of some of the most extravagant serves, floggings, whippings, over the knee spankings and hottest sex scenes of any club in the city.

Those Saturdays were the busiest for his slaves. Platters of foods had to be prepared, the bar was to be stocked with non alcoholic refreshments, the dungeon to be readied for the onslaught of Dominants and their slaves and, of course, the girls had to prepare themselves for the evening as well. Master Oberon demanded that, with the exception of their collars, his girls were to be naked during all parties and shaved smooth. Rebecca and Ariele had made it a ritual that on the afternoon of the party, they would take turns shaving each other, and unbeknownst to Master Oberon, the shaving rituals most often turned into some pre-party pussy licking.

Not unlike any other second Saturday, Ariele and Rebecca had scurried about the large dungeon, dusting the wall of paddles, crops, floggers, whips and other tools of punishment, wondering what type of scene their Master had prepared for the night’s party. Whatever it was, they knew that it would be superb, well thought out and inevitably end up with the both of them brandishing a very red bottom and a well-fucked pussy. “Master is the king of scenes and sex!” squeaked Ariele, as she laid nipple clamps, ball gags and small silver weights on a table in the corner of the rustic dungeon. Rebecca, looking over their work, content that all had been done to Master’s orders, motioned Ariele to the dungeon servery, so they could prepare the platters of snacks and finger foods, before tending to their shaving ritual.

Examining the supplies needed to prepare the foods, Rebecca realized that Ariele had forgotten to pick up fine grand liver pate and sliced Swiss cheese, Master’s favorite and a definite “must have”. Shooing Ariele off to the grocery store, Rebecca reminded her that there was still much to be done to prepare for the night’s party and to scurry back as quickly as possible, for they do not want to get on Master’s bad side, especially with a dungeon full of guests expected that evening.

Within fifteen minutes, Ariele was at the grocery store, had placed her order at the deli and was waiting at the checkout counter to purchase the items, when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning around, she squealed with delight at the familiar face behind her, her best friend Jaline, whom she hadn’t seen since the night of her collaring ceremony. Excitedly they hugged and agreed to zip over to the café across the street to play catch up on the events in each other’s lives.

Sitting in the café, their chatter was as though time stood still, excited, giddy and natural, just as it always is between best friends. Three cups of coffee and two hours later, Ariele glanced at the clock. “5:30!!!” she shrieked, taking up the deli packages, hugging her friend with a promise to talk soon, and bolting out the door. Her walk was more like a jog as she made her way home. “Master will be back from golf by now! He will know that Rebecca prepared the trays herself and I’m still not shaved!” she muttered to herself, heart pounding, knowing full well that her irresponsible behavior will be met with a harsh reprimand from her Master. “But! If I tell him that I met up with Jaline and she would have it no other way than I went for coffee with her, surely he’d understand”, she voiced in her own mind, jog now turning into a run.

Finally at home, Ariele slipped into the back door and down the basement stairs to the dungeon servery. Opening the refrigerator, she saw that all trays had been prepared, so working quickly, she assembled her Master’s liver pate and Swiss cheese on crackers and was arranging them on a silver plate when she felt a firm hand squeeze her shoulder. Not even having to look, Ariele lowered her head, swallowing softly.

“Hello Master. I can explain Master”, she spoke in a soft pleading tone. After a few seconds of silence, her Master spoke. “Was there an accident?” he asked. “No Master”, she replied quietly. “Was someone killed? Hurt? Were you helplessly held against your will and unable to reach a phone?” he continued calmly. “No Master”, she responded again, guilt quivering in her voice. “Perhaps a natural disaster that seems to have eluded me? Earthquake? Twister? A flash flood that caused you to flee for your life in the opposite direction of home?” Bowing her head lower and swallowing hard, she replied,” No Master”

“It does not please me to have to do this Ariele, tonight of all nights, but you have given me no choice. This has happened once too often, and I have made allowances for your irresponsibility, but no more”, Master Oberon spoke with a heavy sigh. “Go now and prepare yourself for the party, girl, then wait in my room until your sister summons you”, he commanded of her in a voice still controlled, but stern. “Yes Master”, her only response, as her chin fell to her chest. Giving a firm squeeze to her round ass, he whispered into her ear, “This is MINE”, and then released her to prepare herself and wait.

As she made her way to the master bathroom, Ariele was met by Rebecca who hugged her gently. “I’m sorry sister”, she spoke softly into Ariele’s ear. “I could find no excuse to explain your lateness to Master. He was so worried about you, and so was I. You should have called sister” Ariele nodded, admitting that it was totally her fault and disappeared into the bathroom.

Carefully, she shaved the soft lips of her pussy until they were perfectly smooth, then stepped into a hot shower and lathered every inch of her petite frame. The water running across her face hid the tears that she was crying. She did not mean to disappoint Master. She was so ashamed of herself for disappointing him and knew that soon she was to feel his disappointment, and that it was going to hurt more than her pride. She so wanted to be grand like Rebecca, where they only punishment received, was for play and pleasure. She blew it and knew that she was going to suffer the consequences.

“I wonder what he is going to do? Is he going to spank me in front of everyone, then make me kneel in the corner throughout the entire party?” she thought to herself as she patted her skin dry, her stomach in a fit of butterflies.

Locking her leather collar into place, she felt safe, protected and honored. She was her Master’s pet and he owned all that she is and all that she will become. She surrendered in complete trust, trust that she will be loved, trust that the gift of her submission to him will always be respected and trust that no matter her transgression, though there be punishments given, that she will always be forgiven.

Skyclad, in only her collar, silky blonde hair cascading across her shoulders, nervousness punching at her stomach, Ariele sat in her Master’s room, waiting to be summoned.

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