Lucky Cigarette

Author: Cecilia

The lady I work for, Isabella, is the woman of my dreams. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I think about her all the time, at work, at home, and everywhere in between. She’s about five foot nine; she must weigh about a hundred and ten pounds. She’s got long blonde hair, and green eyes that burn a hole into me when she turns them in my direction.

Today Isabella is wearing my favorite outfit. A black skirt that only comes about halfway down her tight thighs, with a red blouse that is cut far down to show off her magnificent cleavage, and a loose black blazer over it. Under her skirt line tightly covering her great legs, are dark nylons that have the seam running down the back, and shiny black heels. Her clothes are just like her attitude. very powerful. Very sexy. Very sophisticated.

I get up and go to the lounge of our building to have a smoke. I’m sitting at the table, thinking about how sexy Isabella is, when she walks through the door, and strides across the floor to take a seat at a table across from me. She sits down in the metal chair, and crosses her slender legs at the knee. She takes a cigarette from the pack she is holding, and places the long, skinny shaft between her red painted lips. Lifting a thin gold lighter, she pushes the button on the lighter, and sends a small flame to the tip of her cigarette. Her cheeks cave in softly as she sucks the filter of the smoke. The tip of her cigarette glows an intense red as she draws the sweet minty smoke into her.

Putting her lighter down, she tips her head back slightly, and breaths in deeply. Then, shaping her lips in a tight circle, she blows the smoke upwards, above her head, torpedoing it towards the ceiling. She rests her elbow on the table, and holds the cigarette between her forefinger and middle finger, and I can see the tendrils of smoke wafting to her, creating hazy soft while lines around her hair.

Lifting my cigarette, I take a deep puff off of it, as I watch Isabella look around the room. In this setting, she looks like she’s the queen of the room, looking over her loyal subjects, deciding which ones to place her favor upon.

Slowly and gently, she lifts the smoke up to her lips again, and I barely see her tongue slip out from between her teeth to meet the filter, as she draws it into her mouth. Oh, how I would love to be a slender cigarette being kissed by that wonderful mouth. She draws the smoke in again, her chest heaving outward, causing her breasts to swell up. She pulls her hand away from her mouth, and as the sight enraptures me, she lets the smoke flow out of her mouth, and slowly draws it in through her flared nostrils. A little escapes, and floats up through her hair, disappearing as it passes. She turns and looks at me, and smiles, and releases the smoke trapped within her body, blowing it in my direction. I think to myself how I wish I were closer to her, so that I could breath in her expelled breath, taking in what was once inside of her.

The burning within me is nearly too much to bear. My groin feels as hot as the cigarette she is smoking. I feel my manhood growing in my pants, and my mind slowly starts to undress Isabella, seeing her sitting naked, slowly sucking on that lucky cigarette. Seeing the desire in my eyes, Isabella raises the cigarette to her mouth once again, and as she takes another drag off of it, she lifts her leg off the other, and places both her feet on the floor, with her legs slightly spread. Unable to help myself, I look down between her thighs, and see the tops of her garters poking out from under her skirt. How badly I want to run my hand up there and see if she’s wearing any panties under that short skirt.

My cock is screaming to be released from my shorts, but I ignore it, and look up at her again. She pokes her tongue out, and seductively licks her lips, blowing smoke out around her tongue, her green eyes boring right into me. I feel her powerful hold on me, and I know that she can see what’s on my mind. My heart leaps in my chest, but I am unable to look away from her.

Unable to take anymore, I put out the cigarette I’d been holding, and stand up to leave. Seeing the smirk on Isabella’s face, I suddenly realize that my hard on is showing through my pants. Too late to do anything about it now, I just blush and leave the room. I go back to the office, and start working on my computer. A couple of minutes later Isabella walks through the door, and comes over to stand in front of me at my desk. I slowly look up, allowing my eyes to linger on the trip from the top of my desk to her waist, then to her chest, her neck, her lips, then finally her eyes. Unable to erase the memories of her seductive ways, I feel myself blush again. She tells me that after work she’d like it if I joined her for a drink at a local bar.

As the scent of her floats to me, my mind reels at the possibilities of the night, as I stammer though accepting her invitation. As if she already knew I would accept, she smiled and winked at me, then walked into her office and shut the door.

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