Cyber Lezzies I – Eating Meg

Maxine darted her tongue in and out of my hot cunt, sucking up my juices as they flowed from my slick gash. I twisted my nipples more, listening a she slurped my pussy juice. I lost all concentration as removed her tongue and started to fuck me with two fingers. She plunged them deeper and deeper into my hot hole, curving her fingers to keep steady pressure on my g-spot. My pussy felt like it was on fire and I started to moan out loud. “Tell Kitty how you feel Meg. Tell her how good it feels”, Maxine commanded as she pumped her fingers in and out of my aching cunt


oh Kitty. Maxine is finger fucking me now. I can’t think Kitty. It feels so good. I can’t think. My pussy feels like it’s on fire, even my toes feel like they’re on fire. Oh Kitty, my pussy is so hot

that’s it babe. Ride it out. My fingers are hammering in and out of your hot cunt and soon I will be sucking your clit, sucking your clit until you cum babe. Let her finger fuck your hot cunt for me

Maxine drove her fingers in and out of my pussy faster and faster, keeping steady pressure on my g-spot. I could feel an orgasm unlike any I had ever had welling up inside of me, deep inside of my burning sex. The faster she pumped me, the hotter I got until I raised my ass off of the chair and howled in an explosive gushing orgasm, my pussy gushing it’s hot liquid all over her fast fucking hand. “Oh gawd! Oh gawd stop!!” I screeched, grabbing at my tits and keeping my ass off of the chair.

Maxine continued to hammer her fingers into me and her tongue found it’s way to my rock hard clit, circling it, flicking it, sending me higher and higher.


babe, what’s going on? Tell me what’s going on. Are you ready to cum babe? Babe? Are you there?

Maxine pressed her tongue hard against my clit, her fingers pounding in and out of my already soaking wet cunt. “Tell her Meg, tell Kitty how you feel. Tell her how you gushed all over me and how you will gush and cum again. Tell her meg”


Kitty I’m going to cum again. Oh my pussy Kitty. My pussy gushed all over her and I am ready to cum again Kitty. She’s sucking my clit. She’s sucking my clit Kitty and I am going to cum. Oh Kitty my pussy

cum for me babe. Cum all over my face as I suck your aching pussy.

Maxine went back to tonguing my clit, faster and faster she drove her fingers into my throbbing pussy. I couldn’t type any more, I couldn’t think any more. I grabbed her head and pushed her hard against me, rocking my fire hot cunt against her stiff tongue as it danced around my swollen clit, sending me higher and higher to toward my imminent orgasm. My eyes locked onto the screen. Kitty was typing something, I focused, moaned, focused again.


cum for me Meg… cum for me now… cum for me!!!

“Oh fuck!” I cried out, my pulsing cunt still grinding against Maxine’s wet tongue. Then it hit, my orgasm crashed through me like a wave, sending me into a rocking screaming frenzy. “Oooooooooooo fuck Maxine…. ohhhhhh fuck…. I’m going to cum… oooooooooo Maxine…. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… fuck… fuck…. fuckkkkkkkk!!!!!” My cunt exploded in orgasm, sending another torrent of hot juices all over Maxine, my pussy muscles contracting rapidly around her slick pumping fingers.

With a loud slurping sound, Maxine pulled her fingers from my twitching cunt and brought them to her lips to lick off the juices. Crashing down onto the chair again and bringing my trembling legs back to a normal position I glanced at the screen.

Maxine looked up at me from her place between my legs. Her hand was between her closed thighs, a lip-biting look of longing in her eyes.


Mmmmmmmmmm you were so good babe… now it’s your turn to taste her pussy…

To be continued…

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