By the light of the strobe

Now I feel him, his delectable lips caressing my dickhead. He slides my
whole length into his mouth and I see stars. It feels so good, I want to
yell up to the sky, but I know our getting away with this without being
caught depends on not drawing attention to ourselves.

“Quiet, quiet,” I mumble to myself.

The sexy dancer is sucking me so good – almost too good! I grab his head
and slow him down, he was going so fast I could’ve come right then.
Slower, slower…I start face-fucking him, shoving my meat into his mouth
until I hit the back of his throat, then gently pull back. The guy groans
and I see him grab his own cock with his hand and start jerking it.

Damn! Even going slow this whole scene is so hot I’m going to come too
soon. I pull his head off my cock – not yet, I don’t want to come yet –
soon, but not yet.

“Get up here,” I say, gesturing with my head. My dancer leans up towards
me and I catch his mouth with mine. I kiss him hard, passionately, loving
the taste of myself on his tongue, tripping out to the fact that the
tongue I’m caressing with my own a second ago had my cock on it. He
kisses good, submissively letting me invade his mouth, take him, he opens wider as my tongue pushes in, deeper and deeper.

I pull my tongue out and take his head in my hands. Now I kiss his face,
his cheeks, his nose, his eyebrows, his eyelids – there’s no part of his
face I don’t want to feel with my lips. It’s like I’m blind and I want to
experience him completely tactilely. He breathes quickly in ragged
breaths, and I can hear the sliding sound of his hand jerking his cock.
My own dick longs for more attention, but I know if I make him suck me
again I’ll come instantly.

This is going to be too quick anyway; I want to draw it out if I can.
My mouth engulfs his ear, my tongue swirling around the beautiful curves
that make it. The dancer coos when I do this – aha, a sensitive spot! –
and I do it more, harder, more insistently. He wiggles and quivers in
grip, but I wrap my arms around him and hold him tight, he can shudder all
he wants but I’m not letting him go anywhere. I stick my tongue deep in
his ear, giving him a preview of what it’s going to be like a minute from
now when I fuck his ass with my cock.

Then I bend his head back to expose his beautiful vulnerable neck. If I
were a vampire this guy would be out of luck with a throat so pretty as
this. I attack it gently, not biting or nibbling, just licking, stroking
it with my tongue, covering it with kisses. His breathing gets louder and
more labored.

I imagine myself a vampire, breaking his artery open and drinking from
it, sucking out his lifeblood, enslaving him to me for all eternity…
Oh he’s getting off on this, man, I know.

I squeeze him tight, very tight, so tight I feel his breath escape his
lungs all at once, harder, harder, I know I’m hurting him, but I don’t
care, and I know he doesn’t either. It’s like I want to consume him, to
squeeze him so hard that our bodies become one, meld and morph together
until we’re one being, one body, one passion.

I let him go and he falls back a little bit, gasping for air. His chest
is visible now, his hairless tight stomach, his hard little pecs with
their hard, edible nipples.

Now I am not afraid to bite.

I lunge forward and I am on top of him, attacking his chest with my
mouth, nibbling, biting, chewing on the hard but tender flesh. I imagine
myself a cannibal, with this beautiful man as a feast to gorge on, to
consume and eat him, to take him inside me, to make him mine that way,
come into me and live inside me. Oh I would savor every bite of this
exquisite creature…

I take one of his nipples between my teeth and bite very gently. He cries
out, but I know it’s not a pain he wants relief from, rather one he wants
more of. I squeeze his tit harder and he loves it, squirming and
wiggling, but never enough to loosen my grip on him. I switch to the
other nip and get the same reaction.

All the while he is jerking himself off. Every few seconds he stops –
aha, he doesn’t want to come to quickly either – but we both know this
can’t last much longer. Passion this intense cannot be maintained for too
long, it’s impossible.

It would kill us, and while it would be fantastic way to die, I want to
live – I have many more boys to fuck before I die – and I know he does to,
to experience this many more times.

“Oh my God you’re making me so fuckin’ hot, man…” he whispers.
“You’re the hot one,” I answer him, “I want you so fuckin’ badly…”
“Take me, man!” he says desperately, “I’m yours, take me!”
I rip open the condom and slide it down over my dick as he watches
hungrily. His eyes never leave my dick, now smooth and shiny within its
latex armor.

“Now lay back,” I say and the beautiful man does so, using his hands to
raise his legs as high as possible. There’s no time for more foreplay. I
squeeze some lube on my cock, and he takes some and slicks up his

“Are you ready?” I ask.
“Yeah, man, please fuck me, please take me!” he says.
“Then consider yourself taken!” I say as I move in fast between his legs.
No amount of lubrication could have prepared him for me. I plunge my
dick into his asshole, and silence his scream with one hand over his
mouth. When that scream changes to a moan of mind-altering ecstasy, I put
both hands on his shoulders and get down to the serious business of
fucking him.

As I lean down over my dancer, a flash of light catches my eye. I glance
up toward it, and see that it is a strobe – one of the strobe-lights from the dance floor is just visible through a door slightly ajar.

From this angle it is flashing right in my eyes. I decide that by the
light of a strobe is as good a way as any to fuck this man, and start.
I shove myself into him, then pull out, then in again, and out. Holding
him in place with my hands on his shoulders, I make sure that every last
inch of my rod enters him, taking him like he so needs to be taken.

The strobe-light’s flashing beams into my eyes. Its pattern is bizarre,
exciting, exotic. I try to keep up with it, matching my thrusts into the
young man beneath me with the constant flashes.

But it’s impossible.
There’s no way I can keep up with it, but it’s a race I’m happy to lose,
and by the sound of the moans of passion from my taken dancer he’s
perfectly happy too.

Fucking him is phenomenal, making me feel powerful, masculine, masterful
all at the same time. With the hand that still has some lube on it he
reaches for his own cock and starts pumping it.

“I’m gonna come, man!” he says. I grab his fist in my own, stopping its
feverish jerking.
“Only when I say so,” I tell him, “Only when I say.” He groans but
obeys, showing me that he knows doing what I say is part of what is making
this fuck-fest so hot.

But he doesn’t have long to wait. My thrusts speed up, as if again I try
to match the pulse of the strobe, but not this time. Now my speed leads
to one goal, and that goal’s fruition burns in my balls, ready to shoot
out of my cock and roar its way into the world.

I’ve done it, I realize, he’s mine, I’ve taken him, for this moment right
here right now, I own him, he belongs to me. I saw what I wanted and I
took it. And it wanted to be taken. The energy I’d seen on the dance
floor was mine, I was inside it, just like I’d wanted to be. It was
in-fucking-credible! To share this heat, this passion, with someone else,
someone who was feeling exactly the same thing, was overwhelming!
“Ready to come?” I ask him breathlessly.

“Yes!” he says desperately.
“Then come!” I say, “Now!”

He grabs his dick and jacks it fast as I try to silence my own roar of
passion and my seed shoots out of me and into him. His asshole clamps
down on my cock and sends bolts of lightning through my body.

Once again I cover the young man’s mouth with my other hand as he yells
out his orgasm and his jizz splatters all over his chest. It feels like
we’re frozen in a second that lasts forever, surrounded by light, our
energies fused together, our simultaneous ecstasy bonding us like no other
experience can.

We are one.

We stay like that for a few seconds, as the bursts of pleasure recede and
fade into amazing after-glow and we try to slow our panting breaths. I
make sure I don’t spill a drop of spunk as I pull my dick out of him. We
collapse into each other’s arms and just lay there for a while, sharing
each other’s heat and glow.

When our breathing has completely fogged up the windows of my car, we
realize how uncomfortable the positions we’re holding are. We disentangle
ourselves from each other. We get out of the hatchback and after throwing
the condom in a nearby trash can put our clothes back on as quickly as

Then we stand there for a moment, beneath the moon, in the light of the
strobe. My little dancer looks so hot standing there – still flushed,
looking freshly-fucked, potent and rich with possibilities.

“Want to dance some more?” I ask him. He grins at me.
“The night’s just begun,” he says.

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