Webmeets Diary Ch. 08

Author: starbelliedboy

Note to the reader: In this diary I have told the true stories of my sexual encounters that have come about thanks to the internet. Some more precise details such as names and places will be left out to protect mine and others’ privacy, and also because they don’t matter. Each entry in the diary can be read alone or as part of a series, but since I have a wide sexual appetite you may not find everything I’ve done to be such a turn on, so you may want to skip those chapters. This chapter, chapters 1 to 4 and 6 feature homosexual scenes, while chapters 5 and 7 feature heterosexual scenes.


When I arrived in Hong Kong from Shanghai on Thursday evening, I decided fairly quickly that I couldn’t afford to stay there long as it was so much more expensive than the rest of China. I would just spend the weekend and however long it took me to get my new visa, then leave.

Luckily, I’d already arranged a meeting with the one member of the adult personals site there who had remained in contact with me, although that contact had only consisted of exchanging a few brief emails and photos. They were a gay couple, a younger local guy called Jason, a couple of years older than me, and his forty-five year old British boyfriend Mark. Apparently Jason preferred white guys and to be ‘bottom’ while Mark preferred younger Asians and to be ‘top’, so they were perfectly matched.

As with others, we’d arranged to go for dinner, this time on the Friday night as I thought I’d be feeling too exhausted from my activities in Shanghai. I was glad I had the extra day to recover from the last night there, get back in the mood for guys after so many girls, and also manage to find time to shave the stubble on my crotch before going to meet them.

They were a handsome looking couple, Jason a little shorter than me and of similar slim build with a cute, slightly effeminate face and short black hair, while Mark was over six feet tall, clearly fit and good looking for his age with light brown hair and a goatee beard. They kindly paid for the meal at quite a decent looking restaurant, and I must have made a good impression because they invited me back to their place. It was in an apartment on the peninsular Kowloon, but a little while out on the bus from the central area with budget accommodation where I was staying. I was a little worried about being able to catch the bus back, as they’d said in emails that they didn’t like people to stay the night, but they assured me there was a night bus, and anyway the taxis weren’t too expensive.

“So what would you guys like to do tonight?” I asked as soon as we were inside. Shanghai had got rid of any tendencies I used to have for beating about the bush.

“I would like you to fuck me,” Jason replied, apparently even more used to being frank in this way. “Mark will film, is that OK?”

“That sounds great” I replied. I was a little disappointed that we would not be having group sex straight away, as I had waited a long time to be with two guys at once, but there were going to be a few opportunities so I thought it best to let my hosts decide first before making any requests of my own. Not that the prospect of fucking that cute Asian arse while his older, white boyfriend filmed us didn’t excite me, quite the opposite, as despite having been with a number of men, I tended to be “bottom” rather than “top”. So we all went into the bedroom where Jason and I stripped off in front of Mark and his video camera, and got on to the bed.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked, unsure of how intimate he wanted to get in the presence of his lover, and ignoring the irony that I had been asked the same question by a few of the guys I’d met in the UK.

“Sure,” was the reply, so we did, shuffling closer until our semi-erect cocks bumped together. I closed my eyes and put my arms about him, thrusting my tongue far into his mouth, and gripping his buttocks, pulling his crotch to press close to mine, while he acted more passively, caressing my butt cheeks but nothing more. I cupped his balls, squeezing them gently, finding them bald, though here I could tell it was from shaving whereas the rest of his body was naturally hairless apart from a small patch of curly black hair that he’d left above his cock.

Once more, as in Shanghai, here was no evidence of Asian guys being smaller than Caucasians, as my hand next encountered a hard dick only an inch or less shorter than my own, and not much thinner. I wanted to taste it, so I broke the kiss, pushing him back and kissing down his chest, inhaling his scent, a deodorant similar to James’ I realised, remembering my frequent trips to get buggered by him fondly. Down I went and hummed with satisfaction at my first taste of cock for nearly two weeks. I sucked greedily, bent over so my own hard-on pressed against my stomach, Jason leaning right back on his hands.

“I wanna suck yours,” he said, after a few minutes. “Can we 69?”

I just rolled over as a response, barely releasing him from my mouth as I got on to my back, feeling it slap wetly across my nose when it did slip out and pulling him straight back in once I was comfortable, even before he’d knelt up and bent over to attend to me. First I felt his hands playing with my balls, then his tongue on the shaft: he was a pro, no doubt there. Meanwhile I continued to suck at his head, wrapping my arms around his waist and hips to pull him down on me, and beginning to play with his hole. I was glad to discover it was hairless, tracing around the outline of the puckered muscles, and even forcing a finger inside it. But he was so good I had to break the mutual oral sex just to prevent myself cumming too soon.

“I thought you wanted me to fuck you,” I said, pulling myself up as he knelt back, apparently disappointed.

“I do, are you ready then?”

“Yeah, have you got some lube and a condom?” Mark passed both these to me, silently, as his partner got comfortable on his hands and knees. I remember being surprised that Mark was still fully clothed, and remained so the whole time I was there, just quietly videoing the proceedings and not jerking off to them, although I could see a sizable bulge in his trousers. I didn’t worry about it though, pulling on the johnny and spreading the silicone gel over it, then smearing the cute little arse in front of me with it.

He really was very skinny, as skinny as me, and despite him not being much shorter, I expected him to be much tighter than the other two bums I’d had the pleasure to fuck. I was a bit surprised therefore to find that once my fingers were lubricated, three of them slipped in very easily straight away, and a fourth presented no problems either, though it was a snug fit. Clearly they really did tend to stick to their roles, if such a small guy was this loose.

Kneeling behind him, I slid inside very easily, although it didn’t feel like a vast cave as I had feared, but a very comfortable fit. He was also deep, not flinching when I buried myself to my balls in him, so I began thrusting enthusiastically with no fear of hurting him. To my relief this didn’t resurrect the orgasm I’d suppressed earlier, so I was able to bugger him for a good while in this position, watching my dick slide in and out of his sphincter and listening to his sighs.

He gradually became less passive, thrusting back, so I bent over him, kissing the back and side of his neck, and he pushed himself up, pressing his back to my chest so our lips could meet. Since we kept losing our balance as he wanted to touch himself, I pulled out so we could rearrange ourselves with him on his back, his legs held up to his chest by his own hands while I made the initial penetration, and then by mine as I leant over him, fucking him as I had fucked so many girls’ pussies the previous week, and finding the tightness of his experienced arse not dissimilar as he was spread wide.

I released his legs and he wrapped them around my back, pulling me down to kiss him once more. This limited my thrusts a bit, but brought our bodies closer, the skin above my cock touching his balls with every entry, and his sticky cock slapping frequently into my stomach to leave drops of precum as he jerked off. The pressure in my balls was starting to creep back in, so I changed to a slower pace and longer strokes. Staring into his flushed, gasping face didn’t help though, so I didn’t think I could delay much longer.

“Are you ready to cum?” I asked him.

“Oh, yes, make me cum Jack!”

I knelt up and squeezed some more lube into my left palm, then leant back over him, on my right arm, oblivious to Mark filming us but unwittingly providing a great view for him. My wet hand closed around his firm cock and I began pumping it furiously, in time to my hard ramming of his butt. I let his hands roam freely over my body, and he managed to reach around and press a finger from each hand on my own sphincter.

He yelled suddenly, arching his back, and I felt hot droplets of semen spraying my chest. I kept wanking him, feeling it spurting out over my hand, and arrived at a climax myself, slamming deep inside him as I ejaculated into the condom, suddenly aware of his muscles relaxing and contracting around me. I groaned in satisfaction, squeezing some more sticky ooze from his dick before releasing it to free my hand to help safely extract my own from his hole. He lay panting, and with a last burst of lust before the post-orgasmic chill set in, I started licking his cum from his chest, then slumped beside him, grinning.

That was great!” I said, and he grinned too.

“Yep, that was pretty good. I almost wish Mark didn’t want to have you tomorrow, but we can have fun Sunday, for sure.”

“Why, what’s the plan for the weekend? You hadn’t told me.”

Mark sat down on the bed, turning the camera off and speaking for the first time since we entered the room: “Well, you didn’t give us anything in particular you wanted to do, so we decided tonight you would fuck Jason, since he loves to be fucked by white guys, then tomorrow night I would fuck you. I’m quite dominant in bed, I hope you don’t mind?”

“No, quite the opposite,” I replied.

“Excellent. Then we thought Sunday we can all have fun together, since we’re going away next week and won’t have any more time after that. That sound good to you?”

“Definitely! It’s a shame you’re going away then, I’d love to have more than just three evenings, but can’t be helped I guess. Shall I come straight here tomorrow?”

“Yeah, that seems like a good idea. About 9?”


Jason opened the door, the video camera already running and in his hand.

“You came!” he said, as if surprised.

“Of course,” I said.

“Mark’s in the kitchen waiting.”

I went ahead of him into the kitchen, where Mark was indeed waiting, still in a suit, which made him look even taller than his 6 feet. He seemed to be wearing a sour expression, and I wondered if something was wrong. He offered me a glass of water, which I took, suddenly feeling very self-conscious as he continued to glare at me. My eye was caught by something on the counter, and I saw it was the tube of lubricant and some condoms, and I understood: he wanted to fuck me here, in the kitchen, and the gruff manner was just part of his dominant act. I relaxed inside, but tried not to show it, finishing my water.

“Finished?” he asked me. I nodded. “Then what are you waiting for? Take your clothes off.”

Hurriedly I did so, fumbling a little here and there, but soon standing stark naked on the cold white tiles before this businessman in his forties, videoed by his younger Asian toy boy. He regarded me critically, then undid his fly, but not the top button, and the buttons on the front of his boxers and reached inside, so that his limp dick and shaved balls hung out of his trousers.

My jaw dropped a little and my eyes widened: I had never seen a dick this big when soft, it looked almost as big and thick as mine was when hard! Sure, in porn I’d seen dicks that big, but never in real life, they’d never been significantly bigger than my seven inches when full, and often were less. My heart was beating faster even before he said: “On your knees. Lick it.”

I obeyed, the hard cold tiles immediately uncomfortable, but I ignored it, fascinated, reaching for his penis.

“I didn’t say touch it!” he said sharply, making me look up startled. “No hands, just mouth.”

This was a challenge. I clasped both hands behind my back, and extended my tongue, licking the wrinkled foreskin covering the head. He smelled as all guys do after keeping their privates stuffed into hot underpants all day, and it made my cock twitch with its sweet scent. I lifted the weight of it on to my tongue, bending further forward, then licked down the shaft to his big balls, tracing all around them. I unclasped my hands to support myself on the cupboard behind him, and added my mouth to the proceedings, dragging my wet lips over his skin.

Then, taking his flaccid cock in my mouth, circling around the head with my tongue, and sensing that it was starting to swell, I slurped at it. The tip of my tongue found its way under the foreskin to the smooth head, pushing it back as it became stretched by the swelling size of what it covered. It continued to grow, filling my mouth and making me salivate a great deal, and when I finally released him it sprung up, almost taking my eye out. It was easier to lick the front of the shaft which was now hard, and though I’m not great at judging size, as it reminded me so much of my dildo at home I guess it must have been over nine inches long and two inches thick at the thickest.

I understood now why Jason’s arse had been so loose, and instead began to wonder how it wasn’t just a gaping hole if it had this monster in it on a regular basis. My own erection, which I was normally so proud of, and which had already filled up just from sucking his and the drips of saliva that landed around my crotch, seemed so small and puny by comparison.

“That’s good, you can use your hands now,” Mark said, undoing the button on his pants and dropping them to his ankles.

He left me to disentangle his Calvin Klein boxers from his erect dick, pulling them down his hairy legs to his feet. The stiff shaft felt good in my hands as I slowly massaged it whilst sucking on his shaved balls, but even better when I guided it back into my mouth and tried to deep throat it. I gagged, pulling away to catch my breath, leaving a string of saliva from my bottom lip, then had to brace myself against his strong legs when he became impatient and pulled me back to his crotch.

Wet cock slapped against my cheek as I struggled to get my lips around it once more, then I began sucking in earnest, bobbing up and down on it, massaging the shaft and ball with my hands. It was so big! Only a third would actually fit in my mouth, but it tasted and felt so good I could ignore my tongue aching, and would have loved to suck it until it disgorged gallons of cum down my throat. However, when I started to reach behind and grip his firm arse, a playful finger prodding at his hole then finally pushing inside, he seemed to have had enough, and pushed me away.

“Stand up,” he ordered, and I did so, taking a step back so he had room to take his shoes off and step out of his trousers.

He kept his black socks on, presumably to keep his feet warm on the tiles as mine were already quite cold, but took his tie off and started unbuttoning his shirt. He was taking his time, and I felt a bit silly and exposed, standing naked with a hard-on in a fully lit kitchen with big windows, even if we were on a the 12th floor. For being over forty he was in pretty good shape, not a bodybuilder by any stretch, but his stomach barely bulged, his chest was well defined beneath its pelt of curly hair, and his arms were pretty thick from working out. Carefully he folded his shirt and tie over a chair and then began pulling on a condom. Unfurled all the way, it still only came to about an inch above the base.

“Turn around and bend over.”

I obeyed, trembling with excitement, facing the worktop that looked out over the rest of the kitchen where the table was, and gripping the marble-effect surface to balance.

“Don’t look around!” he said sharply as I strained to look over my shoulder, so reluctantly I turned my gaze to the front. Some cold lubricant trickled between my buttocks, and I shivered, and then sighed as I felt one of his fingers, about twice the size of mine, spread it around my hole.

When it slipped inside I closed my eyes, concentrating entirely on the digit prodding through my sphincter and I whispered a gentle “yeah”, glad that two weeks previously I’d had Patrick in there to loosen me up a bit, since otherwise it would have been about 4 months since anything bigger than my finger had invaded that way, and I would probably have been too tight for him. Already I assumed he would have to slowly ease me open with more and more fingers, so I was a bit surprised when that one finger was withdrawn to be replaced with the unmistakable feel of a rubber coated cock pressed to my puckered hole.

“OK Jack, you said you liked to be fucked as well as to fuck, let’s see how you really like your man-meat up the shitter.”

I cried out in pain as he forced his hard, thick cock in, straining as hard as I could to dilate my muscles and ease the strain on them. He didn’t wait for me to adjust, plunging deeper and deeper into me, not fast, just at in inexorable rate, stretching my sphincter to the limit. For a horrifying moment I thought he might go as deep as I had with a cucumber once, that had given me a sharp pain when it hit somewhere delicate in my bowels, but before it reached that point his legs were pressed firmly against my buttocks. He stopped and I released the breath I’d been holding, panting with the dull pain of stretched skin and muscles, but nothing unbearable. I realised how tightly I’d been gripping the counter, and relaxed it, so blood could return to the skin around my knuckles.

“Tight little twink aren’t you?” Mark said mockingly. “I thought you said you’d been fucked before, who by, pixies?”

“No one as big as you,” I gasped, and then: “Oh shit that feels so good!” The pain was already fading, so I could enjoy the sensation of being truly filled, and for once by a real, hot, live cock.

“You like it huh? You little twink brat! I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk! Would you like that huh? Would you?”

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me please!”

“Call me sir!”

“Fuck me sir! Oh, please fuck me sir!”

His cock lying so still inside me was driving me wild with frustration. A moan escaped my lips as he pulled slowly out, then he slammed back into me pulling me towards him by my hips. I’m not normally noisy during sex, but that night I couldn’t help it, the pounding that huge dick gave me was just so great. He didn’t thrust particularly fast to begin with, keeping his strokes long and deep, but so hard it would have been difficult keeping my hands on their handholds if I could concentrate, so under the circumstances it was nigh on impossible. With his hands to firmly around my waist though, there was no danger of me losing balance.

As we slowly moved forward thanks to his powerful banging of my arse, I found it was easier to grip the far side of the counter, bending right over to rest my chest on the cool surface, and only pushing back enough to stop my hips or thighs banging painfully into the edge. My own dick swung wildly with the shockwaves of each thrust, swinging freely in the air and flicking precum at the cupboard below the counter, leaving a residue, which I saw afterwards built up to such an amount it dribbled the whole way down the cupboard. Suddenly, to my disappointment, Mark pulled out without warning.

“Get on the table,” he said, the authority in his voice tempered by his apparent breathlessness, and as I climbed up on the wooden surface I saw that he was flushed, though it was nothing compared to how I felt. “No, on your back. I want to watch you cum, but you mustn’t touch yourself.”

The wood stuck to my sweaty back, and it was hard, but there was room for me to lie out fully where there wasn’t on the counter. I longed to grip my dick tightly in my hands and wank myself to ejaculation with him inside me, but I obeyed his instructions and instead brought my knees up to my chest, keeping my hands occupied holding them in place. As soon as I was ready he slid back inside, standing at the head of the table as he impaled me.

In this position the upward angle of his cock rubbed even harder on my prostate, keeping me forever on the verge of an orgasm. By now my arse had got used to his huge shaft so there was no pain, and in fact I longed for it to feel tighter, clenching my sphincter for greater friction. Still he fucked me, his face contorted in concentration, and still I didn’t climax, no matter how he changed his speed or depth.

Finally he grabbed both my legs, keeping them together across his chest and over his shoulder, so that I could clench my buttocks as he slammed his dick in and out of the resisting tunnel between them. To keep myself from sliding I gripped the edges of the table behind my head and within a minute of being fucked like this, I came. It was as powerful as any orgasm I’d ever had with anal stimulation, but somehow different, more intense, due to the lack of any stimulation of my dick. The ejaculation was completely uncontrolled, flicking semen all over my stomach, chest, neck and even reached my chin as Mark’s pounding continued.

It lasted a long time, longer than any other orgasm I remember, and it was slower to fade away than usual, so I was still in a state of euphoria when I heard Mark announce he was going to cum. So I didn’t really understand the significance of him pulling out until he had dragged me off the table and pushed me to my knees once more. Pulling back my head by my hair, he shoved his swollen dick, still smelling of latex from the condom now crumpled on the floor, into my stunned mouth.

Catching on, I started sucking it, but he pulled it out again almost immediately, jerking at it furiously and letting out a groan, as the first jet of spunk shot straight out of the end to splatter on my nose. Thick, warm semen slithered down my face to join the second one, which landed on my top lip. The next two did actually land on my tongue, coating it with the salty-sweet taste and joined by the first two once they had slid down that far. But the rest, and there was a lot, he seemed to purposefully direct away from my mouth, so that I had to close my eyes. I wasn’t sure that he was finished until the big head was pushed into my mouth again, the last few spasms squeezing some drops of ooze out for me to taste.

“Aw, yeah, that looks so hot!” I head Jason exclaim, and opened my eyes, or at least one and a half, as I could still feel some drops on my left eyelid. He was filming my cum splattered face very closely, so I gave a final suck of the massive, but softening cock, and pulled away, grinning at him.

“It feels pretty hot too,” I said, then added as an afterthought. “And tastes good!”

“Wow, we have to do this to you again tomorrow, would you like that?”

“Yeah! I love playing with cum!”

I started to scrape the spunk off my face and into my mouth with my fingers while it was still warm, and even some of my own from my chest. Jason filmed it all, even when I got up and washed the rest off at the sink. Mark was pretty relaxed now, dropping his dominant manner, and pulled me to him for a passionate kiss before releasing me to clean the rest off. I went to the bathroom to clean up properly, and when I came back I found Mark sucking Jason’s cock, but I wasn’t invited to join in.

“You’re still OK for tomorrow then Jack?” He said, as if all Mark was doing was making some tea.

“Yeah, of course,” I said.

“Come a bit earlier, at six. I’ll let you show yourself out.”

They ignored me while I dressed. I considered staying to watch, but decided since they hadn’t asked, I was meant to leave, so I did.


At 6pm on Sunday, as we’d arranged, I turned up at their door, already a bit jittery with excitement as I wondered what they had in store for me that night. Our final night, which they had promised would be a full threesome rather than just sex with one of them in front of the other. Mark opened the door and smiled, his dominant play acting from last time not yet having taken over.

“Hi Jack,” he greeted me. “Come in, come in! We’ve been waiting for you, tonight’s going to be even more fun than last time!”

He shut the door and led me into the bedroom where Jason was already stripping off, apparently changing from his work clothes.

“Oh,” he said when he saw me, pausing in his tight blue boxers, “Hi Jack, how are you? I guess there’s no point putting clothes on again now you’re here.” We kissed in greeting, electricity already in the air.

“So what would you like to do tonight Jack?” Mark asked, also getting undressed, which I took as a sign that I should too. “Anything you particularly want to do?”

“Well,” I said, not knowing where to begin. “I’ve never been spit-roasted, you know, sucked and been fucked at once, which looks like it would be hot, but then so does being sucked by someone being fucked or fucking a sucker, or fucking whilst being fucked…Really, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed whatever we do.”

“Especially if we both cum on your face at the end, eh?” Jason said, now with his dick out, laughing. “We’ll see where passion takes us then. Are you ready hon?” He spoke to Mark who had got a camera tripod ready and was now checking the video camera while we stood waiting, playing with each other’s stiffening cocks.

“OK, ready to rumble! How about we start with a blowjob each from our guest?”

Obediently I sank to my knees, holding Jason’s dick with my right hand, and reaching for Mark’s still soft dick with the other as he approached, camera in hand. I took the smaller Asian dick in my mouth, as big as his lover’s soft penis despite the latter being nearly fully erect, and began the usual ritual of licking and sucking, massaging the shaft at the same time, and copying the hand motions with my left hand, coaxing Mark’s to stand up too. It didn’t take long for Jason to be fully hard, so I changed to just using my hands on his, freeing my mouth to lick the even more tempting cock to my left. Despite having experienced it intimately the day before, its size still filled me with awe and excitement as it gradually filled out and extended under my dedicated tongue, and there was nothing fake in the expressions of delight I gave the camera.

Trailing saliva, I switched back to Jason, not wanting to let him soften, and also enjoying the feel of sliding my hand up and down the whole length of Mark’s, slick with my spit. When I got bored of turning my head each time I wanted the other cock, I pulled them closer together, until they were touching, and then tried to cram them both in my mouth at once. The heads managed to fit, making my cheeks bulge, but I couldn’t do much like that, even breathing was difficult, so I settled for just licking around both at once.

“OK Jack,” Mark said, gently pushing my head away. “I want to fuck your tight little arse again now, so get up on the bed like a good little bitch. Are you ready yet Jase?”

“I think I’ll be alright for the moment Mark,” he replied, “unless your tongue’s getting tired Jack?”

“I can suck you cock for a while yet,” I said, as I got up, climbing on to the bed on hands and knees. Jason also came on with me, kneeling up and leaning back against the wall behind so I could resume sucking his penis while his boyfriend was still attaching the camera to its tripod, then pulled on a condom and picked up the lube.

That time he did spend time preparing my arse by inserting his fingers one by one, coating the rim completely with lube. I pushed back on his hand, encouraging him to finger fuck me. Soon I felt his hot cock, slick with gel, sliding over my buttocks and then invading my sphincter, a feeling so good I moaned on the cock in my mouth.

The initial penetration still ached a little, but much less that the first time, so I stopped forcing myself to relax, hoping for some extra friction. Once he began fucking I changed my sucking technique to a simpler one of simply bobbing my head up and down, which involved less concentration and could be done to the rhythm of the dick sliding in and out of my arse. I loved this combination, I could even play with myself a little, but, inevitably I suppose, we didn’t stay like this to the end.

“Are you hard Jack?” Jason said. “Or do you need some help before you enter me?”

“I’m pretty hard already Jason,” I replied, and gasped as Mark gave an extra hard thrust, and stayed inside me. Meanwhile Jason had used the opportunity to turn around, presenting me with his cute pert butt.

“Then fuck me please Jack! I want to feel your dick in me again!”

Mark passed me a condom and the lubricant, keeping still inside me and holding me steady around the waist while I pulled the rubber sheath on. As I knelt up to do this, Jason shuffled back so he had room to bend over and lean on his arms as I had previously been positioned. I squeezed some of the silicone gel into the palm of my hand and put the tube aside, rubbing my hands together then using one to coat my dick. I used the other to spread it between Jason’s buttocks, poking one finger inside him, but now I knew the size of what usually went up there, not feeling any obligation to loosen him. My left hand on his hip, I pulled him closer and pushed my cock in his arse with my right hand.

I was given until I was all the way inside before Mark started fucking me again, going slowly at first so I could get into my stride shoving my dick up his boyfriend’s arse, but then speeding up. He must have felt me trembling from the pressure of doing this, because he slammed all the way inside me again and reached around me to pull Jason closer to me so I was all the way up his too.

“I think we’ll all be more comfortable on our sides,” he said, and slowly guided us all down to lie that way.

He released us, shifted himself a bit and began fucking me with renewed energy. I tried to do the same, propping my right leg up and pulling at Jason’s hips, but it was hard to thrust fully when Mark was holding on to my waist, though I eventually managed to get into some kind of rhythm. All three of us were panting and grunting, sweat dripping off our bodies as we strove to satisfy ourselves, two of us by fucking the arse in front of us and Jason by beating off.

Unsurprisingly, given I was being fucked by a massive cock and anally fucking an Asian twink, I came first, the orgasm springing on me too fast to delay it. I grabbed at Jason for support, crying out as Mark carried on fucking me, harder now I wasn’t a moving target. It felt as though my crotch was having a seizure, the feeling was so intense, and I had to push back at Mark to stop him when it actually became painful, I was so sensitive.

They weren’t going to stop now though, not when they were already so aroused. I found myself being pulled off the bed and sat on the floor leaning against it while two cocks, one sticky with precum and the other with condom lube, were thrust into my unresisting mouth and wanked in my face. Somehow in the frenzy Jason had thought to take the camera from its tripod, so as the climax faded away, I found myself looking into the lens.

Mark came first, though not by much, the sight of me having semen sprayed on my face apparently setting Jason off, though I only knew this from their gasps as I closed my eyes straight away. Cum rained down on my face, dripping into my open mouth, and some running down my neck. I always thought it looked hot in porn when a line of men spunked on someone’s face, and thought it would be fun to be that person too, but now I knew.

I was not disappointed, though it felt sticky and almost glued my eyes shut, the smell and taste of semen was enough to get me hard again. When they were done I just sat there, slowly licking the cum from my lips, then scraping it from other parts of my body with my fingers and sucking them clean, wiping my eyes. I tried opening them, but only one would, so a carefully got up, the condom still dangling half on my dick, and walked to the bathroom to wash off properly while the two lovers kissed on the bed.

I came back to find that they were still kissing, and for while I watched from the doorway, unsure whether I was expected to just go as last time or what. I decided not to unless they told me to, and moved closer. Their kisses were progressing from soft and loving to more aggressively passionate, as each played with the other’s balls, raising them gradually back up to full erection. I noticed that I had moved into the frame of the camera, and was just standing on the edge of its view, absentmindedly pulling at my foreskin.

When Jason started kissing down Mark’s chest, I still hesitated, until his lips wrapped around that huge shaft, and I made a decision. Mark was still masturbating his lover, but obligingly removed his hand when I knelt at their feet and started kissing the Chinese boy’s thighs. The fragrance of his crotch, so recently active, drew me in. Once more I was licking his shaft, nuzzling his balls and then circling his head with my tongue. He placed an encouraging hand on my head. I glanced over his leg to see that he was just as enthusiastic as me in the blowjob he was giving, the huge dick making his cheek bulge whenever he shifted his head to the side and let it slip that way.

“I can’t wait any longer, Jase my love,” Mark said suddenly, pushing his boyfriend away and standing up. “I need to fuck you now!”

“Of course Mark,” came the submissive reply, and my head was pushed away too. “Jack, if you want to continue doing that, you’re gonna have to lie on the bed.”

I stood up and quickly saw how he meant: I was to lie on my back, and Jason would be in a doggy position above me, his dick hanging down if I wanted to suck it, and Mark would naturally be behind. We got in place, and I expected a short break while Mark put on protection, but it seemed that with each other they didn’t use any. He didn’t even bother with any extra lubricant as from my vantage point below I saw him spit into Jason’s butt crack, smearing it around to moisten the residue from when I’d fucked him, and then pushed his big, naked cock deep inside. My erection, which had been softening as I focused on blowjob technique, perked up at this gorgeous bareback spectacle barely a foot from my face.

A drop of pre-cum flicked on to my face to snap me out of the purely voyeuristic mode and alert me to the cock within my reach. I strained my head up, even closer to the action, and stuffed Jason back in my mouth. It seemed Jason had been waiting for it, as his breathing changed sharply, and I felt a hand stroking my own cock, followed by hot breath on the shaft, and then a warm wet tongue.

With a cock up his arse, Jason’s second erection now seemed to be remaining slightly soft as mine often did, so I found I could take more and more of it inside my mouth, without it pulling me towards his stomach as a fully hard one would have. As the head started to go down my throat a little way, my nose was brought closer and closer to the action, only a couple of inches above me. I could see all the veins on Mark’s cock as it slid in and out of the stretched rectum my own dick had violated not long before, and my nose was only a few millimetres from being whacked by Mark’s swinging shaved bollocks.

As my arousal intensified, I grabbed Jason’s buttocks, kneading them and pulling myself up to give a better blowjob. I then grabbed Mark’s balls with one hand, squeezing them gently as he thrust into the hole near my other hand. When this made Mark intensify his fucking, I released Jason from my mouth temporarily to lick the jiggling testicles of his boyfriend, managing a few licks before Jason punished my negligence by ceasing his sucking. I immediately repented and returned my attentions to him.

Those large balls were too tempting though, so I began alternating the target of my tongue work between the two guys, using my hand to see to Jason whenever I was licking Mark. The recent orgasm was delaying a new one, but it didn’t stop me getting excited. I became more daring, licking the base of Mark’s shaft and then holding my tongue out to lick whatever part of it was sliding past at the time, tasting precum and lubricant. Thankfully Jason was very clean, both to start with and even more now that he was on his second cock in half an hour, so it wasn’t as unhygienic as it could have been, though if I hadn’t been so aroused there’s no way I’d have behaved the way I did.

Mark pulled out at this point and shoved his dirty cock in my mouth, grunting: “Is this what you want? Is this it, you filthy man-slut?”

To which I could only grunt and splutter as I half choked. This became a regular occurrence, only slightly less violent, when it was clear that I had no aversion to sucking a cock that had been in his boyfriend’s arse. I even took it to the next step and stuck my tongue in that same hole, giving my first ever rimming. Apparently this was exactly the kind of group sex they wanted, because they both sucked and fucked ever more eagerly and were more vocal than either of the other two times.

Mark even lost track of how close he was to a climax, as he let out a surprised: “Oh fuck no! In Jason, in Jason” when the first ejaculation exploded into my mouth and it had to be hastily pulled out, squirting another load onto the open sphincter, which then trickled down to the balls near my nose as I deep-throated Jason once more, sucking harder than ever to get him to cum with his boyfriend, whose massive dick was still driving in and out of his arse, squelching with the extra help of his cum, more of which was leaking out.

My technique seemed to work, for I almost choked when warm liquid gushed directly into my throat. I had to pull back, using my tongue to make up, spluttering semen out over my lips as I did so, and then sucking even harder on the ejaculating dick as I felt myself cum in Jason’s capable mouth. Jason’s dick was torn from my mouth, spunk dripping from it on to my face, and replaced with the sticky, spent, but still huge one of his partner, who apparently wanted his cleaned.

I had enough sense not to swallow if I could help it, as however clean Jason’s butt was it was still an arsehole, opting instead to dribble saliva and cum out over my cheeks and chin. As my own orgasm started to end, Mark pulled me up by the hair and ordered me to clean Jason’s arse of cum with my tongue. If he’d waited a few minutes I’d have refused, but the erotic mania still had a tenuous hold of me, so I obeyed, feeling his circular muscles contract around my tongue. Finally, we were done, the energy fading, and we fell apart, me covered in almost as much cum as the last time, diluted as it was by my spit, and concentrated on the lower half of my face and neck, so there was less urgency to get clean.

“Wow Jack,” Mark said after a pause, “You are much kinkier than we thought. Didn’t you say on your profile that you don’t rim? Yet you not only just rimmed Jase, you stuck your tongue in and sucked my cock when it had just been in there!”

“It seemed like fun… First time for everything I guess,” was my only reply, and we fell silent again. With a sigh, I lifted myself up and once more trudged to the bathroom, but this time they both accompanied me.

“Have a shower Jack,” Jason said, for which I was grateful, for I smelt unmistakably of cum and sweat. There was only room for one of us to shower at a time, so I was quick, and was exhausted so refused their offer of a meal.

“Don’t you guys need to pack and leave early tomorrow?” I asked.

“Yeah I guess. It’s a real shame you didn’t get here earlier Jack, we could have had a lot more fun.”

“Yeah, listen, if you pass through Hong Kong again, we’ll forget our usual objection to accommodating people overnight for you.”

“Oh thanks guys! Yeah, I wish I’d come earlier.” Actually I didn’t, I’d had far too much fun in Shanghai. “I might be back sometime, you never know, I’ll keep in touch by email. Hey, I don’t suppose I can get those videos emailed to me?”

“No, sorry, we don’t have the equipment. We’ll let you know if we ever get the stuff to do it though.”

We said our goodbyes and I left.

That was the last meeting I had with anyone arranged through the internet on that trip, although Hong Kong was in December and I didn’t get back to the UK until July. Of course I met other people not through the internet, and some exciting things happened, but they don’t fall under the subject of this diary. The end of the trip didn’t mean the end of my online adventures though, in fact they whet my appetite so much for a while I became kind of addicted to them. So I hope you can look forward to future chapters in this diary as much as I look forward to writing them!

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