Beach Bags


She was unable to refuse — on her own, anyway. If Helga had used her nails on Billy, had tried to haul him off her, she might have had a chance. But Helga was still only holding the camera up and staring at the jerking bodies on the towel as if it was nothing more than a puppet show. Except for her flushed face, half opened mouth and wide eyes.

“This is a great snatch,” Jason called out. “What’s her ass like?”

“Man, it’s like trying to open up a Republican’s billfold. Get a another shot of this, Helga. Your friend is going to want to show this one to her boyfriends!”

Trieste knew that Helga wasn’t going to try to stop the boys now. Why should she, what else could they do? Nor did she care at all about Helga taking the pictures of the double fucking: the only thing occupying Trieste’s mind was the feeling of the two massive spearheads plunging deep into her straining body: two spearheads driven towards each other by forces which were going to rip her apart like a chicken’s wishbone.

“Turn her around and put her in the rocking chair.”


Trieste’s mind reeled as much as her body as they pulled her to her feet. If her previous treatment had been rough and painful, it was nothing compared to being made to squat down on Jason’s cock and let him push it up her ass as Billy sniggered at the sight she presented.

“Get a picture of this one as well, bitch. That’s worth a place in the album.”

Jason forced more of his steelhard prick past Trieste’s sphincter muscles as if they were nothing more than a rubber band, and a hovering seagull flew closer to see what kind of creature was apparently dying down in the dunes so noisily. But there was nothing there to interest a bird, only some big monkeys playing together.

One of them did its mouth open but what it was being offered to eat didn’t appeal to the gull, so it lost interest in the pitiful land bound monsters and departed on a slanting wind current. Behind it Trieste’s screams had died away to mere sobs of outrage as she gratefully felt Jason’s hands slide underneath her bottom to help support her weight.

“Man, you’re right, she’s as tight assed as a nun getting gangbanged. But I’ll loosen here up,” Jason promised. “Both of these bitches will ride out of this town on cushions, you betcha.”

“Hear that, girls, you’re in boot camp now,” Billy boasted. “Your souls belong to Jesus but your sweet little asses belong to us. And since my cock has been up your ass, Trieste, you can lick it clean for me again, you slut.”

There was no way she could do anything but what he wanted, pushing out her tongue and lapping it up and down the side of his dick as Helga aimed the camera at her.

Even in the stress of the situation Trieste was amused to see how turned on Helga was by the whole deal. She looked as if she could hardly keep her hands off herself, let alone the boys.

Oh well, if the guys were too tired to handle Helga after they’d finished with her there was always the chance to stop by on the drive back. With a bottle of body cream — or maybe what she really needed to deal with Jason’s awesome dipstick was some sump oil. Trieste squealed again as he pushed further up her already totally wrecked rectum.

“I bet you won’t forget anything again for a while, gal,” Billy taunted her. “Especially after you’ve been sitting down. Here, got your tongue around the dirty end of this and lick your shit off it.”

“There’s a good little slut,” the boy taunted her as she obeyed. “You’re just a hot little bitch who wants a nice big boner to play with, aren’t you, Trieste?”

“Yes, yes!”

“That’s ‘yes, sir,’ bitch.”

“Yes, sir!”

Oh God, this was hurting too much, not only from her abused ass but from the strain of trying to keep the weight of her invaded body off Jason’s cock. Her legs were braced on tiptoe like a dancer’s and the strain was tearing her calf muscles apart.

“Are you getting this, Helga? Take a shot of her now.”

“Yes, sir,” Helga answered without hesitation and Trieste heard both boy’s laughter at her friend’s willing compliance to her orders. She not only heard it, she felt it vibrating through their cocks.

“Open wide, Trieste, get your mouth all the way around my cock and blow it properly,” she was told.

“Please, let me kneel down and I’ll blow both of you off,” she pleaded. “Right into my mouth, both of you, I promise!”

Billy guided her head up against him: “You get this into you and I’ll talk it over with Jason.”

Trieste sucked on him as forcefully as she could, hoping he’d relent and let her get off her painful perch.

“Not bad, slut. What do you think, Jason, you want to get blown off by Trieste, since she’s asking for the chance?”

Jason’s answer was a blessed relief: “Why not, I like doing favors for people.”

Both of the guys laughed. Then Billy said: “Got a shot of this, Helga?”

“Yes, sir,” Helga again, as calmly if she was dealing with a customer at work.

“OK, down on your knees, Trieste, and say aaah. . .”

Trieste wished to hell they’d just take turns at fucking her hot quim, but Billy seemed to have other ideas. He made her take hold of both of the throbbing erections and hold the heads inside her mouth as she smiled at the camera — and at Helga. Who winked back at her as if they were involved in some silly bar game. Talk about adapting to circumstances!

Her own circumstances abruptly changed as well, as Jason turned her head and pulled her mouth down his testosterone tightened tower until her nose was rubbing against his body hairs and full of the smell of his male sweat.

Trieste felt him coming through her tightly compressed lips before the warm liquid spurted into her mouth. It seemed like some kind of spermal tidal wave as it rolled down her throat and dribbled out of her mouth. Helga came forward and knelt down, her face steady with concentration as he checked the picture.

“Smile, Trieste — say cum!”

‘You bitch!,’ Trieste heard her own mind whispering. ‘You wait until it’s your turn and we’ll see who’s smiling by the time the guys have finished fucking around with you!’

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    This is a great story! I’d love to read more about the girls’ predicament. More similar stories would be appreciated. Thank you.

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