At Midnight

Author: David Williams

“Only at midnight huh?” She asked him, trying not to laugh.

“Yes… only at midnight,” he answered.

“I don’t believe you,” she laughed.

“You don’t have to. You’ll see for yourself,” he assured her.

“No… I don’t think so.” She laughed again. “Did you really think I was gonna fall for that? Geeesh. That line ever worked for you?”

“Oh like it isn’t something you already admitted to wanting anyway. If it happens, great…if not . . . we’ll still have fun.”

She thought about it and then smiled and said, “OK… tomorrow,” and hung up the phone quickly before she could change her mind.

He smiled and hung up his end and tapped the phone a couple of times. “Tomorrow at midnight.” He was excited… He just hoped it was true after all. They’d find out tomorrow at midnight.

The cemetery was misty with fog when midnight rolled around. He looked out of the car window and wished he could save the scene. The dark gravestones like fingers reaching up and beckoning him in, the rusted gate broken long ago and tilted to one side, it was all so perfect looking. Pulling his riders coat on, he stepped out of the car and walked in.

He walked down the main path to the second turn off and then down into a lightly wooded area called Everlasting Peace Hills. He laughed at the name and fought hard to keep himself from running ahead to see if she was there or not. He had been hard all day thinking of tonight. This setting… this time… hell… even if it didn’t happen, this was going to be a night to remember.

In the foggy air, he saw it, the marble of the crypt pristine and pure white, it seemed to shine in the dark. The flat marble slab was raised up on Grecian looking posts and a darker marble box but none of that was what interested him. She was. Pure white and perfect in every way. The Stone Angel of Everlasting. A perfect statue adorned the crypt. She was tall and elegant and dressed in flowing white robes that still hinted at her form under them. She was made of marble, but you would swear she could breathe.

He was staring at her and smiling as he approached, and he completely missed seeing his date. Tracy stepped from behind a few gravestones and cleared her throat. “OK… you got a hard on for a fuckin statues? What am I… sliced meat?” She stuck her tongue out at him, not really mad. She was biting her lip and smiling. She had waited so long to meet him.

He was caught off guard and jumped a little and then started to laugh. Tracy was tall with long dark hair. It was wild looking in a Goth sorta way that just gave her a dangerously playful look. Her fishnet hose were carefully ripped just right and her leather jacket just tight enough to show her fantastic body under it.

“Hey baby girl,” he said and walked toward her.

“No uh. You go play with your angel,” she said in mock disgust.

“I wanna play with you,” he said and smiled.

“Ya right… that’s why you came up nearly stroking it looking at her huh?” She turned away in a pout.

“You aren’t serious are you?” He asked, and she turned back briefly and stuck out her tongue again.

He walked up to her and slid his arms around her waist. “I want you.” His voice had the same effect in person that it did on the phone, and she quivered and smiled. “I want you baby girl.”

She turned back to him. “I still don’t believe it and it is 5 minutes to midnight.”

“Then we better get started,” he said and wiggled his eyebrows.

“Oh sure… you think I am that eas… ” She never finished the thought as he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her in to a kiss. Her breath was caught short, and she felt slightly dizzy from the sudden rush she felt. Oh yes… it was just like she imagined it.

The feel of his touch, finally after all this time. To finally feel him and smell him… to taste his kiss… to feel his lips pressed to her, his hand in her hair. She had waited so long, she knew there was no turning back now. She leaned back into him and kissed him back and pressed her body against him.

As they kissed, he reached down and undid her rider’s coat zipper and pulled it down. As he slid the leather back, he stopped and looked. He was amazed to find her nude under it, wearing only ripped fishnets. She laughed and kissed him again before he could question her about it. He had told her to wear something she felt sexy in… guess she did.

She let the coat fall away and stood there naked in the cool night air and kissed him. He began pressing his body against her as well, his hands roaming all over her, exploring the new flesh for his amusement. Then she bit on his lower lip hard enough that he yelped and pulled away. Laughing, she took that moment to run from his grasp and sprint to the crypt slab, her pale skin also seeming to shine in the darkness.

Laughing, he raced after her, stripping away his clothing as he did until he climbed nude onto the crypt next to her. She was in a crouch on all fours and growling at him and wagging her ass like a tail. He laughed and lunged at her, but she darted away just at the last moment. He growled back at her and lunged again, grasping her hair and pulling her to him.

She struggled, but he pushed her face down on the stone and moved behind her. She grunted and tried to push up, but he held her fast and leaned his weight onto her. As she felt his cock head brush her bare, shaved pussy, she stopped fighting quite so much and looked over her shoulder at him and panted. His long hair draped over her skin tickled her and made her get even wetter. She growled again, and he leaned over and bit her neck, holding it in his teeth as he let out a long low growl of warning.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the pain of the bite and the feeling of his weight pinning her down. As she acquiesced to him, his cock penetrated her and slid deep into her with one long thrust. She moaned and bit her lip, and he growled again and began to fuck her.

The rhythm was nice and slow and hard as he pumped into her deeper and deeper until he was able to slide all 8 inches deep into her pussy with ease. She got her hands under her and was going to try and roll when she suddenly felt ice cold hands grabbing her. She screamed in shock and tried to pull away but she could not escape the grasp. Looking up, she saw it was true. It was midnight. The Stone Angel of Everlasting knelt before her and pinned her hands to the crypt, her stone flesh and clothing rippling with life.

“I told you it was true,” he said… his voice heavy with his own disbelief. “My God it’s true.”

The angel looked at them with a confused look. She was summoned by passion… and now that passion had stopped. She was uncertain what to do. She reached up with her free hand and slipped her stone robes off her shoulder and let them fall. Her breasts, marble and cold, were full and had just the slightest sag to them. Her nipples were hard and she pinched them and smiled at the two lovers.

Unable to believe what they saw, they were motionless for long moments, and then he began to pump her again, his cock slamming into her harder and faster now. She moaned and watched the angel as she was fucked good. The angel smiled. She knew what to do now. Leaning down, she began to kiss Tracy, cold stone kisses with softly yielding lips. Tracy moaned and opened her mouth, and the two kissed, the stone tongue penetrating and exploring her mouth.

The angel raised one of Tracy’s hands to her breasts, urging her to squeeze and play with them. They were stone but soft to her touch. Tracy squeezed and played with them, and the angel closed her eyes in pleasure. He fucked her harder and grabbed Tracy’s hair, pushing her face to kiss and suck the stone tits before them. She obeyed, and the nipples actually quivered as she sucked on them.

It was all too much for Tracy… She felt her orgasm start and sweep through her. The angel, still pinning her other hand, grabbed the hand from her breast and pinned that one down as well. Held in place, he fucked her without mercy as she came. Her orgasm seemed to keep building and building as his cock kept hammering in and out of her. She screamed out for mercy, and he laughed, and the angel bit her neck. Tracy could barely breathe as she let out a low moaning wail and then collapsed.

The angel moved with such remarkable speed . . . in a split second she was between Tracy’s legs, sucking and drinking the cum from her pussy like wine and pulling her robes over her stone ass cheeks. Presented with her marble pussy, he pressed his cock into her as she cleaned Tracy and started her toward another orgasm.

Her pussy was cool and wet and stone . . . it sucked his cock in and felt like a perfect fit and began to milk him. It was so unlike anything he had ever felt. He fucked her as hard as he could, so hard most girls would have screamed in pain but not the angel. She took it without a single complaint. In fact, she raised her ass higher to make a better target.

Her heard Tracy scream as she came again on the angels face and then he felt his own orgasm start to rumble within. He fucked her until he was out of breathe and almost unable to continue, his cock pistoning in and out of her sweet stone cunt. Growling and then howling, he pulled out of the angel and stroked his cock to release his spray of cum. The angel was there in front of him immediately, laying down and pressing her tits together for him to coat her. He grunted and let out blast after blast of hot, sticky cum on her.

She rubbed and spread it all over her stone flesh as he milked out the last of it onto her. Looking at Tracy, she was still writhing in orgasmic after shocks. He smiled and tried to speak but felt dizzy. He shook his head and tried to clear his thoughts, but the world seemed to be blacking out on him. He reached out for the crypt wall and found instead the arms of the angel, grabbing and guiding him to the ground safely. The last thing he remembered was her sweet stone kiss.

They awoke only moments later, the graveyard still shrouded in fog. The angel was returned to where she had been, almost as though she had never moved. They were both groggy and confused. They looked around and tried to get their bearings. They held each others nude bodies close for warmth… They both felt sooo cold.

Grabbing their coats, they covered quickly, and he walked to the statue. As Tracy walked up, he began to laugh, and she peeked over his shoulders to see why and started to giggle too. Dripping down the front of the statue was a wet mass of cum, slowly drying and coating her body.

“I wonder what color she was to start off with,” Tracy said, and they both laughed.

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