Carol’s Hotel Experience

Author: Eeric Stories

“Carols Hotel Experience”

By: Eeric


My name is Carol and I’m married to David since 10 years back.
We have quite a nice life together.

David has a good job at a medium sized company who handles
public relations for other businesses.
He creates slogans and that kind of things.

David is about 5 feet 9 inches tall.
He’s 44 years old and he’s not in what you would call great shape.
And he has what you would call a beer belly.

I myself am a housewife, so I take care of everything at home.

I’m 40 years old, a brunette and about 5 foot 7 inches tall.
I have quite a nice figure if I might say so myself.
Now I know I don’t have a body like a 18 year old anymore,
but I workout and try to stay in as good of a shape as I can.

My breasts are a size C.
They are not as firm and perky as they used to be but they are full and soft.
And I’m still quite proud of them.

My ass is a bit big I think, I would have liked it to be a little smaller.
But you can’t have everything.

David and I have a nice sexlife I think.
It’s not as great as I would like it to be, but its not bad either.
But as I said he’s not in such good shape so he doesn’t last very long.

There’s just one thing about David that I don’t like.
He’s a bit of a racist.

He doesn’t say anything bad when we are out in public but he doesn’t treat
black people with any respect either.

And even though his boss is black, he doesn’t treat him with any respect.
This has gotten him in trouble before but last Tuesday David was called
into his bosses office because of this.

This is what David told me had happened in his bosses office.

“David, come in.” His boss said.

“You wanted to see me.”


“I’ve heard some things from you that I didn’t like to hear.” His boss told him.

“What’s that.” David asked.

“I think you know what I mean.”

“No I don’t.” David told his boss.

“Yes you do, and until I get your word that it wont happen again
and a written apology from you to this firms black employees,
I’m afraid I’m going to have to let you go.

“You’re going to fire me.” David said in an angry voice.

“Yes, if you don’t change your behavior.” His boss told him.

“No I wont and you go to hell.” David said as he rushed out of the office.

That’s what happened and David has now been home from work for a week.

I’ve told him to say that he’s sorry and write that letter but he won’t.

And ever since he was laid off he’s been acting like a real racist.
He’s been calling his boss for a nigger and such things.

And I have yet to discover what he has against black people.
Against black males in particular.

So today I decided that we should take a small weekend holiday,
just to get him out of the house and maybe get him in a better mood.
And maybe even get him to apologies to his boss.

But we didn’t have that much money to spend on a long trip, so
I booked us a room at a exclusive hotel just outside the city.

The hotel has great service, some fine restaurants and some great
outside swimming pools.

“I don’t know about this Carol.” David said.

“Come on, it’ll be great.”

“And it will get your mind off of things for awhile.” I told him.

“Well ok.” He told me.

So on Friday we left for the hotel.
We drove for about 3 hours then we got to the hotel.

It looked great and it was very large.

We got inside and walked over to the desk where you check in.

“Can I help you with something.” Said the lady behind the counter.

“Yes we have a reservation, the name’s Richardson.” I told her.

“Ah yes Richardson, I’m afraid there’s been a little mix up with your reservations.”

“What kind of mix up.” I asked.

“Well you see the member on the staff who booked your room was a new employee.
And when he booked your reservation for a double room, I’m afraid that they were
all already booked.” The lady told us.

“So you don’t have a room for us.” I asked in a kind of disappointed voice.

“Well we don’t have a double room, but we do have two single rooms which
are just next to each other and they also have an interconnecting door.”

“And we will naturally only charge you for one of the rooms,
due to our mistake.” The lady told us.

David and I talked for a minute and we both agreed.

“Well I guess it will be ok.” I told her.

“Very well, just sign in here.” She said.

“There, and here’s your keys.”

“Your bags will be brought up in a few minutes.” The lady told us.

“Thanks.” We told her.

We took the elevator up to the third floor where our rooms were.

“Well here’s my room, 204.” David said.

“And here’s mine, 205.”

We walked into our rooms and as the lady had told us there were a door
connecting our rooms together.

We looked around for a bit.

“Well what do you think.” I asked David.

“It looks nice.” He said.

“Yes I think so too, and have you seen the bathrooms,
they are really large and they both got a shower and a tub.” I told him.

“Yeah they’re nice.” David said.

We looked around for a little while more and then a busboy came up with
our bags. We tipped him 5 dollars then we unpacked.

“Lets get something to eat, I’m starving.” David told me.


It was already late in the evening.
We went to one of their restaurants, one that didn’t have a dress code.

We sat down and ordered something to eat.
We sat there and ate and talked for about two hours.

Then we took the elevator back to our rooms.

“I’m tired, I’ll see you tomorrow sweetheart.” David told me.

“But honey I thought we could, you know… fool around a bit.” I said.

“We’ll do it tomorrow, I’m just to tired.” David told me.

“Ok.” I told him.

I had hoped that I could get him in a better mood, almost all he had
talked about at dinner was his job at that boss of his.

And I was also feeling horny, so that night I fingered myself to an orgasm.
And besides I never got an orgasm with David anyway.

The next day we both slept until noon.

I got up and took a shower.
It was a very sunny day outside so it was perfect for some sunbathing
and some swimming in the pools.

I had brought a new, very nice and quite sexy bikini.

I thought it looked real nice on me, it was a matching light purple bikini.
And it showed quite a bit of my big breasts.

“What do you think.” I asked David.

“About.” He said.

“About…my outfit of course.” I said in an annoyed voice.

“Oh its nice.” He told me.

He only took a peek at me.
I felt a little bit mad at him for not noticing my new bikini.

David on the other hand wore a pair of big swimming trunks.

Then a few minutes later we each put on a robe and took the elevator down
to the outside entrance to the pool area.

We got out of the elevator and walked out to the pools.
There were a lot of people in the pools or lying next to them sunbathing.

I could feel the warm sun on my skin, it had to be at least 90 degrees in the sun.

There were 3 large pools and a couple of bubble pools.
Each large pool also had its own lifeguard.

We found two empty chairs that you could pull down so that you could lye back.

David jumped into one of the pools but I decided to lye back and get some sun.
30 minutes later I turned around so that I would get an even tan.

I had now laid in the sun for about an hour so I decided to go into the
closest pool.

The water felt great, it had just the right temperature to cool one self down
after lying in the sun.

I swam around for a bit, there were a lot of people in here.
Because of this I didn’t notice that one person swam under the water just
underneath me and I accidentally hit this person with my foot.
But he didn’t even notice it and just swam away.

But I on the other hand lost my concentration and went under the surface
and swallowed some water.
And then I got some water in through my nose and I couldn’t get back in control.
The water was more than 6 feet deep so I couldn’t really stand up either so
I just kept splashing around trying to get some air.

But then all of a sudden I felt an arm around my chest pulling me up to the
surface and then pulled me out of the pool.

A minute later when I had finished coughing up some water,
I looked up and saw the man who had rescued me.

It was this gorgeous black man who had pulled me up and out of the pool.

“Are you ok.” He asked.

“Yes I think so.” I said coughing a bit.

A crowd of people had formed around us.

“The shows over folks, give the lady some room.” He told the crowd.

The people then got back to whatever they were doing before.

“You’re sure you’re ok, you swallowed a lot water over there.”

“Yeah I’m ok.” I told him.


He took my hand and pulled me up onto my feet.

“Thanks for getting me out of there.” I told him.

“It’s my job, I’m the lifeguard here.” He told me.

“Well thanks anyway.” I said smiling at him.

He smiled back.

This black guy was really big, I mean he had muscles all over.
I even found myself just standing there looking at him.

Then David came running over.

“Are you ok Carol.” He asked me.

“Yes I’m fine.”

“You get away from her.” He told the black lifeguard.

“Hey David, that man just saved me.” I told him.

“Well now he has done that so lets go.” David told me and dragged me away from there.

“That guy just rescued me, at least you could say thank you.” I told David.

“That’s his job.” He told me.

Ten minutes later when we were about leave the pool area.

“Well I’m going to go over there and apologies for your behavior if you’re not going to.”
I told David.

“It’s that niggers job to get people out of the pool.” David told me in a angry voice.

There were people around us that heard what he had said and turned around to see
who had said the N word.

“Shhh, keep your voice down and stop talking like that.” I told David.

“I can talk anyway I want to.” David said.

“Well then go up to our room and wait for me there while I go and apologies for you.”
I told David.

David then went into the hotel.

God I felt embarrassed for the way he talked, seeing all those people looking at us.

I went over to the lifeguard and said I was sorry for the way my husband acted.
He told me that it was ok, and then we started talking a bit.
I found out that his name was Jawan and that he was 29 years old.

About 15 minutes later I got up to my room.

“That took you long enough.” David told me as I walked into my room.

“Well why the hell do you need to act like that for.” I asked him in an angry voice.

“Just because.” David said.

“Because why.” I asked.

David didn’t answer, he just turned around and began to walk towards his room.

“Well I invited him for dinner in one of the hotels restaurants this evening.”
I told David.

“You did what.” He said.

“Why did you do that.” He then asked.

“Well I thought that it was the least I could do for him for saving my life.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” He said.

“Yes I did, It’s called being polite.” I told David.

We argued for a few minutes more but then I got David to agree.

It was dance night at the casual restaurant so I had booked us a table there.

It was a half an hour until we were going to the restaurant and I had just
finished getting dressed.

I wore a casual dress that I could dance in.
It was a nice rather tight dress that went down to my knees.
And it also had a sexy low cut front that showed off some cleavage.

David wore a gray every day suit.

We then took the elevator down to the restaurant.

When we got there Jawan was there waiting for us.
He was wearing a pair of dark pants and a matching designer label shirt.
I have to say that he looked great.

“Have you been waiting long.” I asked him.

“No not long.” Jawan said.

“Well this is my husband David.”

“Hi.” Jawan said.

“Yeah hi.” David said.

Jawan held out his hand but David didn’t shake it.

“Well why don’t we go inside and have something to eat.” I said.


When we had sat down at the table we ordered something to eat.

“So Jawan when did you start here as a lifeguard.” I asked him.

“Well actually I just work here a few days a week.” He told us.

“The other days I work down at the ocean.” Jawan told us.

“That must be nice, being out all day near the sea.” I said.

“Yes, I think so.” Jawan said.

“I myself don’t get out much, I’m a housewife so I mostly take care of our house.”
I told him.

“And what do you do.” Jawan asked David.

“That’s none of your….”

“He’s between jobs right now.” I said as David was about to say something rude.

A minute later dinner came in and we started to eat.

As the time past David had ordered in a lot of glasses of beer and he
had drinked them all.

A little later we had all finished our dinner with desserts.

And now David started to get rather drunk.
He had started talking about his former job and his boss.

The dance floor had opened up and there were now a lot of people dancing.

“David, do you want to dance.” I asked.

David just sat there with his beer glass and talked to himself.

I really wanted to get up and dance for awhile.

“David do you mind if I dance with your wife.” Jawan asked.

I don’t know if David heard him but he just sat there with his beer glass.

“Shall we dance.” Jawan then asked me.

“I’d love to.” I told him.

Jawan then took my hand and we got up on the dance floor and started to dance.

A few minutes later the band started to play slow music so Jawan pulled me in closer.

I could feel his strong arms as he pulled me closer to him.

Then he whispered in my ear.

“I can’t help saying this but you look incredibly hot Carol.” He told me.

I blushed as he said that.

“You really think so.” I asked because it was such a long time since anyone
had told me that I looked hot.

Jawan pulled away a bit and I saw him looking me over.

“Oh yes you look real sexy.” He then told me.

Then he pulled me in closer to him again.

He called me sexy.
David hadn’t called me that in ages.

I was actually beginning to get turned on by Jawans talk.

“You are very straight forward, aren’t you.” I asked.

“Yes, does that bother you.” He asked.

“Well a little, but just a little.” I told him as I wanted Jawan to continue
talking to me like that, calling me sexy.

We continued to slow dance and now I could feel Jawans big hand moving
down towards my ass.

My heart started to pound faster as I felt his hand reach my ass.
By now I was really exited.

With his hand on my butt he pulled me in even closer.
I had my breasts pressed against his chest.
And I could feel something hard pressing against my leg.

“Oh my god.” I thought to myself.

Jawan had gotten a hard on and it was pressing against my leg.

Something like this had never happened to me before.

I knew I should stop but I was soo turned on.

At that moment I felt Jawans lips on my neck.
He was kissing my neck.

“Oh god it felt good.” I thought to myself.

Then Jawan stopped kissing me and I realized that the music had stopped and
that the people were getting off the dance floor.
And I had forgotten about David, what if he had seen us.

I quickly pulled away from Jawan.

“That was nice Carol.” Jawan whispered to me.

When we got back to the table David was very drunk.
He saw me coming towards him with Jawan at my side.

“What the hell have you been doing.” He yelled at me.

“Nothing, we’ve just been dancing remember, you didn’t want to dance.” I told David.

“You’ve been dancing with that nigger.” David said.

“What did you call me.” Jawan asked in an angry voice.

I saw that Jawan was getting really pist off by what David said.

“Jawan, he doesn’t know what he’s saying.” I told him.

I managed to calm down Jawan a bit.

“Ok, but if I hear another word like that I will knock him out.” Jawan told me.

I then tried to calm David down but it was no use he was just too drunk.

“Get away from me woman, I will kick that niggers ass.” David yelled out.

“No David don’t.” I yelled to him.

But he took a swing at Jawan but he missed and then Jawan threw a push
that hit David right in the face.

And David was out like a light.

“Now I’m sorry about that Carol but he was just too…”

“I know Jawan.” I said.

There were some people gathering around us.

“He has just had too much to drink.” I told them.

“Jawan could you help me carry him up to his room.” I asked him.

“Ok.” Jawan told me as he lifted David up onto his back and carried him
to the elevator.

We took it up to our floor and then Jawan carried David into his room.
He laid David down on his bed.

“Thanks for bringing him up here.” I told Jawan.

“That’s ok.”

“And again I’m very sorry about his behavior.” I told him.

Jawan looked around the room for a moment.

“You know Carol, I couldn’t help but noticing that this is a single room.
Don’t you two sleep together.” Jawan asked.

“Oh well, the hotel mixed up our reservations so we had to take two single rooms.”
I told him.

“And where is your room.” He asked.

“It’s just through that door over there.”

“Well let’s have a look then shall we.” He said.

He walked over and opened the door to my room and we walked inside.
Jawan then closed the door behind us.

“Well its a nice room but a rather small bed don’t you think.” He said.

“Not for one.” I said.

“I mean for two.” He said as he walked over to me.

“You liked it back then on the dance floor didn’t you Carol.” Jawan asked me as
he placed his hand on my hip and pulled me in.

My heart started to pound faster.

“Well I…”

“You liked when I placed my hand on your ass.” He said as he grabbed my ass.


Jawan then reached over and kissed me on my mouth.

It took a few seconds but then I opened my mouth and we kissed.
We were soon slurping on each others tongues.

He reached around my back and undid my dress and then pulled the straps down
over my shoulders.
My dress then fell to the floor.

He then got behind me and started kissing my neck.

“God this felt great.” I thought to myself.

“Mmm.” I moaned softly.

He now placed his big black hand on my stomach and then he moved it down
toward my panties.

At the same time I felt something hard pressing against my ass.

He then moved his hand inside my panties and got down to my pussy.
Jawan was feeling my pussy lips with his hands.

“Mmm.” I let out another moan.

“You like this don’t you.” He said.

I nodded yes.

A minute later he pulled his hand out from my panties and undid my bra.
I then removed my bra and threw on the floor.

Jawan then grabbed my breasts with both of his hands.

“You have some big soft tits here.” He said.

“Mmm… you like them.” I said.

I turned my head and we kissed again.

By now I had forgot all about my husband.

Jawan then lowered himself down while kissing my back.
He grabbed my panties and pulled them down off of me.

He then got back up again.

“Now turn around.” He told me.

“As I said before Carol, you do have a real sexy body.”

I couldn’t believe I was standing naked in front of this black man.

He grabbed my tits again and squeezed them.
He lowered his face and then sucked on them.

I reached over and held his bald black head.

A minute later he started to undue his shirt.

I couldn’t wait to see him naked.

After his shirt he removed his pants.

“Oh wow what a gorgeous black muscle body he had.” I thought to myself.

He was standing there in a pair of shorts as he walked over to me and kissed me.
We kissed for a few minutes then he put his hands on my shoulders and began
to motion me down.

So I got down on my knees and I now had his shorts right in front of my face.
I could see the outline of something big inside of his shorts.

“Pull them down.” Jawan told me.

I couldn’t believe I was going to do this.
But I reached over and grabbed his shorts and slowly pulled them down.

And then out popped this huge black cock right in front of my face.

“Oh my goddd.” I spoke out.

Jawan grinned a bit.

I didn’t know they could get that big.

“You like that thing don’t you.” Jawan said.

“I haven’t seen anything that big before.” I told him.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it.

“Why don’t you touch it.” He told me.

I reached up and took a hold of it.
It was so fat, I couldn’t even get my hand around it.
It felt so heavy.

I started stroking it a little.

“Mmm that’s good, now open your mouth.” Jawan told me.

He wanted me to suck it.

I opened my mouth wide and took his big cockhead into my mouth.
God it felt big.

I slowly started to suck on it.

“That’s good baby, suck my black cock.” He told me.

I was actually down on my knees sucking this black mans huge cock and
to my surprise I was enjoying it.

Jawan started to move his cock a little.
He wanted me to take more of it into my mouth.

So I started to push more and more of it into my mouth.
But I couldn’t even get half of his cock inside my mouth until I started to gag.

I then started to bob my head in and out of his big shaft.

Soon I started to really love the taste of his cock in my mouth.
I was getting real wet between my legs.

A few seconds later he pulled his cock out of my mouth.
And there was a popping sound when it went out of my mouth.

He lifted me up and carried me over to my bed and then laid me down.
He gave me a kiss then he worked his way down towards my pussy.

He spread my legs and got his face up against my pussy lips.

Jawan slowly started to lick the edges of my lips.

Oh wow, I had never had anyone go down on me before.
It felt great, his tongue against my pussy.
And he was soo good too.

He licked me for a couple of minutes and then something great happened, I came.

“Oh yes lick my pussy.” I told Jawan.

“Oh goddd yesss.” I moaned out as I came.

He licked me for a few minute more then he came up to me and kissed my mouth.
I could taste my juices in his mouth.

“Now you’re going to feel something big.” He told me.

He was about to fuck me.

Jawan reached down and grabbed his black cock and moved it up against my pussy.

He then pushed his big cockhead inside of me.

“Oh goddd oh goddd.” I moaned out as he pushed more of it inside me.

I could feel my pussy being stretched to its limits around that fat black cock of his.

Jawan started to move his shaft in and out.
At first his size had hurt a little but now I was getting used to it and
it was feeling so incredible good.

“I’m cummming.” I screamed out.

A minute later he really started to fuck me hard.
My juices made it easier for him to move faster.

He reached down and kissed me while he was slamming his big cock inside of me.

I looked down and saw that big black tool of his moving in and out of me.

A few moment’s later Jawan took a hold of me and flipped me around, still
having his cock inside of me.

I was now on top of him moving my ass up and down over that huge thing of his.

Oh god I couldn’t believe it, I was cumming again.

“Ohhhhh yessssss.” I screamed out.

After I had cum I slowed down a bit but Jawan kept up the pace by moving
his cock in and out of me while lying underneath me.

He had his hands on my breasts and were squeezing my nipples.
That felt soo good.

Then a few minutes later.

“Now lye down on the bed.” Jawan told me.

I got up off of him and laid down on the bed.

Jawan got up on his knees and held his black cock in front of my face.

“Open your mouth Carol.” He told me.

Oh god he was going to cum in my mouth.

I opened my mouth.

He was pulling his cock and then placed his cockhead right next to my mouth.

“Ahhh yess.” He grunted.

I then felt something hit me on my tongue.
He was cumming.

He spurted a lot of cum.
Stream after stream right into my mouth.
Some of it hit my face and ran down my chin.

I had never taken a mans sperm in my mouth before.
But Jawans semen I felt that I had to take it and swallow it.

And I swallowed a lot of his cum.
I thought he would never stop cumming.

His cum actually didn’t taste that bad, a bit salty and sweet at the same time.

“Oh yesss.” Jawan grunted out as the last drops came out of his cock.

“Mmm that tasted great.” I told him.

“You were great baby.” He said.

“And you were awesome Jawan, I have never been fucked that good before.” I told him.

A few moments later we fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning when I woke up I discovered that Jawan had already gone
up and he was taking a shower.

Then it hit me, David.
Had he heard us last night.

I slowly walked over to our connecting door and gently opened it.

There I saw David still lying on the bed sleeping.
He had apparently been so drunk last night and from Jawan knocking him out that
he had slept through the whole thing.

Then I heard the shower in my room stop and out came Jawan totally naked.

“Good morning Carol.” He said.

I looked at him and saw that huge black cock of his.
Had I really taken that big thing last night.

“What are you thinking about.” Jawan asked.

“Oh I was just wondering how I managed to take that huge cock of yours
last night.” I said as I walked over to him.

“Well baby let me tell you, you took it real well.” He said.

I got up close to him and kissed him while grabbing his big shaft.

“Sorry baby, I haven’t time to do it another time.
I’m a lifeguard remember, I’ve got to get down to the pool.” Jawan told me.

I felt a bit disappointed.

He then got dressed and I kissed him good-bye.

Then I got into the bathroom and had a long shower.

An hour later I had gotten my clothes on and went into Davids room
to see how he was.

To my surprise he had already gotten up and had a shower.
He was now putting on some clothes.

“Good morning honey.” I said.

“Oh hi sweetheart.”

“How are you feeling today.” I asked.

“Ok, but I’ve got a real hang over.” David told me.

“I’m sorry about last night.” He told me.

“Well David, I want to know.
What is it exactly that you have against black people.” I asked.

David looked down on the floor.

“Ok I’ll tell you.” He said.

“It’s not that I hate black people, its just that I don’t trust black guys.”
David told me.

“But why.”

“Well you know that I had a long relationship a year before we started dating.”
He said.

“Yes what about it.”

“And you know that I told you that we just glided apart until we just didn’t
feel anything for each other anymore.

“Yes.” I said.

“Well that’s not really what happened.” David said.

“Then what did happen.”

“What happened was that I came home early one day from work and found her
naked on the couch having sex with a black man.” David told me.

“And she also told me that she was in love with him and that she was
pregnant and that it was his.”

“Oh honey, that will never happen to us.
You know that I will always love you.” I told David.

“I know I’ve been so stupid, I know that you would never cheat on me with a black guy.”
David told me.

“No I would never do that.” I lied to him knowing full well that I would probably
see Jawan again.

“Well lets go home and then get your old job back shall we.” I told David.

“Ok.” David said.

David eventually got his job back.
And me, well lets just say that I’m a much happier person now after
my regular visits with Jawan.

*** The End.

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