My Hangover Cure

Author: Dan

I had the hangover from hell and felt like shit, but it didn’t matter, I still had to go to work. Served me right I suppose, just partied a bit too much but what the hell, its only life. I showered, shaved and put a suit on, feeling slightly better, but not much. At least it wouldn’t be a hard day and I might even be able to sleep through some of it. I’m a buyer for a fashion house and I was off to the launch of a new lingerie product to see if there was anything for next season.

Most guys would think that was the best job in the world, but to be honest watching all those scrawny models prance about in their underwear got a bit boring after a while. They were so false and cold those chicks and my preference tended toward the more voluptuous type, you know, real women.

Never mind, the day would soon be over and I could catch up on a bit of lost sleep. I arrived at the plush hotel where the show was on and mingled with the beautiful people, as a good buyer should. Feeling slightly better by this time I knocked back a couple before the show figuring it sure couldn’t hurt, and that in turn made me feel better again.

The seats were comfortable and the lights dropped as the music signalled the catwalk action was about to begin. I leaned back and sipped on my bourbon ready to start taking notes, when the first model appeared and nearly made my jaw drop. I was expecting the usual ribs and hipbones but this chick was incredible.

She was round and plump, with smooth satiny skin. Her tits were huge and were barely covered by the top of a tiny lace chemise, her enormous nipples showing clearly through the fabric. Her lace panties covered her large round butt cheeks, and pulled up tight into the crack of her pussy, outlining it clearly. Christ I nearly choked on my bourbon, but I couldn’t tear my eyes off her, she was fuckin’ something else, and I realised I had half a boner just watching her strut her stuff on the catwalk.

She was supremely confident in herself, you could feel it coming from her as she pouted and danced, exposing all her luscious curves, tossing her long blonde curls, a cheeky smile lighting up her lovely features. Suddenly she was gone, replaced by a bouncing ebony beauty in a white lace jumpsuit, with massive melons.

I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven. Each model was another ample wench displaying their bounteous charms for me, but I couldn’t get my mind off the first model. She came back a couple of times in a different sexy outfit, each one making her look so tempting and each one making my now erect cock harder and harder.

The show finished and the après launch party started with the champagne flowing thick and fast. To my great delight the models appeared to mingle with the guests, still wearing the lingerie from the show. I was already having trouble walking, being surrounded by such tempting mounds of flesh, but when the hot blonde babe I first cast eyes on came up to me my balls tightened. At first we just made a bit of small talk, but her eyes kept dropping to my crotch, as the bulge now was painfully obvious.

Someone knocked into me from behind and pushed me against her, my cock against her warm thigh, my champagne spilling down her generous cleavage.

Her eyes locked on mine.

“I think we’d better clean this up”, she said smiling and led me to a door at the back of the room.

She pulled me through the door into a small office and grinned at me wickedly.

“Lick that champagne off you clumsy boy.”

I didn’t hesitate and plunged my head between those creamy mounds…licking the top of them, pulling her lace top aside so I could see them clearly. They took my breath away and I reached out and pinched her large pink nipples, feeling them crinkle and harden under my fingers, her breathing sharpened and I knew I was turning her on.

She pulled away, surprising me, then she dropped to her knees in front of me, her eyes in direct line with my crotch. She breathed deeply sniffing my scent, and moaned against my balls, sending a vibration through my cock and sac. Fuck I was hard.

If she hadn’t taken that moment to unzip me and take my throbbing erection out, it would have ripped through the material itself. Without hesitation she plunged her hot wet mouth over my raging hard on. She slid up and down the length of me, sucking hard then flicking her tongue around the helmet, driving me mad with horniness. I took her head in my hands and gently fucked her mouth while she sucked on me wildly like she was starving for the taste of hot cock, her hand cupping my swollen balls.

Her mouth encompassed me and I felt my knob banging on her tonsils, but she wanted more and more. I could feel the head sliding down into her throat and although she made gagging sounds she just kept on eating me down. My dick was so hard I knew I was going to explode in this beautiful womans mouth. My legs stiffened and I jabbed harder into her, unable to control my actions now.

She sucked her cheeks hard along the length of me and I could feel my sperm rising to be sucked out. I came in an explosion, my cock throbbing and pulsating against her tongue. She sucked harder, draining me, my jism pouring into her throat. She swallowed as much as she could, but there was cum all round her mouth as she kept tonguing and licking me. My orgasm seemed to last for ages and as I softened she never stopped licking and tasting.

“Oh Baby” I moaned, “that was incredible, you have such and fucking horny mouth!”

I was still jerking with my dying orgasm and I could see the smile on her face as she moved away from me.

“Well Hun,” she grinned, you taste just about as good as they get.

“I wanted to taste you since I saw you watching me on the stage.”

She licked my cock again and pulled her rumpled outfit back on, straightening her hair quickly.

“Thanks babe,” she smiled. “I have to get back and socialise. Lets have a drink sometime.”

She closed the door as she left and I knew I was definitely going to take her up on that drink, because my hangover was completely gone.

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