A hotel room for three (mmf)

Author: Brian

My wife and I was sitting in the hotel bar having a glass of wine when I noticed this guy keep looking at my wife who’s a very pretty red-head with nice firm good sized tits, long legs and a beautiful ass. She was wearing a spaghetti strap summer dress and sandals with heels.

After a while I decided to go to the bathroom to see if he was going to make a move on her, which he did. When I came back he was sitting next to her chatting her up. He introduced himself as Steve and we ended up sitting and talking for quite a while. His eyes were all over my wife’s body.

When last call was made we we’re busy talking and laughing, Steve turned out to be a smart and well read guy with whom we had a lot in common. As the evening had progressed he increasingly but discretely put a hand on my wife’s shoulder, back, or knee when she said something funny.

When the bar closed we got into the elevator and I noticed how Steve constantly was checking out her tits and ass and when the elevator stopped at our floor my wife asked if he would like a glass of wine in our room.

We sat around and talked and sipped wine Steve and I in a chair each and my wife on the bed. When Steve had to use the bathroom I reminded my wife that I for a long time had wanted to try a threesome and that she once said that she might try it with someone we didn’t know and wouldn’t meet again in a place far from home. I told her that this seemed to be just that scenario, so I begged her to at least give it a try and that we would stop if she changed her mind.

As Steve came out from the bathroom I was sitting next to my wife and as we talked some more I began to caress her right breast through the fabric of her dress. Steve watched as her nipple grew and was pressing against the fabric. I pulled her dress up a little and spread her legs so Steve could get a glimpse of her pussy through her sheer panties, I then caressed her left breast until that nipple was hard as well. I reached inside her dress and pulled her right breast out letting it rest on top of the dress and began to gently squeeze her erect nipple. Steve looked mesmerized and I winked at him and told him to join me.

Steve didn’t have to be asked twice, he immediately came over, sat down and started caressing her left breast through the dress, then he too pulled it out and began to caress her naked breast and squeeze her hard nipple. My wife closed her eyes, leaned her head back and enjoyed. Steve and I looked at each other and like on cue we both began to suck and lick her tits and nipples and I could feel her body responding to all this attention to her tits and nipples.

After a while I pulled off her dress and panties and laid her down, it was extremely erotic with Steve and I still dressed and her completely naked. We kept sucking and licking her tits and nipples and Steve started to move down towards her pussy letting his tongue glide over her belly and through her pussy hair down to her clitoris. He buried his head between her spread legs and began to lick and suck her pussy while I was sucking and pulling on both her nipples.

I pulled off my shirt and got out of my jeans and as soon as Steve saw that, he did the same. I then took my wife’s hand and moved it over for her to grab his hard cock and begin to stroke him while I put my hard cock in her other hand which she then started stroking as well. With a hard cock in each hand and Steve and I licking and sucking her tits and nipples I could feel her body slightly twitching.
At some point I told Steve to lean back and got my wife on all four, I took Steve’s cock in my hand and gently pushed my wife’s head down towards his cock which I then steered into her mouth. After gently pushing her head down so she completely swallowed his cock I moved it up and down and she began to suck him. Steve grabbed her tits and started to milk them and pull on her nipples. I then brought her hand up to stroke his cock while I gently pushed her head down to his balls and had her lick and suck them, after that she alternated between sucking his balls and his cock.

She’s amazing at licking and sucking cock and balls so it wasn’t long before I heard Steve started moaning and I moved behind her ass and started to lick and suck her very wet pussy. I could tell she was sucking him really good because all of the sudden he pulled out of her mouth so he wouldn’t come yet. He pushed her down on her back and moved down between her legs and I started pulling and squeezing her nipples while Steve spread her legs and began to lick and suck her pussy.

She was sucking my cock and balls when Steve got up on his knees and I looked at him and nodded. He spread my wife’s legs wide and with his hand he slowly guided his hard throbbing cock deep inside her wet pussy. Her body stiffened slightly when she felt his cock slide inside her, as he began to slowly take her she relaxed and I could hear her enjoy being fucked in her pussy and mouth at the same time while I was squeezing her very hard nipples.

After he had fucked her for a little while I asked him to lie down on his back, I then lifted my wife up and lowered her over his cock, I took his cock in my hand and steered it into her wet open pussy. When his cock-head was inside I gently pushed her down until she had him all the way inside her. I moved her up and down on his cock until he grabbed her hips and made her move faster. I then stood up and grabbed her hair and steered my cock into her mouth and Steve grabbed her bouncing tits and was holding them by the nipples.

A little later he pulled out of her and with my cock still in her mouth he put her down on her hands and knees. He then grabbed her hips from behind and thrust his cock into her pussy and began to fuck her slow but hard while she was sucking my cock and I was squeezing her dangling tits. Just before he came he pulled out and turned her around and put her down on her back.

He got between her legs and holding them by the ankles up in the air and spread very wide I saw Steve’s glistening wet hard cock gliding deep into her pussy. He was now fucking her fast and hard and I could hear his balls slap against her ass. With my cock fucking her mouth while I was caressing her tits and squeezing her nipples hard she started moaning and I could feel her body start trembling.

All of the sudden Steve arched his back and said “Jesus” as he started filling my wife’s pussy with his warm sperm. He kept fucking her pussy hard until he was done. He stayed still with his cock deep inside her cum-filled pussy. I could tell she was really close to her orgasm so I quickly switched place with Steve who stuck his still somewhat hard cock in her mouth and began to squeeze her nipples while I fucked her extremely wet pussy hard and fast.

As soon as she started her orgasm I couldn’t hold back and emptied everything I had in her pussy.

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