Just The Three Of Us

Author: Western

What is my fantasy? Hell, that’s easy. I have two really,
the first has been fulfilled many times, the second was just
fulfilled last night. And boy, what a fantasy it was.

Well, I will start from the beginning, it’s a story worth
telling slowly and well. First, my original fantasy was to watch
my wife make love to another woman, and then I join in. We did
that many times and it seemed that each time was better than the
last. The most amazing was the last time, when one of the most
gorgeous blondes on Earth ate my wife, while I did whatever I
liked to the blonde. What a night! I didn’t think anything
could equal that night, not in a million years. But last night
was the absolute best. Ok, let me get down to my tale.

It started with me going through the personal adds in my
local paper. After getting through the more comical adds like
“woman with herpes seeks same,” I thumbed through the adds until
one really caught my attention.

“Husband and wife seek energetic young man for sex.” It was
simple and to the point. At first I shook my head and snorted,
thinking they would get about 10,000 responses. But when I
thought about it longer, I realized that I might like to be that
man. The statistics on the couple looked good. She was young,
pretty and stacked. The husband was supposed to be good looking
with a huge dick. I have never seen a huge dick, mine was
average. My second fantasy started to creep into my mind, even
though I tried to avoid thinking about it. I used the fantasy to
get hard when I really didn’t want to have sex with my wife, but
she insisted. Now I was thinking of fulfilling it. That would
make me… No, I wouldn’t think about that.

I answered the add and within a week found myself sitting
across from them in a table at a well-known restaurant. I was
shaking inside, shaking like I had on my very first sexual
encounter. More and more it looked like I was making the right
decision. Or was I?

“Your letter said you were married,” Vera said as she wiped
her dainty mouth on a napkin. I tried not to picture those
perfect lips wrapped around my dick, but it didn’t work. I knew
I wouldn’t be leaving my seat for a while.

“You could have brought her along.”
“No way,” I said, feeling the heat rush to my face. “If she
ever found out about this it would probably end my marriage.”
“Oh, sorry,” Vera said in embarrassment. “So what do you
want, Mat?”
I looked around, stared briefly at her husband, then leaned
“I have always fantasized about doing a 69 with a guys wife,
while he does me up the ass,” I blurted in a harsh whisper.
“Oh no, not another one,” Lenny and Vera said, sharing a
knowing glance.

The smile left my face. They apologized quickly.
“The last guy wanted that too. So far this year it’s been
fifteen. Most bring their wives for different variations,” Lenny
said in a confidential whisper.

“Please leave my wife out of this,” I said quickly. “I’m
afraid she will find out just by talking about it.”

“Relax, Mat, everything will be fine and she will never find
out,” Vera said, leaning close and squeezing my hand. “So do you
want to follow us, or ride along in our car?” Vera asked in the
same breath. For a moment I didn’t realize what she had said.
Suddenly it sank in. I would actually be eating this delicious
woman. Me, Joe Average Dude, was about to eat this lovely blonde
angel while her husband did me in the ass. I suddenly felt weak
in the knees.

“You’ll do it?” I asked in surprise, and maybe a little

“Certainly,” Lenny said with a quick smile. “There was never
any doubt once we met you to make sure you weren’t an axe
murderer or something. Come on, you can follow us. Then you can
leave any time you want. The hotel is just down the street. We
already have a room.”

I suddenly wanted to find an excuse to back out, but there
was none. It was the right time and they were certainly the
right people.

“Lenny is ready now,” Vera said playfully. I followed her
gaze down to the hand she had in Lenny’s lap and my eyes bulged
out when I saw a huge two inch thick dick, at least nine inches
long or longer.

“Wholly shit!” I said partially horrified. I looked around,
but we were isolated from the rest of the patrons, just as Vera
had specified when they arrived.

“That sucker’s big,” I said in awe. For some reason my hand
itched to touch it. Nothing more, just to wrap around it and
feel it’s softness. Was I going gay? Well it was too late to
worry about the small stuff, I could debate that later. My dick
was huge and throbbing, I couldn’t go home this way.
I followed them in my car. They were right, it was only a
block away. I felt embarrassed to follow them into their motel
room, but nobody seemed to notice. I realized that meetings and
all sorts of strange stuff probably happened there all the time.
If you didn’t take any barnyard animals into the room, nobody
took any notice.

“Stop right there by the door and take off everything?” Vera
said, holding up a hand.
“What? Why?” I was totally confused, afraid that I had done
something wrong.

“We have found out from experience that it’s the best way to
avoid blonde hairs, lipstick, and strange stains,” she said with
a smile. “Believe me, it’s the best way. If you are
uncomfortable you can wear this robe,” she tossed me a white
terry cloth robe. I slipped into the open bathroom door and
began changing. I figured if I left the door open I would seem
less prudish. Yeah, I know I’m an idiot, it’s hereditary.

I suddenly found myself laying on the bed next to Vera as she
undressed. I was shivering, partially from the air conditioning,
but mostly from sheer terror. I was so nervous! And to my
horror, I saw Lenny undressing too. I am not gay and get no
pleasure out of seeing naked men with hairy legs. I have to be
really turned on to get any inclinations at all. And laying
there on the bed in terror, I had no inclinations whatsoever.
Until I saw Vera take off her bra. I had never seen so much pure
unblemished flesh in my entire life. Her tits sprang out and
formed perfect mellon halves. They were tits like I have only
seen on TV, never in real life.

“Oh my god, those are so perfect,” I gasped with my eyes
bugging out.

“They are all yours for as long as you want them,” Vera
smiled. She bent down and drew one breast up near her face. Her
long, agile tongue lashed out and wet the nipple, making it stand
up firm and proud. I wet my lips and reached out tentatively.
My hand was shaking so badly that I was embarrassed and pulled it

I looked at Lenny. He smiled and nodded at Vera, giving his
final approval. I inched forward on the bed and inhaled the
aroma of Vera’s huge, perfect breasts. They smelled slightly of
perfume, a little sweat, and now a little of her saliva. I
looked at her huge red lips so close and with a shuddering sigh I
surged forward and kissed her soft lips with brutal passion.
When the kiss was done I felt a little spent, but heartily turned
on. I looked down and to my surprise I found it was Lenny’s hand
on my throbbing prick, not Vera’s. In my condition I didn’t
care. Even as I watched Lenny bent down and encircled my prick
with his lips. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It felt…
well it felt just like any woman giving me a blowjob.

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