Teen Lovers

Author: Dan

When I first met Melissa I was so nervous I nearly wet myself. She was so beautiful and so loving. I’d never read an adult magazine before and when my roommate went away for the weekend I found it hidden under the sofa. I looked through their “searching for friendship” columns, and when I read how others were searching for that special person who could possibly turn their love life and their world around I decided to do it. I placed an ad looking for someone around the same age as me to have fun with.

I was going through a really awful relationship with one of the guys from college and he was nasty. He thought he owned the world and me in it. I decided enough was enough. This guy put me off men for a very long time, if not for life. I was only eighteen…

Then I met Melissa. I was sitting in a café a few miles from where I lived when she walked through the door. We both stopped and stared at each other for a couple of minutes before she walked over to me, her smile was dazzling; her eyes were like diamonds and her laugh infectious. I had fantasised this very meeting, being with another woman was something I had never done before, and now the day had come where I was sitting opposite a very sexy, very horny young lady.

Melissa didn’t look much older than I and once we got talking I discovered that she was almost twenty and to me that meant she had a lot more experience when it came to girl/girl sex.

We talked about me writing the ad and sending into the magazine and how when she first wrote my heart skipped a beat seeing her phone number in black and white. We exchanged letters and photos; I found some old photos hidden away that my ex had taken with me sprawled out naked on the bed, ones of me looking petite and I thought I was attractive with firm breasts and a smooth pussy. Melissa wrote to me again asking me to call her. We spoke for hours and that is when we decided we should meet. She sounded lovely on the phone and looking at her photos again made my pussy so wet.

Here we were finally sitting in the café and it was lust at first sight. Since the moment we first saw each other, she has not left my thoughts, her bubbly sexy personality was a bonus and I yearned to be held by her. Losing ourselves in lustful steamy conversations we suddenly realised that we had been in the café for almost 4 hours and many cups of coffee had passed our lips as we talked. Melissa lived not far from the café and invited me back to the dorm where she was staying while attending college.

Not long after arriving at her unit, I found myself naked on Melissa’s bed about to experience my first ever, lesbian experience. My heart raced as I watched her strip for me, her hands running over her body, pinching her nipples as I watched closely as she teased me with her eyes. Her fingers played with her pubic hair opening her legs a little wider allowing me to see her pink lips and her erect clitoris…

When Melissa finished her erotic strip tease, she knelt over me on her bed, our mounds close together; she touched my face her fingers dancing their way to down to my nipples hard and erect. Her tongue followed licking and flicking them as she traced a path down to my shaven pussy. Melissa got off the bed knelt on the floor, pulling me towards her. Her tongue gently caressed my pussy and softly flicking my clit.

I can’t describe how beautiful it was, our love making session was soft and gentle. Melissa really did make love to me. Her fingers played with my pussy, slipping deep inside me finding my pleasure spot making me cry out in ecstasy as my pussy experienced an orgasm like never before. She continued licked me and to touch me until my body settled.

I knew it was my turn to return the favour and I was so very nervous. At eighteen I’d never licked a pussy before and I was very hesitant but I was really going to try. I followed her lead playing with her breasts and running my fingers through her pubic hair. I knelt between her legs just as she had done to me and I gazed into her silky pussy, taking in its fineness, it’s beauty… Melissa’s pussy was wet and inviting and after the orgasms that she had just given me, I knew it was now or never. I needed to find out if this was what I wanted…

I closed my eyes and when my tongue touched her pussy for the first time, it was like a bolt of lightening had passed between us. She smelled sweet and her juices tasted so beautiful like honey nectar and as I licked her softly and her body responded she slowly began to breath heavily, her whimpers were signs that I was performing well. I savoured every lick, every taste as I moved my tongue deep inside her pink pussy lips making her moan and pant with heated passion.

Her body gave way to a wild orgasm. Her juices flowed over my tongue and I enjoyed every drop and cherished the moment as we lay together on her single bed. Melissa was so sensual, so loving and when she held me in her arms I cried with happiness. She kissed away my tears as I told her about my experience with my horrible ex boyfriend.

I knew that I was in love with Melissa and even though we were only young college girls we were old enough to have a relationship built on friendship and lust.

After a while I went home, but I couldn’t sleep… my mind kept going back to Melissa and the few hours we had alone making love. I think Melissa read my mind; there was phone call for me the next morning inviting me out to dinner and a movie. I couldn’t wait, my heart beat fast whenever I thought about her… I was in love…

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