You are beautiful

What a day. Tara thought as she poured herself a hot cup of coffee and headed for the living room sofa. She had just showered and wore only her thin silk robe. She ran her fingers through her hair and grabbed the remote. The phone rang and she leaned over to answer it. It was Macy. Tara listened as Macy told her story about an argument she’d had with her present boyfriend. Tara thought he was a prick but as good friends do, she listened. “Macy, why don’t you come over and we’ll watch a movie, maybe you’ll feel better.” “Thanks Tara, I’m on my way.”
  Tara opted to not change her clothes because she planned to go straight to bed as soon as Macy left, and pajamas were not her choice sleeping habit. She tightened the belt as she went to answer the door. “Thanks for being with me, Tara, Macy said as she came through the door wearing loose legged purple short shorts and a tight white T shirt. The breeze that blew across Tara when the door opened felt good. Her skin was still damp from the shower and her nipples tightened against the thin silk, the sensation warmed her body.
  ”What are we watching?“ Macy asked as she propped her left leg on the sofa leaving her right foot on the floor. ”Pick something, I’ll be right back.“ Tara went to refill her coffee. ”You want something to drink?“, she asked as she poured the cream in. ”Just water. gotta lose 5 more pounds.“
 ”Why do you have to lose 5 more pounds? You are beautiful and your body is perfect.“
  ”John likes me skinny.“ she answered. Tara’s anger flared but she worked to control it. As she rounded the corner she was surprised to see Macy had chosen a seduction movie that was recorded on her DVR.
   ”You sure that’s what you want to watch? It’s a little sexy to go home and sleep alone after.“ Tara was already horny, but Tom was out of town so relief was put off until tomorrow night..
  ”I’m sure, if its OK with you.“
  Tara sat at the other end of the sofa and handed Macy a bottle of water. As her eyes swept over Macy’s body she noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. Her nipples poked the fabric of her T shirt. She was tanned and Tara thought she was beautiful. The loose legs of her shorts revealed a freshly waxed pink pussy. Obviously Macy had no idea it was so easy to see.
  Macy talked about what John thought she should work on at the gym. ”He said if I do leg lifts it will cut down on this fat area on my ass.“
  ”Tara sat in silence while she got more angry at John’s treatment of her friend.“ Tara watched the screen on the TV and a sexy girl was being fingered by a man. Her moans on her way to climax made Tara wet. She was beginning to wish Tom would come home.
  ”I want my body to be perfect for John“ Tara heard  her whisper sounding as if she might cry.
  ”That’s enough of this. Come in  here, listen to me, and decide for yourself if you need to torture yourself this way.“ Tara led Macy into her bedrooom and stood her in front of her surrounding dressing mirror. Macy was self conscience and tara wanted her to see the beautiful woman she saw when she looked at her friend.
  ”Macy, look at your face. Your cheeks are so pretty, and those pouty lips are so kissable. Your blue eyes are so sexy. Those strawberry blonde curls are beautiful, too.“ She rubbed her thumb over Macy’s lips to show her how attractive she thought she was.
  ”Your tits are awesome. They’re round and beautiful. They’re perky even without a bra. And your nipples are so pinch-able.“ as she said this she reached around from the back and rubbed her hands over Macy’s tits and pinched the nipples. Macy let out a slight moan and tara couldn’t help but keep rolling them between her fingers. She ran her hands down her sides and pulled the T shirt over her head. ”Look Macy, You are beautiful. She rubbed Macy’s firm stomach feeling her skin warm against her hands. She ran her hands back up over Macy’s nipples. They were so hard Tara wondered if she was as turned on as her body showed.
  She ran her hands down the sides of her hips. She ran them up inside her shorts legs feeling her warm flesh.  She turned Macy around to show her what a pretty ass she had. As she turned the belt on Tara’s robe came loose and revealed her creamy skin. When she had Macy turned so that she could view her own ass, their tits rubbed across the other’s sending a shiver through them both. She cupped Macy’s ass and told her to look at how pretty it was. She slid her hands up to Macy’s waist and slipped them inside the waist band of her shorts. Sliding them down she bent down on one knee for Macy to step out of them and looked up directly at her smooth pussy lips. She rubbed her ass and showed her how perky and pretty it was and pulled a stool over and motioned for her to sit.  
  She sat on the stool still looking at the mirror as she was told. Completely naked now, she was surprised at how pretty her friend thought she was. Tara reached around her and put her hands on the insides of her knees. Running her hands up along Macy’s soft tanned thighs she pushed her legs apart. “Don’t you see the sexy beauty in that mirror? She’s beautiful.” Tara commented. Tara reached in between her thighs and parted the lips of her damp pussy revealing a small tight pink slit. Her clit was hard so it was easy to view. Tara lightly stroked it. “You even have a pretty pussy.” she breathed into Macy’s ear.
  Macy decided she wanted to touch someone too. She stood up and pulled Tara along with her. She slid Tara’s robe off her shoulders so she could see Tara’s creamy light complexion. Her nipples were hard and pointy. Her breasts swelled at the bottom more than the top. Her nipples stood out like they were begging to be sucked, so macy took the right one on her left hand and sucked hard at the left one. Tara was so aroused. She pulled Macy over to her bed and pushed lightly to get her to lay down across the bed. She laid down across the bed too. Looking into the horny eyes of her friend Tara kissed Macy’s lips. Macy came back for more, licking Tara’s lips teasing her tongue and moving lower to her pretty tits.
  Tara moaned and Macy slid her hand between Tara’s legs. “I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to touch you this way.” Macy breathed with a moan. Tara’s hands were twisting Macy’s nipples and rubbing her tits. Macy turned her body around so she could see the warm wet toy she had found between Tara’s legs. Her hair was short on her pussy. The light brown color made it barely visible. Using her right hand she pulled her tight pussy open. Inside was the prettiest pink color she’d ever seen. She put her finer tip on Tara’s clit and very gently rubbed in a circular motion.
  By this time Tara had found an easy way to reach Macy’s pussy. The bare skin allowed full view of her vagina. Tara began to run her finger from back to front spreading Macy’s wetness all over her.  It looked so good she just wanted to taste her, so she did. She licked at the clit first tasting the sweet liquid she’d been spreading over her. While she licked she wanted to feel her inside so the inserted one finger.
  Macy raised up her knees and climbed over Tara’s face. Then she buried her own face in Tara’s wet pussy. She fucked her with her tongue and sucked at her clit with a force that soon brought Tara to orgasm, but Macy wouldn’t stop. Tara felt herself coming apart inside. It felt so good and hurt at the same time. As Macy sucked on she calmed down and enjoyed the sucking motion while she was determined to give Macy the  climax of her life.
  Tara slid one finger toward Macy’s asshole and kept the other deep inside her wiggling it back and forth making Macy moan louder and louder. Tara could feel Macy’s pussy tightening around her finger and began to lick her clit like the tastiest lollipop she’d ever had. As Macy came  she screamed out a loud moan and cum gushed out over Tara’s face. Tara kept licking until exhausted, Macy fell over to her side.
  Tara turned around and faced Macy. They kissed a slow sweet kiss and wrapped themselves around each other. They were content knowing they wouldn’t be sleeping alone tonight.

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