Author: Cecilia

Her tits looked like two angry pit bulls fighting to get out of a paper bag as she danced to the fast paced beat of the music. She wore a skin tight pale purple cotton shirt, almost see through with as much wear it had gotten. Her skirt threatened to reveal all her secret parts every time she spun around.

IТd been watching her all afternoon and my cock was aching for release. I couldnТt act on it though. We were at my budТs place for a get together. Mostly his family, but weТd been friends for so long that I was considered a long lost blue-eyed cousin or something to that affect. I was the only white guy there. I didnТt feel a bit out of place though.

I asked Ramon about the girl. He just laughed and said I shouldnТt worry about Dora. She apparently was the bad seed of the family. All the better I thought to myself. Maybe IТd work it out to get her number later and we could meet up some where later. She continued to dance with the other girls and a few of the guys got in on it. Her dance was much more seductive though and on more than one occasion I caught her stealing glances my way. As soon as our eyes would meet, she would give me a slow sly grin, giggle and then spin around again. Her ruffled skirt would fly up just high enough to tease the shit out of me, but not actually reveal anything. After a while, it was torture.

The music died down for a bit once it was dinnertime. We all gathered around the large picnic tables that lined the backyard. I sat next to Ramon and she sat across from me. Ramon leaned in and told me I was in for some fun. I thought he was fucking with me, you know how guys love to get a rise out of their friends, string them along only to watch them fall on their faces.

In the middle of taking a huge bite of chicken I felt a bare foot slide between my thighs and toes wiggle around my nut sack making my cock come alive with lust again. My eyes quickly went to hers and she managed to look innocent for half of a second before stifling another giggle. This went on through out the entire dinner, and dessert. Her eyes insisting that she was innocent, but her pouty lips suggesting otherwise. Not to mention her foot in my crotch.

I helped with the clean up even though RamonТs mother insisted that I not. Not out of kindness but I had broken a few bowls in the past and she didnТt forget! So I meandered back to the house to get another drink when I found Dora standing there in the kitchen fanning herself with an unused paper plate. She looked hot. Ok that was a bad choice of words, but she was. Her thin t-shirt was damp and clinging even tighter around her curves. She didnТt have the typical hourglass figure that most men rave about, but she wasnТt fat either. She just had bigger curves and all of them looked delicious.

She smiled at me from behind the plate and asked if I needed anything. Her question was innocent enough, but her tone was not. She stepped towards me and rubbed her tits against me as she started to walk past me. ThatТs when I felt her hand slide across my crotch and everything came alive again. Seeing that I didnТt object to her advances, she grabbed my hand and led me to the master bathroom.

As soon as she closed and locked the door she pressed up against my body and slipped her tongue from her mouth and into mine. She tasted sweet. I quickly brought my hands to her hips and pulled her closer as I deepened the kiss, bringing a light moan from her.

She reached down and unfastened my belt, then the button on my slacks and finally the zipper. She broke our kiss to pull my pants down to my feet. I stepped out of them as she worked on getting my boxers past my growing erection.

She looked up at me as she stood on her knees, her face less than an inch from my throbbing cock, her hands still on my hips and her breasts pressed against my legs. She smiled sensuously as she slid her tongue out of her mouth again, resting it flat against the top of my swollen head and she began to rub her body against my legs, her nipples pressing hard against my skin. She rolled her tongue around my hard cock as I slipped my hands to the back of her head, my fingers threading through her thick black hair. She wrapped her full lips around my swollen cock head, my eyes rolled back into my head feeling the warmth and wetness from her mouth begin to surround me.

She continued to push her head forward, letting my cock fill her hot mouth, and felt the head touch the back of her throat causing her to jerk slightly. She was moaning lightly as she began to bob her head very slowly, squeezing her lips around the shaft as it passed in and out of her wanton mouth. Her hands left my hips, letting one wrap around the base of my cock, lightly stroking with her head bobs, and her other hand took my balls gently, massaging them. Her strokes became faster as she felt my cock swell in her mouth, her lips squeezing tightly around the shaft, my hands pressing against the back of her head as I began to rock my hips back and forth, fucking her hot mouth.         

Her sucking sounds filled the little bathroom as she quickened her pace again, ramming the head of my cock against the back of her throat. She rolled her tongue, caressing the shaft as it past through her mouth, her lips squeezing tightly and her hands gently working the base of my cock and my balls. I felt that familiar stirring at the base of my cock and the warmth travel along the shaft. I was about to cum. I groaned quietly to let her know and gripper her hair tightly.

A few more head pumps and I exploded stream after gooey stream into her mouth, coating it with my jism. She moaned as she continued to suck, gobbling down every last drop. She didnТt stop until I started to go soft again. Then she stood up, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, kissed my cheek and then left the room with me standing there half dressed weak kneed and wanting more.

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