College Blues

Author: Cecilia

It was the first day of college, and Todd was extremely nervous. He’d never been away from home for more than a week at a time, much less going half way across the country to go to school. A part of him was eager to settle into his new surroundings and get to know his new potential friends. He crossed the quad with his suitcase and belongings, searching for his dormitory. He came upon a brick building called “Edmund Hall”. This was his dormitory. He felt his stomach tighten, so he took a deep breath and stepped across the threshold. Todd found his way to his room and found that his roommate was already settling in and unpacking. Todd noticed that his roommate was pretty good looking. Nice muscular build, an even tan, dirty blonde hair, and bright green eyes. Todd felt his cock pressing against his jeans, needing to get out. So Todd did what any college student in his position would do; crossed the room and introduced himself.

“Hi, my names Todd, I guess I’m going to be your roommate.”

“Hey man, nice to meet ya, my names Stan,” said the attractive roomie.

Todd held out his hand and was pleasantly surprised to find that Stand had a soft touch. Todd gripped his hand firmly, loving the feel of Stan’s soft touch. He felt his cock tighten in his jeans again. He needed a release and quick. He could feel the ache starting in his balls from the sexual frustration. He noticed that Stan looked down and saw the hard on that he had. Embarrassed, Todd turned around and started for the bathroom, but felt that soft grip on his shoulder and turned around. Stan was actually smiling. Todd couldn’t believe his eyes! His hot new roommate was smiling at him because he was hard.

Stan reached out and felt Todd’s cock through his jeans. Todd looked down, amazed at what was happening. Stan slowly began to lift Todd’s shirt up over his head, kissing his stomach as it was exposed. He slowly worked his way up to Todd’s nipples, gently teasing them with his tongue, making his way up his neck, pausing to suck on his Adam’s apple. Stan parted Todd’s lips with his tongue and began to probe his mouth with it. Todd’s tongue caressed Stan’s, exploring each other’s mouths. Todd bit Stan’s bottom lip lightly, causing Stan to moan. Stan returned the favor by sucking on Todd’s tongue like it was his cock.

Not being able to stand the teasing any longer, they began to undress each other. Todd started kissing Stan’s firm chest, loving the way he was rippled. He worked his way down to Stan’s belly button, letting his tongue encircle it. Stan let out a soft moan of pleasure as Todd worked his way down to Stan’s cock. Stan had a beautiful cock. It way at least eight inches, cut, and trimmed pubic hair. It was rock hard and dripping pre-cum. Todd rolled his tongue across the slit, making sure to gather all the pre-cum up so that he could swallow it. He parted his lips and slowly took Stan’s head into his mouth. It felt so good to feel his cock sliding past his lips and into his mouth. Stan loved the feel of Todd’s warm mouth on his cock. He felt his legs trembling and had to move to the bed to lie down while Todd was sucking him off. Stan reached up and started to run his fingers through Todd’s hair, gently pushing down so that Todd could take in his whole cock. Todd felt Stan’s cock sliding down his throat. It felt amazing. He couldn’t believe that he was sucking his roommate’s cock and doing such a good job at it.

Stan, not wanting to leave his new friend out, lifted Todd’s head off of his cock and suggested that they fuck. Stan went across the room to his suitcase and pulled out a bottle of KY. He wanted Todd’s cock in his ass so bad he couldn’t stand it. He took Todd’s hard, six-inch cock, in his hand and began to lubricate it. He laid Todd on the bed face up and mounted his ass onto Todd’s cock. Slowly he eased down on it, moaning in pleasure and pain. Todd closed his eyes and grunted, loving the feel of Stan’s ass closing in around his cock. He took Stan by the hips and slowly lowered him down farther, wanting to be all the way inside him. Stan could feel himself loosen up and was amazed at how good this felt. Stan reached down below and slowly started to squeeze Todd’s balls, rolling them around in his hand. He began to quicken up his pace, riding Todd’s cock with ease, loving every second of it. Stan could feel the ache in his balls from where he didn’t get a release, so he took Todd’s hand and let Todd began to stroke him.

Todd loved the way his hand felt around Stan’s powerful cock. It was a total turn-on to be getting off and getting somebody else off at the same time. He knew that he couldn’t hold back much longer so he grunted and moaned loudly to let Stan know that he was about to cum. Stan quickened up his pace, wanting Todd’s cum shot deep inside him. Todd could feel his balls begin to tighten and a sensation washing over him signaling the oncoming orgasm. Out of nowhere, he began shooting stream after stream of hot gooey cum deep inside Stan’s bowels. Still stroking Stan, he heard Stan moaning, so he knew that he was also close to shooting. Todd felt Stan’s cock begin to jerk and spasm in his hands, and saw streams of cum shooting all over. He felt the cum landing on his chest, loving and savoring every moment that they were having.

After what seemed like an eternity, the two of them stopped cumming and Todd felt his cock pop out of Stan’s ass. They just laid there together, totally exhausted. Todd looked over at Stand and smiled. He knew right then that college life was going to be fine…In fact, probably the best years of his life.

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