My favorite pastime

Author: Scottydelight

I began to play with myself intentionally at 8 years old. It seems a little young but I dont think so. I usually did it in the bathroom or my room. At age 9 I was snooping in my parents closet and found some playboys. I was immediately addicted to them. I would even reach what I have heard called a dry orgasm. I use to get a dribble of clear semen from my tip. This went on at least until puberty. I was jacking off regularly when I turned 11 and puberty took over. I constantly had erections and thought of girls naked. One day a major change to masturbation routine happened. I jacked off an out came spurts of sperm and a newer feeling of orgasm.
Now able to ejaculate I was looking for alone time. I would stay home from school just to be naked and jacking off all day, home alone. I spent hours and hours in front of the mirror studying myself. I loved watching myself cum and getting it all over myself in the process. 11 was a year of learning and wonder. I had an older neighbor I always hung out with. He must have noticed my growing sexual interest and played on it. He asked if I ever saw naked girls before and I told him about my dads. He asked if I ever saw a sex movie and produced them when I said no. He said I had to get totally naked to watch it tho. I was a bit unsure what to do so he said he would be naked too. We both got undressed and laid naked on the bed. I already was hard and tried to hide kt. I looked at his and it wasnt hard and felt a little embarrassed. He said not to worry and we watched for hours. I laid on my back with my penis hard the whole time. It was throbbing I was so horny. He said I had to want to cum after all this porn and I did. He suggested jacking each other off and I went for it. This,was my introduction to mutual masturbation.
So I began to masturbate and look for others to do it with. I use to jack off all kinds of ways. I used the showerhead and my bed sheets. I will never forget when we found my friends back massager. We use to take turns using it to cum. I love to masturbate.

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