White Christmas

Author: writter2

It happened at a Christmas Party a couple of years ago. Up until then I had been faithfully married to Richard for ten years and we had two wonderful children.

That particular month leading up to the party had been a bad one for Richard. He was up for a promotion at work and stressed out all the time. We could rarely get a moment alone, what with all his extra work to impress his boss and when we did, it certainly wasn’t to have sex. The pent up lust and anger I felt at Richard and his job is the only explanation I have for what happened that night.

It started like all Christmas parties, people milling around, drinking, talking about work or taking about their spouses who were talking about work. I soon noticed that Richard was going to use this party as a way to schmooze the boss so I knew I was on my own.

I was into my second screw driver, looking for someone to talk to when I heard a deep masculine voice behind me.

“Hi, Ruth.”

I turned to find myself looking up at David. David was younger, in his early twenties and stood just over 6 feet tall. He had a muscular build and a charming smile that made him a favorite of everyone in Richard’s office.

Richard hated him, of course. In many ways, he was all that Richard was not, young and handsome, and very charming. He also happened to be Richard’s rival for the upcoming promotion.

“Hi, David.”

I tried not to look at his body, but couldn’t help myself. He was gorgeous and with the mix of alcohol and a month’s sexual tension coursing through my body, I felt an immediate attraction. David must have felt it, too, because his grin took a slightly predatory look.

“You know, you’re standing under the mistletoe.”

I looked up, noticing the small green twig and berries for the first time. I blushed.

“Make it quick.” I said closing my eyes. “If Richard sees us kissing, he’s liable to go crazy.”

“Don’t worry,” David murmured, his warm wet breath whispering across my lips. “This will be quick.”

Then he kissed me. Not the polite peck you would give a co-worker’s wife, but a deep, hot kiss. When his tongue slipped into my mouth, I moaned hungrily and nearly spilled my drink.

He pulled back, leaving his taste on my lips. My body was tense, ready for action and David was right there. I looked around, finding Robert still dragging like a puppy behind his boss. I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Do you have someplace to go?” I whispered.

“Oh, I think I know a place.”

The ‘place’ happened to be my husband’s office. David locked the door behind us and we were suddenly attacking one another, mouths locked, groins rubbing together through our clothes. I felt the huge bulge in his pants and I had to touch it.

I slipped to my knees in my black party dress and unbuckled David’s belt.

“God, you’re so beautiful, Ruth. Richard is a lucky man.”

“Tonight you’re the lucky one.” I laughed and pulled out his thick cock.

It was as large and gorgeous as he was. I immediately opened hungry lips and sucked down the thick mushroom head and tasted the tangy pre-cum that was already oozing from it. I pumped my mouth on the huge shaft, slobbering over it with all my desire, relishing the only cock other than Richard’s I had ever tasted. It was that thought alone that triggered my first orgasm, and I didn’t even need to touch myself!

David moaned, enjoying the feel of his rival’s wife servicing him on her knees, her mouth wrapped tightly over his massive tool. But that wasn’t all David wanted. No, David wanted my pussy, too.

He dug his hands into the brown curls of my hair and forced me off his cock. He looked down at me and smiled.

“I want to fuck you. Right now!”

I said nothing, as excited and ready as he was. I stood up and he bent me forcefully over my husband’s desk, papers, pens and our wedding picture crashing to the floor. David wrenched the hem of my dress up over my shivering ass and instead of pulling down my panties, he ripped them off, tearing the black lace like it was tissue paper.

I screamed when I felt his huge cock punch into my tight pussy. He was bigger than Richard was and part of my scream was pain, but most of it was the pleasure of finally having a hot cock inside my hungry pussy. I am sure we would have been heard, but someone had turned on the Christmas music too loud and all anyone could hear was Bing Crosby singing ‘White Christmas.’

David pounded into my pussy as I held tight to Richard’s Oak desk; our vicious fucking a stunning contrast to Bing’s mellow crooning. David’s cock felt so good that I immediately had another orgasm, tears of joy in my eyes.

“I knew you’d like that cock, Ruth. I always wanted to fuck you, baby, and I knew you wanted me to!”

“Yes! Fuck me, David! Give it to me, baby! Just like I always wanted!”

I didn’t know what I was saying, but it felt so good to be fucked that I didn’t care. The lewd words seemed to spur David on and his speed increased. As Bing entered into the final verse of his song, David pulled me off the desk. He groaned and his cock spurted thick streams of white goo across my waiting face. I held up my hands, trying to keep the cum from my dress and streams of stick jizz trickled through my fingers and covered my wedding ring. After David had cum, I licked the jizz from my hands, feeling nasty.

I told David to go back to the party, and then I set about tidying up. The most vivid memory I have of that night is coming out of Richard’s office as “Jingle Bell Rock” blared on the speakers, my face and hands still sticky with another man’s cum.

Well, it turned out that David got the promotion and through some creative reorganization, Richard now works for him. Richard hates him even more, because David makes him stay late to finish reports nearly every week.

Richard would be livid if he ever found out that while he is working late, David is at his house, working on his wife.

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