Virgin Minus One

Besides, I knew my girlfriend. She was shy about sex. I doubted that she’d be able to initiate anything. Especially with me right there. I still don’t know how she worked it. How she convinced us that putting the luggage in the passenger’s seat, forcing her to sit in the back, was a good idea. But, soon, I found myself as a chauffeur, with a bunch of smelly bags running shotgun for me.

Jan sat behind the bags, but more in the middle of the seat. If Ted thought there was something unusual going on, he didn’t let on. I adjusted the rear view mirror as nonchalantly as I could, until I could see most of both of them. Jan, seated with her legs partly spread, had brazenly placed her hand on Ted’s thigh as they talked and laughed.

They began to behave as though I wasn’t there at all. They agreed that they’d enjoyed each other’s company in class. And wished that they’d been able to party some together. To hear it, you’d have thought she’d known him better than she knew me.

“I have an idea,” she said excitedly as she caught my eyes in the mirror. “I have a going away gift for you.” I wondered if she could really do it. Then, without hesitation, as though diving straight into a cool pool of water, Jan lifted her ass off the car seat and began digging under her dress. A moment later she pulled a pair of white panties down and off her legs.

“Think you can fit these in your bags?”

Ted didn’t need any more encouragement than that as a vacuum pulled their lips together and his hands began to explore Jan’s large breasts. I pulled into the bus station’s lot and parked toward a deserted end, shaded by a small patch of trees. Though I appreciated that the engine clouded their little moans, I didn’t have enough gas to keep the car running, so I turned it off.

By then, Ted had managed to pull Jan’s dress over her head and off. I could see her in the mirror. She seemed less motivated as the time for sex neared. Her arms were limp by her sides and she backed away from him as he tugged her bra up and over her breasts. They popped out one at a time. The first, landing squarely in Ted’s mouth. As he licked around her nipple, Jan moaned. A sound that no other man had heard her make.

I was torn. My thoughts alternated between screaming at them to stop and running from the car itself. But I was nearly paralyzed. I had an urge to turn and watch them. Another urge to look straight on and dream them away. But I couldn’t take my eyes away from the mirror.

Ted managed to get a finger into Jan’s twat, but she’d closed her legs around it, making it hard for him to tease her. Still, she hadn’t given up, as her hands began to frantically work on removing his jeans. With his free hand, Ted helped her, and soon his pants were a jumbled on the car floor. His erect cock sprung out. It was larger than mine. And I think its size must have scared her as she broke off their entangling.

suck on me.” Ted didn’t ask. He didn’t even demand. He just mapped out where this was going next. All I could really see then was Jan’s hair falling over her face as her head bobbed up and down. Ted encouraged her moves by lightly stroking her bare back and uttering a low growl.

His grunts increased as he neared orgasm and I could see Jan pulling her head away, as though she’d finish him off with a hand job like she always did with me. But Ted wouldn’t allow it as his hands clamped onto the back of her head and his ass jolted up from the seat – his cock following after her mouth. I could tell his sperm was spitting into her when she started choking on it, her nostrils grasping for swift hits of air.

When I saw her face again, what little bit of Ted’s cum she hadn’t swallowed was stringing down from her lower lip. I brushed a tear from my eye as I realized that this bastard had already done more with her than I had. Another tear began to form as I realized that he wasn’t near done with her yet.

Before Jan had time to wipe the jism from her face, Ted had slid one of her legs against the car’s back seat behind him. When she tried to close her thighs, he prevented it by moving the fingers of both his hands into her pubic hair. He explored her bush with them as his thumbs parted the lips of her vagina. She must have been wet, because he was able to stick one into her, forcing her to melt the words, “Oh Ted.”

There I sat. Helplessly watching as a strange man fingered the girl I loved, and with her writhing and squirming in ways I’d only dreamed of. Without any help from me, my own cock grew to full length and before I could wish otherwise, I creamed into my pants.

I barely enjoyed the orgasm, though it did make me black out a moment. When my eyes returned to the mirror, Ted was hard again, and Jan was cooperatively stroking his manhood with her hand. Her legs were spreading wider, anticipating Ted’s next move. For the first time, I turned to look into the back as he moved his knees onto the seat, aiming his cock at Jan’s private hole.

“Jan… Please.” The words came out as a soft whine. She held her hand out to me and I took it in mine. For a moment, Jan looked into my eyes, but they closed as Ted began to work his large cock into her.

“It’s too late, Kenny.” She whispered, then gulped for some air. “Too late.”

Ted’s first attempt had barely gotten the tip inside her. Seeming frustrated, he withdrew, then used his fingers to test her moisture. He scooped some of it onto his fingertips and used it to lubricate himself. Then tried again.

This time, he made it in a few inches and Jan began to howl, low and long, as though the cock hurt as much as it relieved. Ted ignored her, and thrust again sharply, burying his cock into the hole of the woman I adored. She gripped my hand tightly as her howls stopped and her eyes and mouth opened wide in silent screams. In and out he drove, over and over again, trampling her cherry, allowing Jan only to flop around beneath him. When he came, he screeched at the tight fit, and Jan’s limb muscles gave up on her.

When he pulled his dick out of her, it was bloody. And I could tell by the disgusted look on his face that he thought she’d had her period.

“She was a virgin,” I explained, which then made him proud.

The goodbyes were quick after that. They didn’t even speak as they dressed. And their farewell kiss was barely a brushing of lips. Jan sat close to me as we rode out of the lot. Her fingers outlining the wet spot in my lap.

“Let’s go to my place.” She said, making peace between us. “I’m too sore to fuck again. But I’d love to blow you!

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